Victorious Navy - 1898

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Victorious Navy - 1898 Digital Art


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Titusville, FL - United States

Congratulations! You are featured in the Fine Art America Group "Images That Excite You!"

Strykersville, NY - United States

Can't tell you how pleased I am John, that you featured this recreation in your wonderful group IMAGES THAT EXCITE YOU. Just tickled pink!

Strykersville, NY - United States

Can't thank you enough Chuck for featuring this work in your wonderful group SHIPS BOATS AND DINGHIES. Currier and Ives thanks you too! Very honored indeed.

Clarence, NY - United States

Wonderful work Lianne. F/L

Strykersville, NY - United States

Lyric I am so incredibly grateful to you for featuring this image in OUT OF THE ORDINARY. It is a great honor.

Burlington, NJ - United States

Congratulations your creative and unique art work is featured in the "Out Of The Ordinary" group! Stunning work!

Strykersville, NY - United States

I'm very honored Naomi and Gareth by your feature of this image in your wonderful groups - WAITING ROOM ART and DYNAMIC DIGITAL ART. Thank you so very much.

Madisonville, KY - United States

Very nice work, Lianne! There's something that gets in your blood from being at sea on a ship for a period of time.

Dallas, TX - United States

Congratulations Lianne on your feature in "Life Is What Happens". We are pleased to share this marvelous example of your work with the group members and visitors. fav

Harievill, MO - United States

I am always So amazed at the wonderful way you work these old images and bring them to life! Fantastic work as always!! f/love!! :D

Green Valley, AZ - United States

What a fabulous history piece. Excellent work! v/f

Lawrence, ka - United States

we all love this.

Maine - United States

Wow I do love this piece Lianne!! l/f/g/t/p

Bellingham, WA - United States

What a fabulous work of art, Lianne! I'm very impressed and grateful that you recreated this part of our history. My hats off to you! LF

Amarillo, Tx - United States

Simply put...Fabulous work of art, Lianne. f/l

Asheville, NC - United States

Lianne , a labor of love. To turn a tiny poster rendering into this gorgeous historical piece is amazing! LF G+ P

London, mi - United Kingdom

wow Lianne you have such outstanding vision to create this marvellous patriotic piece with all the feel movement and wonderful hisoric notes love how you educate us with the history of our beautiful world love it so much fl

London - United Kingdom

Great work, Lianne! L/F/T

SHINGLE SPRINGS & Hawaii Kai, CA - United States

Wow beautiful image!!! L39

Long Beach, CA - United States

Fantastic work, Lianne! I'm always impressed with your work, dear friend! f/v/tweet/g+

Central District, ne - Hong Kong

Absolute stunning work. Wow! L/F

Lawrence, ka - United States

Mexico was to feel our wrath and complete the "Manifest Destiny" invisioned by Jefferson including his dirt cheap bargain bought from cash strapped Napolean when he was entangeled with Britian, Austria and Russia. This was their repayment for the bankrupcy of their nation and subsequent bloody revolution following our emergence as a nation at Yorktown with the vital role played by the French fleet.

Lawrence, ka - United States

Top notch Illustration of a important event in both the history of Spain and the gathering strength and ambition of the young USA. best personified in the spectacular event of the sudden self coronation of Theodore Roosevelt in the office of President. Without a doubt the most ambitious and effective figure to occupy that office since Thomas Jefferson with his view of "Manifest Destiny".

Lianne Schneider replied:

I wonder what it would have been like to have been Hawaiian or Filipino and seen the "Great White Fleet" arriving in what used to be my homeland? It's a pleasure to read your honest insights into American history Everett - there are those who might find some of your comments critical but I just find them objective and truthful. Thank you!

Monroe, CT - United States powerful, Lianne!! F&L twt

Strykersville, NY - United States

Ken thank you so very much for featuring this painting in WARSHIPS. I'm tremendously honored and very pleased.

Rhyl - United Kingdom

Stunning creation and presentation Lianne....v/f t/p/G+

Lawrence, ka - United States

These are the same people who want to wear their guns in church and in Texas do so. Some of the preachers wear theirs on their hip citing the 2nd amendment as the llth commandment.

Lianne Schneider replied:

You really are a man after my own heart Everett. It's a joy to find a kindred spirit.

Lawrence, ka - United States

As a tribal member of the Creek Nation you do not need to look elsewhere for victims of the agression of European desendents who control this nation now. Every imaginable injustice was condoned and conducted here to native Americans by others who call themselves Americans. Read the Biography of Andrew Jackson . Also how late slavery was condoned long after other nations abandoned it as unspeakable. The civil war did not end in 1865. It still is alive in the America we know today and instead of Confederate they now with Nixons (Southern Stradegy call themselves Conservative Republicans.

Lianne Schneider replied:

I totally agree with you Everett - and if the Texas and Tennessee school boards have their way, you'll never read any of that in high school history books!! They're even glossing over slavery. As for Native Americans...there will be hardly a mention.

Strykersville, NY - United States

Sandra and Faye, you've made me very proud by honoring me with a feature in your amazing groups - MEMORIES AND NOSTALGIA and GREAT ART FOR COMMENTS AND VOTES. I'm just thrilled and so deeply grateful.

Lyon - France

Fantastic creation, dear Lianne!!! All details are gorgeous! :) LFG+

Houston, TX - United States

Amazing historical image, Lianne. I enjoyed reading your description, specially the part on the war in the Pacific, where you mentioned the Philippines. American attacks on Spain's Pacific possessions led to the U.S. involvement in the Philippine Revolution and ultimately to the Philippine-American War. The 1898 Treaty of Paris, negotiated on terms favorable to the U.S., ceded indefinite colonial authority over the Philippines from Spain for 20 million US dollars, despite the earlier declaration of the Philippine Independence (The First Philippine Republic) by Emilio Aguinaldo (a Filipino leader who had led rebellion against Spanish rule in the Philippines) on June 12, 1898. The Filipino-American War broke out, when the U.S. government refused to recognize the First Philippine Republic. The Philippine-American War, in which the U.S. had sent a force of some 11,000 ground troops to the Philippines, proved to be more deadly and costly than the Spanish-American War (from Wikipedia). The Filipinos, having struggled so much for independence after the more than 300 years of Spanish rule, felt betrayed by the 1898 Treaty of Paris, and just could not accept another colonizer taking the place of Spain.

Lianne Schneider replied:

I'd read a great deal about this war Cyril and think the Filipinos' feeling that they had been betrayed was well-founded. It was really unconscionable and to deny independence for another almost 50 years was really inexcusable. Thank you for contributing so much to this image!!

San Lorenzo, CA - United States

Wow, how awesome this is, dear Lianne!!!!! What an amazing creation, my friend!!!!!! :)))))fv

Strykersville, NY - United States

Thank you so very much to each of you who have left a note of encouragement and support - your comments mean the world to me. I hope to get by to visit each of you soon to repay your kindness. And to each of the hosts of the groups listed to the right, my deep thanks for featuring this image in your wonderful groups.

Azuga, PH - Romania

Very beautiful work !

Rancho Mirage, CA - United States

Lianne, you are a incredible artist and writer, wow this fascinating, interesting ...those waves and and ships are incredible work and yea to our guys as always.. FVL Sherri

Lawrence, ka - United States

Teddy Roosevelt of the Rough Riders in Cuba took note of the Navys decisive role in The Spanish-American-War and was inspired to create "The Great White Fleet" during his presidency and send them around the world to show America's strenght. to would be agressors. In 1904 he also won the Nobel "Peace Prize" for offering the good offices of the settle the Russo-Japanese war after Russia's disasterous naval defeat at the battle of the Japanese .

Lianne Schneider replied:

That bit of history is actually what inspired me to recreate this wonderful old lithograph. Thank you Everett.

Chicago, IL - United States

Such wonderful work Lianne! I love this work showing a bit of our history on the seas!! Excellent composition and beautifully done!! v/f/t!!

Mt. Bethel, PA - United States

Lianne this is gorgeous! I agree with Lenore, "Masterful". I love this historical theme you've started. Hope to see more of them :) L,F

Pueblo, CO - United States

Another stunning work! Masterfully done! Loved it! v/f

Lebanon, OR - United States

Wow this is an outstanding digital art piece Lianne.. :-) fv

Strykersville, NY - United States

Bruce thank you so very much for featuring this painting in your fabulous group ALL THINGS ON THE ATLANTIC COAST. I'm just so very honored and thrilled.

Tucson, AZ - United States

Awesome work Lianne! vf

Lawrence, ka - United States

From his castle WILLIAM R. HEARST fanned the flame and almost single handed created the Spanish-American war from what probably was an accidental explosion of coal dust in the bunkers of the antique USS Maine. America was ambitious to become a global power and took advantage of the opportunity. We looked at the British fleet and decided to compete with the super power of the 19th century whose fleet guarded an empire that went all around the globe."Roll Britainia ,Britainia rules the waves!"

Lianne Schneider replied:

So happy to meet another history buff!! And though I prefer Medieval history overall, I love learning things like this. Thanks for sharing Everett.

Olkusz - Poland

Wow! Fantastic artwork Lianne! L/F

Sun Lakes, AZ - United States

Hi Lianne, What a fantastic work of art and your description is excellent. Nicely done. v/f

Reno, NV - United States

Fantastic work Lianne!...tweet/vote

Tulsa, OK - United States

Very interesting artwork! f/l

Starachowice, sw - Poland

Wonderful,amazing work and perfect historical description,Lianne! L/F

North Windham, CT - United States

Amazing work, colors and description, Lianne!! F/V

Lawrence, ka - United States

"Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!" and "Remember the Maine!"

Lianne Schneider replied:

Thank you so much Everett!!! Glad you enjoyed it!

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