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Concord California Oak 2 And Poem Concord In The Son

Richard W Linford

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Concord California Oak 2 And Poem Concord In The Son Painting  - Concord California Oak 2 And Poem Concord In The Son Fine Art Print





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12.000 x 12.000 x 0.250 inches

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Concord California Oak 2 And Poem Concord In The Son


Richard W Linford


Painting - Oil On Acrylic Panel Shot With S8200 Nikon 14 Megapixel Camera


Honoring Concord, California. Oil Painting. Concord California Oak 2 and

Honoring Concord, California. My Oil Painting. Concord California Oak 2 and
My poem

concord in the son

i sing of 1772
of captain pedro fages
father juan crespi
walking through this concord land
its golden grass
i sing of concord cali forn i a
i lived there once
i learned to love the place
still do
i sing of loma vista junior high
of mount diablo high school football games
did don francisco galindo
marry don salvio's daughter
maria dolores manuela
in concord California
in the galindo's wood frame home
or somewhere else
i think she did
i think they did
get married

i sing of great grand contra costa bedroom town;
amazing mount diablo pleasant hills;
all prone to burning fires from summer heat;
or lightning strike;
this oakland berkeley suburb fair ;
near lafayette;
orinda too;
i sing of you;
for you are great
i honor you;
of oakland bay bridge span to san francisco;
pay the fare;
i sing along the way to san jose;
when driving south on 6 8 0;
away from concord's families first campaign;
this family friendly borough in the sun;
one hundred thirty thousand strong or more;
and one yes i am one a one time concordite;
yes still a concordite; 'twas once a fledgling town;
called todos santos land grant country ranch;
its monte del diablo named for some dense thicket dark;
once thought possessed by evil devilish men;
those evil spirits monte del diablo thicket of the devil then;
but now no more;
‘tis exorcised;
'tis peace and light;
with some small tribelet chupcan bay miwok;
those early indian politics;
so incorrect;
they lived there first along the valley streams;
oak spotted hills the green grass covered hills;
so green in winter hard to see or find one's way;
through such dense foggy mists;
or kiss the hot and yellow hilltops baking in the summer sun;
then elk and deer the antelope those salmon fish and yes;
i do confess;
some grizzlies too they walked about;
or played their 49er games of football;
cross the bay not far away;
i sing of san Francisco fair;
just twenty miles against the sea;
or is it twenty nine;
whatever it is ;
‘tis fine;
i sing of 31 point one three square mile concord town;
i sing of heady access to the bay;
the million traffic bumpers touching rush hour time;
the freeways packed;
the oakland tunnel opens to the bay;
i sing i smile while soaring over Cali forn i a;
the napa valley vineyards to the north;
the sacramento river steaming by;
so wide not dry by any stretch ;
the barges;
too wide so scary wide;
not river one would wont to cross;
or swim therein no fins;
but maybe fish;
a sturgeon?
her calf?
a shark?
at stinson bay?
at least those navy vessels war;
canoe or row boat motor boat to swamp;
to cross that river broad;
or cross great waters to the west;
pacific to deep depths;
takes serious sort of craft;
a soul that's justified;
that's sanctified at best from sin and gin;
fernando built this new town in the sun;
all saints its name yes todos santos fame in 1868;
with son-in-law francisco galindo;
its new name soon to be;
now concord californ i a;
not pleasant hills;
nor walnut creek;
not antioch;
nor pittsburgh;
or martinez;
i sing of concord town;
of high school hospital the churches railroads library;
of central plaza spot with cinemas two;
then rows and rows and rows and rows of houses;
orchards farms small ranches in the rolling hills are gone;
now swept away;
now lost from view;
the almond trees;
the walnut trees;
they bulldozed down;
i spent my youth right there;
swimming in the chlorined pool;
in holbrook heights;
playing second base;
playing center field;
i watch the one armed hart fairclough;
rob home run with bare hand;
the greatest softball catch i've every seen or known;
played softball under lights;
those high school plays;
of mr berman;
oklahoma’s curley;
now I’m bald;
‘though then starbuck;
the sports;
then bagging groceries as a boy;
Rod's market late;
mz couchman taught me english grammar lit;
and even punc tu ation just a bit;
had latin from Godchaux;
we’re dated;
don’t you see;
just passing through;
to our reward;
i helped to build the mormon church;
i carried lumber for my dad;
the other carpenters;
most laymen;
spending hours there for their church;
e'en walked the trusses high;
n'er thought i'd fall and die;
for bishop markham too;
i sat there in those hardend wooden pews;
not far from willow creek;
the road;
the perry ranch;
i watched old catholic walt;
break fifty thousand dollar quarter horses down;
and not just one;
and push his pure red Herefords round;
his pure bred sheep a few;
i tromped walt's wool the sheeps' that is;
those narrow sacks so soaked with lanolin;
but then they struck another oil;
they did;
on walter's land;
and walt was old;
too late to spend the cash;
old walter died;
and that was that;
in concord town;
this universal sad reverse;
yes came old walter's hearse;
his daughter penny got the golden oil;
old walt did leave it all behind;
like most of us;
like all of us;
to be precise;
at that great mount diablo high school
sang in madrigals;
i took my high school tests;
and that was that;
so do you think perhaps;
that movie star tom hanks;
lives somewhere there in concord town;
behind some gates;
why I do think old tom is sleepless now;
most every night;
on some posh house boat;
in seattle sound;
or voicing still;
his toy story sheriff woody;
shouting joy;
while flying with buzz lightyear to the sky;
or david brubeck's jazz piano sleep;
I think dave died at 91;
like you or I;
will die;
in concord town;
to bake there in the son;
in paradise;
in concord town.


October 10th, 2012


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