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Halifax, NS - Canada

Great work....

Newark, De - United States

grounded as a tree, I am the world and the world is I, the root seeking help from the sky, perhaps for the benefit of both, an umbilical cord from the head to the heavens, a desolate surrounding not close enough to aid... at wit's end, the shout "Help" is perfectly spelled out in image.

Wylie, TX - United States

Wonderful and so powerful drawing Bedros ,thank you for the amazing description!! lfv

Stockton, AL - United States

Amazing work~

Houston, TX - United States

The emotion is very well captured in this drawing, love it

Bedros Awak replied:

Thank you Aaron for your nice comment.

Sialkot, pu - Pakistan


Bedros Awak replied:

Thank you Bobby.

Thousand Oaks, CA - United States

Really interesting work here -

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks for your comment.

Denver, CO - United States

Wow! I really feel it. Lost my breath...

Bedros Awak replied:

Thank you Beverley.

Columbus, OH - United States

Very moving artwork which is what it is really all about! You lifted the human spirit here...thank you! and peace! vf

Bedros Awak replied:

Karen,thank you so much for your thoughts about my drawing.

Canaan Lake, NY - United States

While few of us, I believe, have had to live through the horrors of a war zone, who can't relate to the plea this fuzzy fellow implies? His very construction conveys the jitters! I can relate, certainly! v.

Bedros Awak replied:

Thank you Olaf for sharing your nice thoughts about my drawing.

Chicago, IL - United States

Bedros such a moving and emotional drawing! Fantastic image and description! f/v and G+!

Bedros Awak replied:

I appreciate your all effort in supporting my art. Thanks Anne.

Toronto, ON - Canada

hi Bedros i make it short you are very talented and this is wonderful .......voted .g.t,p

Bedros Awak replied:

Thank you Giti.

Lowell, OR - United States

I like this simple and interesting!! voted for R#27

Bedros Awak replied:

Thank Ernest.

Peoria Heights, IL - United States

awesome and humorous way to go buddy Kim

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Kimberleigh

Depoe Bay, OR - United States

Bedros the depth of emotion expressed in this powerful Chinese Ink Drawing can clearly be felt! So glad you shared your story of survival with us! And so glad you survived!!! It has impacted your life in a powerful way which clearly shows up in your artwork! You have a gift! Amazing work! f/v#26

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Glenna for leaving such an amazing comment on my art.

Little Falls, MN - United States

Interesting and deep! I am so glad you were able to be rescued, Bedros, and to be able to put your fears and emotions to paper. sometimes that is needed to start the healing process also. The fact that it has affected others emotions lends to it's powerfullness. voted/fb

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Kathy for your nice comment it encourages me to be more productive.

Mykonos, Ky - Greece

This is a very emotional and expressive painting! Well done! Its so powerful ..i love your art Bedro! ..well done and keep up with it!!

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Annamaria for sharing your nice thoughts about my work.

San Miguel, CA - United States

Desperation and your plea for help are clearly expressed in this ink work! I thank God that you and others were rescued! Kahlil Gibran wrote "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain." And I think it is the same with the fear of death and gratitude for life! To paraphrase, "The deeper that fear of death carves into your being, the more gratitude for live you can contain." I also am a survivor, and I know that in this sharing, you have shared a very spiritual experience with us all. Thank you for all that you are. Voted and Favorited

Bedros Awak replied:

I'm deeply moved when I read this amazing comment. your such inspirational words really affected me..Thank you so so much Susan for appreciating my work.

Saint Petersburg, FL - United States

Great texture here. The emotional expression is visually tangible.

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Robert for supporting my art.

Rochester, NY - United States

well this is very personal for you....,thank you for sharing your horrific experience with us and putting it into art form......and we can only be thankful that we are rescued v

Bedros Awak replied:

We all need help, and expect to get some day.thanks for sharing your thought about my work Barbara.

Pace, FL - United States

I love the passion you put into this. I first used India ink in one of my college classes, and I've always loved the contrast you can achieve with it. Oh, and I've been feeling down lately, so thanks for the reminder to not be hopeless. Very inspirational piece. Voted.

Bedros Awak replied:

Every body is vulnerable to become despair in a certain times, this painting always inspire me not to be hopeless whenever I look at it..Thanks Crystal that this image positively effected on you.

San Pedro, CA - United States

Wow. Powerful illustration, Bedros. v

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Joe, for supporting my art, this one has a history behind the painting.

Belle Chasse, LA - United States

Very emotional, & beautiful artwork. I can see this displayed in a museum gallery with my mind's eye. V.

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Joseph for your comment and vote.

Coventry - United Kingdom

Nice loose ink work there

Bedros Awak replied:

Yes, this is very old drawing before digital age was born. Thanks David for your comment.

Victoria, Me - United States

I love this! I can see a serious side and a humorous side to a tree calling, or either a tree with feet. Either way it shows fantastic imagination, Bedros! V/F

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Zeana, for showing interest in my artwork.

Belgrade, Se - Yugoslavia

I like this very much.....v&f

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Branko, your opinion is really appreciated.

Auburn, PA - United States

I love this Bedros, It reminds me of the famous image "Scream" simple but very effective - Dave - v/f

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks David, If I told you this drawing took me 15 minutes you don't gonna believe it, the inspiration came suddenly and all I know I'm starting to draw that human tree shape..

Washougal, WA - United States

This brings me great sadness.... begging for help, or release from his situation.... I read the story, and I have great sympathy for what you went through. Thank God you lived through it to tell the tale. A very strong message... very well done Bedros! Bravo! =)

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Kathy, I'm impressed with your nice word, this art is totally different from my digital design, I'm really connected to this piece til end of time.

Jacksonville, fl - United States

Bedros, I have revisited your gallery..Love this piece..V/F FB and tweet

Fullerton California, ca - United States

Wow this is amazing, after I read your description this all came to light.I could see and understand this drawing,and understand what this means to you.. excellent way of expressing your feelings. v/f

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Athala for taking the time to read the story behind this drawing, which looks so alive to me every time I look at it.

Rochester, Ne - United States

Wow powerful image!!! V

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Aimee for appreciating my drawing.

Scotts Valley, CA - United States

Bedros had to comment again. Made this my daily fav the other day. This drawing and the description is the emotionally evoking piece of artwork I believe I have seen. Voted the other day won't let me vote again.

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Garnett for your support. I know it allows only to vote once for each image.

Thunder Bay, ON - Canada

Bedros before I even read the story I could see the emotion in this artwork. This came from the heart. I am also glad you were rescued and it is very true even in the deepest situation when there does not seem a way out never give up hope Voted

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Sue for such encouraging words that makes me more determined to not give up hope ever.

Young Harris, GA - United States

This is a very moving and emotional piece, Bedros. I have thought lots of times what it must be like for the people in that situation, and I can only say that I'm glad rescue came for you, my friend! F/V

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Kenny for taking time to read the story, this drawing means so much to me..

Galveston, TX - United States

Wonderful emotional and intersesting piece! :D

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Tisha for your support.

Cincinnati, OH - United States

Beautiful! Love the texture of the tree! V

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Nana for your comment.

Fenton, MI - United States

exceptional line quality!

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Shelby for visiting my art.

Venice , FL - United States

PS: reminds me of the moveie "A Streetcar Name Desire. "Stella" Chas

Venice , FL - United States

Bedros, artwork I can understand, great work. chas

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Charles for your comment.

Ocala, FL - United States

Bedros, I had to come back to this one. It is so powerful. We all are given unique experiences, and I imagine each one is for a very specific purpose. Sorry your's had to be so horrific, but it has given you a heart as deep as a well, and the rest of us get to share in your amazing art. Wishing you the best always. V/F

Bedros Awak replied:

Hello Kelley, it seems that you understood precisely what I went through long time ago, and I really appreciate and praise your valuable comment about me as an human & artist. Thank you very much for this great statement that left me speechless.

Northridge, CA - United States

Thanks Marian for taking the time to read the description it's rather a long one, bu I hope it made the idea clear to the viewer, this is totally different piece form the rest of artworks.

New Orleans, La - United States

Before reading your description I had noticed the feet resembled a tree trunk. The piece is very moving, haunting. All of your artwork has a depth that reaches deep inside. Thank you for sharing such a moving piece. v/f/ facebook

Jacksonville, fl - United States


Bedros Awak replied:

Thank you, Sherry.!

Ocala, FL - United States

Bedros, I can't speak of this...But I see.

Bedros Awak replied:

Thanks Kelley for your support, this drawing is the closest thing to my heart, I have included a brief description about it.

Edmonton, AB - Canada

Featured in Get Your Art Seen for the week of May 25 to May 31. Wonderful work. Vote and fav!

Bedros Awak replied:

Thank you Larysa.

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