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Stone sculpture



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Shimon Drory



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This group was started on September 16th, 2013 and currently has:


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Stone sculpture

About This Group

A group to share the love of stone carving

Featured Images

Barry Lamont - i phone cases   the Fred...
Barry Lamont - i phone cases    the...
Bob Christopher - Sculpture Olympia 2

Sculpture Olympia 2

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Egypt Luxor Temple...

Egypt Luxor Temple...

Bob Christopher

Barry Lamont - The power struggle

The power struggle

Barry Lamont

Joanne Main - Pharoah


Joanne Main

Barry Lamont - A little re-assurance
Bob Christopher - Greek Sculpture Athens 1

Greek Sculpture Athens 1

Bob Christopher

Barry Lamont - Kaa

Kaa's folly

Barry Lamont

Barry Lamont - Sagara and Mani

Sagara and Mani

Barry Lamont

Stefano Senise - Roman Lovers

Roman Lovers

Stefano Senise

Barry Lamont - Squally


Barry Lamont

Joanne Main - Tomb Guardian

Tomb Guardian

Joanne Main

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Peace


Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Joe Jake Pratt - Storage Island

Storage Island

Joe Jake Pratt

Stefano Senise - Painting the Colosseum

Painting the Colosseum

Stefano Senise

Stefano Senise - Moses


Stefano Senise

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 13

Easter Island 13

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 16

Easter Island 16

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 12

Easter Island 12

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 9

Easter Island 9

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 11

Easter Island 11

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 7

Easter Island 7

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 5

Easter Island 5

Bob Christopher

Stefano Senise - Low angle view of the...
Stefano Senise - Sunset in Rome

Sunset in Rome

Stefano Senise

Lonzo Lucas Jr - Mi Familia

Mi Familia

Lonzo Lucas Jr

Stefano Senise - Vintage photo of Coliseum
Joe Jake Pratt - Keep Out

Keep Out

Joe Jake Pratt

Stefano Senise - Sphinx of Gizeh and the...
Stefano Senise - Equestrian statue at...
Stefano Senise - Sun Panorama

Sun Panorama

Stefano Senise

Stefano Senise - Ancient wood church door...
Stefano Senise - The Trevi Fountain - Rome
Stefano Senise - Neptune Statue

Neptune Statue

Stefano Senise

Stefano Senise - The Roman Forum in the...
Stefano Senise - Angel and Cross

Angel and Cross

Stefano Senise

Joe Jake Pratt - Left Behind

Left Behind

Joe Jake Pratt

Stefano Senise - Colosseum at Night

Colosseum at Night

Stefano Senise

Stefano Senise - Angel and Roman Baroque
Stefano Senise - Sphinx


Stefano Senise

Stefano Senise - Ancient marble sculpture...
Stefano Senise - Moais of Easter Island
Joe Jake Pratt - 13th DAY OF CHRISTMAS


Joe Jake Pratt

Joe Jake Pratt - Got Troubles

Got Troubles

Joe Jake Pratt

Jean Hall - Civil War Soldier
Jean Hall - Angel of Number Eight
Jean Hall - Medusa Mosaic

Medusa Mosaic

Jean Hall

Shimon Drory - Expectation


Shimon Drory

Jean Hall - Madonna of the Wall
Karen and Lonzo Lucas - The Melding

The Melding

Karen and Lonzo Lucas

Greg  Betsworth - Kentucky Cave Ceiling

Kentucky Cave Ceiling

Greg Betsworth

Stefanos Garland Koukoulomatis Glaufx - Sea


Stefanos Garland Koukoulomatis Glaufx

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Golden Image

Golden Image

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Jean Hall - Saint Somebody

Saint Somebody

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Twin Angels

Twin Angels

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Mercury in Paris
Lonzo Lucas Jr - Freedom


Lonzo Lucas Jr

Bob Christopher - Rape Of Sabine Women

Rape Of Sabine Women

Bob Christopher

Shimon Drory - Amnon and Tamar

Amnon and Tamar

Shimon Drory

Jean Hall - Diana on the Wall
Jean Hall - Good Morning Paris
Jean Hall - Designed by Angels
Bob Christopher - Face At Banyon Ankor Wat...
Bob Christopher - Fountain In Florence...

Fountain In Florence...

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Catholic Statuary

Catholic Statuary

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Stone Figures Cambodia

Stone Figures Cambodia

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Fountain Detail Florence...
Bob Christopher - Pope John Paul 2 Italy

Pope John Paul 2 Italy

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - The Pieta

The Pieta

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Sculpture In Rome

Sculpture In Rome

Bob Christopher

Jean Hall - Notre Dame de Paris
Bob Christopher - Statues In Rome

Statues In Rome

Bob Christopher

Jean Hall - Martyrs

Martyrs' Square

Jean Hall

Rona Black - Ever Vigilant

Ever Vigilant

Rona Black

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Temple of the Warriors

Temple of the Warriors

Nigel Fletcher-Jones