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Quintessentially British



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Richard Reeve

West Chester, PA

United States

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Quintessentially British

About This Group

Quintessentially British ...
What does the term Britain conjure up for you? Classic icons such as the Mini, Beefeaters, Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), The London Eye, or maybe the more mundane, like the Chopper Bike, Marmite or Wellies? Perhaps you think of strawberries at Wimbledon, tea in a cup or mug, pork pies, bangers and mash or a pint of Flowers or Boddingtons? Or maybe portraits are your thing - the The Beatles, The Stones, or even Oscar Wilde? Who knows, just let your imagination flow and see what you have got!

I hope this will be a fun group and you do not have to be British, or based in the United Kingdon (UK) or its constituent parts: England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, to be a member. Your image does not have to even be taken in Great Britain but it does have to be relevant to this group, representing something quintessential about being British.

Note: For those of you that seem to struggle with the concept - Ireland (Eire) is NOT part of Britain, although Northern Ireland (Ulster) is.

Note: If there is no obvious connection please put something meaningful in the image description so I can see it is appropriate, otherwise I will reject it.

And, as we used to say back in Essex - No filth -, obviously.

Upload your relevant images of what it means to be Quintessentially British here for us all to enjoy.

Update 1: Please be selective in your choices of images to upload. I am looking for quality, quirky and quintessential not just quantity and I reserve the right to reject or remove any image whatsoever, especially if I think someone is taking the p__s.

Update 2: Any image uploaded will also be manually pinned by me to the Quintessentially British pinterest board if you have that FAA setting selected.

Update 3: I am starting to get annoyed by some members who insist on submitting images unrelated to this fairly simple, and wide-ranging group theme. Such images will be removed from the group and repeated disregard for the rules will result in expulsion,. Come on folks, it's not THAT difficult.



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Featured Images

Richard Reeve - Dalek Pop Art

Dalek Pop Art

Richard Reeve

Ryan Ladbrook - London Buses

London Buses

Ryan Ladbrook

David Davies - Beach Hut

Beach Hut

David Davies

Stephen Stookey - United Colors of Big Ben

United Colors of Big Ben

Stephen Stookey

Richard Reeve - Fox on the Roof

Fox on the Roof

Richard Reeve

Diane Macdonald - Scotish Parliament

Scotish Parliament

Diane Macdonald

Diane Macdonald - Bridge at Rothiemay

Bridge at Rothiemay

Diane Macdonald

Diane Macdonald - Peace in Glen Clova

Peace in Glen Clova

Diane Macdonald

Richard Reeve - Offshore Lines

Offshore Lines

Richard Reeve

Diane Macdonald - Odd One Out

Odd One Out

Diane Macdonald

Diane Macdonald - Neist Point

Neist Point

Diane Macdonald

David French - Banksy Street Art

Banksy Street Art

David French

Indigo Roth - Scarlet Influence

Scarlet Influence

Indigo Roth

Shirley Miller - English Village

English Village

Shirley Miller

Andrew Read - Winter In Ashford

Winter In Ashford

Andrew Read

Shirley Miller - Red Stag at dusk

Red Stag at dusk

Shirley Miller

Indigo Roth - Iron and Stone

Iron and Stone

Indigo Roth

Ifourdezign - A Little Bit Foxy

A Little Bit Foxy


Shirley Miller - Whitby Harbour

Whitby Harbour

Shirley Miller

Elaine Jones - Spitfire


Elaine Jones

Jan Bickerton - Winter Morning

Winter Morning

Jan Bickerton

Nigel Jones - One o

One o'clock Cannon

Nigel Jones

Matthew Bruce - Curiously British

Curiously British

Matthew Bruce

Denise Mazzocco - Picturesque Cottage

Picturesque Cottage

Denise Mazzocco

Shirley Miller - The Castle Keep

The Castle Keep

Shirley Miller

Shirley Miller - Lavenham Timber

Lavenham Timber

Shirley Miller

Delphimages Photo Creations - So british

So british

Delphimages Photo Creations

Delphimages Photo Creations - London street creation

London street creation

Delphimages Photo Creations

Nigel Jones - Isolated Cathedral

Isolated Cathedral

Nigel Jones

Stuart Gennery - Westminster Sunset

Westminster Sunset

Stuart Gennery

Andy Beattie Photography - Tower Bridge the dolphin and the girl

Tower Bridge the dolphin and the girl

Andy Beattie Photography

Lance Vaughn - London 112

London 112

Lance Vaughn

Anne Gilbert - Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Anne Gilbert

Renee Trenholm - A Portmeirion Tea

A Portmeirion Tea

Renee Trenholm

Adam Pender - Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Adam Pender


Misty Sunrise

I'ina Van Lawick

Anne Gilbert - Leafy Lane

Leafy Lane

Anne Gilbert

Mike  Jeffries - SHMD Daimler

SHMD Daimler

Mike Jeffries

Simon Clare - Artistic Voyeurism

Artistic Voyeurism

Simon Clare

Russell Pheasey - Sumptuous Strawberries

Sumptuous Strawberries

Russell Pheasey

Paul Howarth - Stay in Touch

Stay in Touch

Paul Howarth

Paul Holman - Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Paul Holman

Terry Beecher - Longboat


Terry Beecher

Eric Tressler - Quarter to One

Quarter to One

Eric Tressler

Mark Howard Jones - Major Nichols

Major Nichols

Mark Howard Jones

RG McMahon - Jaguar X K 140

Jaguar X K 140

RG McMahon

Kyleigh Hill - Gun Salute

Gun Salute

Kyleigh Hill

Joan Carroll - Blue Eye

Blue Eye

Joan Carroll

John Chatterley - Doorway Detail

Doorway Detail

John Chatterley

Anne Gilbert - Cam Long Down

Cam Long Down

Anne Gilbert

ID Goodall - Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd

ID Goodall

Holly Georgina McQuoid - Big City

Big City

Holly Georgina McQuoid

Lance Vaughn - London 127

London 127

Lance Vaughn

Robert Sweeney - Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Robert Sweeney

Mike  Jeffries - Scotsman at Kingswear

Scotsman at Kingswear

Mike Jeffries

Ann Horn - Big Ben

Big Ben

Ann Horn

Lance Vaughn - Classic Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper

Lance Vaughn

Sally Weigand - Red Phone Booths

Red Phone Booths

Sally Weigand

RG McMahon - Austin Healey

Austin Healey

RG McMahon

Richard Reeve - British Sandcastle

British Sandcastle

Richard Reeve

Joan Carroll - The Flag Flies

The Flag Flies

Joan Carroll