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The Door

Viktor Lazarev

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The Door Painting  - The Door Fine Art Print





Tags: earth paintings, door paintings, kids paintings, ufo paintings, universe paintings, earth canvas prints, door canvas prints, kids canvas prints, ufo canvas prints, universe canvas prints

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Montclair, NJ - United States

This is so very original and unique Viktor! How did this idea begin? f/v

Viktor Lazarev replied:

As a result of my sick(or not?) imagination...So happy,-you like this one,Kellice...Apreciate your comment.Thank you.Vic.

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The Door


Viktor Lazarev


Painting - Canvas,oil


"THE DOOR" -original art by Viktor Lazarev...{{Other uses}}

{{infobox color|title=Crimson|textcolor=white
| hex=DC143C
| r=220|g= 20|b= 60
| c= 0|m= 91|y= 73|k=14
| h=348|s= 91|v= 86[ Color Conversion Tool set to hex code of color #DC143C (Crimson):]
|source=[[List of HTML color names|X11]]}}

'''Crimson ''' is a bright [[red]] color. It originally meant the [[color]] of the [[Kermes (dye)|Kermes dye]] produced from a [[scale insect]], ''[[Kermes vermilio]]'', but the name is now also used as a generic term for slightly reddish-blue colors that are between red and [[rose (color)|rose]]; besides crimson itself, these colors include [[Carmine (color)|carmine]], [[Raspberry (color)|raspberry]], [[ruddy]], [[Ruby (color)|ruby]], [[Amaranth (color)|amaranth]], and [[Cerise (color)|cerise]].

== History ==

'''Crimson''' (NR4) is produced using the dried bodies of the [[Kermes (genus)|kermes]] insect, which were gathered commercially in Mediterranean countries, where they live on the [[Kermes oak]], and sold throughout Europe.[ Naturenet article with images and description of ''Kermes vermilio'' and its foodplant] Kermes dyes have been found in burial wrappings in Anglo-Scandinavian [[York]]. They fell out of use with the introduction of [[cochineal]], because although the dyes were comparable in quality and color intensity it needed ten to twelve times as much kermes to produce the same effect as cochineal.

'''[[Carmine]]''' is the name given to the dye made from the dried bodies of the female [[cochineal]], although the name '''crimson''' is sometimes applied to these dyes too. Cochineal appears to have been brought to Europe during the conquest of [[Mexico]] by the Spaniard [[Hernán Cortés]], and the name 'carmine' is derived from the French ''carmin''. It was first described by [[Mathioli]] in 1549. The pigment is also called ''[[cochineal]]'' after the insect from which it is made.

'''[[Alizarin]]''' (PR83) is a pigment that was first synthesized in 1868 by the German [[chemist]]s [[Carl Gräbe]] and [[Carl Liebermann]] and replaced the natural pigment [[madder lake]]. Alizarin crimson is a dye bonded onto [[alum]] which is then used as a pigment and mixed with [[ochre]], [[sienna]] and [[umber]]. It is not totally colorfast.

== Etymology ==

The word ''crimson'' has been recorded in English since 1400,The first recorded use of ''crimson'' as a color name in English was in 1400 according to the following book: Maerz and Paul ''A Dictionary of Color'' New York:1930--McGraw Hill Page 193; Color Sample of Crimson: Page 31 Plate 4 Color Sample K6 and its earlier forms include ''cremesin'', ''crymysyn'' and ''cramoysin'' (cf. [[cramoisy]], a crimson cloth). These were adapted via [[Old Spanish]] from the [[Medieval Latin]] ''cremesinus'' (also ''kermesinus'' or ''carmesinus''), the dye produced from [[Kermes (genus)|Kermes]] scale insects, and can be traced back to Arabic ''qermez'' ("red"), also borrowed in [[Turkish language|Turkish]] ''kırmızı'' and many other languages, e.g. German ''Karmesin'', Italian ''Cremisi'', French ''cramoisi'', etc. (via Latin). The ultimate source may be Sanskrit कृमिज ''kṛmi-jā'' meaning "worm-made"."American Heritage Dictionary", s.v. ''Kermes''; also [[Friedrich Kluge|Kluge]], "Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache", s.v. ''Karmesin'', et al.

A shortened form of ''carmesinus'' also gave the Latin ''carminus'', from which comes [[carmine]].

Other cognates include the [[Old Church Slavic]] ''čruminu'' and the [[Russian language|Russian]] ''čermnyj'' "red". Cf. also [[vermilion]].

== Dyes ==
{{Main|Kermes (dye)}}

[[File:Carminic acid structure.png|thumb|right|233px|Carminic acid]]

Carmine [[natural dye|dyes]], which give crimson and related red and purple colors, are based on an [[aluminium]] and [[calcium]] [[salt]] of [[carminic acid]]. '''Carmine lake''' is an aluminium or aluminium-tin [[lake pigment|lake]] of cochineal extract, and '''Crimson lake''' is prepared by striking down an infusion of cochineal with a 5 [[percent]] [[solution]] of [[alum]] and [[Potassium tartrate|cream of tartar]]. '''Purple lake''' is prepared like carmine lake with the addition of [[calcium oxide|lime]] to produce the deep purple tone. Carmine dyes tend to fade quickly.

Carmine dyes were once widely prized in both the Americas and in Europe. They were used in paints by [[Michelangelo]] and for the crimson fabrics of the [[Hussars]], the [[Turkic peoples|Turks]], the [[Red coat (British army)|British Redcoats]], and the [[Royal Canadian Mounted Police]].

Nowadays carmine dyes are used for coloring foodstuffs, medicines and cosmetics. As a [[food additive]] in the European Union, carmine dyes are designated [[Carmine|E120]], and are also called '''cochineal''' and '''Natural Red 4'''. Carmine dyes are also used in some [[oil paint]]s and [[watercolor]]s used by artists.

== Variations of crimson ==
=== Electric crimson ===
{{infobox color|title=Electric Crimson|textcolor=black
| hex=FF003F
| r=255|g= 0|b= 63
| c= 0|m=100|y= 75|k=0
| h=345|s=100|v=100[ Color Conversion Tool set to hex code of color #FF003F (Electric Crimson):]
|source=Maerz and Paul}}

Displayed at right is the color '''electric crimson'''.

''Electric crimson'' is that tone of crimson which is precisely halfway between red and rose on the [[HSV color space|color wheel]]. In the 1930 book ''A Dictionary of Color'', the color Crimson is shown as lying halfway between red and rose. Maerz and Paul ''A Dictionary of Color'' New York:1930--McGraw Hill The color sample for the color crimson, indicated in the index on page 193, and displayed on Page 31, Plate 4, Color Sample K6, is indicated as lying halfway between red and rose. In modern color terminology in [[psychedelic art]], the adjective "electric" indicates the brightest possible tone of or a very bright tone of a color.


=== Folly ===
{{infobox color|title=Folly|textcolor=black
| hex=FF004F
| r=255|g= 0|b= 79
| c= 0|m=100|y=69|k=0
| h=341|s=100|v=100[ Color Conversion Tool set to hex code of color # FF004F (Folly):]
|source=Maerz and Paul}}

Displayed at right is the color '''folly'''.

''Folly'' is a color one-fourth of the way between crimson and rose, closer to crimson than to rose. The first recorded use of ''folly'' as a color name in English was in 1920.Maerz and Paul ''A Dictionary of Color'' New York:1930--McGraw Hill Page 195; Color Sample of Folly: Page 27 Plate 2 Color Sample J6; on the upper half of Plate 2, the color Folly is shown as being one-fourth of the way between crimson and rose, closer to crimson than to rose.

=== Alizarin crimson ===
{{Main|Alizarin crimson (color)}}
'''Alizarin crimson''' is an artificially created color, used to replace the harder to obtain [[rose madder]].

===Spanish crimson===
{{infobox color|title=Crimson (G&S)
|source=Gallego and SanzGallego, Rosa; Sanz, Juan Carlos (2005). ''Guía de coloraciones'' (Gallego, Rosa; Sanz, Juan Carlos (2005). ''Guide to Colorations'') Madrid: H. Blume. ISBN 84-89840-31-8}}

'''Spanish crimson''' is the color that is called ''Carmesi'' (the [[Spanish language|Spanish]] word for "crimson") in the ''Guía de coloraciones'' (''Guide to colorations'') by Rosa Gallego and
Juan Carlos Sanz, a color dictionary published in 2005 that is widely popular in the [[Hispanophone]] realm.

=== Razzmatazz ===
{{infobox color|textcolor=white
| title= Razzmatazz
| hex=E3256B
| r=227|g= 37|b= 107
| c= 0|m= 84|y= 53|k= 11
| h=338|s= 84|v= 89[ Color Conversion Tool set to hex code of color #E3256B (Razzmatazz):]
|source=[[List of Crayola crayon colors|Crayola]]}}

Displayed at right is the color '''razzmatazz'''.

This color is a rich tone of crimson-rose.

''Razzmatazz'' was a new [[Crayola]] crayon color chosen in 1993 as a part of the ''Name The New Colors Contest''.
=== KU Crimson ===
{{infobox color|title=KU Crimson|hex= E8000D|textcolor=white
| r=232|g=0 |b=13
| c=0 |m=100|y=94 |k=9
h=357|s=100|v=91 |
|source=[ KU Visual Identity]}}

'''KU Crimson''', along with [[blue]], is an official color for the [[University of Kansas]] and its athletic teams, the [[Kansas Jayhawks]]. The color is referenced in the school's alma mater.[ KU Traditions - "Crimson and the Blue"] While not an original color of the school, Crimson was suggested to honor a [[Harvard]] graduate who donated money for an athletic field at the school.[ KU Traditions - The School Colors]

=== Utah crimson ===
[[File:University of Utah horizontal logo.svg|thumb|200 px|left|Logo of the [[University of Utah]]]]
{{infobox color|title=Utah Crimson|textcolor=white
| hex=D3003F
| r=211|g= 0|b= 63
| c= 0|m=100|y= 70|k=17
| h=342|s=100|v= 82.7[ Color Conversion Tool:]
|source=[[:File:Utah Utes logo.png|Internet]]}}

Displayed at right is the color '''Utah crimson''', the color which is symbolic of the [[University of Utah]]. Of all the universities that list crimson as an official color, the University of Utah is closest to the web color crimson (RGB 220, 20, 60).

The school's athletic booster organization is called the Crimson Club.[ University of Utah Crimson Club:]

=== Crimson glory ===
[[File:Ornamental grape.jpg|thumb|left|The ornamental grape ''crimson glory vine'' autumn colors]]

{{Infobox color
| title= Crimson Glory|textcolor=white
| hex= BE0032
| r=190 |g=0|b=50
| c=0 |m=100|y=74 |k=26
h=356|s=100|v=75[ Color Conversion Tool set to hex code of color #BE0032 (Crimson Glory):]
|source=[ Plochere]
The color '''crimson glory''' is displayed at right. It is a medium shade of crimson.

The color is a representation of the color of the flowers of the [[Crimson Glory Vine]].

The first use of ''crimson glory'' as a color name in English was in 1948 when the ''Plochere Color System'' was inaugurated.

The source of the color name ''crimson glory'' is the ''Plochere Color System'', a color system formulated in 1948 that is widely used by interior designers.[ Plochere Color System:]

=== OU Crimson ===
[[File:Oklahoma Sooners logo.svg|65px|left|upright|OU Logo]]

{{infobox color|title=OU Crimson|hex= b20d35|textcolor=white
| r=178|g=13 |b=53|sRGBspace=[[sRGB color space|sRGB]]
| c=0 |m=93|y=70 |k=30
h=335 |s=93|v=70
|source=[ Official Logos]}}

'''OU Crimson''', along with Cream, are the official colors for [[The University of Oklahoma]], and its athletic teams, the [[Oklahoma Sooners]]. In the fall of 1895, Miss May Overstreet was asked to chair a committee to select the colors of the university. The committee decided the colors should be crimson and cream and an elaborate display of the colors was draped above a platform before the student body.[ Sooner Tradition - Crimson & Cream]

OU Crimson is also an official color for the [[National Weather Center]].[ National Weather Center Logo]
=== Harvard crimson ===
[[File:Harvard Crimson.svg|thumb|150 px|left|Logo of [[Harvard University]]]]
{{infobox color|title=Harvard Crimson|textcolor=white
|r=165 |g=28 |b=48
|c=7 |m=94 |y=65 |k=25
|source=[ Harvard]}}

Displayed at right is the color '''Harvard crimson''', the color which is [[symbol]]ic of [[Harvard University]].

The first recorded use of ''Harvard crimson'' as a color name in English was in 1928.Maerz and Paul ''A Dictionary of Color'' New York:1930--McGraw Hill Page 196; Color Sample of Harvard Crimson: Page 33 Plate 5 Color Sample J6
===Red devil===
{{infobox color|title=Red Devil|textcolor=white
| hex=860111
|h=353|s=99|v=53[ Color Conversion Tool set to hex code #860111 (Red Devil):]
|source=[ Color List]

At right is displayed the color '''red devil'''.

The color name ''red devil'' for this dark tone of crimson has been in use since 2001, when it was promulgated as one of the colors on the [ Color List].


==Crimson in nature==
* The [[Crimson Sunbird]] is the [[national bird]] of [[Singapore]].
* The [[Comb (anatomy)|coxscomb]] of a [[rooster]] is colored a deep crimson color.

==In popular culture==
===Comic books===
* The [[Crimson Dynamo]] is the name of several [[fictional character]]s in the [[Marvel Comics]] [[Marvel Universe|Universe]], most of whom have been [[supervillain]]s. The various Crimson Dynamos have been [[powered armor]]-wearing [[Russia]]n or [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] agents who have clashed with the superhero [[Iron Man]] over the course of his heroic career.
* In the [[G.I. Joe (comics) | G.I. Joe]] comics, the terrorist group Cobra has an elite cadre of soldiers called the Crimson Guard, who are totally loyal to the organization's leader [[Cobra Commander]]. In addition to having the best military training offered to any Cobra troops, most of them are placed in [[Non-official cover | deep undercover]] roles as community leaders, using subversive activities to further Cobra's goals.

===Computer and video games===
* [[Crimson Skies]] is a video game about air pirates in an alternate universe 1930s North America.
* ''[[Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly]]'', or ''Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly'', 2004 game considered one of the scariest video games of all time.

===Cultural references===
* [[The King's Royal Hussars]] still wear crimson trousers as successors to the 11th Hussars (the "Cherrypickers").

===Emblem colors===
*The [[Fraternities and Sororities|Greek letter organizations]] [[Delta Sigma Theta]] (ΔΣΘ), [[Kappa Alpha Psi]] (KAΨ), and [[Kappa Alpha Order]] (KA) use crimson as one of their official colors.
* Crimson is the school color of several universities, including [[Harvard University]], [[Indiana University (Bloomington)|Indiana University]], [[New Mexico State University]], [[Saint Joseph's University]], [[University of Alabama]], [[University of Belgrano]], [[University of Mississippi]], [[University of Nebraska at Omaha]], [[University of Oklahoma]], [[Tuskegee University]], [[University of Utah]], [[Washington State University]], [[Korea University]] and [[Worcester Polytechnic Institute]]. The daily newspaper at Harvard is called [[The Harvard Crimson]], and the daily newspaper at Alabama is called [[The Crimson White]]. Harvard's athletic teams are the Crimson, while the University of Alabama competes as [[University of Alabama athletics|The Crimson Tide]].

* [[Rhubarb]] is sometimes poetically referred to as ''crimson stalks''.[ Rhubarb —the crimson stalks--rhubarb recipes:][ Rhubarb plants—the crimson stalks:]

* In fiction, the primary villain of [[Stephen King]]'s ''[[The Dark Tower (series)|The Dark Tower]]'' series is the [[Crimson King]]. The Crimson King also makes appearances in other King works, such as the novel ''Insomnia''. Bev Vincent notes in his ''The Road to the Dark Tower'' that the color is intended to symbolize sickness, madness, and pain.

*In the [[United States Army]], crimson is the color of the [[Ordnance Corps (United States Army)|Ordnance Corps]].

== See also ==
* [[Amaranth (color)]]
* Red dye insects: [[Cochineal]], ''[[Kermes vermilio]]'', [[Polish cochineal]]
* [[List of colors]]
* [[Ruby (color)]]
* [[Scarlet (color)|Scarlet]]

{{Commons category}}

== References ==

* {{1911}}
* [ Etymology OnLine]
{{shades of red}}

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[[Category:Food additives]]
[[Category:Shades of red]]
[[Category:Natural dyes]]
[[Category:Arabic loanwords]]

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[[ja:クリムゾン (色)]]
[[ru:Малиновый цвет]]
[[sr:Гримизна боја]]
[[uk:Малиновий колір]]
[[vi:Đỏ thắm]]


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