Harvey And The Eccentric Farmer

Harvey And The Eccentric Farmer Painting

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Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Bradford, yes I have a bit twisted thinking and sometimes it's subtle and one needs to really look :)

Merritt Island, FL - United States

Great work of art and gave me a chuckle too. I especially like the spiked mole maul.

Peru, IN - United States

This is a really great painting Leah!

Tampa, FL - United States

Wonderful. Congrats!

Chicago, IL - United States

Congratulations on your sales!!!

Pitman, NJ - United States

I love your sense of humor. Congratulations.

Budapest, H - Hungary

Congratulations on your sale.

Mesa, AZ - United States

Congratulations on your sale

Colorado Springs, CO - United States

Congrats on your sale!!!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks ,much appreciated

New York, NY - United States

Congratulations on your well deserved sale.

East Brunswick, NJ - United States

Congratulations Leah! All the best!

Lancaster, SC - United States

Congrats on you sale!

Crestview Hills, KY - United States

Congratulations on your sale, Leah ! Best wishes !

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Debbie, it's been hanging at the gallery for a few months maybe this will bring good energy

Morehouse, MO - United States

I hope you sell it too! That would be awesome! :D

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks all, hope I can sell the original soon but it's HUGE lol

Oklahoma City, OK - United States

wonderful Leah, congratulations on your sale!

Morehouse, MO - United States

Wonderful, wimzical work!! Love it! Congratuations on your sale!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Lol, I never looked at it that way Fay.

Warren, MI - United States

such an organized garden she has

Peru, IN - United States

BooYah Leah!!!

Dearborn, MI - United States

LOVE this! Congrats on your sale!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Kip

Arcadia, MO - United States

Congrats, Leah!

Melbourne, Vi - Australia

Feel like i'm on a journey to wonderland with Alice! :)))

Greenacres, FL - United States

Simply amazing! Great imagination!!!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks David, glad you like the mace. yes for pest control. She doesn't realize the mouse is hiding right under her nose

Launceston, 06 - Australia

The farmer may be eccentric but she is very productive. I like your pocket mace - presumably for pest control, although the little mouse does not seem to be intimidated - and where did you find that haughty rabbit? This is great, Miss Maniac!

Peru, IN - United States

I know about time. I've been running all day and this is a slow day!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

If I could find some time we'll work on that Charlie. Everyone! I just put up a new photo of this I think looks waaayy better.

Peru, IN - United States

Yes, Leah...I can see the characters. That would be fun.

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks for all your wonderful comments! I see hints that some of you think I'm a mental case lol. I am glad my work came across that way. Charlie, if you want to collaborate a story with me revolving around this one let me know. I will try to get a better pic soon of this piece.

Seattle, WA - United States

WOW!! Your imagination runneth over. And that is a good thing! Never mind those nice young men in their clean white coats at the door. They are probably there to purchase a print for themselves. LOL You rock, Leah!!

Nebraska City, NE - United States

Leah, this is wonderful. Do you have a garden and frustrated with the rabbits getting into it? I have the same problem here if that is the case. My husband built a tall box to place those tastey foods that rabbits enjoy inside, but it didn't keep out a racoon and we also have problems with a woodchuck. Something mowed down all our sweetcorn. We live in town by the way. This piece, to me, is a fine example of allowing the artist's spirit to shine through. I love the humor, chosen items, composition and technical manipulation of color and texture.Charlie has a good idea for a book. Have you ever illustrated a childrens book? With your humor you could write it also.

Peru, IN - United States

Whoa...Would Sigmond Freud and Carl Yung like to get a hold of this one. I don't know where to begin. I think this one is your masterpiece. For one the male rabbit is confrontational, The mace in the woman's pocket is threatening like "Back up slowly." The little wagon childhood recalled and the fruit the artists's work..prolific.The object in the woman's hand: "a cutting edge tool" And the serene face is of a person who knows oneself. I could write a book about this painting, Leah. Personally, this should stay in the artists collection for the time being. I'm serious about the book... even a title: "Leah, the Farmer's Daughter of Surrealinsky" Oh, by the way I love the work. A big fan.

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Allen and Robyn, I take people on a mind trip sometimes Allen. I always say give more questions than answers.

Langhorne, PA - United States

You are like the best mind work painter.!!!....................always a thrill to look at your art.........................................allen

Independence, MO - United States

I like the attitude of the rabbit. Great!

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