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The Roc Comes Before The End

Arjun L Sen

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The Roc Comes Before The End Digital Art





Tags: digital digital art, finger digital art, painting digital art, landscape digital art, canvas digital art

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Jackson, MI - United States

Very beautiful and artistic work!! f/l

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks for great comment, Lee! :)

La Plata, Bu - Argentina

great work Arjun...................L

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Lazaro!

Palm Bay, FL - United States

Wonderful image! Awesome colors! v/f

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Roger, great comment and vote! :))

Sialkot, pu - Pakistan


Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Bobby!

Rochester, NY - United States

I see you've been busy! I have been away from FAA for quite some time. This is a wonderful image with story! fv vote

Arjun L Sen replied:

I haven't actually done any artwork since 1st May. I've got involved in homeless dog rescue in Serbia and Bosnia. Writing letters, petitions, that kind of thing. Along with full time work I've got no energy left for art. I've put on some photos with write-ups, though. :)

Lakeland, FL - United States

awesome work Arjun, I love this technique...v/f

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Sharon! Lovely comment, much appreciated! :)

Turda, CJ - Romania

Fantastic work,I like it !

Green Valley, AZ - United States

Excellent work! vf

Dublin, Du - Ireland

great painting Arjun!

Arjun L Sen replied:

Raul, thank you, good to hear from you, man! :)

Long Beach, CA - United States

Fantastic work and description yet again my friend. f/v

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Heidi! :))

Livonia, MI - United States

The way the human race is going, we won't need a Roc to destroy us, we are doing that fine ourselves. Sigh. But I've always enjoyed the stories of the gods, and of Roc and his counterparts, Your interpretation here is beautifully rendered, your attention to detail is marvelous. Great work, my friend. vf

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks for superb comment and detailed response, Guy. :))

Chicago, IL - United States

An amazing work Arjun! The Roc is an amazing legendary creature..and your work as well as your write up is truly wonderful! v/f!!

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Anne, for such a great comment and for voting! :))

Razgrad, Ra - Bulgaria

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks so much, Petko

Razgrad, Ra - Bulgaria

Razgrad, Ra - Bulgaria

Razgrad, Ra - Bulgaria


Razgrad, Ra - Bulgaria

I like!

Mijas, Ma - Spain

Winners for their beautiful contributions! :)

Grand Forks, BC - Canada

Congratulation in receiving 6 votes in MOUSE's first contest!! Thanks for your much appreciated participation! Cheers, Barbara F/V

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Barbara, and my congratulations to the winbers for their

Grand Forks, BC - Canada

Congratulations your submission has been FEATURED in MOUSE!! Thank you for your great participations! Cheers, Barbara F/V

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks so much, Barbara! :)))

Buenos Aires, CA - Argentina

So impressive and powerful work, Arjun !!! V/F

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Helena. :))

Glastonbury, So - United Kingdom

"The Roc" looks awesome Arjun! (and I don't often use that word!) What power and expression comes out of your marvelous finger painting style! The write- up was completely devastating to read ! And full of facts and legends that I know nothing about.Thank you for sharing so much important detail . I think the illustration is tremendous.v/f

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Jane. I'm so glad you liked this picture. My pictures tend towards the ominous and are full of trouble even though I see how beautiful the world also is and struggle to hold on to that, as we all do through art. I digress so forgive me, but it I may say it here, I am nearly at the end of 'Star Pilgrim.' It is a mind-blowing book. It's fair to say that I have read no other book of fiction that tackles all the main themes that have dogged me since I was a teenager - and still do. Remarkable. It is no ordinary book, and though it has the ingredients of an exciting and entertaining adventure, it is no mere entertainment. Will respond when I have finished and given it due thought. Not here, of course...

Saint Louis, MO - United States

Your world view of the future is symbolized so perfectly in this awe inspiring Roc. Thank you for your powerful art and for your writing which carries me deep into my own philosophical speculations.

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Nancy. My pictures are sometimes a bit ominous but I paint them because despite everything there is always hope. Otherwise, why bother? The world is terrible and beautiful all at once, made infinitely more terrible by the terrible things we humans have done and are doing. Yet, even here, there is love and kindness and the finest of feelings. It's a challenge to hold on to the beauty of this world and the goodness that is here despite the wreckage and despair without turning away from it. I can't think of any other way to get to grips with it except through art. :)

Aliso Viejo, CA - United States

Very expressive work Arjun! Always love to read your description! V/F

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks! I so look forward to your comments because you DO read my stuff, too! :))

Pueblo, CO - United States

Fantastic and mythical and mystical work of art! v/f

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Lenore, lovely comment! :)

Rishikesh, Ut - India

Very Beautiful expression!!!!!!!!!!Like your style colors and Description too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Impression of Giant Bird ,clouds and the sky is highly commendable.

Arjun L Sen replied:

I am a modern type of man but buried deep is something more ancient from both East and West... and it comes out here... thanks, Anand bhai

Smithfield, VA - United States

Arj, This is a dramatic and awe-inspiring work of art. The description along with it is very informative. You deserves many accolades and praise for your art work as well as your written work. Good wishes always to you. F/V

Arjun L Sen replied:


Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks to my friend in art and life....

Tucson, AZ - United States

Wow, this is so awesome! Great job Arjun! vf

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Kume! :)

Vilnius, LT - Lithuania

Beautiful color palette, great lights and shadows V/ ==Tautvydas :)

Arjun L Sen replied:

Very nice comment, very specific, thank you Tautvydas, this helps me! :))

Alamogordo, NM - United States

This is superb!

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thank you. Jessica! :)))

Brookeville, MD - United States

Wonderfully dramatic vision, Arjun!!!

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks! :)))

Lyon - France

Beautiful work, Arjun! f&v

Arjun L Sen replied:


Ormeau, Qu - Australia

Powerful work Arjun, visually outstanding, v/f

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Blair. There's a write-up coming to explain my thoughts on this work but haven't got time for it now...too busy at work, etc... will come to it maybe weekend...:))

Sparta - Greece

Wonderful work!!!

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Katerina! :))

Khartoum, kh - Sudan

Awesome work ..f&v

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Mohamed, you may recognize this as the "rukh" which was traditionally white, not dark...but I will explain this personalized symbolism when I get some time...:)

Suncrest, WA - United States

Wow, amazing art work once again Arjun! V/F

Arjun L Sen replied:

Thanks, Ana ! :-)

Bucharest, Ro - Romania

Great, powerful work, Arjun. f,v

Arjun L Sen replied:

:)) thanks, Ana Maria....

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80.000 x 50.000 cm.

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The Roc Comes Before The End


Arjun L Sen


Digital Art - Finger Painting On Digital Screen


The Roc comes before the End
In Arabian and Persian legend, the Rukh - known in francophone Europe as the 'Roc' - was a giant bird capable of picking up elephants and hurling them onto the ground and probably originated from the ancient Indian divine bird Garuda which is depicted as flying with an elephant in its talons, an elephant that battles a crocodile. It is identified also with the ancient Persian 'simurgh.' The phoenix of ancient Greece is believed to be the European incarnation of the Indian Garuda via the Persian rukh / simurgh. In the Indian legend of the Mahabharata which is about three thousand years old, when Garuda emerged from his giant egg, he was in a rage and about the destroy the Earth and only the intercession of the gods persuaded him to desist and give humanity another chance. The great Hindu divinity Vishnu, the Preserver of Worlds, rides Garuda (tames him, harnesses him to preservation of order instead of chaos and destruction). At the end of every age, Garuda threatens to rise again and destroy the world and each time divine intercession is needed to persuade Garuda to allow the world to stay, or else the world is allowed to be destroyed.
The ancient philosophy and cosmology was lost as the story of Garuda travelled west across the seas and trading roots of the ancient world. It entered as the Roc into the tales of Aladdin and of Sinbad the Sailor. The Roc that smashes ships or depicted as large as a mountain suspended in air recalls a distant, faint memory of the Garuda of India...
In this painting I imagine the world at a final point in this cycle of existence. At some not so distant point - within the next hundred years - the population of the world will have grown from its current 7.1 billion to anywhere between 8 billion and 11 billiion. Most of the growth will be in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Europe will stabilise. Some parts of the world will decline. But less than a hundred years ago the world population was 2 billion which means up to a five fold increase in a mere 150 - 200 years!
We are not a small species, if we compare across the species differentiation from bacteria to blue whale, we are well up in the top scale of big animals, meaning that while blue whales might be a lot bigger than us, there are very few species indeed overall that are physically as big as we are.
Because of our technology and organization, we have outpaced all other species unimaginably in resource consumption. Sheer numbers contribute to this quantity along with technology.
The world's natural environment is being rapidly stripped of the last traces of wilderness, of primeval forest and mountainscapes, and the produce of the sea. Species loss is now at a rate of one every few minutes! Most of the wildlife will all be gone in a few decades for certain, except for a few sad animals pacing in zoos, kept there for as genetic specimens of lost animals. The tropical plants, powerhouses of medical cures for our most serious diseases, will be gone before scientists will have been able to tap them.

Greenhouse gases and environmental degradation will turn the surface of the Earth into a sullen, seared semi-desert. There will be mass shortages of water and food supplies. The biological cycles of interpendent life forms will be devastatedd and mangled beyond repair. Billions will live on the edge of starvation. Wars will rage over the basics of life. In the end, societies may crumble into self-destruction, cannibalism. The soil will be enriched with the remains of the teeming dead from which noisome worms will rise, and poisonous weeds. Feral dogs will eat the entrails of humans and humans will eat the entrails of feral dogs. Rats will eat all sentient beings that crawl or hobble across the planet's surface, and cockroaches will feast on the festering remains of the living dead.
The rich will barricade themselves into giant luxury shelters while the poor pound at their concrete walls and are mowed down by hails of firing from armed guards. There will be a hundred thousand Berlin walls around the world to keep the scrabbling poor out from the compounds of the rich. Zombieworld will come out of the cinema halls into the streets and the countrysides of the living world and turn it into the Day of the Living Dead.
When all control is lost, when Man has finally reached his destiny in this cycle which is to wipe out his balanced relationship with the natural world into which he was born, when he has overpowered this world completely by destroying it down to its foundations, when the wise speak hysterically about conquering life-supporting planets hundreds of travel years away which we cannot do, when we look around and see that the primeval dust and waters of this planet into which we emerged from the evolutionary tree three million years ago is all that we have or ever will have, and we have obliterated it beyond repair, then the giant Roc will come rumbling out of the bowels of the Sacred Mountain and the flap of his wings shall be as thunder and his cry shall be heard from the mountain top to the depths of the sea and who then shall intervene to save this world from destruction? Will it, indeed be worth saving? Who shall intercede with the Roc in the Time of the End?



April 23rd, 2013


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