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Conceptual Art



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Arianna Eugenia



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This group was started on September 6th, 2011 and currently has:


129 Members


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Conceptual Art

About This Group

The notion that is the 'concept' behind the work, rather than the technical skill of the artist in making it, that is important. Conceptual Art became a major international phenomenon in the 1960s and its manifestations have been very diverse. The ideas or concepts may be communicated using a variety of different media, including texts, maps, diagrams, film and video, photographs and perfomances, and the resulting works may be displayed in a gallery or designed for a specific site. In some cases the landscape itself becomes an integral part of the artist's work, as in the Land Art. The ideas expressed through Conceptual work have been drawn from philosophy, feminism, psychoanalysis, film studies and political activism. The notion of the Conceptual artist as a maker of ideas rather than objects undermines traditional views about the status of the artist and the art object.

Featured Images

Nick Kloepping - Black Dot Illusion

Black Dot Illusion

Nick Kloepping

Evan Steenson - Aberration...


Evan Steenson

Danielle  Parent - Celestial Or Storming...

Celestial Or Storming...

Danielle Parent

Sean Connolly - Be Good

Be Good

Sean Connolly

Sora Neva - Sisterhood Bonds
Evan Steenson - The Anxious Geometry

The Anxious Geometry

Evan Steenson

Kellice Swaggerty - Blue Planet on a Gray...

Blue Planet on a Gray...

Kellice Swaggerty

Rebecca Phillips - Contemplation Of Lao-tzu

Contemplation Of Lao-tzu

Rebecca Phillips

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1395 Abstract Thought

1395 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Dyana Schoenstadt - The Tearing Tree

The Tearing Tree

Dyana Schoenstadt

Siyavush Mammadov - Pisces


Siyavush Mammadov

Evan Steenson - Unjustifiable Portrait
Connie Mobley Johns - How Old is Your Soul

How Old is Your Soul

Connie Mobley Johns

Evan Steenson - Irregular Polygon

Irregular Polygon

Evan Steenson

Evan Steenson - Author Authentic...

Author Authentic...

Evan Steenson

Marty Saccone - Silhouetted By Moonlight...
Loriental Photography - Like an Ebony Sun in an...

Like an Ebony Sun in an...

Loriental Photography

Rebecca Phillips - Musician

Musician's Spirit...

Rebecca Phillips

Evan Steenson - Ten Easy Payments

Ten Easy Payments

Evan Steenson

Giada Rossi - Two plus two equals five...
Yves Bouchard - Reciprocity


Yves Bouchard

Sonali Gangane - Festival of Colours

Festival of Colours

Sonali Gangane

Carol Sullivan - Abstract 162

Abstract 162

Carol Sullivan

Aimelle - Tree Clouds 01d2
Evan Steenson - Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude

Evan Steenson

Sonali Gangane - Colourful Silhouette

Colourful Silhouette

Sonali Gangane

Carol Sullivan - Abstract 148

Abstract 148

Carol Sullivan

Marty Saccone - Golden Backlit West...
Giada Rossi - Royal embroidery II -...
Betty M M   Wong - Hope


Betty M M Wong

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1220 Abstract Thought

1220 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

John Malone - Mother Earths Final Sigh
Rebecca Phillips - Ordination of a False...

Ordination of a False...

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips - Postcard-transmission...


Rebecca Phillips

Kellice Swaggerty - Night Runner

Night Runner

Kellice Swaggerty

Chitra Ramanathan - Garden full of flowers

Garden full of flowers

Chitra Ramanathan

Evan Steenson - Disagreeable Painting

Disagreeable Painting

Evan Steenson

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1211 Abstract Thought

1211 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Carol Sullivan - Abstract 130

Abstract 130

Carol Sullivan

John Malone - Window Ice

Window Ice

John Malone

Carol Sullivan - Visiting with the Spirit...

As Beauty Fades


Evan Steenson - Untitled Painting

Untitled Painting

Evan Steenson

Jerod  Kytah - Neural Circuitree V.1
Alexander Senin - Biochemistry Of Winter 2

Biochemistry Of Winter 2

Alexander Senin

Carol Sullivan - Visiting with the Spirit...
Richard Smith - On The Verge Of...

On The Verge Of...

Richard Smith

Alexander Senin - Birds - Featured 3

Birds - Featured 3

Alexander Senin

Evan Steenson - Sleep


Evan Steenson

Jacqueline Katherine Gomez - Golden Flame

Golden Flame

Jacqueline Katherine Gomez

Chakra Tamzar - Think A Light

Think A Light

Chakra Tamzar

Svetlana Nikolova - Distant Cosmos

Distant Cosmos

Svetlana Nikolova

Sonali Gangane - Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts

Sonali Gangane

Svetoslav Sokolov - Ghost in the shell

Ghost in the shell

Svetoslav Sokolov

Ionut Cirja - Fulcrum


Ionut Cirja

Pratyasha Nithin - Saraswati


Pratyasha Nithin

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES - Ghost Of The Indian...

Ghost Of The Indian...


Carol Sullivan - Hope


Carol Sullivan

Marty Saccone - Sea Smoke and Gull Blues
Mariola Bitner - Battle of Grunwald...

Battle of Grunwald...

Mariola Bitner

Evan Steenson - Patterns of Variability...
Svetlana Nikolova - Magical Mystery Woods 2

Magical Mystery Woods 2

Svetlana Nikolova

Milan Kecman - Old Man Willow

Old Man Willow

Milan Kecman

Milan Kecman - Starflakes


Milan Kecman

Evan Steenson - Control Control 6x6

Control Control 6x6

Evan Steenson

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1300 Abstract Thought

1300 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Walter Oliver Neal - Techno Mandala

Techno Mandala

Walter Oliver Neal

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0175 Abstract Thought

0175 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Evan Steenson - Katie


Evan Steenson

Giada Rossi - Empty Nest - abstract...
Giada Rossi - Astarte - surreal art by...
Kellice Swaggerty - Earth Conscious 2

Earth Conscious 2

Kellice Swaggerty

Rebecca Phillips - Inside Personality

Inside Personality

Rebecca Phillips

Sonali Gangane - Creative Spheres

Creative Spheres

Sonali Gangane

Benjamin Loveday - Radiata


Benjamin Loveday


Back in Time


Karol  Livote - Classic Chev

Classic Chev

Karol Livote

Benjamin Loveday - The Love Lies Sleeping

The Love Lies Sleeping

Benjamin Loveday

Evan Steenson - Rational Construct

Rational Construct

Evan Steenson

Rebecca Phillips - Torn-Asunder in the...

Torn-Asunder in the...

Rebecca Phillips

Vitaliy Gonikman - Jump Start

Jump Start

Vitaliy Gonikman

Rebecca Phillips - Birth


Rebecca Phillips

Kellice Swaggerty - Blocked Space

Blocked Space

Kellice Swaggerty

Sonali Gangane - Evening Together

Evening Together

Sonali Gangane

Arindam Shivaani - Foggy Trees.

Foggy Trees.

Arindam Shivaani

Donna Mann - Warm Fields

Warm Fields

Donna Mann

Sonali Gangane - Beach Silhouette

Beach Silhouette

Sonali Gangane

Sonali Gangane - Charming Bird drawing

Charming Bird drawing

Sonali Gangane

Evan Steenson - Algorithm


Evan Steenson

Rebecca Phillips - Once a Temple Now a...

Once a Temple Now a...

Rebecca Phillips

Giada Rossi - Lucky Dragon
Donna Mann - Hot Fields

Hot Fields

Donna Mann

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES - Almost Forgoten

Almost Forgoten


Evan Steenson - The Transformation of...
Sonali Gangane - Decorative Leaf

Decorative Leaf

Sonali Gangane

Kellice Swaggerty - Industrial Ecology

Industrial Ecology

Kellice Swaggerty

Donna Mann - Division


Donna Mann

John Malone - Fair Ground Fairies
Pratyasha Nithin - Dancing Ganapati

Dancing Ganapati

Pratyasha Nithin

Vitaliy Gonikman - Understanding Music

Understanding Music

Vitaliy Gonikman

Giada Rossi - The way I feel -...
Bleeblu - Another Earth
Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES - Thermal Grasses

Thermal Grasses


Evan Steenson - Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Evan Steenson

Sean Ward - Frozen Moments III
Rafael Salazar - Double Faced

Double Faced

Rafael Salazar

Lorenzo Laiken - The Roots of All Evil

The Roots of All Evil

Lorenzo Laiken

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0154 Abstract Thought

0154 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Carol F Austin - Zinnia in the Big City

Zinnia in the Big City

Carol F Austin

Jerod  Kytah - StarSeed


Jerod Kytah

Alexander Senin - Welcome To Halloween...

Welcome To Halloween...

Alexander Senin

Steve Dininno - Gearwheel Girl

Gearwheel Girl

Steve Dininno

Vitaliy Gonikman - City Love

City Love

Vitaliy Gonikman

Walter Oliver Neal - Sankofa


Walter Oliver Neal

Rolando Burbon - Tyvilian7


Rolando Burbon

Pierre Chamblin - Time Is Up

Time Is Up

Pierre Chamblin

John Malone - Unidentified Flying...
Dana Haynes - The Joker

The Joker

Dana Haynes

Kim Gauge - Girl with Guitar Study
Svetoslav Sokolov - InK


Svetoslav Sokolov

Vitaliy Gonikman - Life in the Shell

Life in the Shell

Vitaliy Gonikman

Alexander Senin - Heartsinking - Featured 3
Alexander Senin - Life - Featured 3

Life - Featured 3

Alexander Senin

Marco Carr - Emptiness


Marco Carr

Walter Oliver Neal - 3 Queens 3

3 Queens 3

Walter Oliver Neal

John Malone - Ode to Poe

Ode to Poe

John Malone

Kim Gauge - Street Poetry

Street Poetry

Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - typOGraphi


Kim Gauge

Marco Carr - Blue attractors and...
Evan Steenson - Archetypes


Evan Steenson

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1216 Absract Thought

1216 Absract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Li   van Saathoff - Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo

Li van Saathoff

Pratyasha Nithin - Radha Krishna Dancing

Radha Krishna Dancing

Pratyasha Nithin

Angelica Smith Bill - The War Machine

The War Machine

Angelica Smith Bill

Nekoda  Singer - Tribute to elephants of...
Giada Rossi - Space glow

Space glow

Giada Rossi

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1237 Abstract Thought

1237 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Emilia Gasienica-Setlak - De Profundis

De Profundis

Emilia Gasienica-Setlak

Jerod  Kytah - Savior of all species of...
John Le Brasseur - Neon Flower

Neon Flower

John Le Brasseur

Chowdary V Arikatla - 005 Sail Boat

005 Sail Boat

Chowdary V Arikatla

John Deeter - Earth Sky Life

Earth Sky Life

John Deeter

Alexander Senin - Colors Of Autumn -...

Colors Of Autumn -...

Alexander Senin

Maggie Vlazny - Boy Lost in Time

Boy Lost in Time

Maggie Vlazny

Lorenzo Laiken - 4th Martini

4th Martini

Lorenzo Laiken

Karol  Livote - Never Ending

Never Ending

Karol Livote

Evan Steenson - Mythos Automatica

Mythos Automatica

Evan Steenson

Lorenzo Laiken - We Have to Stop Meeting...
Dana Haynes - To The Moon Alice

To The Moon Alice

Dana Haynes

Giada Rossi - Tribute to a trapped soul
Pratyasha Nithin - Abstract Ganesha 2

Abstract Ganesha 2

Pratyasha Nithin

Tripti Singh - The Eye

The Eye

Tripti Singh

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1171 Abstract Thought

1171 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Rein Nomm - Empty Windows

Empty Windows

Rein Nomm

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1150 Abstract Thought

1150 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Giada Rossi - Woman essence - vintage...
Marcio Faustino - Forever and ever

Forever and ever

Marcio Faustino

Angelica Smith Bill - The Burden of Dreams

The Burden of Dreams

Angelica Smith Bill

Giada Rossi - The breakthrough -...
Andre Bodo - Lights Design 22

Lights Design 22

Andre Bodo

Sonali Gangane - Bubble of Joy

Bubble of Joy

Sonali Gangane

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1106 Abstract Thought

1106 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Janet Ashworth - Little Girl in the Snow
Chowdary V Arikatla - 1018 Abstract Thought

1018 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Karol  Livote - Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

Karol Livote

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1064 Abstract Thought

1064 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Evan Steenson - Automatic Drawing

Automatic Drawing

Evan Steenson

Dana Haynes - I Am

I Am

Dana Haynes

Pratyasha Nithin - Radha Playing Krishna

Radha Playing Krishna

Pratyasha Nithin

Sean Connolly - The Ascent Of Man

The Ascent Of Man

Sean Connolly

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1021 Abstract Thought

1021 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Sonali Gangane - Spotlight


Sonali Gangane

Sean Connolly - God Plays Dice

God Plays Dice

Sean Connolly

Evan Steenson - Automatic Drawing

Automatic Drawing

Evan Steenson

Angelica Smith Bill - When Dimensions Collide

When Dimensions Collide

Angelica Smith Bill

Angelica Smith Bill - Minerva

Minerva's Cat Fancy

Angelica Smith Bill

Nekoda  Singer - Queen Esther

Queen Esther

Nekoda Singer

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1016 Abstract Thought

1016 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

John Le Brasseur - Camouflage


John Le Brasseur

Marcio Faustino - Freiburg Old Style

Freiburg Old Style

Marcio Faustino

Jerod  Kytah - Aquazmik Being

Aquazmik Being

Jerod Kytah

Sonali Gangane - Infinite possibliities

Infinite possibliities

Sonali Gangane

Carol F Austin - Digital Egg

Digital Egg

Carol F Austin

Pratyasha Nithin - ArdhaNarishwar


Pratyasha Nithin

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0913 Abstract Thought

0913 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Nekoda  Singer - David

David's sin

Nekoda Singer

Sonali Gangane - Picturesque landscape

Picturesque landscape

Sonali Gangane

Radoslav Nedelchev - Old House Black And White

Old House Black And White

Radoslav Nedelchev

Kip DeVore - Vintage Pepsi

Vintage Pepsi

Kip DeVore

Evan Steenson - Architectonic Painting...
Rebecca Glaze - Food Of The Gods

Food Of The Gods

Rebecca Glaze

Walter Oliver Neal - Miles Davis

Miles Davis

Walter Oliver Neal

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0974 Abstract Thought

0974 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0922 Abstract Thought

0922 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

John Le Brasseur - Fiery Explosion

Fiery Explosion

John Le Brasseur

Jerod  Kytah - Rabbit on the Moon

Rabbit on the Moon

Jerod Kytah

Carol F Austin - Ribbons in the Sky

Ribbons in the Sky

Carol F Austin

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0699 Abstract Thought

0699 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Marcio Faustino - Sound of Wind

Sound of Wind

Marcio Faustino

Janet Ashworth - Nova Scotia Autumn

Nova Scotia Autumn

Janet Ashworth

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0921 Abstract Thought

0921 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Loriental Photography - Why is she looking at me

Why is she looking at me

Loriental Photography

Olaf Del Gaizo - Special Hypnotism Issue
John Malone - We Are But Bacteria on a...
Evan Steenson - Abstract Composition 496
John Malone - Alien Funeral

Alien Funeral

John Malone

Peri Craig - Dark Walking

Dark Walking

Peri Craig

Rebecca Glaze - Physics Reloaded

Physics Reloaded

Rebecca Glaze

Peri Craig - Savage Garden

Savage Garden

Peri Craig

Evan Steenson - Signal To Noise 22

Signal To Noise 22

Evan Steenson

Anna Lisa Yoder - Rainy Day Hand Fist...

Rainy Day Hand Fist...

Anna Lisa Yoder

Sean Ward - The Breakup

The Breakup

Sean Ward

Maggie Vlazny - Semi Abstract Girl and...

Tropical Dream


Kip DeVore - Bright Blue World Map in...
Kip DeVore - Map of the Universe
Carol F Austin - The Journey

The Journey

Carol F Austin

Rein Nomm - The Umbrella Bowl
Caio Caldas - Fine Art Untitled No.24
Nick Kloepping - Homeless Place Setting

Homeless Place Setting

Nick Kloepping

Heart On Sleeve ART  - Vespa


Heart On Sleeve ART

Sonali Gangane - Abstract Matter

Abstract Matter

Sonali Gangane

John Malone -  Quantum Flux

Quantum Flux

John Malone

John Malone - Ancient Seen through the...
Sonali Gangane - Winter Magic

Winter Magic

Sonali Gangane

Peter Benkmann - Shelf


Peter Benkmann

Stephanie Tso - Unworthy


Stephanie Tso

Peri Craig - Deep Wood

Deep Wood

Peri Craig

Jeremy Baum - Armadillo


Jeremy Baum

Art Nomad Sandra  Hansen - Prayers to the Ganges...

Prayers to the Ganges...

Art Nomad Sandra Hansen

Aimelle - What you don
Danielle  Parent - Luminous Deciduous

Luminous Deciduous

Danielle Parent

Aref Nammari - Being Watched

Being Watched

Aref Nammari

Jerod  Kytah - Aquazmik Universe study
Sonali Gangane - Fire Flower

Fire Flower

Sonali Gangane

Samuel Sheats - Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Samuel Sheats

Li   van Saathoff - Noctua aurita minor

Noctua aurita minor

Li van Saathoff

Ron  Romanosky - Heavy Water

Heavy Water

Ron Romanosky

Dana Haynes - Zeppelin


Dana Haynes

Walter Oliver Neal - Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis Quintet

Walter Oliver Neal

Chris Pridmore - Autumn


Chris Pridmore

Jerod  Kytah - From the Inward Outward

Predator Leaf


Paul Shefferly - Playing With Light...

Playing With Light...

Paul Shefferly

Arthur Quicho - Projectile


Arthur Quicho

Carol F Austin - Jewels From The Ocean

Jewels From The Ocean

Carol F Austin

Maggie Vlazny - Celebrate Creativity

Celebrate Creativity

Maggie Vlazny

Christy Phillips - Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Christy Phillips

Rein Nomm - Falling Stars

Falling Stars

Rein Nomm

Russ Bertlow - Orbs and Orange Line
ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics - Flower Embryo

Flower Embryo

ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics

Solange  Artie - Hot grass

Hot grass

Solange Artie

Thomas  MacPherson Jr - Something

Something's Going On

Thomas MacPherson Jr