Mask Ceremony Burkina Faso

Reb Frost


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Mask Ceremony Burkina Faso Painting

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Brussels - Belgium

Bonjour, it is a beautiful painting. The ceremony is "trés bien capturée".

Verdun/Montreal, QC - Canada

Thank you Basant and Lenor for your wonderful comments!

Pueblo, CO - United States

This is fascinating work, beautifully done, as is the entire series in this gallery.


Marvelous art work... depicting each face in the mob ...indulged with joy of feelings of mask ceremony

Verdun/Montreal, QC - Canada

Sammy!!! Its so wonderul to see and hear from you!!! Thank you for the lovely comment!! I sent you a message. I hope you get it.. Pat thank you also and many to everyone who left comments on here

Winnipeg, MB - Canada

Awesome work Reb - love the definitions and the masks' hair - well done interpretative work.

Bobo-Dioulasso, Ho - Burkina Faso

I agree with Carole. Such a fantastic painting Reb! The photo truly underwent a beautiful transformation... you took a caterpillar and turned it into a beautiful butterfly :)

Verdun/Montreal, QC - Canada

Thank you Carole.. you are too kind :)

Montreal, Qu - Canada

You are too modest by far,,Sammy snapped the photo...took him 10 seconds, you intrepreted it, spent several days working out all the difficult and most important areas, and turned a simple visual into a great painting. WITH TONS OF HEART AND MEANING,,,,surpassed the photo one thousand times over.... Never sell yourself short....or I will be back to futher discuss the matter with you;; ;I remain, ...................................................... .. Prof. C.B.SPANDAU, B.FA BEAUX ARTS-UQUAM., BACH, ED Specialist Senior ART HIST. MCGILL.

Verdun/Montreal, QC - Canada

Thank you Carole for the comments, but in fact I must indeed thank my friend Sammy who took the photo in Africa and was kind enough to share it with me.

Montreal, Qu - Canada

I would not even attempt to outwrite or outhink the excellent comments you have so deservedly already received here, especially the brilliantly written and historically significant review composed by the Gallery owner. She certainly knows her stuff, comparing your great piece to the many famous religious and ritualistic pieces discovered in caves and landfills over the past many centuries. In point of fact, the only true manner for us to have formulated the lifestyles of these peoples of antiquity, is through the history rich finds of archeological digs,,,yielding marvellous stone sculptures and cave art reminiscent of the story and meaning behind your very fine art work. Just visit Lascaux or Altamira via the net, and our wondrous Art story comes to life.. What does strike me the most here is the way in which you have portayed the strong sense of emotional connectiveness , the parallels between the various people groups you have so smoothly and knowledgeably interwoven,,everyone here knows exactly what to do, how to behave, because they realize that they are involved in a ceremony, that one day, hopefully in the very far and distant future, will be performed for them. Extremely beautiful, intriguing,and very meaningful painting, made all the more important for you, by the fact that your last visitor prior to me, was someone was BURKINO FASO itself. How fitting.!!!!!!.. again...... like two roads diverging in a wood,,, line from the great poem by Robert Frost,.....

Verdun/Montreal, QC - Canada

Thanks Min and everyone that commented on this painting!!

El Monte, Ca - United States

Wow...outstanding piece Reb....standing and clapping...encore...encore

Verdun/Montreal, QC - Canada

Thank you very much for commenting on my painting!!

Montreal, QU - Canada

Bonjour, This painting is spectacular and splendid both in content and technical expertise displayed, There is a compelling duality expressed here, in the reverential composed face of the young man with the red fez,and other solemn faces in your background . They lead us to the more energetic young faces to the left of the Masked Celibrant performing this traditional BURKINA FASO ceremony to celebrate the passage of the deceased to their next level.. Since the beginning of Art History, ancient paleolithic shamanistic artists depicted their own tribal rituals,,,This wonderful piece, beautifully colored, textured and patterned exotically and intiguingly will one day take its place among other histotically important paintings.. I own an operate a Gallery, in your city . Please contact me,as I would like to carry Giclee reproductions of this painting..Congrats on producing such magnificient work.. Félicitations.

Suffolk, VA - United States

OH MY! This is awesome Rebecca! Nice composition and colors. He sure is decked out. lol

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