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Industrial Art



Group Administrator

Lyric Lucas

New Jersey, NJ

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on March 29th, 2014 and currently has:


148 Members


761 Images


9 Discussions

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Industrial Art

About This Group

This group celebrates Industrial Art, the people, places, and things related to industry. You see these objects and people at work sites, on trucks, at building sites, factories, working on roads, places that repair and make things, and sometimes the objects that are just rusting in dumps. There is a kind of beauty in the grit of interesting shapes, designs, and objects used in every day industry. These objects and people are seldom noticed but when brought to light their craftsmanship can become a work of art.

You can look up the images of Industrial Art on the internet for guidance

No nudity or violent images!

To be fair to the other members, I will have to delete images that do not meet the above description; however that does not mean in any way that your art work was not good just that it wasn't a fit in this group.

I host a variety of contests to showcase artistic subjects that sometimes go unnoticed.

Hope you will join this group and have fun!

COLLECTORS...this is just a sample of the talented and creative artists in this group! Be sure to click on the 'IMAGES' tab at the top of the page to find more excellent art and artists!

WINNERS of the GAS STATION contest 6/28/14

First Place

Art Prints

Second Place

Art Prints

Tied for Second Place 10 votes

Art Prints

Tied for Second Place 10 votes

Art Prints

Featured Images

Joseph J Stevens - Train Wheel

Train Wheel

Joseph J Stevens

Karen Wiles - JAZZ of CHARLESTON
Paul Foutz - Suburban City Sprawl
Trey Foerster - 1952 Pontiac Hood...

1952 Pontiac Hood...

Trey Foerster

Betsy Zimmerli - Footbridge


Betsy Zimmerli

Nikolyn McDonald - Elbow Your Way In

Elbow Your Way In

Nikolyn McDonald

Nicole Frischlich - Ship canal lift Waltrop

Ship canal lift Waltrop

Nicole Frischlich

Laurie Tsemak - Sawmill Trucks

Sawmill Trucks

Laurie Tsemak

Maja Sokolowska - Under Construction

Under Construction

Maja Sokolowska

Maja Sokolowska - UFO station in Rotterdam

UFO station in Rotterdam

Maja Sokolowska

Mark Victors - Princeton Stone Faces
Steve Harrington - American Dreams

American Dreams

Steve Harrington

Trey Foerster - Dual Horn Olds

Dual Horn Olds

Trey Foerster

Trey Foerster - 1959 Cadillac Fin

1959 Cadillac Fin

Trey Foerster

Ken Johnson - Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnaces

Ken Johnson

Steven Ralser - Drills


Steven Ralser

Nikolyn McDonald - Handles Flanges and Pipes

Handles Flanges and Pipes

Nikolyn McDonald

Paul Ward - Antique Fire Bucket
Joseph J Stevens - Black and Yellow Loco...

Black and Yellow Loco...

Joseph J Stevens

Carlos Caetano - Old Spanner

Old Spanner

Carlos Caetano

Lyric Lucas - Family


Lyric Lucas

Joseph J Stevens - At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads

Joseph J Stevens

Chuck  Hicks - Rail Ties

Rail Ties

Chuck Hicks

Daniel Furon - 5am - Port of San...
Carlos Caetano - Old Tape-Measure

Old Tape-Measure

Carlos Caetano

Joann Vitali - The Barking Crab - Boston
Barbara Chichester - High Voltage

High Voltage

Barbara Chichester

Maja Sokolowska - Is this science or...

Is this science or...

Maja Sokolowska

Maja Sokolowska - Rotterdam


Maja Sokolowska

Cathy Anderson - Big Chain

Big Chain

Cathy Anderson

Pablo Franchi - Edison Incandescent Lamp...
Cathy Anderson - Endless Coal Trains

Endless Coal Trains

Cathy Anderson

Paul Ward - 35mm Film

35mm Film

Paul Ward

Gary Heller - This would be the end -...
Gary Heller - The last stand -...
Pamela Blizzard - Blowing Smoke

Blowing Smoke

Pamela Blizzard

Cathy Anderson - Windmill and Chain Link...
Art Block Collections - Gas Plant Valves

Gas Plant Valves

Art Block Collections

Cathy Anderson - Old Tractor

Old Tractor

Cathy Anderson

Heather Kirk - Global Lockdown

Global Lockdown

Heather Kirk

Chuck  Hicks - Shrimping


Chuck Hicks

Paul Foutz - Vintage Parking

Vintage Parking

Paul Foutz

Brian Carson - Clock Tower No 1920...
Aidan Moran - A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down

Aidan Moran

Brian Wallace - The Sun Orioles Clock -...
Nikolyn McDonald - Ascent


Nikolyn McDonald

Davina Washington - Blowing Horns

Blowing Horns

Davina Washington

Cathy Anderson - Abstract Gate Black And...
Maja Sokolowska - Steam train

Steam train

Maja Sokolowska

Glenn Aker - Handpainting Delft...
Pablo Franchi - Ducati 479 Cafe Racer

Ducati 479 Cafe Racer

Pablo Franchi

Catherine Fenner - Framing Squares

Framing Squares

Catherine Fenner

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Potsdamer Platz Pink...

Potsdamer Platz Pink...

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Cathy Anderson - The Big Yellow Tube...

The Big Yellow Tube...

Cathy Anderson

Laurie Tsemak - Gym Equip Pop 2

Gym Equip Pop 2

Laurie Tsemak

Susan Savad - Drill Press By Window
Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - 1930 Ruxton Wheel

1930 Ruxton Wheel

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Steve Harrington - Zooming Through Ontario

Zooming Through Ontario

Steve Harrington

Laurie Tsemak - Shipyard Lifesaver

Shipyard Lifesaver

Laurie Tsemak

Robert Riordan - Where the light gets...
Nikolyn McDonald - Fire Chief - Gas Pump -...
Mike Savad - Sewing - Inudstrial -...
Alexander Senin - Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin's...

Alexander Senin

Darin Volpe - Blackwells Corner -...
Robert Ball - Train Men Sepia

Train Men Sepia

Robert Ball

Steven  Michael - Columbia TN Train Station
Fei A - Bluish Flowers
Alexander Senin - Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin's...

Alexander Senin

Paul Foutz - Tap Light

Tap Light

Paul Foutz

Paul Ward - Construction The Chop Saw
Gary Heller - Rusty Chevrolet -...
Robert Riordan - On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront

Robert Riordan

Ryan Ladbrook - Casa Mila Le Pedrera by...
Alexander Senin - Bast Shoes For Sale

Bast Shoes For Sale

Alexander Senin

Laurie Tsemak - Electrical Wires

Electrical Wires

Laurie Tsemak

Paul Ward - Old Rusty Pipes

Old Rusty Pipes

Paul Ward

Lida Bruinen - Row of valves

Row of valves

Lida Bruinen

Lida Bruinen - Arty transformer

Arty transformer

Lida Bruinen

Gary Heller - Pinup Girl - Aircraft...
Lyric Lucas - The Office 2

The Office 2

Lyric Lucas

Joseph Hawkins - Joes Service Station

Joes Service Station

Joseph Hawkins

Larry Helms - Flour Power

Flour Power

Larry Helms

Nikolyn McDonald - Ron

Ron's Automotive #1

Nikolyn McDonald

Ryan Ladbrook - Power Station Reflected
Paul Ward - Mack Truck Grill
Jim Hughes - Bolt and Nut

Bolt and Nut

Jim Hughes

Robert Riordan - Railroad Axle and Wheel
Kate Purdy - Look Up

Look Up

Kate Purdy

Fei A - The Connection
Steve Godleski - Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail

Steve Godleski

Paul Foutz - Decisions


Paul Foutz

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Temporal Flux
Steve Godleski - #3


Steve Godleski

Paul Foutz - Clamp


Paul Foutz

Paul Ward - Coal Miner
Lyric Lucas - Roebling Steel Wheel
Nikolyn McDonald - Urban Study in Reds

Urban Study in Reds

Nikolyn McDonald

M and L Creations - VA Lighting

VA Lighting

M and L Creations

Terry Cobb - The Diana Moran Tugboat
Alexandra Matson - Kampala Bus Yard

Kampala Bus Yard

Alexandra Matson

Glenn Aker - Old Grindstone at Mabry...
David S Reynolds - Pullys


David S Reynolds

James Brunker - Electricity Bill Blues 1
David S Reynolds - Lobes


David S Reynolds

Greg Kluempers - Corrugated Metal Wall...
Alexander Senin - Steam And Iron -...

Steam And Iron -...

Alexander Senin

Bill Jonas - End of the Line

End of the Line

Bill Jonas

Paul Ward - Machinist - Precision...
Jim Hughes - Bearings


Jim Hughes

Paul Ward - Fireman - Fire Alarm Box...
Lyric Lucas - Champale Trenton Brewing...
Robert Riordan - Bolted Hatch

Bolted Hatch

Robert Riordan

TouTouke A Y - Bearings


TouTouke A Y

Greg Kluempers - Cotton Belt Route Office...
Steve Godleski - Cotter Pins

Cotter Pins

Steve Godleski

Jeff  Swan - Case Tractor

Case Tractor

Jeff Swan

Lance Vaughn - The Wrong Side of the...
Fei A - Metal Arrow
Nikolyn McDonald - Columns and Rows

Columns and Rows

Nikolyn McDonald

Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 8

Industrial Suite - 8


Fei A - The Scale

The Scale

Fei A

Steven Ralser - Silos


Steven Ralser

Bradford Martin - Sunset viewed from an...

Sunset viewed from an...

Bradford Martin

Joey Negron - Commencement Bay

Commencement Bay

Joey Negron

David Lunde - Crane Silhouette

Crane Silhouette

David Lunde

Paul Johnson - Filler Upper

Filler Upper

Paul Johnson

F Icarus - Chicago  Burlington...
Robert Riordan - Train Engine Detail

Train Engine Detail

Robert Riordan

Gary Warnimont - Solar Power Station

Solar Power Station

Gary Warnimont

Nop Briex - Chemical Sunset

Chemical Sunset

Nop Briex

Robert Riordan - Railroad Spike 3

Railroad Spike 3

Robert Riordan

Sara Webb - Music...Always


Sara Webb

Fei A - The Door on the soil
Lyric Lucas - Industrial Cannons

Industrial Cannons

Lyric Lucas

Nikolyn McDonald - Irony in the Alley

Irony in the Alley

Nikolyn McDonald

Beth Phifer - Machinery Art

Machinery Art

Beth Phifer

Paul Foutz - Iron Giant

Iron Giant

Paul Foutz

Fei A - Angle


Fei A

Liane Wright - Air - The Cockpit -...
Lyric Lucas - Remains Of The Day

Remains Of The Day

Lyric Lucas

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - City Works

City Works

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

F Icarus - Rusty chicago bridge
Daniel Furon - To Build a Reflection
Lyric Lucas - Tires


Lyric Lucas

Graham Moore - Tower Bridge detail

Tower Bridge detail

Graham Moore

Daniel Furon - Nocturnal Parade

Nocturnal Parade

Daniel Furon

Greg Kluempers - Mosaic Warehouse Windows...
Larry Jost - Square Chain Links
Olivier Le Queinec - Three Sisters

Three Sisters

Olivier Le Queinec

Gary Warnimont -  Reno Retro Lighting One
June Pryor - Propeller


June Pryor

Jeffrey Bess - Grapple


Jeffrey Bess

Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 2

Industrial Suite - 2


Charlie Brock - Cotter Pin

Cotter Pin

Charlie Brock

Beth Phifer - Gears of History

Gears of History

Beth Phifer

Steve Karol - Down the Right track 2
Jerry Fornarotto - Machine Shop

Machine Shop

Jerry Fornarotto

Steven Bateson - Industrial Arts

Industrial Arts

Steven Bateson

Franziskus Pfleghart - Who Controls You?

Who Controls You?

Franziskus Pfleghart

Susanne Baumann - Vehicles


Susanne Baumann

Bill Jonas - Spectral Junk

Spectral Junk

Bill Jonas

Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 3

Industrial Suite - 3


Colleen Kammerer - The Factory

The Factory

Colleen Kammerer

Timothy Lowry - Koreshan State Park...