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Long Exposure



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Bahadir Yeniceri


United Kingdom

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This group was started on November 10th, 2013 and currently has:


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Long Exposure

About This Group

The rendering of light, time and/or motion in photography.

This means that you should only submit images where there is visible motion (something has motion blur, star trails, light painting, etc) or there was a significantly long exposure required of a still scene.

Featured Images

Bahadir Yeniceri - Deserted Lighthouse

Deserted Lighthouse

Bahadir Yeniceri

Mihai Andritoiu - Lower Manhattan at dusk

Lower Manhattan at dusk

Mihai Andritoiu

Mihai Andritoiu - Transalpina


Mihai Andritoiu

Bahadir Yeniceri - Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

Bahadir Yeniceri

Mihai Andritoiu - Dreams of Desolation

Dreams of Desolation

Mihai Andritoiu

Alexis Birkill - Shuksan Star Trails

Shuksan Star Trails

Alexis Birkill

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Watkins Glen Rainbow...

Watkins Glen Rainbow...

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Dragos Ioneanu - The magic bridge

The magic bridge

Dragos Ioneanu

James Souter - Rush Hour

Rush Hour

James Souter

Dragos Ioneanu - Shape of smoke

Shape of smoke

Dragos Ioneanu

Ben Anderson - Shasta Trials

Shasta Trials

Ben Anderson

Dan Sproul - Laurel Falls In Great...
Patrick Jacquet - Divonne river source

Divonne river source

Patrick Jacquet

Nick Carter - Old Town Bridge

Old Town Bridge

Nick Carter

Bahadir Yeniceri - Star Trails

Star Trails

Bahadir Yeniceri

Luis Alvarenga - Big Ben

Big Ben

Luis Alvarenga

Lane Erickson - Lower Yellowstone Falls...
Luis Alvarenga - Dublin at night

Dublin at night

Luis Alvarenga

James Drake - Fireworks over the York...
Giorgio Perich - Bridge over troubled...
Bahadir Yeniceri - Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Bahadir Yeniceri

Sven Brogren - Colorful fountain at...
Marty Saccone - Velvet Surf

Velvet Surf

Marty Saccone

Anne Gilbert - Golden Blur

Golden Blur

Anne Gilbert

Johnny Adolphson - Forgotten Relics

Forgotten Relics

Johnny Adolphson

Helen Hotson - Porth Nanven Cove

Porth Nanven Cove

Helen Hotson

Helen Hotson - The Crowns Iconic Tin...
Bahadir Yeniceri - Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Bahadir Yeniceri