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London, P6

United Kingdom

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City City

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Love of the city,concrete and all. You either love cities or you don\\\'t. People that live in cities will bitch of how much the hate the filth,transport,air pollution,street crime,crowds and all the other things that feed the nervous energy. Yet given the choice most would never want to live elsewhere. City people are city people and each year thousands more join the ranks of the urban army to reinvent themselves in the obscurity of the concrete jungle. From a photographic point of view cities are a endless source of inspiration.

Featured Images

Carlos Caetano - Alfama Street

Alfama Street

Carlos Caetano

Fei A - Bad patch

Bad patch

Fei A

Dave Bowman - Sun Voyager

Sun Voyager

Dave Bowman

Yury Bashkin - Faith Religion

Faith Religion

Yury Bashkin

Zeljko Dozet - Street Tapestry

Street Tapestry

Zeljko Dozet

Yury Bashkin - Bridge In The Air

Bridge In The Air

Yury Bashkin

David Coomber - Choice


David Coomber

Valentino Visentini - Rehearsal


Valentino Visentini

Peter Zurla - The Stoop

The Stoop

Peter Zurla

Allen Beatty - Smoking


Allen Beatty

Alexander Fell - Purple Umbrella

Purple Umbrella

Alexander Fell

Karol  Livote - Boxed Art

Boxed Art

Karol Livote

Valentino Visentini - Montreal Subway

Montreal Subway

Valentino Visentini

Joanna Madloch - Indigo World

Indigo World

Joanna Madloch

Valentino Visentini - Carrying Man

Carrying Man

Valentino Visentini

David Coomber - Mean Street Havana

Mean Street Havana

David Coomber

Joe Jake Pratt - Good Directions

Good Directions

Joe Jake Pratt

Gary Warnimont - Static Strip

Static Strip

Gary Warnimont

Valentino Visentini - The Chosen One

The Chosen One

Valentino Visentini

Dave Bowman - Light Shadow

Light Shadow

Dave Bowman

Dennis Delima - Manhattan Reflections

Manhattan Reflections

Dennis Delima

Alexander Senin - The Door - Featured 2

The Door - Featured 2

Alexander Senin

Tara Miller - 3 Rain Drops

3 Rain Drops

Tara Miller

David Coomber - More then just a logo

More then just a logo

David Coomber

Alexander Senin - Icy Skies - Featured 3

Icy Skies - Featured 3

Alexander Senin

Tara Miller - Slow Shutter Speed

Slow Shutter Speed

Tara Miller

Alex Shek - Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle

Alex Shek

Bogdan Petrila - The Time

The Time

Bogdan Petrila

David Coomber - The Art Of Camden

The Art Of Camden

David Coomber

David Coomber - Student Protest Rome

Student Protest Rome

David Coomber

Brian Carson - Missed It

Missed It

Brian Carson

Valentino Visentini - Old Brick Stack

Old Brick Stack

Valentino Visentini

Joanna Madloch - Walking on Light

Walking on Light

Joanna Madloch

Allen Beatty - Window Shopping

Window Shopping

Allen Beatty

Yury Bashkin - Face My Friend

Face My Friend

Yury Bashkin

David Coomber - Yellow On Blue

Yellow On Blue

David Coomber

David Coomber - Mean Street Havana

Mean Street Havana

David Coomber

James Dolan - Light Fixture

Light Fixture

James Dolan

Michael Hoard - Sunset Bench

Sunset Bench

Michael Hoard

Joanna Madloch - The Whitney Guard

The Whitney Guard

Joanna Madloch

Erica Michelle - Orange stadium skyline

Orange stadium skyline

Erica Michelle

Dave Bowman - City Lamp

City Lamp

Dave Bowman

David Coomber - Havana Sunset

Havana Sunset

David Coomber

Robert McCubbin - Workin Gurlz

Workin Gurlz

Robert McCubbin

David Coomber - Window Looking In

Window Looking In

David Coomber

Dave Bowman - Metropolis


Dave Bowman

John Babis - Northbound


John Babis

David Coomber - Canada Waters London

Canada Waters London

David Coomber

David Coomber - Lights And Dark

Lights And Dark

David Coomber

Joe Jake Pratt - Southside Pittsburgh

Southside Pittsburgh

Joe Jake Pratt

Gary Warnimont - Smoke Stack

Smoke Stack

Gary Warnimont

Brian Carson - Speed


Brian Carson

Thomas Woolworth - Sears Willis Tower

Sears Willis Tower

Thomas Woolworth

Gary Warnimont - Mo


Gary Warnimont

Valentino Visentini - Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline

Valentino Visentini

J Scott Davidson - Springfield at Sunset

Springfield at Sunset

J Scott Davidson

David Coomber - City Shapes

City Shapes

David Coomber

Ilker Goksen - New Yorker

New Yorker

Ilker Goksen

Tricia Marchlik - Boston Strong

Boston Strong

Tricia Marchlik

Loriental Photography - Scraping the Sky

Scraping the Sky

Loriental Photography

Dave Bowman - De Hoge Brug

De Hoge Brug

Dave Bowman

Michael Schulz-Dostal - New York 1986

New York 1986

Michael Schulz-Dostal

David Coomber - Head Glass And Steel

Head Glass And Steel

David Coomber

Karol  Livote - Catching the Subway

Catching the Subway

Karol Livote

Elena Paroucheva - Acrobats Sculpture-Pylon

Acrobats Sculpture-Pylon

Elena Paroucheva

Alexander Senin - Patching the Windows

Patching the Windows

Alexander Senin

Radek Hofman - North Tower

North Tower

Radek Hofman

Derek Woodley - Bikes On The Bridge

Bikes On The Bridge

Derek Woodley

Yury Bashkin - Reflekt Spring

Reflekt Spring

Yury Bashkin

Gary Warnimont - Keep Out Craft

Keep Out Craft

Gary Warnimont

Claire Haby - Tiki


Claire Haby

Vivienne Gucwa - Heart of it All

Heart of it All

Vivienne Gucwa

Radek Hofman - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Radek Hofman

Thomas Woolworth - Chicago Looking East 02

Chicago Looking East 02

Thomas Woolworth

Vivienne Gucwa - Above New York City

Above New York City

Vivienne Gucwa

Will Germino - Solitude


Will Germino

Yury Bashkin - Ahe and sun

Ahe and sun

Yury Bashkin

Jennifer Lyon - Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower at Night

Jennifer Lyon

Yury Bashkin - TWO and Rain

TWO and Rain

Yury Bashkin

Yury Bashkin - Smile boy

Smile boy

Yury Bashkin

Allen Beatty - Houseboat 1

Houseboat 1

Allen Beatty

Thomas Woolworth - Chicago Highways 03

Chicago Highways 03

Thomas Woolworth

Tara Miller - Welcome


Tara Miller

Radek Hofman - Misty Bridge

Misty Bridge

Radek Hofman

Radek Hofman - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Radek Hofman

Radek Hofman - Misty Morning

Misty Morning

Radek Hofman

Cassandra Buckley - Fremantle


Cassandra Buckley

Yury Bashkin - Two


Yury Bashkin

Gary Warnimont - The Sky is the Limit

The Sky is the Limit

Gary Warnimont

Nadya Ost - Looking Up

Looking Up

Nadya Ost

Paul Calabrese - City Hall of Love

City Hall of Love

Paul Calabrese

Doug Fredericks - The Angry Zither Man

The Angry Zither Man

Doug Fredericks

Yury Bashkin - Rime Window

Rime Window

Yury Bashkin

Merridy Jeffery - Cirque Du Surreal

Cirque Du Surreal

Merridy Jeffery

Jennifer Lyon - Philly night

Philly night

Jennifer Lyon

David Coomber - Rage The Machine

Rage The Machine

David Coomber

Leslie Parnell-Wilson - Laundry Day

Laundry Day

Leslie Parnell-Wilson

Danielle  Parent - Holographic Parlement

Holographic Parlement

Danielle Parent

David Coomber - Beautiful concrete

Beautiful concrete

David Coomber

Timothy Lowry - CBGB New York 1992

CBGB New York 1992

Timothy Lowry

David Coomber - Face Of Cuba

Face Of Cuba

David Coomber

David Coomber - Ground Level

Ground Level

David Coomber