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James Lanigan Thompson MFA

Pearl River, NY

United States

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This group was started on October 25th, 2012 and currently has:


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What is beauty?

Featured Images

Joseph Hawkins - Bowl Of Wooden Spools

Bowl Of Wooden Spools

Joseph Hawkins

Leyla Ismet - Sunshine Kiss

Sunshine Kiss

Leyla Ismet

France  Art - Canal Reflections
Rois Bheinn - At Rest

At Rest

Rois Bheinn

Rois Bheinn - Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Rois Bheinn

Ian Mitchell - Blossom Meadow

Blossom Meadow

Ian Mitchell

Petros Yiannakas - Eucalyptus Night Tree

Eucalyptus Night Tree

Petros Yiannakas

Petros Yiannakas - Balance


Petros Yiannakas

Petros Yiannakas - Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love

Petros Yiannakas

Svetlana Nilova - Fragrance


Svetlana Nilova

Taikan Nishimoto - Young Artist By Taikan

Young Artist By Taikan

Taikan Nishimoto

Kim Bemis - White and Gold -...
Karen Buford - Sunset On The Beach

Sunset On The Beach

Karen Buford

Taikan Nishimoto - Laughing  By Taikan

Laughing By Taikan

Taikan Nishimoto

Ben Aronoff - Two Lovers

Two Lovers

Ben Aronoff

Jim Fitzpatrick - Brown Haired and Freckle...
Ben Aronoff - The Poppy

The Poppy

Ben Aronoff

Karen Buford - Galaxy Collage

Galaxy Collage

Karen Buford

Joseph Hawkins - Ship At Sea

Ship At Sea

Joseph Hawkins

Karen Buford - Comos Collage

Comos Collage

Karen Buford

Karen Buford - Deep Space Mandala

Deep Space Mandala

Karen Buford

Karen Buford - Nebulae Mandala

Nebulae Mandala

Karen Buford

Nancy Kane Chapman - Blue Ruffle

Blue Ruffle

Nancy Kane Chapman

Domenico Guddo - La leggenda dell

La leggenda dell'Ulivo

Domenico Guddo

Hanza Turgul - Tulip Festival - 22

Tulip Festival - 22

Hanza Turgul

Hanza Turgul - Tulip Festival - 23

Tulip Festival - 23

Hanza Turgul

Hanza Turgul - Tulip Festival - 24

Tulip Festival - 24

Hanza Turgul

Inge Johnsson - Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Inge Johnsson

Mike  Dawson - Impact Zone

Impact Zone

Mike Dawson

Sherri  Of Palm Springs - He Died On The Cross...

He Died On The Cross...

Sherri Of Palm Springs

Robert Bales - Let Your Light So Shine
Joseph Hawkins - Farmhouse And Barn

Farmhouse And Barn

Joseph Hawkins

Rosalie Scanlon - Portrait of a Lhasa Apso

Portrait of a Lhasa Apso

Rosalie Scanlon

Jeff Heimlich - Swans 1

Swans 1

Jeff Heimlich

Jeff Heimlich - Berry Pond

Berry Pond

Jeff Heimlich

Joseph Hawkins - Thimbles In Cabinet

Thimbles In Cabinet

Joseph Hawkins

Ira Shander - When Spring Comes Calling
Taikan Nishimoto - Dancing Four Nymphs

Dancing Four Nymphs

Taikan Nishimoto

Jean OKeeffe dba Macro Abundance Art - Golden Reserve

Golden Reserve

Jean OKeeffe dba Macro Abundance Art

Mia Tavonatti - Resurrection


Mia Tavonatti

Dora Sofia Caputo - A Little Blue on White...

A Little Blue on White...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Don Schwartz - Mt. Adams in Spring

Mt. Adams in Spring

Don Schwartz

Dora Sofia Caputo - A Touch of Color - White...

A Touch of Color - White...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Karyn Robinson - Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred

Karyn Robinson

Dora Sofia Caputo - Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas

Dora Sofia Caputo

Lois Bryan - Crossing Shawnee Creek
Eric Evans - Banzai Pipeline The...
F Leblanc - Graceful Dancer -...
John Straton - 1954 Chevrolet Series...
Barbara Manis - White- Winged Dove

White- Winged Dove

Barbara Manis

Laurie Perry - Bee and a Bottlebrush
Laurie Perry - Pink Monarch

Pink Monarch

Laurie Perry

Richard Andrews - Morning Mist on Canisbay...
John Straton - 1954 Porsche 356...

1954 Porsche 356...

John Straton

Darren Fisher - Muscari


Darren Fisher

Michael Eingle - Sit Enjoy The Country

Sit Enjoy The Country

Michael Eingle

Michael Eingle - Crested Dwarf Iris

Crested Dwarf Iris

Michael Eingle

Michael Eingle - Morning Bridge

Morning Bridge

Michael Eingle

Darren Fisher - Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Darren Fisher

Carolina Matthes - Portrait


Carolina Matthes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Palm Beach Harbor with...

Palm Beach Harbor with...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Annie Zeno - Bright Colored Swirls
Lynn Bauer - Spring

Spring's Pastels

Lynn Bauer

Karol  Livote - Finally Spring

Finally Spring

Karol Livote

Omaste Witkowski - A Rainbow of Chaos...

A Rainbow of Chaos...

Omaste Witkowski

Kathy Bassett - Solitude


Kathy Bassett

James Peterson - Baby Raccoon

Baby Raccoon

James Peterson

Celeste Manning - Old Boots

Old Boots

Celeste Manning

Paul Meijering - U2 Silver And Gold

U2 Silver And Gold

Paul Meijering

Lori Pittenger - Intertwined


Lori Pittenger

Leonardo Fanini - Raindrops


Leonardo Fanini

Kevin Trow - Sepsis


Kevin Trow

Maria Bobrova - Forest


Maria Bobrova

Janice Rae Pariza - Monument Valley Arizona...

Monument Valley Arizona...

Janice Rae Pariza

Renee Anderson - The Ethereal Rose

The Ethereal Rose

Renee Anderson

Renee Anderson - City Chaos #1

City Chaos #1

Renee Anderson

Janice Rae Pariza - Season of the Foals

Season of the Foals

Janice Rae Pariza

Karol  Livote - American Beauty

American Beauty

Karol Livote

Paulette B Wright - Red River Railroad Bridge

Red River Railroad Bridge

Paulette B Wright

Janice Rae Pariza - The Little Pine Tree...

The Little Pine Tree...

Janice Rae Pariza

Eloise Schneider - Three Sails

Three Sails

Eloise Schneider

Christina Rollo - Pearl Crescent Butterfly...
Yumi Johnson - Germany Hausbarn with...
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Bataleur Eagle-6534

Bataleur Eagle-6534

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Yumi Johnson - Side view of the Roof
Barbara D Richards - Memories


Barbara D Richards

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Catedral Metropolitana...

Catedral Metropolitana...

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Bataleur Eagle-6525

Bataleur Eagle-6525

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Bruce Bley - Pathway to Peacefulness
Cindy Elsharouni - Living Water

Living Water

Cindy Elsharouni

Selma Glunn - Last Snow Storm of the...
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Bataleur Eagle-6529

Bataleur Eagle-6529

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Cindy Elsharouni - Heavenly Dance

Heavenly Dance

Cindy Elsharouni

Wim Lanclus - Bench in Park

Bench in Park

Wim Lanclus

Taylan Soyturk - Galata


Taylan Soyturk

Domenico Guddo - Andante tranquillo

Andante tranquillo

Domenico Guddo

Saribelle Rodriguez - Pray the Rosary by...

Pray the Rosary by...

Saribelle Rodriguez

Rick Furmanek - Before the Rain

Before the Rain

Rick Furmanek

Diane Schuster - You Take My Breath Away
David Broome - Pink Arctic Jellyfish
Hilda Lechuga - Hope to see you soon

Hope to see you soon

Hilda Lechuga

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Just Outside

Just Outside

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Marco Oliveira - Old Wooden Door

Old Wooden Door

Marco Oliveira

RC deWinter - Petal Potpourri

Petal Potpourri

RC deWinter

Ann Powell - Pink Magnolia Blossom
Mia Tavonatti - Emerge Lighter Version
Esther Newman-Cohen - The Klafte

The Klafte

Esther Newman-Cohen

Arathi Nair - Scarlet


Arathi Nair

Joerg Gundlach - Pray in Black and White
Yumi Johnson - Germany Hausbarn front...
Joerg Gundlach - Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Joerg Gundlach

Lynn Bauer - Two Trees in Texas
Bruce Bley - Sunset in Seattle
Florian Rodarte - Modern Chic Chick

Modern Chic Chick

Florian Rodarte

Florian Rodarte - Tutankhamun The Great

Tutankhamun The Great

Florian Rodarte

Leif Sohlman - Afternoon light  by Leif...
Andrew Chianese - Purple Orchid

Purple Orchid

Andrew Chianese

Yumi Johnson - Germany Hausbarn

Germany Hausbarn

Yumi Johnson

Brad Brizek - Black Sands

Black Sands

Brad Brizek

Kathi Mirto - Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Kathi Mirto

Andrew Chianese - Orchid


Andrew Chianese

Ron McMath - Central Coast Landscape
Hilde Widerberg - Have Loved You Dearly

Have Loved You Dearly

Hilde Widerberg

Hilde Widerberg - Your Eye Only

Your Eye Only

Hilde Widerberg

Hilde Widerberg - In Memory Of A Simple...

In Memory Of A Simple...

Hilde Widerberg

Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 417

Cuenca Kids 417

Al Bourassa

Connie Fox - Soft and Gentle Rose
Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 415

Cuenca Kids 415

Al Bourassa

Menega Sabidussi - Notre Dame in the Autumn...
Jennifer Mecca - Sunflower in the Evening
Jovica Kostic - Girl With Red Hair

Girl With Red Hair

Jovica Kostic

Ian Mitchell - Flamenco Red

Flamenco Red

Ian Mitchell

Mahmoud FineArt - I am eager to see You

I am eager to see You

Mahmoud FineArt

Mahmoud FineArt - I Tell You the Secret of...
Mahmoud FineArt - Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

Mahmoud FineArt

Mahmoud FineArt - Breeze Coming from...

Breeze Coming from...

Mahmoud FineArt

Mahmoud FineArt - Spring


Mahmoud FineArt

Geni Gorani - Together


Geni Gorani

Mahmoud FineArt - Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True

Mahmoud FineArt

Roman Aj - Girl in the wind
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Choice of Road

Choice of Road

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1129 Abstract Thought

1129 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Alexander Senin - Steam And Iron - Command...
Pamela Phelps - Lavender African Daisy
Pamela Phelps - Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

Pamela Phelps

Robert Bales - Beautiful Sawtooth...
Cheryl Baxter - Dancing for the Ladies
Robert Bales - California Bighorn Sheep
Robert Bales - Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep

Robert Bales

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Lake Glow

Lake Glow

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Annette Hugen - Hummer


Annette Hugen

Bruce Bley - Let the Sun Shine Through
Bruce Bley - Waves of Color

Waves of Color

Bruce Bley

Clare Bevan - Slowly Opening

Slowly Opening

Clare Bevan

Georgia Mizuleva - Oh So London - Rain...

Oh So London - Rain...

Georgia Mizuleva

Pete Edmunds - Orient Express-ions -...
Ana Maria Edulescu - Paint Action 1

Paint Action 1

Ana Maria Edulescu

Georgia Mizuleva - Murano Glass Blues

Murano Glass Blues

Georgia Mizuleva

Georgia Mizuleva - Reflecting on Domes...

Reflecting on Domes...

Georgia Mizuleva

Josef Putsche - Sensory Extinction

Sensory Extinction

Josef Putsche

Josef Putsche - Transitional Object

Transitional Object

Josef Putsche

Josef Putsche - Overdetermination


Josef Putsche

Josef Putsche - Latent Content

Latent Content

Josef Putsche

Josef Putsche - Ensuring That Desired...
David Bowman - Solitary Cloud

Solitary Cloud

David Bowman

Josef Putsche - The inability to perform...
Jim Fitzpatrick - Profile of a Filipina...

Profile of a Filipina...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Anna Wacker - The Attraction Of...
Anna Wacker - Blood Of Adonis

Blood Of Adonis

Anna Wacker

Karyn Robinson - Strutting His Stuff

Strutting His Stuff

Karyn Robinson

Hazel Holland - A Floral Rainbow

A Floral Rainbow

Hazel Holland

Caitlyn  Grasso - Basketball Star

Basketball Star

Caitlyn Grasso

Lee Kirchhevel - Joshua Tree Sunset 2

Joshua Tree Sunset 2

Lee Kirchhevel

Lee Kirchhevel - Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree Sunset

Lee Kirchhevel

Lee Kirchhevel - Joshua Tree Night 3

Joshua Tree Night 3

Lee Kirchhevel

Jerry Cowart - Red Umbrella On Sandy...
Mike  Dawson - Storm Path

Storm Path

Mike Dawson

Michael Rucker - The Oasis

The Oasis

Michael Rucker

Amy Vangsgard - Fall Day

Fall Day

Amy Vangsgard

Brian Harig - Grand Teton Buffalo
Pamela Briggs-Luther - Pink Hibiscus With A Glow

Pink Hibiscus With A Glow

Pamela Briggs-Luther

Joerg Gundlach - Red White Bug

Red White Bug

Joerg Gundlach

Daniel Furon - Tree Fern in the Stairs

Fire N Ice


Karyn Robinson - Aloft


Karyn Robinson

Fiona Kennard - Colorado Moose

Colorado Moose

Fiona Kennard

Irfan Gillani - Only For You

Only For You

Irfan Gillani

Inge Johnsson - San Gimignano from Above
Nancy Kane Chapman - Impressions


Nancy Kane Chapman

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Iguassu Power

Iguassu Power

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Lynn Bauer - For the Love of Spring
Lynn Bauer - Indian Blankets and...
Bruce Nutting - Wonderful Waterfall

Wonderful Waterfall

Bruce Nutting

Bruce Nutting - Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Bruce Nutting

Ted Guhl - Children at Play in the...
Ted Guhl - Garlic


Ted Guhl

Ted Guhl - Determined


Ted Guhl

Julie Palencia - Silence


Julie Palencia

Robert Santuci - France  Our Lady of...

France Our Lady of...

Robert Santuci

Zinvolle Art - Behind the Building

Behind the Building

Zinvolle Art

Robert Santuci - France  Our Lady of...

France Our Lady of...

Robert Santuci

Selma Glunn - Canyon Lake Shoreline
Lois Bryan -  Just Biding Time
Bruce Nutting - Super Sunset

Super Sunset

Bruce Nutting

Ryan Smith - In Bloom

In Bloom

Ryan Smith

MTBobbins Photography - Colorful Spring

Colorful Spring

MTBobbins Photography

MTBobbins Photography - Birch Way

Birch Way

MTBobbins Photography

MTBobbins Photography - Calm Water

Calm Water

MTBobbins Photography

MTBobbins Photography - Pink Knockout with Black

Pink Knockout with Black

MTBobbins Photography

Dennis Reagan - Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Dennis Reagan

Zinvolle Art - Elegance


Zinvolle Art

PainterArtist FIN - First Impression

First Impression

PainterArtist FIN

Paul Freidlund - Buffalo Eye

Buffalo Eye

Paul Freidlund

John Straton - 2014 Porsche Cayman S ...
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Rock City Barn

Rock City Barn

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

John Straton - Corvair 95 Loadside

Corvair 95 Loadside

John Straton

Fred  Sheridan - Lookin at you

Lookin at you

Fred Sheridan

Penny Lisowski - Singing Tower Sundial

Singing Tower Sundial

Penny Lisowski

Aaron Spong - Elk


Aaron Spong

Marco Oliveira - Engineering


Marco Oliveira

Liane Wright -  Farm - Barn - A Nice...
Celeste Manning - Night Glow

Night Glow

Celeste Manning

Omaste Witkowski - Exploding Consciousness...
Debra Johnson - Meditating


Debra Johnson

Cynthia Guinn - Beauty By The Pond

Beauty By The Pond

Cynthia Guinn

Helena Wierzbicki - Almond eyes

Almond eyes

Helena Wierzbicki

Karol  Livote - Spring Doe

Spring Doe

Karol Livote

Gloria Ssali - The Wise Virgin

The Wise Virgin

Gloria Ssali

Brian Tarr - Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou

Brian Tarr

Gloria Ssali - Dinka Groom - South Sudan
Carol  Lux Photography - Vancouver Mountains and...

Vancouver Mountains and...

Carol Lux Photography

Lynn Bauer - Springtime in God
Barbara Keith - Up Close Cougar

Up Close Cougar

Barbara Keith

Barbara Keith - Up Close Cheetah

Up Close Cheetah

Barbara Keith

Connie Fox - So Delicate in Purple....
Michael Mazaika - Idyllic Cove-1a. Mc Way...
Dawna  Moore Photography - The Jekyll Island Club...

The Jekyll Island Club...

Dawna Moore Photography

Rona Black - Thistle and Penstemon
Rona Black - Radiant Purple Tulips
Adrian Evans - Idwal Lake Snowdonia
Lynn Bauer - The Wild Side of Texas
Iris Gelbart - Ava Mia

Ava Mia

Iris Gelbart

Esther Newman-Cohen - Flowers Anonymous

Flowers Anonymous

Esther Newman-Cohen

Felicia Tica - Shining for you

Shining for you

Felicia Tica

Miriam Danar - City Blocks - New York...
Felicia Tica - Cherry bud

Cherry bud

Felicia Tica

 Andrzej Goszcz  - Chrystos Woskres . God...

Chrystos Woskres . God...

Andrzej Goszcz

Barbara D Richards - Bird in the Bush

Bird in the Bush

Barbara D Richards

Richard Andrews - High on the Hillside -...
Julie Palencia - On Fire

On Fire

Julie Palencia

Robyn King - A Taste Of Summer
Pio Blanco - Oniric Bluelight Gemstone
Pio Blanco - Ilya


Pio Blanco

Pio Blanco - Omniom Star Birth
Rebecca Phillips - Born Under the Rainbow...

Born Under the Rainbow...

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips - Gossamer Flight of the...

Gossamer Flight of the...

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips - Help Me Please

Help Me Please

Rebecca Phillips



PainterArtist FIN

Rebecca Phillips - Icarus Flying Free

Icarus Flying Free

Rebecca Phillips

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Parrot-6129-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Ines Garay-Colomba - Blood moon inspiration

Blood moon inspiration

Ines Garay-Colomba

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Parrot-6141-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Parrot-6164-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Leif Sohlman - Anemone hepatica si-  By...
Rebecca Phillips - Hovering Hummingbird ...

Hovering Hummingbird ...

Rebecca Phillips

Carolyn Rauh - Pastel Pink Bouquet of...
Carolyn Rauh - Pink Hydrangea
David Broome - Forest Aurora

Forest Aurora

David Broome

Carolyn Rauh - Peony Heaven

Peony Heaven

Carolyn Rauh

Leyla Ismet - From the Past

From the Past

Leyla Ismet

Pamela Briggs-Luther - Hydrangea in Watercolor

Hydrangea in Watercolor

Pamela Briggs-Luther

Hilda Lechuga - Opening Art Doors

Opening Art Doors

Hilda Lechuga

PainterArtist FIN - A Kansas Sunrise With...

A Kansas Sunrise With...

PainterArtist FIN

Pamela Briggs-Luther - Hydrangea Drama Queen

Hydrangea Drama Queen

Pamela Briggs-Luther

Sarah Loft - Storm


Sarah Loft

Pete Edmunds - Looking On The Bright...
Artwork Studio - Moving Star

Moving Star

Artwork Studio

Miriam Danar -  New York Skyline -...
Kaye Menner - Wave up Close - Panorama
Florian Rodarte - Water Lilly Pop Art

Water Lilly Pop Art

Florian Rodarte

Janette Boyd - Field of Bluebonnets
Michael Mazaika - Dwell in the Land and...

Dwell in the Land and...

Michael Mazaika

Paul Meijering - Jim Kerr of The Simple...
Georgia Mizuleva - Music in Red and Blue -...
Georgia Mizuleva - Pink Spring - Sunlit...

Pink Spring - Sunlit...

Georgia Mizuleva

Georgia Mizuleva - The Bridges of Florence...
Renee Anderson - American Zen

American Zen

Renee Anderson

Steven Milner - Easter Rose

Easter Rose

Steven Milner

Renee Anderson - Cowboy-The American Icon...
Brad Walters - LC Water Front 2PPE

LC Water Front 2PPE

Brad Walters

Reflective Moments  Photography and Digital Art Images - When Evening Calls at...

When Evening Calls at...

Reflective Moments Photography and Digital Art Images

Wim Lanclus - Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors

Wim Lanclus

 Andrea Lazar - Orchid


Andrea Lazar

Asha Carolyn Young - Berkeley Neighbor Houses...

Berkeley Neighbor Houses...

Asha Carolyn Young

Rebecca Skinner - Remnants


Rebecca Skinner

Paulette B Wright - Pretty Little Amarylis

Pretty Little Amarylis

Paulette B Wright

Al Bourassa - Large Galapagos Giant...
Kathi Mirto - Mad About You

Mad About You

Kathi Mirto

Al Bourassa - Staring Marine Iguana In...
Kathleen Bishop - Sundown on Table Mountain
Juan Jiang - Sky and the coconut tree
Juan Jiang - Snake river

Snake river

Juan Jiang

Juan Jiang - Working in the...
Juan Jiang - When sunshine fall in...
Juan Jiang - Morning of yellow stone
Irfan Gillani - Princess Flora

Princess Flora

Irfan Gillani

Bruce Nutting - Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Bruce Nutting

Kay Novy - Rocky Shoreline
Robert Bales - American White Pelicans
Lori Deiter - Colors of Summer

Colors of Summer

Lori Deiter

Stefano Senise - Colosseum at Night

Colosseum at Night

Stefano Senise

Bruce Bley - Morning Swim

Morning Swim

Bruce Bley

Robert Bales - Lake Owyhee

Lake Owyhee

Robert Bales

Carol Sawyer - Just Resting

Just Resting

Carol Sawyer

Tessa Fairey - Orchid display

Orchid display

Tessa Fairey

Robert Bales - Spring View Of The...
Felicia Tica - Easter Week Greetings
David Bowman - Tea Plantation at Dawn
Taylan Soyturk - Amour


Taylan Soyturk

Elizabeth Dow - The Dating Flowers

The Dating Flowers

Elizabeth Dow

Rick Todaro - Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Rick Todaro

Mike  Dawson - Sea of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility

Mike Dawson

Kathy Baccari - The Big Stretch

The Big Stretch

Kathy Baccari

Sylvia Thornton - Ivy


Sylvia Thornton

Sylvia Thornton - Henline Building

Henline Building

Sylvia Thornton

Jordan Blackstone - Kiss Today Goodbye

Kiss Today Goodbye

Jordan Blackstone

Miriam Danar - Dream - House with Blue...
Debra Johnson - Springtime Companions

Springtime Companions

Debra Johnson

Viggo Mortensen - Young boy  C#Q

Young boy C#Q

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen - Young woman  C#Q-a

Young woman C#Q-a

Viggo Mortensen

Al Bourassa - Giant Butterfly Birth In...
Al Bourassa - Minnie Cactus In The...
Nikolyn McDonald - Peacock


Nikolyn McDonald

Miriam Danar - The Old House Down the...
Rachel Cohen - Vineyards in Sunlight
Evie Carrier - Battery Park in the...
Rachel Cohen - A Shining Star

A Shining Star

Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen - 2015 Mustang in Red

2015 Mustang in Red

Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen - Dreaming of Fallingwater...
Rachel Cohen - The Light of St Ignace
Rachel Cohen - Lewiston Summer Vineyards
Debra Johnson - Yellow Bouquet

Yellow Bouquet

Debra Johnson

Miriam Danar - House with Storm...

House with Storm...

Miriam Danar

Fiona Kennard - Peaceful Blizzard

Peaceful Blizzard

Fiona Kennard

Debbie Oppermann - Sunset Poppies In Field

Sunset Poppies In Field

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - La Cloche Mountain Range

La Cloche Mountain Range

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - Surprised red Squirrel...

Surprised red Squirrel...

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

Debbie Oppermann

Justin Moore - Cemetery Head Stone

Cemetery Head Stone

Justin Moore

Miriam Danar - Elemental City - Fire...
Justin Moore - Cemetery Leaf

Cemetery Leaf

Justin Moore

Justin Moore - Cemetery Statue

Cemetery Statue

Justin Moore

John Straton - 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera...
David Broome - Mountain Village...

Mountain Village...

David Broome

Dawn Currie - Merritt Island Snowy
Dawn Currie - Nesting Snowy Egret
Dawn Currie - All Tucked In

All Tucked In

Dawn Currie

Joy Watson - Flower-grevillea-superb
Pamela Briggs-Luther - Good Friday- Jesus of...

Good Friday- Jesus of...

Pamela Briggs-Luther

Bruce Bley - Blazing Color

Blazing Color

Bruce Bley

Sherri  Of Palm Springs - He Has Risen

He Has Risen

Sherri Of Palm Springs

Bruce Bley - A Touch of Elegance
Bob Christopher - Jump Start

Jump Start

Bob Christopher

John Straton - 2014 Porsche Cayman S ...
Karen Rispin - Redbud Hearts

Redbud Hearts

Karen Rispin

Rick Furmanek - Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Rick Furmanek

Lianne Schneider - Pieta Via Dolorosa 13

Pieta Via Dolorosa 13

Lianne Schneider

Rick Furmanek - Blood Moon of the Tetrad
Karen Rispin - Prayer plant

Prayer plant

Karen Rispin

Jean OKeeffe dba Macro Abundance Art - Spring Bling

Spring Bling

Jean OKeeffe dba Macro Abundance Art

Eti Reid - Niagara rainbow
Patricia Twardzik - Great Egret in Flight

Great Egret in Flight

Patricia Twardzik

Michael Eingle - Life Down Low

Life Down Low

Michael Eingle

Michael Eingle - April

April's Song

Michael Eingle

Michael Eingle - On The Forest Floor

On The Forest Floor

Michael Eingle

Zinvolle Art - Rocky Path

Rocky Path

Zinvolle Art

Viggo Mortensen - No Title B#i

No Title B#i

Viggo Mortensen

Sylvia Thornton - Lamps and Lace

Lamps and Lace

Sylvia Thornton

Caitlyn  Grasso - Dicey


Caitlyn Grasso

Brad Brizek - Gion Alley

Gion Alley

Brad Brizek

Tania Richley - Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay

Tania Richley

Mary Lee Dereske - Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

Mary Lee Dereske

John Straton - 2014 Porsche Boxster S
Marco Oliveira - Beach Boardwalk

Beach Boardwalk

Marco Oliveira

Kay Novy - Daffodil Threesome
John Straton - Porsche Cayman Red

Porsche Cayman Red

John Straton

Ryan Smith - Achilles Last Stand
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Cheetahs-6325-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Jaguar-6376-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Omaste Witkowski - Drenched In Awareness...

Drenched In Awareness...

Omaste Witkowski

Deena Athans - Scammell Bridge in NH
Janice Rae Pariza - Cattle Grazing Under Red...

Cattle Grazing Under Red...

Janice Rae Pariza

Pamela Phelps - White African Daisy

White African Daisy

Pamela Phelps

Luv Photography - Pelican Perch

Pelican Perch

Luv Photography

Matthew Schwartz - Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Matthew Schwartz

Celeste Manning - Holiday Cabin

Holiday Cabin

Celeste Manning

Jeff Heimlich - Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach

Jeff Heimlich

Annie Zeno - Floral Explosion Violet
Barbara D Richards - Pots in Shadows

Pots in Shadows

Barbara D Richards

Kevin Trow - Filaments


Kevin Trow

Janice Rae Pariza - Rare White Tiger

Rare White Tiger

Janice Rae Pariza

Florian Rodarte - Love On Wheels

Love On Wheels

Florian Rodarte

Kathleen Sartoris - Plain Jane

Plain Jane

Kathleen Sartoris

Sandra Bronstein - Illumination


Sandra Bronstein

Paul Ward - In Buddha
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Forest in the Fog

Forest in the Fog

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Bruce Nutting - Pink Heavenly Storm

Pink Heavenly Storm

Bruce Nutting

Michael Mazaika - Night Approaches-1b -...

Night Approaches-1b -...

Michael Mazaika

Michael Mazaika - Night Approaches-1a...

Night Approaches-1a...

Michael Mazaika

David Broome - Polar Nomads

Polar Nomads

David Broome

Olahs Photography - Pastel River

Pastel River

Olahs Photography

Bill  Wakeley - Swamp Morning

Swamp Morning

Bill Wakeley

Bill  Wakeley - Goose Of The Fog

Goose Of The Fog

Bill Wakeley

Bill  Wakeley - Spring Swallow

Spring Swallow

Bill Wakeley

Carolyn Rauh - Pastel Pink bouquet of...
Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Cork Oak Tree

Cork Oak Tree

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Beverly Guilliams - GOD delights in His...

GOD delights in His...

Beverly Guilliams

Bob Christopher - Color Me Tulip

Color Me Tulip

Bob Christopher

Alfio Finocchiaro - You

You're always late

Alfio Finocchiaro

Cynthia Guinn - Young Heron

Young Heron

Cynthia Guinn

Julie Palencia - Freckled Orchids

Freckled Orchids

Julie Palencia

Pete Edmunds - Doors of Destiny - Which...
Esther Newman-Cohen - Eve Banished

Eve Banished

Esther Newman-Cohen

Debra Johnson - Yellow Beauty

Yellow Beauty

Debra Johnson

Kathi Mirto - In The Pink

In The Pink

Kathi Mirto

Lisa  Telquist - Living Free

Living Free

Lisa Telquist

Troy Brown - Maybe on a Moon

Maybe on a Moon

Troy Brown

David Bowman - Sun Voyager

Sun Voyager

David Bowman

Sherri  Of Palm Springs - God

God's Special Angel

Sherri Of Palm Springs

Joseph J Stevens - Show of Hands

Show of Hands

Joseph J Stevens

Donna Kennedy - Testing My Wings

Testing My Wings

Donna Kennedy

RC deWinter - Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser

RC deWinter

Linsey Williams - Gentle Fallow

Gentle Fallow

Linsey Williams

Chad Dutson - Timp Fall Glow

Timp Fall Glow

Chad Dutson

Janice Rae Pariza - The Lioness Out of Africa

The Lioness Out of Africa

Janice Rae Pariza

Sarah Loft - Four Swirls on Brown
Hilda Lechuga - Art Freedom

Art Freedom

Hilda Lechuga

Lois Bryan - Fairyland


Lois Bryan

Nadine and Bob Johnston - Autumn in The Grand...

Autumn in The Grand...

Nadine and Bob Johnston

Leif Sohlman - who is who by Leif...
Ian Mitchell - Evening Ocean

Evening Ocean

Ian Mitchell

Lee Kirchhevel - Desert Dandelions and...
Lee Kirchhevel - Joshua Tree Night

Joshua Tree Night

Lee Kirchhevel

Lee Kirchhevel - Moon Over Joshua Tree...
Julie Palencia - White Cattleya Orchids

White Cattleya Orchids

Julie Palencia

Renee Anderson - Black Swan #1

Black Swan #1

Renee Anderson

Renee Anderson - Still In A Storm #3

Still In A Storm #3

Renee Anderson

HH Photography - Historic Bridge Street
Lynn Bauer - Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Lynn Bauer

Michael Mazaika - Pennsylvania Country...

Pennsylvania Country...

Michael Mazaika

Al Bourassa - Bugs Begone

Bugs Begone

Al Bourassa

Priscilla Burgers - Taking the Train at the...

Taking the Train at the...

Priscilla Burgers

Lois Bryan - Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber

Lois Bryan

Tessa Fairey - Asian Elephants - three...
Kaye Menner - Fire Dance

Fire Dance

Kaye Menner

Alexander Senin - Feast of life 16 - Love...
Alexander Senin - Feast of life 12a

Feast of life 12a

Alexander Senin

Rebecca Skinner - Sunflower #8

Sunflower #8

Rebecca Skinner

Leyla Ismet - A Line Of Yellow and...
Brad Brizek - The Emperor
Lisa Knechtel - Lavender Wishes

Lavender Wishes

Lisa Knechtel

Colleen Kammerer - Briar Rose

Briar Rose

Colleen Kammerer

Inge Johnsson - Towering Fitz Roy

Towering Fitz Roy

Inge Johnsson

Wes and Dotty Weber - John Deere And A Few...

John Deere And A Few...

Wes and Dotty Weber

Dawna  Moore Photography - Domed Ceiling in the Old...

Domed Ceiling in the Old...

Dawna Moore Photography

Maggie Vlazny - Paintography of Spring...
Scott Thorp - Let the Tetrad Begin
Daniel Furon - The Holiday Motel

The Holiday Motel

Daniel Furon

Maggie Vlazny - Paintography of Sunny...
Pamela Briggs-Luther - Flower In Fireworks

Flower In Fireworks

Pamela Briggs-Luther

Evie Carrier - Frank Lloyd Wright 1909
Annie  Snel - Beautiful Pink

Beautiful Pink

Annie Snel

Patricia Keller - Spiritus Equus

Spiritus Equus

Patricia Keller

MTBobbins Photography - Gold and Geese

Gold and Geese

MTBobbins Photography

Amanda Lee Tzafrir - Beach Fence

Beach Fence

Amanda Lee Tzafrir

Linda Phelps - Painting of White...
Gary Keesler - Delaware Water Gap...
Gary Keesler - The Delaware Water Gap
Imran Ahmed - Red three wheeler tuk...
Gary Keesler - Portland-Columbia...
Felicia Tica - Aple Blossom

Aple Blossom

Felicia Tica

HJBH Photography - Blooming in spring

Blooming in spring

HJBH Photography

Gregory Ballos - Arches National Park...
HJBH Photography - Sweet Anemone

Sweet Anemone

HJBH Photography

Pamela Phelps - Easter Lily at Barthel
Mike  Dawson - Western Bluebird Pair
Alexander Senin - Steam And Iron - Link...

Steam And Iron - Link...

Alexander Senin

John Straton - 2014 Fiat 500C Abarth
Pamela Phelps - Daffodil at Barthels...
GuoJun Pan - Ruyi


GuoJun Pan

Georgia Mizuleva - Bows and Arches - New...

Bows and Arches - New...

Georgia Mizuleva

John Straton - 1955 Chevrolet

1955 Chevrolet

John Straton

Hanza Turgul - Tulip Festival - 3

Tulip Festival - 3

Hanza Turgul

Ira Shander - April Skies

April Skies

Ira Shander

Hanza Turgul - Tulip Festival - 2

Tulip Festival - 2

Hanza Turgul

Dora Sofia Caputo - The New New York City

The New New York City's...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Hanza Turgul - Tulip Festival - 1

Tulip Festival - 1

Hanza Turgul

Ira Shander - Only For a moment

Only For a moment

Ira Shander