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Tree Of Life Drawing

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San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Your so kind.... Thank You so much Inge :)

Nanaimo, BC - Canada

Fantastic work! A it lost for words!

Rochester, NY - United States

Superb in execution and meaning! GReat work Carla! fv vote

Carla Carson replied:

Aw, thank you so very much Judy!!! :)

Fresno, CA - United States

I think God gave you the tree of life message for a reason. He knew that you had the ability to bring his message to life. And you have done so in a magnificent way. Many years ago, I did a photograph of a similar tree. In Norse mythology the tree of life is called Ygdrassil (if I have spelled it right). Its possible the concept may be common in many religions.

Carla Carson replied:

Hi Chris, thank you for such a lovely comment.. :) it amazes me so much how things happen in life, why things happen, why things don't happen, how everything works so perfectly together like cause & effect. I always get things like this, sometimes its loud, & sometimes its quiet. I always listen though, those little signs & symbols in life. We have to be still & be aware. Be in tune with ourselves, our life.... Thank You so much Chris, I always enjoy you stopping by my work & enjoy your comments so much. :)

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

ya, it really does Kume... thank You! :)

Tucson, AZ - United States

It pays to listen sometimes :D very beautiful art, gorgeous sky!! Vf

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Thank You so much Jolanta.. I had to draw this tree, someone insisted I draw it! Was woken up 2X with the voice saying..... "frantically" saying..... "Tree of Life" "Tree of Life" over & over....

Toronto, ON - Canada

Love this tree...just found it in the contest...stunning!! f/v

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Thank You so much Andrew!

North Bay, ON - Canada

Amazing work Carla ........

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Thank You so much Ernestine! :)

Odendaalsrus, Fr - South Africa


Yelm, WA - United States

What an amazing incredible gift I would say, and your drawing is gorgeous! There is great need for humanity to move into the consciousness of an absolute knowing of what you discovered...our connection with each other and with all life. It is a profound honor and responsibility to have the "voice of Oneness" or whatever you want to call it, speak to you and then be the willing vehicle of expressing that knowledge into the world. Thank you for listening and for sharing! v/f

Carla Carson replied:

Your so welcome Rory & Thank you from my heart! You may want to look at my beautiful beginnings drawing, & the description. It is similar to this, but the voice was from my aunt who had passed over. I whole heartedly believe their is a higher plane we go to after death, & there is a creator, God, or other names for him that others call it/him. The universe is just too perfect & beautiful. So intricate. Everything works together. I have witnessed so many things my entire life, I have many more stories to share. There are things I can't explain, but leads & had led me to believe in my heart what is & what is true. I have always felt a connection. I'm not a Holier than thou kind of person, but I am spiritual. I believe everything is planned out, I feel the roads I've taken are perfect, & led me to the here & now. The hard times are all relevent & make us stronger. I love life & respect it totally. Even though I know I will be going to a better place when I die, I still would rather be here, on earth.... I love it & appreciate all of it! :)

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Hi Angela! Thank dreams are sooooo crazy! always! they are very vivid & seem to go on forever..... I think because my mind is always overthinking everything all day long, flooded, & it spills over into my head at night. Never any peace up there, never...

Gettysburg, PA - United States

So beautiful! Love the story of how you created this work! F/V

Carmel, IN - United States

Beautiful work Carla. You have a range of serious talent and creativity, not often seen, but always appreciated. Thank you also for your kind words regarding my scribbles! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You for the wonderful kind words Gary! I really appreciate that... :)

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Thank You so much for that awesome compliment Marie! Thank You!!! :D

Montreal, QC - Canada

Brilliant image Carla...Gosh! you are soo talented!! ...very impressive portfolio!! v/f!

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Thank You so much for that Matt! :)

Charlottetown, PE - Canada

Beautiful work Carla! you are so talented! voted/faved ~Matt

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Thank You so very much Jiss! :)



Portland, OR - United States

I love the story, this piece is beautiful!

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You so much Melinda.... I really appreciate your wonderful comment.. thank you again! :)

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Aw, Thank You so much MM :) I was so tired, & feeling pretty low & alone. I really feel that the voice that kept saying those words was trying to tell me that I am loved & I am never alone....... he is always there. You can't see him, but you can always feel his presence. You know he is there. :) I'm far from perfect, & I mess up so much & alot of the time, but I know it will all be ok.

Dillon, SC - United States

Very beautiful! I like the story of how you were inspired to create this.

San Tan Valley, AZ - United States

Thank You Cris! Guess someone is trying to tell us all something???? We all need to settle, be calm & quiet, & listen... alot is said when all is peaceful & quiet.

Colorado Springs, CO - United States

Wow awesome story & great piece Carla, very moving.

South San Francisco, CA - United States

Very beautiful work and scene! F/V

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You Jim, I really appreciate your kind comments..

Ocala, FL - United States

Carla, Your words and art are simply beautiful here. F/V

Carla Carson replied:

Kelley, Thank You very much for the kind words. I'm glad it has left you with a positive feeling inside. It was a crazy night of sleep for sure!! Thanks again.... :)

Jacksonville, FL - United States

this is awesome !! v/f

Carla Carson replied:

Mario, YOUR awesome! Thank YOU!! :)

Lake Worth, FL - United States

A very dramatic drawing Carla! We Voted! Celebrate life, Debra and Dave

Carla Carson replied:

Thanks u 2!!! very much appreciated! CC :)

Sandrigo, Vi - Italy

Love it.. like a ray of hope... V/F

Carla Carson replied:

I hope & I hope & i hope & i hope.... Im so tired, Im just so tired I hope that that ray of hope never fades from me... its the only light I have anymore... Thank You Donato, so much.. thank you so much...!!

Glendale, AZ - United States

Stuning piece Carla, love the little sunburst. V/P/F

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You so much Diana, Rays of HOPE...

Paramus, NJ - United States

Excellent work!

Carla Carson replied:

Frank, you are a new face to me, welcome! I also wish to thank you for taking the time to stop by & leave a wonderful comment. Thank You Frank, Carla :)

Providence Village, TX - United States

Love everything about this gorgeous artwork Carla!! You can look at my tree of life in Sleeping Away. F/V.

Carla Carson replied:

Clotilde, You are the sweetest. Thank you always. I will go & look at your tree of life... Thank You sweet & beautiful Coltilde. me :)

Storybrooke, ME - United States

Captivating atmosphere with such a fine meditation quality. The feeling is of being embraced - being one with everything. Excellent description also - V/F

Carla Carson replied:

You have such a beautiful way with words Bob. Everything that you express with words is true poetry... I love reading your comments, always & everywhere! me :)

Unadilla, NY - United States


Carla Carson replied:

Dani! Thank You So Much!

Crows Of, NY - United States

Stunning piece as always Carla, love the dark and brooding sky.

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You :)

Rochester, NY - United States

Also a lovely piece Carla, and Yes, the tree of life...God's Love, well done! Your pastel, charcoal work is excellent! fv vt

Carla Carson replied:

Judy, Thank You so very very much! I am so grateful for your sweet compliments, Carla :)

Pretoria, Ga - South Africa

Wonderful painting! v/f

Carla Carson replied:

Jolante, Thank You so very much!!!

Sydney, NS - Australia

Carla...soo are honest and without amazing is that!! Just you always be true to you and that is joy and success...the 'guide' according to Viv, lo. Stand tall as that tree, have all the answers in your soul..and I revel in your work......xoxV

Carla Carson replied:

You are a beautiful person inside & out!!! You made my day!

Sydney, NS - Australia

Wherever you are in your Art, dearest Carla...this is where you should be...a wonderful response to your haunting of words in your head....LOVE THIS, xV

Carla Carson replied:

Dear Miss Viva, I simply adore you! as far as what the tree means, at least I know now that someone loves me... ha ha ha. And as far as where my art is??? Im everywhere! I draw what I love, draw what I feel, & draw what I dream. Guide me Miss Viva, I'm so scattered... Again, it is such an honor to me to have "you" comment on my work. You are an inspiration, & I respect you so much. Carla :)

Bulli , Ne - Australia

I like this one Carla very much f/v

Carla Carson replied:

Pamela, Thank You so very much! I really didnt know what it was & never heard of it. I was so tired, but the voice seemed so frantic in the dream! When I drifted off, it woke me up again screaming those words! Anyways, I thank you again, & Im so happy you & others like this. I am fascinated with trees & drawing them. Carla :)

Rome, La - Italy

I'm loosing myself in your page, never seen so much wonder all in the same place :)

Carla Carson replied:

Alessandro, what a wonderful comment, Thank You so much. I'm kinda all over the place in my art. I love everything! I also love all mediums, but prefer charcoal & pastels. I have done just about everything except digital work. That I will leave to the experts like yourself :D (for now ;) Thank You so much again, Carla :)

Bollebygd - Sweden

Amazing and full of meaning! Great to read your words about it!

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You so much Gun. I dont sleep much which is why Im up at 3:30am right now, & when I do try to sleep I have the craziest dreams... I wake up exhausted. So much going on..

Perth, WA - Australia

That is fabulous

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You so much Kym for stopping by my gallery & leaving your kind words on my drawing. Carla :)

Asheville, NC - United States

Oh wow amazing Carla!! Havent been by in a while stopping by to see what you been up to! Beautiful new work my friend!! vt fv

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You Gray, I'm glad your back :) I Love your photography, but you already know that.

Mount Pleasant, NC - United States

Amazing work!

Carla Carson replied:

Stacy, Thank you so much for stopping by & leaving a wonderful comment! I love your stream drawing! I'm away from portraits for a while, & working on landsapes & buildings for something different & difficult for me. I bore myself if I do too much of the same things. I'm still learning & feeling my way around every drawing. I am working on a few cityscapes for now. I am missing doing portraits & was thinking of doing one of Ryan Gossling the actor. His acting & the movie roles he plays in are so inspiring to me. Sorry to ramble, but thank you so much again! Carla :)

Galesburg, MI - United States

You are very talented artist! f/v

Carla Carson replied:

Thank You Randy! I really like your photography too! :)

Vildbjerg - Denmark

Absolutely beautiful.

Carla Carson replied:

Thank you very much Odd... :)

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