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Mississippi Artists



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Karl Wagner

Boyle, MS

United States

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This group was started on April 23rd, 2012 and currently has:

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Mississippi Artists

About This Group

Open to any and all mediums from artists of the Magnolia State, Mississippi.

Featured Images

Ron Monroe - Sam


Ron Monroe

Kathy K McClellan - The Mariner In The Bay

The Mariner In The Bay

Kathy K McClellan

J Durr Wise - Frostop


J Durr Wise

Ron Monroe - Three Eagles

Three Eagles

Ron Monroe

Jim Hendrix - Faulkner Alley

Faulkner Alley

Jim Hendrix

Joan McCool - Watercolor Tulp

Watercolor Tulp

Joan McCool

Karen Cassels - Dragon


Karen Cassels

Stan  Smith - Cloud Bridge

Cloud Bridge

Stan Smith

T Lowry Wilson - Sunrise in the South

Sunrise in the South

T Lowry Wilson

Stan  Smith - Ile of Capri

Ile of Capri

Stan Smith

Joseph Baril - Golden Fur Lioness

Golden Fur Lioness

Joseph Baril

Mike Nellums - Starfish Flower

Starfish Flower

Mike Nellums

Mike Nellums - Anthurium


Mike Nellums

Stan  Smith - No Trespassing

No Trespassing

Stan Smith

Stan  Smith - Natchez Spring

Natchez Spring

Stan Smith

Karen Cassels - Horse


Karen Cassels

Teresa Dunlap - Friendship


Teresa Dunlap

Joseph Baril - Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God

Joseph Baril

Joseph Baril - Fizzin


Joseph Baril

Joseph Baril - Splatter


Joseph Baril

Joseph Baril - Reflections Of Time

Reflections Of Time

Joseph Baril

Teresa Dunlap - Horse at Barn

Horse at Barn

Teresa Dunlap

Joan McCool - Sit a Spell

Sit a Spell

Joan McCool

Joseph Baril - Roaring Fire

Roaring Fire

Joseph Baril

Joseph Baril - Enchanted Lioness

Enchanted Lioness

Joseph Baril

Phebe Smith - A Mess of Greens

A Mess of Greens

Phebe Smith

Terri Cowart - First Snow

First Snow

Terri Cowart

Brian Wright - Reflecting sunset

Reflecting sunset

Brian Wright

Terri Cowart - Country Road

Country Road

Terri Cowart

Ron Monroe - Compassion


Ron Monroe

Teresa Dunlap - The Dock

The Dock

Teresa Dunlap

Jenny Hall - Howlin Wolf

Howlin Wolf

Jenny Hall

Jenny Hall - William Faulkner

William Faulkner

Jenny Hall

Brian Wright - Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken

Brian Wright

Joseph Baril - Sunny Gator

Sunny Gator

Joseph Baril

Brian Wright - Magnolia


Brian Wright

Brian Wright - Blue hour dawn

Blue hour dawn

Brian Wright

Terri Cowart - The Plaza

The Plaza

Terri Cowart

Teresa Dunlap - Iris


Teresa Dunlap

Jeremy Johnson - Faded Day

Faded Day

Jeremy Johnson

Brian Wright - Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way

Brian Wright

Brian Wright - Journey Through

Journey Through

Brian Wright

Teresa Dunlap - Schwabachers Sunrise

Schwabachers Sunrise

Teresa Dunlap

Joseph Baril - Sponged


Joseph Baril

Teresa Dunlap - Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia

Teresa Dunlap

Ron Monroe - Scoob in Art Pen

Scoob in Art Pen

Ron Monroe

Ron Monroe - The Native

The Native

Ron Monroe

Patricia Neely-Dorsey - The Softer Side of Life

The Softer Side of Life

Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Teresa Dunlap - Waterfall


Teresa Dunlap

Ron Monroe - Wet in Art Pen

Wet in Art Pen

Ron Monroe

Jim Albritton - Stadium Sunset

Stadium Sunset

Jim Albritton

Teresa Dunlap - Swallowtail On Lilac

Swallowtail On Lilac

Teresa Dunlap

Patricia Neely-Dorsey - Mississippi


Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Teresa Dunlap - Snow Lake Fireworks

Snow Lake Fireworks

Teresa Dunlap

Brian Wright - Progression


Brian Wright

Brian Wright - Night shift

Night shift

Brian Wright

Beth  Spayde - One Hot Ride

One Hot Ride

Beth Spayde

Jim Albritton - Mississippi III

Mississippi III

Jim Albritton

Teresa Dunlap - Texaco Station

Texaco Station

Teresa Dunlap

Teresa Dunlap - Night Court

Night Court

Teresa Dunlap

Brian Wright - Peaceful Beauty

Peaceful Beauty

Brian Wright

Brian Wright - Solitude


Brian Wright

Karen Wagner - At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads

Karen Wagner