Smooth Jazz

June Marie


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Smooth Jazz Painting


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Beverly Hills, CA - United States

I have a piece of art by June Marie that is of an African American man with a black hat sitting on stairs with a saxophone in his hands. this part of the collection...would love to post the pic. I am selling it

Dimondale, MI - United States

If you're interested in seeing my new art, contact me at:

Dimondale, MI - United States

I also painted Smooth Jazz as a companion!

Dimondale, MI - United States

Hi, I'm june marie I painted Cool Jazz!

Eagle Lake, Fl - United States

I had acquired a few of this Artist's work a few years ago. I have since tried to obtained other works by her that I knew I wanted. However, I have been unable to find any of them. By looking online, I have found works by "JUNE MARIE" but always when looking through her paintings, I didn't recognize the work, style or subject. This painting, "Smooth Jazz", is the June Marie that I have been searching for. If anyone in the community knows how I can continue my collection of the works by this "June Marie". I would be very appreciative. Thanking you in advance, RB.

Erie, PA - United States

I aquired on of her paintings recently and just love it. I am wondering if anyone knows where she is now> the gallery Personal Preferences that sold her work is no longer in business...

Muskegon, MI - United States

I have this painting. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, this is the first time I've ever seen it online. I paid 400.$ for this painting out of Lansing Mi about 10yrs ago. Pictures never do her art justice.

Carson, CA - United States

I am interested in more art by June Marie. Where can it be found?

Lisle, IL - United States

You can find more art like this at

Nashville, TN - United States

I would like to see a larger version.. but, I feel it.. coooool... jazz...

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