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Hope Painting

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Cody, WY - United States

What a fabulous piece of work Ken, truly lovely!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Lisa !!! I love how darkness adds brilliance to the light.

Harper, KS - United States

Love this painting... very touching!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much for stopping by and for leaving such a lovely comment Jennifer

Corydon, In - United States

This painting is beautiful in every way, Ken. I see it as this beautiful little tree wanst to be tall and strong like the others in the forest. Yet, it's light shines forth like no other. We all have our own unique style and each of us can shine like this little tree. Wonderful!

Ken Day replied:

How ever sweet are you and your words Gretchen. I so appreciate you and them. Thank you, thank you !!! We all have the light to shine in the dark. It's know at light inside of us that makes us shine. It starts with a little glow and becomes a light for all to see out of the darkness. You are a bright and shining light Gretchen. Thank you for shine upon my life.

Alamogordo, NM - United States

absolutely gorgeous!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Jessica !!! You're beautiful in saying so.

Edmonton, AB - Canada

This is such a very inspirational image with this unique tree doing a dance! I do see it dancing.......L/F.

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Shirley for seeing and saying what I see. When walk through a dark woods and happening on a ray of light shining through the tree what the light touches does dance. For the light is not only on them but in then. Their spirit comes alive where once it was silent. They in turn shine that light upon us in their beautiful dance of delight. A spirit uplifted out of darkness be a beautiful light.

Lincolnwood, IL - United States

Awesome painting and title, Ken l/f

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Violeta ! I enjoy showing people the hope that light brings even in the darkest of places.

Encino, Ca - United States

Another beautiful painting Ken wonderful title for this magical image.....

Ken Day replied:

Thank your Renate !!! I'm not in the less bit surprised this painting caught your eye because Renate you have a beautiful glow about you that shines like this tree. Thank you for shining upon my day and warming my heart with your presence.

San Lorenzo, CA - United States

Really gorgeous work, Ken!!! :)))fvt

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Laurie. It always seems to lighten one day viewing it as does your lovely comments .

Montreal, QC - Canada

I love this painting Ken. The colors, the light and the mood is amazing. l/f

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so kindly Julia. I was made to reach out to people.

Greenacres, FL - United States

Awesome, Ken!

Sequim, WA - United States

Terrific work, Ken! I really like the symbolism your work conveys! The light illuminating the tree seems to hold a promise. =)

Granger, IN - United States

Really love this one. More painting like this. Great lighting. Keep up the good work.

Barcelona, Ba - Spain

Fabulous painting and beautiful concept Ken, the tree of hope! Love it! V / Fav

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so kindly Victoria.

Soddy Daisy, TN - United States

This bush or tree, Ken, almost looks like it is "on fire", it is so full of light! This, to me, is reminiscent of the story of "the burning bush" in Exodus, where Moses sees on Mount Horeb a bush that is full of fire, and yet it is not consumed! When Moses goes to get closer to it to inspect it, God (or Yahweh) instructs him to take off his shoes, because the place he is standing on is Holy Ground! I feel that way, sometimes, when I am beholding some of God's awesome handiwork--that I should take my shoes off and know that the place I am standing on is sacred--it is Holy Ground! Thank you, Ken, for sharing the Creator's message of Hope with us! Lovely work!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much Kimberlee for such a beautiful comment. I see it as God shining though us. The light of hope even in the darkness of places. I understand your way of viewing it. But for me I always viewed "the burning bush" in Exodus as binging a bush all on its own above all other plant life. In a rocky place not fitting for a plant to grow. For the brilliant of this bush in Exodus would scorch the grow around it leaving only rocks as even the soil would dry up and be blown away as dust. This is only my view and not baste on any facts Probably mainly do to see the movie The Ten Commandments when I was a kid. It make sense to me that the bush in Exodus would have no plant life standing over it. Much like, if not so a throne. As for Holy Ground I think it all was that way and still remains much that way in nature. That's why you get an amazing feeling found no where less when taking a walk in nature.

Ken Day replied:

That's why I think it feels so good when you take your shoes off in fresh new spring grass before it has been cut and how natural and good it feels to run without shoes outside. Like life was met to be lived that way. Moreover how God intended us to receive his gift. Our feet are connected to every part of our body. Not jest outside but every part of us. Each place of our foot play a major part in the well being of the rest of us. Also in all the function of our brain. I think God has lots of reason for us to take our shoes off. I thing is another real connection to God we shouldn't miss out on. Keeping our feet from touching the ground has must likely had a profound effect upon our lives and kept us from many of the gifts that God has to offer. If you play music or sing Marcia try doing it outside without shoes and you'll fine a love you never known. You find a new meaning to warm sand between your feet at the beach or putting you feel into mountain stream water when you keep God in mind. Blest be your life Kimberlee and kick those shoes off whenever you can.

Massillon, OH - United States

Very beautiful and inspiring image. Nice work L

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Marcia that's what I try to convey

St. Louis, MO - United States

Stunning image and great message! This painting has such a quality about it. The light coming forth through the forest and the branches reaching up to the sky instantly bring the message of hope. Great work Ken!!! v/f

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Genevieve. I try my best to inspire others in anyway I can. Though I love painting many things it's the beauty of nature the beautiful gift from God I love the best. I paint to reach deep inside people hearts and pullout the beauty inside. Some feelings people might not have felt in along time. My next painting is very inspiring in so many ways and will bring you back to your childhood stories and the happiness they give you.

Novokuznetsk, Ke - Russian Federation

I like your version of Hope, Ken! Great composition!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Lidia and I also love your Hope for it comes for your heart in every way :o)

Malaga, An - Spain

Re-visiting this favourite!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much Rosemary and stop by and old time.

Kamloops, BC - Canada

Oh Ken...this is sooo sweet, just like you! It shines with a magical light! I think you have the brightest, positive way in the world and I wish for you only light and goodness! That tree is divine...with those delicate branches and sweet autumn leaves! L/F

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so very much my sweet friend Sandi. It you love this tree your going to stand in awe of the one I'm working. It shines with life and lights up the world. It a view from my studio window but of how the view looked 800 years ago. You feel me in this little tree Sandi nut you'll know me in the next. All the good thoughts in me come out in this next painting. I feel the need to paint from the light within me. To paint from the heart. If one creates from deep within their heart, the light that shine there people with see it and love it for the light that it is. Live life from the heart Sandi and the light that shines in it as you already do and the light will come shining back at you ten fold. You have really brightened my day Sandi with the light that you are. God bless you Sandi and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chicago, IL - United States

So beautiful...the light, the young tree growing...An excellent work with a wonderful expression :) v/f!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much Anne!

SHINGLE SPRINGS & Hawaii Kai, CA - United States

Beautiful ,Like

Ken Day replied:

Thank you every much Cheryl.

Volente, TX - United States

Beautiful contrast in the background drawing interest there along with the focus of light and colors on the tree. Well done. v

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Carlin. Peace seem to love this little tree.

Lac-des-Plages, Qu - Canada

Beautiful work Ken. V

Ken Day replied:

Thank you for stopping by to see my site and to leave such a wonderful comment and vote Jola.

Fergus, ON - Canada

I really like this one.

Ken Day replied:

Thank you for your lovely comment and for stopping by to view my artwork Victoria. Welcome and I hope the best for you and your artwork no your new Fine Art America site.

Nagpur, Ma - India

Fantastic work-1.Sun light is only hope for tree to survive -great concept.2. color combination and shading work is very nice. 3.Ray of light is main attraction......L

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Nandika.

Clinton, MN - United States

Wonderful work.Like how you added light behind the tree...voted/fav

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much for your comment Lori.

Belgrade - Yugoslavia

Very special work, I love the light that comes from the dark and hugs this lovely colourful tree, like saying there is a hope for life.... Excellent Ken, liked:)

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much for such a sweet and beautifully lovely comment Marija. There's always hope where the light shines even in the darkness of places. May darkness be little and brightness be great in your life Marija and may your beautiful artwork be loved by many.

Enfield, Mi - United Kingdom

Exceptional in every way! Love the happy feeling this piece gives me! F/V

Ken Day replied:

Thank you for such a sweet and beautiful comment Loredana.

Media, PA - United States

Love this one! Beautiful work Ken.

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Andrea. I thought I'd bring a little light to this one.

Malaga, An - Spain

Inspiring work! F

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Rosemary. It was very fun to paint.

Merritt Island, Fl - United States

Wonderful title for a wonderful painting, Ken. It is something so meaningful for me today. Thank you for your kind comments on my art, too. f/v

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much AnnaJo. It pleases me so much to know that God's gift to me of art helps theirs. That my art is a vessel in which He can reach others. May the rest of your day be a beautiful one in heart and spirit.

Walnut Creek, CA - United States

It is amazing how the beauty of nature can renew our hope in things "L"

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Donnna. Nature is a beautiful gift of hope and renews our spirit. We can fine peace in nature not like that of any where as.

San Diego, CA - United States

Ken: very cool love the lighting just comes alive . Paul

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Paul. I'm working on one rights out capturing the rays of the sun but not as bright as this one. I must do another though because people love this one so much.

Normal, Il - United States

Wow! I really like this, great work!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you very much Mack I really appreciate you comment and for stopping by. I try to make each piece unique from the other and to what is already on Fine Art America from other artists.

Ken Day replied:

I mean Mark not Mack.

Kelowna, BC - Canada

Revisiting this beautiful spiritual painting Ken ..took another L/F

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Sharon. Light is the key to this one.

Desert Hot Springs, CA - United States

Hope in the darkness. Like constant great controversy in our lives, we all experience it. If we do not limit our faith to our sight, If we learn to go by faith... we can develop our faith and our Creator gives His merits to it and we experience peace, joy and triumph. Ken, this of your painting with its simplicity, is capturing the hope in this controversy. Marguerite

Ken Day replied:

Thank you for such a lovely comment as this Marguerite. We all trivial in dark places now and then. And for good reason, for if light ( Faith) is in you. You must go in darkness some times for how are those in darkness to find the way out without lights there to guide them and give them hope ? For if one can have hope in darkness many will see the hope shining through them.

Sun Lakes, AZ - United States

Ken, What a beautiful painting and so emotive. I love your color palette and fantastic textures. This is so spiritual and your use of light is truly amazing. The title fits this so well and we all need hope...beautiful and very touching, Ken..well done! v/f

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much Deb. That's a very sweet and inspiring comment. I really appreciate your lovely words Deb. If there was away for me to Favorite this comment of yours I would. Well, I guess by saying that I jest did.

Pueblo, CO - United States

Beautifully done, Ken. The title is perfect for this bright spot in the dark. v/f

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Lenore. It can mean many things to many people but what I see in it is hope. Hope against all odds because the light shine through and is within us. So we glow of the light found in us that it might give light to others. You have a glow about you Lenore and it shines through in your artwork. No darkness is too big or too great if you stand within the light. For even darkness will stand in awe of the power of light.

Sudbury, ON - Canada

Very beautiful... I can feel the the warm sun through the trees... Thank you for sharing! Ken!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Daniel. And your most welcome for art is ment to be shared.

Sialkot, pu - Pakistan


Ken Day replied:

Thank you Bobby.

Firenze - Italy

Effetto di luci bellissimo complimenti ciao

Ken Day replied:

Grazie Mario e Ciao

Sudbury, ON - Canada

This is GREAT! Full of energy! I can feel the warm light and the power of it! Bravo! V

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Daniel. A little goes a long ways.

Sofia, So - Bulgaria

Stunning work, Ken! So dramatic and full of hope! I love it! v/f/shared

Ken Day replied:

Thank you for your comment, vote, shared, email and for all your help Donika. And you're right I need to checkout your facebook page.

Grimbergen - Belgium

that's great! never saw before centred composition so attractive! vote

Ken Day replied:

Thank you for your comment and vote Natalie

Saint George, UT - United States

Love the sunlight shinning in on the tree!

Ken Day replied:

Thank you Kathy for your lovely comment. As to show the power that light plays I bent the trees in the background you see through the sunlight. Light has great power on the eyes and mind in a good way. My the light always be with you Kathy as your comment do light my heart.

Vancouver, BC - Canada

This is so beautiful Ken! Love the light!f/v

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much Eti. Light in my most favorite thing to paint in nature.

Mc Kenzie, TN - United States

Hello Ken this is very nice work! God Bless You~

Ken Day replied:

Thank you ever so much Tammy. I thank God every day for giving me the gift to be an artist. Though I like painting many things I like painting the gifts God has given us most like animals, nature and His ever shining light. I see we think much the same for He is with us both. Take care Tammy and let that good light shine.

Omaha, NE - United States

Hi Ken, How have you been? Just wanted to let you know this is awesome in my eyes. Great work on this painting. V/F

Ken Day replied:

Thank your Jell for you wonderful comment and for stopping by my site. Things are going well for me, though I need to do more artwork. I find once I get started on painting it's hard to stop. There's always another idea begging to be painted. Such is the like of an artist, but you know how that is. seems there's always that next one. You take care Jeff.

New York, NY - United States


Smithfield, VA - United States

Dear Ken, Have already commented and voted, but am back to be inspired by this meaningful, gorgeous painting again. The light of hope beaming down is a sign from Heaven to me. This is lovely in many ways and has a special meaning for me. Thank you for comments about my white elephant. F/V

Ken Day replied:

You are like a lovely spring flower Anne-Elizabell. You bring a sparkle to my eyes and the sunshine to my smile.

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