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Fran J Scott  26 Days Ago

Manchester, MD - United States

Thank you Fiona!

Fiona Kennard  27 Days Ago

Silverthorne, CO - United States

Congrats on your sale, Fran!

Manchester, MD - United States

Thank you Beth! Most kind!

Juneau, WI - United States

What a beautiful horse!!! Congrats on your sale!

Manchester, MD - United States

This is a breed of horse known as the Traditional Gypsy horse, They go by so many names it's hard to keep up! Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy cob, tinker, I just call mine ole mop legs! LOL

Round Top, TX - United States

Fran, I am fascinated by these horses! Are they yours? Also, what breed are they? By any chance, are they Friesians? Utterly gorgeous.

Colorado Springs, CO - United States

Fran, this is the first time I have discovered you and I must say that I am almost speechless! I didn't even know that horses like this existed! I thought they were only in fairy tales. They are magnificent, awe-inspiring and all those other superb words that we use to describe something we are in amazement about. I plan to study all of your photos and read all of your descriptions and get to know your world. Than I am going to somehow pick out only a couple of pictures to have for myself. Thank you for sharing the beauty in your world. It is vital to people to be able to know this exists!

Fran J Scott replied:

Barbara, thank you for the kind words!! And for having a look around my galleries! I am so glad you are enjoying my horses and my work! Personally sharing them with wonderful people like you is the best part! Be well my friend! :-)

Tacoma, WA - United States

Congratulations on your Sale!!!

Los Angeles, CA - United States

Congratulations on your sale magnificent! :)

Loveland, CO - United States

Congratulations on your $ale!

Budapest, H - Hungary

Congratulations on your sale................Odon.

Ardmore, OK - United States

Gorgeous. What a mane on this guy! Great capture.

Manchester, MD - United States

LOL Yes there is not hair shortage around here thats for sure!! Thanks Kate!! xx

Tarnow - Poland

OMG what a beauty!!! Incredible mane!!!!

Manchester, MD - United States

They really are a blessing, lots of work, but a blessing nonetheless! Thank you! :-)

High Point, NC - United States

If I owned your horses, I would never get anything done. If I wasn't riding, I would be sitting outside and just watching them.

Rockhampton, Qu - Australia

Hi again Fran, thanks for replying so quickly. I replied to your email but haven't heard back from you. Did you get my email? Or is it lost in space? Thanks, Kym, Australia.

Rockhampton, Qu - Australia

Hi Fran, I am publishing a book of poetry about horses and am looking for unusual or awesome artwork of horses to use as illustrations. I LOVE this photo!!! Could you please contact me at kymeitel at yahoo dot com so I can explain more about my project? Thanks, Kym, Australia.

Lansdowne, NS - Australia

That is truly special!

Manchester, MD - United States

Val is truly an amazing stallion. He is fearless, and has a great sense of humor! And I have never seen a horse that can grow hair like this boy! His mane is almost 6 ft long! We are expecting his first 3 babies this spring..we are very excited!

Maui, HI - United States

Photographs don't often provoke a WOW from me .... but this horse is amazing! And the Butterfly :)))))))) I love it

Manchester, MD - United States

Thanks Annie for having a visit, I'm so glad you enjoyed my work and my boys! They are so special to us. :-)

Wellsboro, PA - United States

Really wish I lived nearby

Fort Myers, FL - United States

Fran...your work is incredible. You have a great gift. Going through your shots, one is just as special as the next. And God, I love your horses...Annie

Wellsboro, PA - United States

He is amazingly beautiful...handsome with or without the butterfly.Kind of like god was trying to share a bit of heaven with us by letting an animal so beautiful be on earth.

Excelsior Springs, MO - United States

The perfect name for such an amazingly beautiful creature!

Manchester, MD - United States

Thanks Jana!

Katzweiler - Germany

Your images look so dreamy.. beautiful. He really has some incredible mane!

Manchester, MD - United States

I cut a foot off of it before I took the photo can you imagine! It was so hard to psych myself up to do it but I figured ground length is a bit much!

Chez Bourret, Va - France

I have never seen a mane that long. This is an incredible shot. Lucky you to have such a horse.

Manchester, MD - United States

Thanks Jean! It's a labor of love. :-) An Val can always be counted upon for comic relief!

Scottsdale, AZ - United States

How cute! I can't even imagine trying to keep that horse groomed! OH MY! You really have your work cut out for you! Your horses are amazing, Fran!

Manchester, MD - United States

Thank you Gary! :-)

Culver City, CA - United States

Your photographs of horses are amazing, so are the horses!

Manchester, MD - United States

Thanks Diane, He's my baby and we pamper him too much! He hates his forelock to touch his nose and to have something living crawling around on it is a bit too much for him I'm afraid! LOL

Manchester, MD - United States

NO Believe me just keeping that incredible mane clean and braided so he doesn't eat it or walk on it is do enough for me! LOL To take it down and wash, dry, blow dry, it and put it all back up takes the better part of a day. But the whohle 3 seconds its down it really makes for some dramatic photos! ;-)

Brookeville, MD - United States

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! Look at that monarch!!!!!!! Soooo cool!!!! And look at the 'do Horsie is sporting!!! I have a mental image of someone with a crimping iron spending the day on this ... please tell me I'm wrong??? LOL!!!!!! Either way .. sooooo darling!!!!!!!!!

Bowmanville, ON - Canada

He is wonderful!! So majestic with such a silly but perfect situation to contend with... love it!

Manchester, MD - United States

Just had to share this with my FAA friends, This is my stallion Valentino with a butterfly stuck in his forelock! Like what are the chances of that happening? LOL

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