Did You Forget Something

Did You Forget Something Painting

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Dublin - Ireland

great art

Harrisonburg, VA - United States

Lovely! Fav.

Halifax, WY - United Kingdom

Congratulations on your sale!:-D

Al Khobar, Al - Saudi Arabia

Congratulations on your sale,

Winnipeg, MB - Canada

Great work,,,congrats on your sale!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

I made a sale? I never got an email about it

Budapest, H - Hungary

Congratulations on your sale.

Al Khobar, Al - Saudi Arabia

Congratulation on your sale.

Pahoa, Hi - United States

Congratulations on your sale!

Juarez, Ch - Mexico

This is GREAT!.... Congratulations on your sale...

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Kip, poor little guy lol

Arcadia, MO - United States

Ohhhh, this is too funny! Very nice.

Santa Fe, NM - United States

I sold the original of this one a few days ago. so far October is looking good.

Santa Fe, NM - United States

we must be going through similar phases in our work. I was doing quite a few vintage cars also when I was doing the signs

El Cerrito, CA - United States

Cute one, Leah. As with fruits, I was on a vintage motel roadtrip theme recently too. :-) By the way, love your new avatar! -W

Santa Fe, NM - United States

I forgot my dear teddy bear at a motel when I was a child when we were traveling and my aunt and uncle turned around even though it was an hour away to go get it for me. That's what this situation reminds me of, they will go back and get him.lol

Littleton, CO - United States

This is a very sad piece of art to me...the thought of dog being forgotten by his family is heartbreaking! You did it very, very well though...those big, sad eyes say it all.

B.S., MO - United States

Well that is good! We do not need to call the PD DFS as well as PETA on those Numb sculls!! Especially in that heat! You need to illustrate a kids books Leah! With a happy theme of course! lol

Santa Fe, NM - United States

lol Andee, just a doll, but it makes one wonder if they forgot the doll or the dog or both

B.S., MO - United States

Leah I got it too!!!! I wonder if with the doll there is there a baby that was left in the hotel room? Yikes I hope not!

The Coast, OR - United States

I think perhaps they didn't remember unconditional love:)

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Carolyn, you gt the whole mystery behind it! You are the first one. I think the people were in too much in a hurry to leave and didn't remember everything.

The Coast, OR - United States

Rocco has such soul in those eyes. What I find interesting is that the sign says "Pets welcome" and yet the owners left him behind! Also that doll was left behind too. I don't know if I would want to know the people in the car! Great artwork and story here.

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Yes, I was trying to capture a good ole time feel to some extent, like RT 66 which I live near, I have always loved old neon signs and old cars growing up so voila, it was tedious and fun at the same time

Peru, IN - United States

Never forgotten are artists who have soul. Right now are the "Good ole Times." Bestsest. : >)#

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Andee, it will be a never ending adventures for Rocco coming up, he'll be okay you'll see down the line

B.S., MO - United States

Rocco is a cutie. I hope there is a happy ending for this little one!

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