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Flowers Painted Or Drawn Only



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Marta Styk

Surrey, BC


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This group was started on September 29th, 2013 and currently has:


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  Flowers  Painted  Or  Drawn  Only

About This Group

Please upload painted or drawn images of flowers only.

Do not upload photography or computer images please.

Only 2 images a day.

Featured Images

Laurine Baumgart - Beauty in pink

Beauty in pink

Laurine Baumgart

Natalia Bardi - Summer bouquet in the...
Bill Dunkley - Summertime


Bill Dunkley

Dimitra Papageorgiou - Red flowers

Red flowers

Dimitra Papageorgiou

Bill Dunkley - Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

Bill Dunkley

Maggie Ullmann - Wield Flowers

Wield Flowers

Maggie Ullmann

Pamela Clements - Reach for the Skies

Reach for the Skies

Pamela Clements

Laurine Baumgart - Beauty in ice

Beauty in ice

Laurine Baumgart

Pamela Clements - Petunia Skies

Petunia Skies

Pamela Clements

Pamela Clements - White Lily

White Lily

Pamela Clements

Elena Yakubovich - LADYS SLIPPER - ORCHID...


Elena Yakubovich

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Dark Stars

Dark Stars

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Karen Mattson - Peony Party

Peony Party

Karen Mattson

Diane Main Gordon - Purple Pansies

Purple Pansies

Diane Main Gordon

Talya Johnson - Persian Cobalt - yellow...
Bruce Bley - Pink Mum

Pink Mum

Bruce Bley

Karen Mattson - Pink Rose With Water...
Karen Mattson - Sun Song

Sun Song

Karen Mattson

Karen Mattson - Oriental Poppy Chaos

Oriental Poppy Chaos

Karen Mattson

Pamela Clements - Lily

Lily's Garden

Pamela Clements

Christine  Blodgett - Floral Rising

Floral Rising

Christine Blodgett

Marta Styk - Field Bouquet 2

Field Bouquet 2

Marta Styk

P J Lewis - Indigo roses in vase
Elena Yakubovich -  Bird of paradise 04...

Bird of paradise 04...

Elena Yakubovich

Adam Johnson - Sunburst Hibiscus

Sunburst Hibiscus

Adam Johnson