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Abstract Paintings



Group Administrator

Sandy McIntire

Mount Hope, WV

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on July 17th, 2011 and currently has:

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Abstract Paintings

About This Group

TEN PAINTINGS MAXIMUM. Members are then asked to rotate paintings. Remove one and add another as you create new paintings. The goal of this guideline is to keep our gallery interesting and up to date.

This group is for all abstract paintings in any 2 dimensional image. No photography, black and white, or digital or digitized art. According to Wikipaedia, 'Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art.' In other words, there should be no recognizable or identifiable images or figures. The appeal of abstract paintings lies in their colors and textures. The viewer is left to decide what he or she sees and draw conclusions about the message. Very interesting abstracts can be interpreted in many ways.

Here's what William B. 'Skip' Lawrence says in Palette magazine:

Viewers unfamiliar with contemporary art often have the feeling that a non-objective painting is produced by randomly arranging shapes and colors in an attractive order or by simply smearing a lot of paint around. They may think the word objective refers to the artist's goal or intent and that non-objective work is produced without an idea or purpose. That is not so.

Non objective art is another way to refer to non-representational art. Essentially, the artwork does not represent or depict a person, place or thing in the natural world. In short, the non-objective artist depicts no recognizable things, but that does not imply that the artist had no goal or intent. A non-objective painting can be a graphic response to an actual place, object, person, feeling, or thought but containing no recognizable objects.

--William Lawrence, Palette Magazine, Dec '11-Jan '12, p 23.

Members of this group will be limited to 10 paintings at any one time. Members are then asked to rotate paintings. Remove one and add another as you create new paintings. The goal of this guideline is to keep our gallery interesting and up to date.

Please keep in mind that this website sells prints and cards. No one will want to buy a print or card showing your picture standing against the wall. Nor are they likely to buy the original when it is presented in an amateurish way.

To keep our gallery looking professional and elegant, I will not accept photos of paintings that look unprofessional or without color (black and white).

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Featured Images

Sabina DAntonio - A Brighter Day

A Brighter Day

Sabina DAntonio

Francesca Borgo - Green dive

Green dive

Francesca Borgo

Barbara Griswold-Kridner - My Imagination

My Imagination

Barbara Griswold-Kridner

Marcela Hessari - Abstract nr3

Abstract nr3

Marcela Hessari

Tovo Rakotovao - Mother

Mother's Love

Tovo Rakotovao

Laurie Cairone - Chakra Work

Chakra Work

Laurie Cairone

Shawn Brandon - City Sunset-Part 1

City Sunset-Part 1

Shawn Brandon

Sandy McIntire - Music of the Mountain

Music of the Mountain

Sandy McIntire

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Blue Rush..

Blue Rush..

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Isaiah Moore - Thawing Colors

Thawing Colors

Isaiah Moore

Ratnadevi Raman - Fusion


Ratnadevi Raman

Nikolay Malafeev - Origins


Nikolay Malafeev

Nili Tochner - Mystery


Nili Tochner

Scott Smith - Hard City

Hard City

Scott Smith

Sandy McIntire - Midcity Magic

Midcity Magic

Sandy McIntire

Gail Daley - The Horned God

The Horned God

Gail Daley

Ana Dawani - Storm


Ana Dawani

Ellen Campbell - Wiggle Room

Wiggle Room

Ellen Campbell

Cynthia Watke - Chaos of Love

Chaos of Love

Cynthia Watke

Michael Dillon - Point of origin

Point of origin

Michael Dillon

Angelina Sofronova - Play with acrilics

Play with acrilics

Angelina Sofronova

Sandy McIntire - Geometry


Sandy McIntire

Pat Saunders-White - Islands of Blue

Islands of Blue

Pat Saunders-White

Verdie Taggart - Encaustics 5

Encaustics 5

Verdie Taggart

Marcy Urban - Purple Magic

Purple Magic

Marcy Urban

Claudio  Vidal Kocksch - Life Block

Life Block

Claudio Vidal Kocksch

Sabina DAntonio - Believe


Sabina DAntonio

Isabella Abbie Shores - Inside The Haberdashery 1

Inside The Haberdashery 1

Isabella Abbie Shores

Oksana Kuzmenko - Hand with an apple

Hand with an apple

Oksana Kuzmenko

Janet  Pirozzi - Simplicity


Janet Pirozzi

Pam Lefors - Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

Pam Lefors

Collin A Clarke - Colour Abstract

Colour Abstract

Collin A Clarke

Amelie Simmons - Circle Burst

Circle Burst

Amelie Simmons

Hilda Waide - Sunrays


Hilda Waide

Jan Roelofs - I Will

I Will

Jan Roelofs

Dorothy Berry-Lound - Glass Fantasia

Glass Fantasia

Dorothy Berry-Lound

Susan Mitchell - Thrum


Susan Mitchell

Edward Paul - Mind In Rare Form

Mind In Rare Form

Edward Paul

Joy Bogri - Illusion


Joy Bogri

Lawrence Morelli - Going Home

Going Home

Lawrence Morelli

Tamal Sen Sharma - Unitled-48


Tamal Sen Sharma

Roy Hummel - Golden Streak

Golden Streak

Roy Hummel

Stormm Bradshaw - Space Craft

Space Craft

Stormm Bradshaw

Sally Porter - Dancing Vase

Dancing Vase

Sally Porter

Dimitra Papageorgiou - Red forest

Red forest

Dimitra Papageorgiou

Cristina Handrabur - Neptunian Sapphire

Neptunian Sapphire

Cristina Handrabur

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Secret Caves..

Secret Caves..

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Joan Hartenstein - Angle Waves

Angle Waves

Joan Hartenstein

Michael Wardle - Jumping Off

Jumping Off

Michael Wardle

Susan Sadoury - Glow


Susan Sadoury

Judith Chantler - At The Station

At The Station

Judith Chantler

David Zimmerman - The Ins and Outs

The Ins and Outs

David Zimmerman

John Terrell - Hope


John Terrell

Angelica  Sotomayor - 33


Angelica Sotomayor

Danielle Rourke - Vibrant Thoughts

Vibrant Thoughts

Danielle Rourke

Konnie Laumer - Take Me Away

Take Me Away

Konnie Laumer

Anthony Archibald - Zen 10

Zen 10

Anthony Archibald

Tatiana Escobar - Delightful - Exquisito

Delightful - Exquisito

Tatiana Escobar

Alejandro Del Valle - Path Of Life

Path Of Life

Alejandro Del Valle

Tim Eickmeier - Untitled Abstract

Untitled Abstract

Tim Eickmeier

Thelma Zambrano - Embravecido


Thelma Zambrano

Olga Zamora - Balance


Olga Zamora

Mary Benke - Point of View

Point of View

Mary Benke

Barbara Morra - Hot Spot

Hot Spot

Barbara Morra

Tanya Lozano-tul - Hidden


Tanya Lozano-tul

John Terrell - Between Dreams

Between Dreams

John Terrell

Janet  Pirozzi - Comforting


Janet Pirozzi

Copeland- Meyer - Buried Elephant

Buried Elephant

Copeland- Meyer

Dmitry Kazakov - City Sleep

City Sleep

Dmitry Kazakov

Roz Abellera Art - Street Spirit

Street Spirit

Roz Abellera Art

Karen Nicholson - Flowing


Karen Nicholson

Jymmy Forest - The Clover

The Clover

Jymmy Forest

Janet  Pirozzi - Hawaiian Lush

Hawaiian Lush

Janet Pirozzi

William Hartill - Untitled


William Hartill

Jeff Wilfong - Study of nothing

Study of nothing

Jeff Wilfong

Gee Lyon - The Cave

The Cave

Gee Lyon

Chowdary V Arikatla - 048 Abstract Thought

048 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Ruuben Valdes - Licking the Toadstool

Licking the Toadstool

Ruuben Valdes

WEB Shooter - Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

WEB Shooter

Paul Ashby - Process c2013

Process c2013

Paul Ashby

Wayne Carlisi - Victor


Wayne Carlisi

Shirley Barone - Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Shirley Barone

Miracle Morillo - Abstract Veil

Abstract Veil

Miracle Morillo

Jeff Gater - Parade Float

Parade Float

Jeff Gater

SD Harris - Squares


SD Harris

Judith Chantler - Two Worlds Mandala

Two Worlds Mandala

Judith Chantler

Esther Newman-Cohen - Israel Synchromy

Israel Synchromy

Esther Newman-Cohen

Henry Appiah - Drum Beat

Drum Beat

Henry Appiah

Nia Holden - Art Fab Abstract

Art Fab Abstract

Nia Holden

James Woollen - Abstract


James Woollen

Michele Embry - Kool


Michele Embry

Kate Hart - Story of Us

Story of Us

Kate Hart

Betsy Moran - Vortex 3

Vortex 3

Betsy Moran

Jacqueline Howett - Diffused #1

Diffused #1

Jacqueline Howett

Pamela White - Hands


Pamela White

Yuriy Vekshinskiy - Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Yuriy Vekshinskiy

Hazel Holland - The Abyss of Ungrace

The Abyss of Ungrace

Hazel Holland

Christopher Page - Woman In The Rain

Woman In The Rain

Christopher Page

Yuriy Vekshinskiy - Hippy


Yuriy Vekshinskiy

William Hartill - Untitled


William Hartill

Hazel Holland - Fiery Splendor

Fiery Splendor

Hazel Holland

Asha Carolyn Young - Wizard of Worlds

Wizard of Worlds

Asha Carolyn Young

Michael Creese - Trinity


Michael Creese

Becky Kim - Finding The Way

Finding The Way

Becky Kim

Fladelita Messerli- - The glimps of the universe.

The glimps of the universe.

Fladelita Messerli-

Sonya Wilson - My Sea

My Sea

Sonya Wilson

Dianno A Jakelj - Colorful life

Colorful life

Dianno A Jakelj

Savanna Paine - Patterns


Savanna Paine

John Terrell - Red Number 1

Red Number 1

John Terrell

Shannan Peters - Present


Shannan Peters

Wendell Fiock - Coming Home at Sunset

Coming Home at Sunset

Wendell Fiock

Andrew Martin - Coffee and cigarettes

Coffee and cigarettes

Andrew Martin

Max Downing - Jackal and the Ox

Jackal and the Ox

Max Downing

Ed Hernandez - The Ballet Dancer

The Ballet Dancer

Ed Hernandez

Chema Senra - Lost Theseus

Lost Theseus

Chema Senra

Saima Hussain - Shadows of Life

Shadows of Life

Saima Hussain

Cole Black - By the Bay

By the Bay

Cole Black

Ana Maria Edulescu - Colorscape


Ana Maria Edulescu

Buck Buchheister - The Hidden Passage

The Hidden Passage

Buck Buchheister

Mike Raa - Abstract 503

Abstract 503

Mike Raa

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - Up the Wall

Up the Wall

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Primary Study III Into The Light

Primary Study III Into The Light

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Renate Dartois - Abstract-art


Renate Dartois

Michael Crohn - Dream Walking

Dream Walking

Michael Crohn

Joseph Baril - Sponged


Joseph Baril

Alexandra Jordankova - Seaworld


Alexandra Jordankova

Danielle Nelisse - Urban Heat

Urban Heat

Danielle Nelisse

Lissa Bockrath - Competing Interests

Competing Interests

Lissa Bockrath

Robert Horvath - The Between

The Between

Robert Horvath

Plamen Stankulov - Resistance 3

Resistance 3

Plamen Stankulov

Robert Horvath - Raspberry Tuesday

Raspberry Tuesday

Robert Horvath

RM Casarietti - Assilimation


RM Casarietti

Michael Cross - Broken 4

Broken 4

Michael Cross

Kim Sobat - Retroactive


Kim Sobat

Mary Sullivan - Anticipation


Mary Sullivan

Kristen Fox - Startled


Kristen Fox

 Tolere - Kachina 1

Kachina 1


Yogendra  Sethi - Achievement


Yogendra Sethi

James S Bagley - Snowy Day

Snowy Day

James S Bagley

Mary-Elise Art and Design - Vibration


Mary-Elise Art and Design

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko - Abstract I

Abstract I

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko

Liudmyla Rozumna - Answer


Liudmyla Rozumna

Eli Kaghazchi - Persian Nights

Persian Nights

Eli Kaghazchi

Andre MEHU - A1


Andre MEHU

Sanjay Punekar - Sold


Sanjay Punekar

Forrest Kelley - Ceremonial Circus

Ceremonial Circus

Forrest Kelley

Yogendra  Sethi - Scintillating


Yogendra Sethi

Barbara St Jean - The Flow

The Flow

Barbara St Jean

Mary Sullivan - LIfe Force

LIfe Force

Mary Sullivan

Danielle Nelisse - Buffer Zones

Buffer Zones

Danielle Nelisse

Marc Salvado - El Abrazo

El Abrazo

Marc Salvado

Christophe Ennis - Demon Flower In Oil

Demon Flower In Oil

Christophe Ennis

Rachel Dunkin - Abstract 1

Abstract 1

Rachel Dunkin

Margaret Ann Johnson Wilmot - Energy


Margaret Ann Johnson Wilmot

Joan LLaverias  - Geometric


Joan LLaverias

Christopher A Newman - Soul Repeater

Soul Repeater

Christopher A Newman

Sandra Conceicao - Abstract 42

Abstract 42

Sandra Conceicao

Peter Cagno - Everyday Life

Everyday Life

Peter Cagno

Daniel Boone - Lonesome


Daniel Boone

Graciela Scarlatto - Mental Machine

Mental Machine

Graciela Scarlatto

Shelli Finch - Test Pattern Sunset

Test Pattern Sunset

Shelli Finch

Katie Black - Joy


Katie Black

Michael Pickett - Pink Drips

Pink Drips

Michael Pickett

Paula Bramlett - Uncharted Sea

Uncharted Sea

Paula Bramlett

Janet Moore - Surfacing I

Surfacing I

Janet Moore

Pasquale Di maso - Rapsody


Pasquale Di maso

VIAINA Visual Artist - Patina


VIAINA Visual Artist

Mary Sullivan - Ancient Echoes

Ancient Echoes

Mary Sullivan

Kyle Johnston - Argo Navis

Argo Navis

Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston - No Buttons To Push

No Buttons To Push

Kyle Johnston

Jim Benest - Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way

Jim Benest

Mary Sullivan - Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata

Mary Sullivan

Alethea McKee - Mystic Forest

Mystic Forest

Alethea McKee

Jim Benest - Oh Say

Oh Say

Jim Benest

Jeffrey Bunce - MoonFly


Jeffrey Bunce

Elise Palmigiani - Antelope Canyon Light

Antelope Canyon Light

Elise Palmigiani

Emily Young - Radiance


Emily Young

Paula Ayers - Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji

Paula Ayers

Elise Palmigiani - Cefalu


Elise Palmigiani

Nicole Mittelbrunn - Grape Splatter

Grape Splatter

Nicole Mittelbrunn

Stefano Popovski - Threshold of a Dream

Threshold of a Dream

Stefano Popovski

Janice Elaine Cooper - Spectrum II

Spectrum II

Janice Elaine Cooper

Daniel Martinez - In the Beach

In the Beach

Daniel Martinez

Lisa Kramer - Encaustic Nebula

Encaustic Nebula

Lisa Kramer

Svetlana Sewell - 207916


Svetlana Sewell

Eric Major - La Semence

La Semence

Eric Major

Nikita Denisenkov - Mississippi Mud Icecream

Mississippi Mud Icecream

Nikita Denisenkov

Lisa Kramer - Abstract View

Abstract View

Lisa Kramer

Bosco Alvarado - The Wall I

The Wall I

Bosco Alvarado

Art Angel - Color My Path

Color My Path

Art Angel

Jack Lund - Wilfred


Jack Lund

Jacob Bucy - Irony


Jacob Bucy

Raquel Stallworth - Two


Raquel Stallworth

Jung ji Lee - M.s.m.


Jung ji Lee

Marie-Chantal Kindou - Abundance


Marie-Chantal Kindou

Liudmyla Rozumna - Bliss


Liudmyla Rozumna

George Goulas - Furnace


George Goulas

Dominic Piperata - Sausalito


Dominic Piperata

Marie-Chantal Kindou - Varhailles


Marie-Chantal Kindou

Catherine Nichols - Underwater


Catherine Nichols

Jack Lund - Jeffrey


Jack Lund

Fatika Asiran - Stitches


Fatika Asiran

Jay Manne-Crusoe - Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Jay Manne-Crusoe

Contemporary Luxury Fine Art - One Two Three

One Two Three

Contemporary Luxury Fine Art