Frequently Asked Questions (Photographers and Artists)

Question #1: I am an artist or gallery.  How do I get started on

Answer:  To get started, simply open an account using our online registration form.  After you have opened an account, you will receive a login name and password which will allow you to login to your control panel and start setting up your account.  Using this control panel, you can upload your artwork, upload your events, issue press releases, and much more!  Everything is controlled by you.  In fact, all of the content that you see on has posted by our members using their control panels!  For more information, please take an tour.

Question #2: How much does it cost to join

Answer:  It's free!  If you want to use our premium features, a $30 annual fee applies.

Question #3: I already have a website.  Can I link from my page to my website?

Answer:  Absolutely.  You can link to any webpage of your choosing.

Question #4: If I open an account, how many pieces of artwork can I post on this site?

Answer: Unlimited!   You can post as many images as you want to.

Question #5: Does take a commission on artwork that I post and sell via the site?

Answer:  Absolutely not.  If you elect to participate in our print-on-demand program, we add a small $5 - $10 markup to the sell price of each of your prints, but this markup is paid by the customer and does NOT affect your earnings.  If you want to sell a print for $750... then you'll earn $750 when someone purchases that print.

Question #6: How many events and press releases may I post on the site?

Answer: Unlimited.

Question #7: How do I get my artwork and events included in the bi-monthly FineArtAmerica newsletter?

Answer:  Our newsletter is automatically assembled using the artwork, events, and press releases that are posted on the website.  When you post a new piece of artwork or issue a new press release, those posts will automatically be included in the next newsletter.  In addition, if you have an event which is going to occur within one month of the newsletter issue date, the event will be included as well.  Each registered art collector receives a newsletter which is customized to his / her location.  Collectors in Chicago, for instance, receive updates about Chicago-area events, whereas collectors in New York receive updates about events that will occur in and around New York.  This ensures that the collectors receive timely, relevant information, and it ensures that your events don't get lost amidst a long list of nationwide events.

Question #8:  If I am unhappy with the experience, how do I close my account?

Answer:  Just login to your account and look for the icon that says "Close Account".   Click there.   Your account will be instantly closed and all of your images will be removed from FAA.

Question #9:  Can artists who live outside of the United States open an account on Fine Art America?

Answer:  Yes.   Please note - international members will need a PayPal account in order for us to send you payments for any sales that you make through Fine Art America.   U.S. residents can receive payments via PayPal or check.

Question #10:  Why am I having trouble uploading my images to Fine Art America?

Answer:  Your images must be JPEG or PNG files and be smaller than 25 MB in size.   Once your upload completes, make sure to press the "submit" button at the bottom of the upload page.

Question #11:  When will I be paid for my sale?

Answer:  Payments are sent on the 15th of each month for all sales that occurred before the 15th of the previous month.   A sale on 03/12 would be paid on 04/15.   A sale on 03/17 would be paid on 05/15.

U.S. members can choose to be paid via check or PayPal.   International members must be paid via PayPal.

You can specify how you would like to be paid by logging in to your account, clicking on your "Behind the Scenes" page, and then clicking on the "Payment Information" icon.

Frequently Asked Questions (Buyers)

Question #1: Does Fine Art America ship internationally?

Answer:  Yes.   We ship to over 240 different countries.   If UPS, FedEx, or DHL makes deliveries in your area, then we can deliver to you.

Question #2: How long until I receive my order?

Answer:  Your order will go into production as soon as it's placed.   The delivery time will depend on two criteria: the manufacturing time and the shipping time.

Manufacturing Times

Greeting Cards:

1 Business Day

Paper Prints (Framed or Unframed):

2 - 3 Business Days

Canvas Prints:

2 - 3 Business Days

Standard Shipping Times

Eastern United States:

1 - 3 Business Days

Western United States:

5 - 7 Business Days


10 Business Days

Note - Shipping times are estimates based on UPS / FedEx shipping schedules.

Question #3: Does Fine Art America offer wholesale prices?

Answer:  Fine Art America's prices are already wholesale we are one of the largest printing and framing companies in the world.

Question #4: Why is the print that I am looking to purchase not offered in the size that I want?

Answer:  When a member uploads an image Fine Art America, we maintain the aspect ratio of that image and offer it for sale at sizes that do not require any cropping or stretching.   If a member uploads a square image, for example, there is no way to offer it for sale as an 8" x 10" print without stretching or cropping - we would offer it for sale as 8" x 8", 10" x 10", 12" x 12", etc.

Question #5: Why is my discount code not working?

Answer:  Each of the members of FAA (60,000+ and counting) have the ability to create discount codes for their artwork.   A member-generated discount code only applies to that member's artwork.   If Member A gives you a discount code for "25% off", it will only work when you try to purchase prints or greeting cards from Member A.   If you try to use it to purchase something from Member B, the discount will not apply.   Also, members can set expiration dates for their discount codes.   If Member A gives you a discount code for "50% off", that code might only be valid for 10 days (or whatever he specifies).   The simple answer - if your discount code isn't working, check with the member who gave it to you.

Question #6: How do I return a purchase to Fine Art America?

Answer:  To receive a full refund of your purchase, please mail your return back to the following address within 30 days of your purchase date:

Fine Art America

1450 Second Street #177

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Please include the original packing slip in with the return.   If you no longer have the original packing slip, please include a piece of paper with your first name, last name, and the e-mail address that you used to place the order.