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Bill Cannon

Philadelphia, PA

United States

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This group was started on November 6th, 2011 and currently has:


90 Members


741 Images


6 Discussions

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About This Group

Americas pastime
All Mediums excepted

Featured Images

Bill Cannon - Who

Who's On First

Bill Cannon

Sean Connolly - Yaz - Carl Yastrzemski
Bill Cannon - Little League Dreams
Bill Cannon - First Base

First Base

Bill Cannon

Digital Reproductions - Detroit Tigers Wold...

Detroit Tigers Wold...

Digital Reproductions

Don Olea - Ryan Klesko

Ryan Klesko

Don Olea

Digital Reproductions - Yankee Stadium Postcard

Yankee Stadium Postcard

Digital Reproductions

Bill Cannon - The Baseball

The Baseball

Bill Cannon

Thomas Woolworth - Baseball Pick Off...

Baseball Pick Off...

Thomas Woolworth

Digital Reproductions - Grand Opening Dodger...

Grand Opening Dodger...

Digital Reproductions

Anna Lisa Yoder - Baseball Gloves After...

Baseball Gloves After...

Anna Lisa Yoder

Digital Reproductions - Base for Ball Players...

Base for Ball Players...

Digital Reproductions

Thomas Woolworth - Ouch Baseball Foul Ball...
Digital Reproductions - Baseball Glove Patent...

Baseball Glove Patent...

Digital Reproductions

Bill Cannon - Baseball Bats

Baseball Bats

Bill Cannon

Digital Reproductions - The National Game -...

The National Game -...

Digital Reproductions

Don Olea - Trevor Hoffman
Jay Perkins - Larry Doby Cleveland...
Digital Reproductions - Metropolitan Baseball...

Metropolitan Baseball...

Digital Reproductions

Digital Reproductions - Chicago

Chicago's Comisky Park

Digital Reproductions

Thomas Woolworth - Baseball Batter Up

Baseball Batter Up

Thomas Woolworth

Bill Cannon - Baseball Statue at...
Rob Payne - Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb

Rob Payne

Bill Cannon - Shibe Park in black and...
Thomas Woolworth - Oopsy-Daisy Slippery Bat

Oopsy-Daisy Slippery Bat

Thomas Woolworth

Bill Cannon - Old Shibe Park - Connie...
Bill Cannon - Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

Bill Cannon

Thomas Woolworth - US Cellular Field...

US Cellular Field...

Thomas Woolworth

Bill Cannon - Phillies License Plate...
Jay Perkins - Tom Seaver Cincinnati...
Bill Cannon - Busted Stitches

Busted Stitches

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - A League of the Own
Bill Cannon - Campbells Field Camden NJ
Spencer McKain - Maz Again in 2011

Maz Again in 2011

Spencer McKain

Paul Plaine - Yankee Stadium Aerial
M and L Creations - the Hit

the Hit

M and L Creations

First Star Art  - Home Run Swing Baseball...
Bill Cannon - Philadelphia Phillies -...
Bill Cannon - Home Run

Home Run

Bill Cannon

Robbi  Musser - The Pride of the Yankees
Bill Cannon - Phillies Home Plate
Bill Cannon - Baseball Moon

Baseball Moon

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Stealing Third

Stealing Third

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - The Slide - Kick Up Some...
Bill Cannon - The Phillies - Steve...
Bill Cannon - The Phillies - Mike...
Bill Cannon - Pitchers Mound

Pitchers Mound

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon - Shibe Park

Shibe Park

Bill Cannon