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Fish Art



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Bill Thomson

Burnaby, BC


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This group was started on February 18th, 2012 and currently has:


167 Members


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Fish  Art

About This Group

Fish can be beautiful, ugly, colorful, slippery, smelly, good to eat, oily, deep swimmers, jumpers, unique, fast, carnivorous, plant eating etc. etc! They can also be paintings, sculpture, drawings, toys, neon art, assemblages or even fish dreams? They are found in galleries, in the studio, hidden away in your sketch book, a mobile, made into wearable fashion statements, 'one of a kind' fish jewellery, or folk art hanging on a Christmas tree !

Please, No scientific illustrations of fish, no documentary snaps of your pet gold fish, your sexy fishing gear or for that matter, the fish dinner you are about to eat!.

Rather, share with us your imagination and visual explorations of the world of Fish. Show us something new, unusual and exciting! It is all about originality, creativity, transformation and FISH ART.

Featured Images

Chris J Young - Jaws


Chris J Young

Thomas Woolworth - Fishing Lures Merged...

Fishing Lures Merged...

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas Woolworth - Fishing The Spillway...

Fishing The Spillway...

Thomas Woolworth

Bill  Thomson - Salmon


Bill Thomson

Randall Scott - Sand Shark

Sand Shark

Randall Scott

Nick Knezic - Honu surf 2

Honu surf 2

Nick Knezic

Mike Savlen - High Seas Albacore Tuna...
Marna Edwards Flavell - Paul

Paul's Koi

Marna Edwards Flavell

John Ashton Golden - Fish Mind

Fish Mind

John Ashton Golden

David Dehner - Wish I Could Swim

Wish I Could Swim

David Dehner

Thomas Woolworth - Fishing Poles

Fishing Poles

Thomas Woolworth

Danielle Nelisse - Fish 1

Fish 1

Danielle Nelisse

Kevin Brant - Under The Docklight
Daniel Jean-Baptiste -  Spotted Angelfish

Spotted Angelfish

Daniel Jean-Baptiste

Danita Cole - Barracuda Reef

Barracuda Reef

Danita Cole

David Crowell - Breakfast Catch

Breakfast Catch

David Crowell

Charles Carlos Odom - Wave Surfer

Wave Surfer

Charles Carlos Odom

Vladimiras Nikonovas - Grater fish

Grater fish

Vladimiras Nikonovas

Bill  Thomson - Recycled Brook Trout