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Lyric Lucas

New Jersey, NJ

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on March 24th, 2014 and currently has:


214 Members


1,389 Images


41 Discussions

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About This Group

This group celebrates Minimalism in Art! Dramatic in its simplicity using reduced subject matter, colors, or shapes that stand alone and have clean lines. Keep the image very simple, no busy images or cluttered images!

No nudity or violent images.

All media welcome! Please only 2 images per day!

Minimalism is mainly an American movement in the visual arts originating in New York City in the late 1960s and characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach. Minimalistic art is widely exhibited in the galleries of contemporary art in America.

For guidance please Google 'Minimalism Art' images!

To be fair to the other members I will have to delete images that do not meet the above description, however that does not mean in any way that your art work was not good kjust that it didn't fit the description.

No nudity or violent images! Keep it family friendly!

I host a variety of contests to showcase artistic subjects that sometimes go unnoticed.

Hope you will join this group and have fun!

COLLECTORS...this is just a sample of the talented and creative artists in this group! Be sure to click on the 'IMAGES' tab at the top of the page to find more excellent art and artists!

Winners of the In House Minimalism Floral contest.
Showcased 7/16/14 - 7/24/14

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Featured Images

James Aiken - Lines and Triangles
James Aiken - Minimalist Lines 1

Minimalist Lines 1

James Aiken

James Aiken - Minimalist Lines 2

Minimalist Lines 2

James Aiken

Daniel Furon - Above Mean Sea Level
Karol  Livote - Motoring Sail

Motoring Sail

Karol Livote

Allan Van Gasbeck - Seaside Stranger

Seaside Stranger

Allan Van Gasbeck

Diana Ludet - No. 80

No. 80

Diana Ludet

Daniel Furon - Oil Drop

Oil Drop

Daniel Furon

Lin Haring - No Exit

No Exit

Lin Haring

Christie Morgans - Like a Kite

Like a Kite

Christie Morgans

Vivian ANDERSON - Rear Window

Rear Window


Wendy Wilton - Overhead


Wendy Wilton

Vivian ANDERSON - Warp-Weft



Ioanna Papanikolaou - Sunny Saturday

Sunny Saturday

Ioanna Papanikolaou

Terry DeLuco - Barnegat Lighthouse NJ
Michele Steffey - Footprints In The Sand

Footprints In The Sand

Michele Steffey

Terry DeLuco - Vintage Reed Jersey Shore
Lyric Lucas - Ethereal


Lyric Lucas

James Welch - Green Streak Of Hope For...
Charline Xia - Prairie Sky

Prairie Sky

Charline Xia

Thomas Carroll - Vertical Long Boards II
Andrew Chianese - Turning Days are Done

Turning Days are Done

Andrew Chianese

Andrei SKY - Sky calligraphy

Sky calligraphy

Andrei SKY

Tom Druin - Curvature 5...shadows
Val Arie - Thunder Moon

Thunder Moon

Val Arie

Doug Wilton  - Coiled


Doug Wilton

Lyric Lucas - Dooney Duck 1

Dooney Duck 1

Lyric Lucas

Marc Konowitz - Arboreal Solitude

Arboreal Solitude

Marc Konowitz

Thomas Carroll - Crossing Steel

Crossing Steel

Thomas Carroll

Vivian ANDERSON - Tumbleweed



Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Glass hood

Glass hood

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

James Aiken - Twisted


James Aiken

Ksenia Voeykova - Diffusion


Ksenia Voeykova

Thomas Carroll - Diagonal II

Diagonal II

Thomas Carroll

Vivian ANDERSON - Gumnuts-5 B-W

Gumnuts-5 B-W


Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Lonely Cedar Tree -...

Lonely Cedar Tree -...

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Ramona Johnston - Solitude


Ramona Johnston

Tom Druin - Hole in one

Hole in one

Tom Druin

Elizabeth Dow - Sunrise Over the Atlantic
Allan Van Gasbeck - Long Beach North Pastel

Long Beach North Pastel

Allan Van Gasbeck

Jackie Schuknecht - Simplicity


Jackie Schuknecht

Sora Neva - Eros and Cosmos - back...
Eva Kato - Serenity


Eva Kato

Allan Van Gasbeck - Plovers in a Row

Plovers in a Row

Allan Van Gasbeck

Kris Hiemstra - Water Dancers

Water Dancers

Kris Hiemstra

Niels Nielsen - Abstract 2

Abstract 2

Niels Nielsen

Lisa Knechtel - Alone


Lisa Knechtel

Charline Xia - Eternity


Charline Xia

Lisa Holland-Gillem - The Gull and the Moon

The Gull and the Moon

Lisa Holland-Gillem

John Bennett - All
Cecily Mitchell - Universal Love

Universal Love

Cecily Mitchell

Fei A - Shooting Star
Ksenia Voeykova - Dots transition

Dots transition

Ksenia Voeykova

Lisa Knechtel - Dawn Breaks the Silence
Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Sailing


Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Jan Bickerton - Paper Boat

Paper Boat

Jan Bickerton

Karol  Livote - Goose Abstract

Goose Abstract

Karol Livote

Robert Riordan - Rails-From a Rolling...
Lisa Knechtel - Magical Bokeh

Magical Bokeh

Lisa Knechtel

Eva Kato - Weed Trilogy

Weed Trilogy

Eva Kato

Fei A - Shadow and Shape No.119...
John Illingworth - Yellow Line

Yellow Line

John Illingworth

Karin Ravasio - Black flowers

Black flowers

Karin Ravasio

Ken Keller - Yellow Sky

Yellow Sky

Ken Keller

Robert Riordan - Wall Shadows

Wall Shadows

Robert Riordan

Candee Lucas - A Crack In The Sky

A Crack In The Sky

Candee Lucas

Nina Stavlund - Spiritualism in Nature...
Lin Haring - The Hardest Word

The Hardest Word

Lin Haring

Matthias Hauser - Avenue with row of trees...
Bob Christopher - Dune


Bob Christopher

Attila Simon - Pylons


Attila Simon

Lali Kacharava - Midday on the sea

Midday on the sea

Lali Kacharava

Attila Simon - Stillness


Attila Simon

Jouko Lehto - Ballerina as old drawing
Judi Bagwell - Leaves on Linen

Leaves on Linen

Judi Bagwell

Lali Kacharava - Meadow


Lali Kacharava

Lali Kacharava - Onions


Lali Kacharava

John Illingworth - Geometry 2

Geometry 2

John Illingworth

Binka Kirova - Think Green

Think Green

Binka Kirova

Ramona Johnston - Symmetry


Ramona Johnston

Kellice Swaggerty - The Jewel

The Jewel

Kellice Swaggerty

Karol  Livote - Bottle Up

Bottle Up

Karol Livote

Thomas Carroll - Blue Wavelength 490H

Blue Wavelength 490H

Thomas Carroll

Randy Pollard - Moon Risen

Moon Risen

Randy Pollard

Lin Haring - Sleeping Dog

Sleeping Dog

Lin Haring

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Streets Of Montreal -...

Streets Of Montreal -...

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko - Golden Snake

Golden Snake

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko

Steve Stephenson - Smoking Finger

Smoking Finger

Steve Stephenson

The Hexagonal - London Sky and Airplane I
Claudio Bacinello - Xiling Bridge

Xiling Bridge

Claudio Bacinello

Tomas Hudolin - Minimalism


Tomas Hudolin

Mark Victors - Crystal Crack Close Up
Steven Schwartzman - Sand Dunes and Dark...

Sand Dunes and Dark...

Steven Schwartzman

Bill  Wakeley - Piping Plover

Piping Plover

Bill Wakeley

Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Sliver - a crescent moon...

Sliver - a crescent moon...

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Fei A - Shape No.117 B W Version
Candee Lucas - 1881


Candee Lucas

Nick Kloepping - Dew Bead

Dew Bead

Nick Kloepping

Lyric Lucas - Chained Sheeting

Chained Sheeting

Lyric Lucas

Karol  Livote - Double Goose

Double Goose

Karol Livote

Thomas Carroll -  Waikikie Boards I

Waikikie Boards I

Thomas Carroll

Vivian ANDERSON - Eclipse



Ken Keller - Lit


Ken Keller

Felicia Tica - Vintage Window

Vintage Window

Felicia Tica

John Illingworth - Fence


John Illingworth

Tom Druin - Raw Steel...exhausted
Thomas Carroll - Harmony 382-1

Harmony 382-1

Thomas Carroll

Karol  Livote - Pier Reflects As One
Thomas Carroll - Diagonal


Thomas Carroll

Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Straining Sails - black...

Straining Sails - black...

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Carlos Vieira - This Room Smells Good

This Room Smells Good

Carlos Vieira

Evan Steenson - Source Code for...

Source Code for...

Evan Steenson

Tomas Hudolin - Corridor


Tomas Hudolin

Ramona Johnston - Camel Thorn

Camel Thorn

Ramona Johnston

Alec Drake - Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird

Alec Drake

Vivian ANDERSON - Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet Ride


Steven Schwartzman - Texas Thistle Bud

Texas Thistle Bud

Steven Schwartzman

Tomas Hudolin - Bridge


Tomas Hudolin

Kevin McLaughlin - City Stair

City Stair

Kevin McLaughlin

Denise Fulmer - Book Poetry From Within
Vivian ANDERSON - Gumnuts - 5

Gumnuts - 5


Carol Sullivan - Abstract 173

Abstract 173

Carol Sullivan

Joel Robinson - No. 34

No. 34

Joel Robinson

Lyric Lucas - Dark Wave

Dark Wave

Lyric Lucas

Ramona Johnston - Curves


Ramona Johnston

Jani Freimann - Linear Abstract...

Linear Abstract...

Jani Freimann

Cathal Lindsay - Bluescape


Cathal Lindsay

Cathal Lindsay - Brownscape


Cathal Lindsay

Felicia Tica - Just after the rain

Just after the rain

Felicia Tica

Robert Woodward - Sundial Bridge And...

Sundial Bridge And...

Robert Woodward

Lali Kacharava - Star Is Born

Star Is Born

Lali Kacharava

Daniel Furon - Rubber Effect

Rubber Effect

Daniel Furon

Fred Wilson  - Pear


Fred Wilson

Steven Schwartzman - Southern Shield Fern

Southern Shield Fern

Steven Schwartzman

Ken Keller - Pier


Ken Keller

Ken Walker - Cantaloupe Island
Vivian ANDERSON - Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out


Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Water angel

Water angel

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko - Unwanted Memories

Unwanted Memories

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko

Alexander Senin - Fly On A Wall

Fly On A Wall

Alexander Senin

First Star Art  - Jammer Cosmos 008

Jammer Cosmos 008

First Star Art

Cecily Mitchell - Sleep


Cecily Mitchell

Carlos Vieira - Noon Moon

Noon Moon

Carlos Vieira

Steven Ralser - Clasp


Steven Ralser

Carlos Vieira - Good Evening

Good Evening

Carlos Vieira

Fei A - Self Comfort
Holly Picano - Good Egg

Good Egg

Holly Picano

Dotti Hannum - Pastels


Dotti Hannum

Marc Freislinger - Hawks


Marc Freislinger

Debbie Oppermann - Blade Of Grass Abstract

Blade Of Grass Abstract

Debbie Oppermann

Cathal Lindsay - Redscape


Cathal Lindsay

Linda L  Brobeck - Farewell


Linda L Brobeck

Lyric Lucas - Red And Black

Red And Black

Lyric Lucas

Debbie Oppermann - Fireworks In The Water

Fireworks In The Water

Debbie Oppermann

Ken Keller - A Void

A Void

Ken Keller

Andee Photography - Radiant Orchid And Black...

Radiant Orchid And Black...

Andee Photography

Zeljko Dozet - Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

Zeljko Dozet

Steven Schwartzman - Willow Leaf Spiral

Willow Leaf Spiral

Steven Schwartzman

Fei A - Will Connection
Inge Riis McDonald - Textures


Inge Riis McDonald

Brian Carson - Subway Music Lawrence...
Yordanka Karalamova - Hold the emptiness

Hold the emptiness

Yordanka Karalamova

Lyric Lucas - Pearl Earring

Pearl Earring

Lyric Lucas

Val Arie - Ropes


Val Arie

Ramona Johnston - Skeleton Tree

Skeleton Tree

Ramona Johnston

Joy Hardee - Timeless Zen

Timeless Zen

Joy Hardee

Conor OBrien - Urban Typography Piece #4
Karin Ravasio - Evening light

Evening light

Karin Ravasio

Dorothy Pinder - Sitting in the Clouds

Sitting in the Clouds

Dorothy Pinder

Suzy Ferriss - Mosaic


Suzy Ferriss

Dotti Hannum - Minimalist


Dotti Hannum

Debbie Oppermann - Icicle Art - On Black

Icicle Art - On Black

Debbie Oppermann

Zeljko Dozet - Discretion


Zeljko Dozet

Conor OBrien - Urban Typography Piece #3
AndReaS KoVaR - 08206 Rot 01

08206 Rot 01

AndReaS KoVaR

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Agave


Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Vivian ANDERSON - Red Running On Empty

Red Running On Empty


Robert Riordan - Black on White

Black on White

Robert Riordan

Val Arie - Night Flight

Night Flight

Val Arie

Fei A - Decision


Fei A

Conor OBrien - Urban Typography Piece #1
Andee Photography - Falling For You

Falling For You

Andee Photography

Anne Gilbert - Blue Rain

Blue Rain

Anne Gilbert

Steve Stephenson - Rose Pink

Rose Pink

Steve Stephenson

Carlos Vieira - Skirting


Carlos Vieira

Steven Schwartzman - Cattail Leaf Turning...

Cattail Leaf Turning...

Steven Schwartzman

Andrei SKY - Etude in red

Etude in red

Andrei SKY

AndReaS KoVaR - 08065 Power 02

08065 Power 02

AndReaS KoVaR

Lyric Lucas - Other World

Other World

Lyric Lucas

Eva Kato - Pacific Sunset
Robert Riordan - Corner Of

Corner Of

Robert Riordan

Andee Photography - Snow And Black Ice

Snow And Black Ice

Andee Photography

Conor OBrien - Bubbles


Conor OBrien

Inge Riis McDonald - Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Inge Riis McDonald

Michael Dillon - Reproduction


Michael Dillon

Denise Fulmer - Bird In Flight

Bird In Flight

Denise Fulmer

Dorothy Pinder - Wings


Dorothy Pinder

Sarah Batalka - Old Trumpet

Old Trumpet

Sarah Batalka

David Smith - Drift


David Smith

AGeekonaBike Photography - Winter Zen

Winter Zen

AGeekonaBike Photography

Alexander Senin - Crack


Alexander Senin

Anne Gilbert - Out of Line

Out of Line

Anne Gilbert

Steven Schwartzman - Rain-Lily Bud

Rain-Lily Bud

Steven Schwartzman

Francis Sullivan - Paw Paw Buds

Paw Paw Buds

Francis Sullivan

Joy Hardee - Miss Lonely Heart
Bob Christopher - Stairs In Santorini

Stairs In Santorini

Bob Christopher

Olivier Le Queinec - Simplicity


Olivier Le Queinec

Joy Bradley - Female Mallard Portrait
Irina Hays - Curves


Irina Hays

Lyn Voytershark - Street Light Beige -...

Street Light Beige -...

Lyn Voytershark

Irina Hays - Pond


Irina Hays

Lyric Lucas - Pod And Shadow

Pod And Shadow

Lyric Lucas

Felicia Tica - Redolence


Felicia Tica

Diana Dimitrova - Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful

Diana Dimitrova

Elena Hasnas - Feather


Elena Hasnas

Clare Bevan - The Simple Poppy

The Simple Poppy

Clare Bevan

Thomas Carroll - Skyscraper


Thomas Carroll

AndReaS KoVaR - 08068 Power 05

08068 Power 05

AndReaS KoVaR

Steven Schwartzman - Passionflower Tendril

Passionflower Tendril

Steven Schwartzman

Inge Riis McDonald - Spring Green

Spring Green

Inge Riis McDonald

Donal Waites - Gull


Donal Waites

Kaye Menner - Light - Droplets -...
Matthias Hauser - Fir tree and lots of...

Fir tree and lots of...

Matthias Hauser

Barbara S Nickerson - Adrift


Barbara S Nickerson

Bob Christopher - Into The Mystic 5

Into The Mystic 5

Bob Christopher

Binka Kirova - Hankering


Binka Kirova

Nina Stavlund - The Gray Hours...

The Gray Hours...

Nina Stavlund

Andreas Thust - New Day Coming

New Day Coming

Andreas Thust

Lyric Lucas - Pod On Concrete

Pod On Concrete

Lyric Lucas

Timothy Lowry - Chain


Timothy Lowry

Steven Ralser - Shadws parliament house
Bill Wagner - Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle

Bill Wagner

Marty Saccone - Into the Foggy Night

Into the Foggy Night

Marty Saccone

Ethna Gillespie - 18


Ethna Gillespie

Rona Black - Sky Box at The Getty



Claudio Bacinello - A Bright New Day

A Bright New Day

Claudio Bacinello