The Lightning Catchers

Bryan Allen


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The Lightning Catchers Photograph

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Pamela Johnson 7 Days Ago

New York, NY - United States

Wow! This is wow, did I say wow? Oh yeah WOW!!!

Fraida Gutovich 8 Days Ago

Los Angeles, CA - United States

Pure magic!!!!!

New York, NY - United States

Wow, this is wow, did I say wow? Oh yeah wow!

Bryan Allen replied:

Wow nice comment! Thanks Pamela.

Cove, UT - United States

Cool and eye-catching! Congrats! f/l

Bryan Allen replied:

Much obliged for the comment!

Livonia, MI - United States

Bryan, very original. So well conceived. Congratulations.

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you kindly Aileen!

York, Yo - United Kingdom

Clever work Bryan Congratulations on your sale.

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much Robert!

Clayton, CA - United States

What an amazing display of creativity, talent and execution, Bryan! The first moment I saw this work, I was blown away. My wife teaches film photography and when I showed it to her, she said, "I love that...BUY it!". It will definitely be a sublime addition to our art collection. Bravo!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you very kindly for the lovely comments and purchase. I hope you enjoy it always.

New York, NY - United States

OMG Bryan - I have been looking for this for almost 20 years! It was on the back of a brochure from a tech show, circa 1980's 1990's, a 2" x 1.5" I carried it around for decades. My son has been so intrigued by this image ever since he was a kid and even carried the little snipit in his wallet for awhile. It got worn, even though I encased it in plastic. We searched the Internet for years. Found many copies with other peoples messages on them. Lightning farmers just turned up some rock group. er rock music. What a thrill to read your story to discover that this is a photograph and the folks were real. What is even more incredible is how did you manage to capture it just right? How many shots did you take? Still didn't understand how you got the lightning in the jars. What if we could harness energy in a jar (like a generator) and recharged by the sun! His birthday is coming up and he will be thrilled with a real Bryan Allen!

Bryan Allen replied:

Wow Suzanne, You looked a long time. Thanks so much for your purchase and kind words. Glad you finally found the image. I hope you enjoy it equally as long.

Sammamish, WA - United States

Congratulations on your sale, Bryan, this is priceless!!!!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you Sharyn!

Cape Coral, FL - United States

Awesome work! I love it! Beautiful! Congrats on your sale!

Bryan Allen replied:

Much obliged Timothy!

Milltown, NJ - United States

So cool!! Congrats on your sale.

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much Colleen!

Hull, Yo - United Kingdom

Fontastic theme, realistic work, congrats on your sale again !

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you kindly Algirdas!

Sparks, NV - United States

What an awesome piece of work; such talent;

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks Bobbee, much obliged!

Gardendale, AL - United States


Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks Barbara!

Phoenix, AZ - United States

Congratulations on your sale! Very creative!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you kindly Fred!

Hamilton, ON - Canada

Love this piece ! great work and congrats on your sale !

Bryan Allen replied:

I appreciate it Christine!

Budapest, H - Hungary

Excellent work.Congratulations on your sale.

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much Odon! Those new gossamer abstracts of yours are great.

Mahon - Spain

Funny and creative. great!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks you kindly Pedro!

Tonbridge, Ke - United Kingdom


Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks Helen!

Jammu, Ja - India

Really imaginative :-)

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much Vijinder!

Simi Valley, CA - United States

This one makes me smile every time I see it! Congratulations on another wonderful sale, Bryan!!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks for the kind words Lynn. Was just looking at your lovely piece "Back Porch Paradise" I could sit there a while...

Skerries, Du - Ireland

A fantastic image and a truly wonderful story. Thank you for sharing this.

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much for the comment Lewis!

Haifa - Israel

Awesome and original, congratulations

Bryan Allen replied:

Much obliged Itai!

Richmond, VA - United States

Congratulations on selling a great work of art!

Bryan Allen replied:

I appreciate the kind words Eric!

Nevada City, CA - United States

How fun!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks much Joy!

San Francisco Bay Area, CA - United States

Brian! Congratulations on the sale! Irina Sztukowski

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you kindly Irina!

Markham, ON - Canada

Stunning piece, congratulations on selling.

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks Daniel. Your paintings on silk are so vibrant and bold. Love the aquatic ones especially.

Seattle, WA - United States

Hey Bryan, I'm ready to order a big metal print! Can you check your email and answer a question or two please?

Bryan Allen replied:

Hi Christopher. Just saw a metal print order go through. Much obliged! Guess I answered the questions right. Enjoy.

Morganton, NC - United States

Bryan -- outrageous!! Wonderful creation!! What is the connection with this and the Pink Floyd album cover??

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks for the comment Bill! The connection is that someone in Russia helped themselves to the image and produced a bootleg. Pink Floyd had no involvement - unfortunately.

Oakland, Or - United States

This is amazing! Great work. v/f

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much Tyra!

Colorado Springs, CO - United States

I really love this! Very creative! Congratulations on your sale!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you kindly Diane!

Lewiston, ME - United States

Fun and unique!! Congrats on your sale. Def made me smile.

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much for the smile Brenda!

Myrtle Beach, SC - United States

Congrats !!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks Paulette!

Portland, OR - United States


Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much Dee!

Clearwater, FL - United States

This is outstanding artwork so realistic the imagery is awesome!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you kindly Jacqueline!

Phoenixville, PA - United States

Congrats on your sale!!!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks Michael!

Atlanta, GA - United States

Congratulations on another sale!!!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you Kaylee!

Effingham, SC - United States

Congrats on your sale !!!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks for the comment Brian & Lisa!

Santa Cruz, CA - United States

Very cool!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you Deana!

Matthews, NC - United States

Bryan, forgive me if I'm the 350th person to bring this up but, for some reason I remember this image being used on a Pink Floyd album. I think it was a Greatest Hits CD compilation? I've seen it all over the internet for many years I believe. Just curious if the image was ever licensed as an album cover and how long ago it was created?

Bryan Allen replied:

Hi William, I don't think anyone else mentioned that in a comment here. It has been licensed properly for album covers before but the Pink Floyd cd set you referenced was a bootleg made by a guy in St. Petersberg Russia that goes by the handle Zolty The Silent. I only know because I bought one and saw his 'credit' on it. I tried to contact him but he lived up to his name. The image itself goes way back to PS3 days, say around 1996 or 7.

Baltimore, md - United States


Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you very kindly Monique!

Castries, Ca - Saint Lucia

Very very nice. Wasn't sure if it were either a hyper-photo-realistic painting. This is NOT done in Photoshop you say? Absolutely genuine and authentic piece of work. Love this composition. This looks like a great story of an old American couple who harvests lightening and are pros at this for years in the prairie hills. Nothing to it, so says the ol' man in the foreground. I love this story-telling artwork of yours. Just so unique.

Bryan Allen replied:

Hi Lou Ann, thanks for the lovely comments. I'll have to go back and read what I wrote because it was definitely Photoshop, the first version that had layers. I think that was PS 3. What I was trying to get across was that none of the effects were created using a filter or some such. These days you can make what looks like electricity or lightning without ever getting out of your chair. But who wants fake lightning?

New York, NY - United States

My daughter is applying to college and one of the schools has a box on the application that the student is supposed to upload something that appeals to themÖpicture, poem, anything. She would like to put your picture in the box, but doesn't want to misuse your work. If she put your name on one of the greeting cards of this picture and scanned it into the application, would that be OK with you?

Bryan Allen replied:

Hi Wendy, Let me first begin by saying thanks so much for the order of cards! Your daughter should probably put Fine Art's name on it or maybe both our names but whichever way you decide to go, you have my blessing and thanks for asking. I wish her all the best.

Williamsburg, VA - United States

Absolutely FANTASTIC CONCEPTION AND IMPLEMENTATION! Is it too late to squeeze in among these many sensible commentators? I must admit that I have not read many comments, yet. I simply could not read so many before starting my own. And Bryan, it is so kind of you to share in detail the whole process of creation. The depth is amazing! As a would-be painter -- hell! -- as a human being, I am so humbled by this work. And so thrilled. What dreams and pretend! I want to share it with all my friends, and especially the younger ones. Most of them I remember dearly (maybe the few I disliked and feared and tried to avoid: I would have shared this, but still only by post wherever they are.) But my buddy friends, even girls! -- and later them! Alas, the ones I know of all have died. I'm 75. And still I'm so wanting to join in and to be a part, in pretend, and I will be showing or sending it tonight, sharing in that way, with them. with my children, grandchildren, acquaintances -- I can hardly wait to see, hear their reactions! And often for a number of years I have closed my letters to friends, not "hugs" or the phoney "love," "May you have a pocket full of lightning!" Ah, this represents the ideas caught, and utilized by the few true geniuses in history! Oh, and Bryan, congratulations on this so much deserved sale! I assume one of many, and awards. Peace and Rainbows, Bruce Combs

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so very much for the detailed comments and kind words Bruce! I'm glad to see you are so passionate, creative, and still keeping a pocket full of lightning at 75. I hope I can walk in your footsteps.

Rowhedge, Colchester, Es - United Kingdom

Thank you for such a brilliant concept – loved your 'Twilight' imagery too – inspiring!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks twice David!

Florida - United States

Spectacular work, Bryan. This must've been many weeks / months in the works... and then some... Love your description... a MUST for a piece like this. MUST ADD to my favorites! Liked! Congratulations on your sale, sooo deserved! This is an amazing image, indeed!

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks so much for the very kind words Joy!

Saint Louis, MO - United States

WOW! Speechless...

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you kindly Timothy!

Lambertville, NJ - United States

Whenever I see this I Have to take another look! An all time favorite Bryan! LF

Bryan Allen replied:

Stop by any time Val. Thanks again!

Richmond, Su - United Kingdom

Nice artwork! Congratulations on your sale!L/F

Bryan Allen replied:

Thank you very kindly Maj!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Awesome ! Love it ..Congratulations..Joe

Bryan Allen replied:

Thanks Joseph!

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