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Me  Photograph - Me by Linda Sannuti

Me is a photograph by Linda Sannuti which was uploaded on November 3rd, 2009.

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I bet you though I was done commenting on this piece with the time that has past sence Iast commented here. I've been quite busy lately and have had little time to write. Your reply on my last comment I made explains why your eagle spirit is so proud and dominant in this work of art. You were fighting but your spirit know you were winning. A fight it wanted to be free of for a very long time. Is there another bird, eagle or wind spirit sign to be found in this piece of artwork of your,s Linda? Not only is there a sign of all three spirits also it's a sign of freedom and pride we still have left to find. As an American when we think of the eagle spirit we think of America. And when we think of America, pride and freedom Linda we think of the United States of America's flag with it's stars and stripes flying high in the wind of freedom. Though abtract in artistic style it is very plainly seen, high ( high because freedom flies high) in the right hand corner (right because it's the right thing to do) is the flag of USA flying in the wind spirit. the spirit of freedom. Proud it does fly. You can be very proud of the battle you fought Linda. You are a real winner and your spirit is free. I'm very proud of you Linda. There is a story behind every piece of artwork and this story is of you braking free from smoking. It shows a great American spirit to win and never say die. It shows the spirit that has always been in you. Smoking as a negative affect on our spirit. Like that of a crutch to help us walk. We don't think we can walk in out it. Smoking tells our spirit that we are to feeble to go with out it. That if we try we'll only lose, so why try at all. Linda you not only can walk but with wings like you have you can fly. I've heard so many stories from friends who have quit smoking and I never grow tired of them. They all talk of a second life. They fill new once again. The energy they thought they lost long ago come rushing back to them. They have a whole new zest and a taste for life. And Linda you found your love of art. How really special life become when your spirit is set free. Take care my dear friend Linda and thank you for sharing your amazing artwork and very special stories with us :o) Favorite :o)

Linda Sannuti replied:

My dear friend, I can't thank you enough for all the beautiful works you have written here but you have hit it right out of the ball park with freeing the spirit, it has been caged for far too long and now am only at my halfway point of my journey to new adventures and goals. Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement..much appreciated :))) you are a lovely sweet soul! Take care!

Absolutely love that one ! Great glasses btw ;) voted

Linda Sannuti replied:

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Bird Spirit. This one is a little harder to see Linda, for it moves into the abtract zone. Behind your ear yet closer to the leftside of this image there is a lighter spot. This is a head of a Bald Eagle looking down. You first see it's eye and beak. Then you start seeing the feathers on it's head and the dark shading around the eye and beak which in commonly seen on Bald Eagles Once you have found it's head, look down at the next light spot jest below the eagle's beak. You will make out a double edged dagger clasp in the eagle's talons. The Bald Eagle shows you have great bird spirit in you Linda. The dagger in the eagle's talons shows you yield a great power. The double egded dagger shows with out wisdom you can even hurt your self with such power. But don't worry Linda. The eagle look down at the dagger show you not only have wisdom in dealing with the power, for the eagle's eyes are focused dagger. Being that the eagle is above the dagger, it show you have power over the dagger. By now Linda you must feel as an artist you create much more then you set out to do so?

Linda Sannuti replied:

Wow.. I do see it now ,how amazing..and yes I have noticed that in the past year looking back at my work..At the time I created this image I was fighting a battle of quitting smoking after 24yrs, It has forever changed my life completely..I became a artist creating art as a healing tool I can't live without it :) Thanks so much, Ken for showing me this!

Bird Spirit. This one Linda you're going to ask your self why didn't I see this sooner? This was your first bird spirit sign I seen when I first viewed this image of you. At your neck line there great eagle with it's wings spread wide open soaring on your wind spirit. I've been really busy lately Linda with the sales and comments on my painting titled Ana's Song. It of three spirit. A bird spirit that you know of and two bear spirit that you may know both of them. But I will be back to show you how your bird spirit flow the whole way through this image of you Linda.

Linda Sannuti replied:

I'm seeing that now, thanks for seeing..congrats to you on your sales :) wonderful!

The bird spirit with in you Linda. When one views this image they don't have the feeling your body is below you but rather see your body as behind you though you were flying. You neck stretched out like a bird in flight. Your hair and cloth swept back by the wind. The sun reflecting a glow on you face from your glasses. Glasses that seem to be more suitable for flight then being on ground. The flow of air cushion against your face as it moves around you. Your feet do not seem like their touching the ground. This are reasons I feel the bird spirit in you Linda but not the biggest ones. Not even the ones that first touch my eyes. For them yet another comment. Can you see and feel the bird spirit in you even stonger Linda? If not don't worry you will.

Linda Sannuti replied:

I'm thinking I should post my birds eye image I made some time! Thanks, Ken..I'm enjoying your thoughts :)

Linda Sannuti replied:

And yes I'm starting to see that in this image :)

Art is the way of an artist to convay a message being it to one person or many. It's our need to reach out. We can feel fulfilled in what we have done but as all people we always have more to say. I reach out to lift up one heart ans spurit through my artwork. The thing I think the world needs lots more of. I don't feel there will ever be a time where I feel I fulfilled in my work as an artist as long as there's more people to help. It's good to feel fulilled what you have done so far. But we are artist and we have no choice in that. There's a empty void in our life with out it. You said Linda you could not honestly put your biggest ambition as an artist. I think you nailed it right on the head Linda with your message of hope, healing energy. Far as being known around the world. Where there is a need there is away.

Linda Sannuti replied:

Yes I agree with everything you've said here, thanks, Ken I appreciate your messages :)

I just did a interview online as a featured artist and I could not honestly put my biggest ambition as an artist, I said to be known world wide which would be nice but its really to convey the message of hope, healing, energy etc. to others through my art which is my greatest ambition and accomplishment as an artist, I feel fulfilled :) hope that made!

Wow,Ken! I'm speechless ...That was the most touching, kind sweet comment ever! I really love what you see in my art. I have always thought that too. :) I sometimes look back at my art from long ago and think wow, that is really deep and expressing my inner thoughts without even knowing it..also the eagle thing ,I have always hoped to move or give energy to others through my art. It has been use for healing meditation for people and I am so happy about it. I am a scorpio and the eagle is my symbol :)). Thank you so much very this, it has really made my night ;) Happy Valentine's! >3

The artist with in us. As artists we create even more then we know we are doing. Our spirits and thoughts flow through our creations. Our art tells more about us and our thoughts the we are trying to convay through it. Some of my favorite parts of my artwork is the part that people comment on that I did not even see my self till then. This is where your bird spirit comes in Linda. As artists we carry many spirits with in us, like you and the wind. In your eyes and your smile one can see that you are flying. Not jest flying but soaring like an eagle upon the wind. Wings stretched out wide you over look your domain. Confident, commanding and forever watchful. Linda this might be hard for you to see in a image of your self but not hard for others to see. That is because when we look at others we see the spirit of a person and when we look at a image of our self we pick out flaws in our self. I have four other greater reason why you have the spirit of the eagle in you Linda and you can see these one very easy your self. I'll save them for another comment. For you can only have so many words in a comment on Fine Art America. Till then Linda keep suaring like the eagle you are.

And thanks to all :)))

She moves like the wind, for she is the wind, and time can't tie her down. Not now, or that which is to be. Men try to hold her, she slips through their fingers. Laws try to judge her. The papes of laws, she disperse, like nothingness in the air. Clouds, only slaves to her calling, birds on her body, do they fly. You say here is she ? What is she doing ? I say, who knows which way the wind might blow ?

Linda Sannuti replied:

Ken, Wow, I was really moved and impressed with those words...I loved it very much :)))) Thank you very much for the expressive comment!!!

Cool. Was the first word that came to mind when i saw this.

Very cool Linda

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