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Abstract Expressionism



Group Administrator

Bradley Carter

Wilmington, NC

United States

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This group was started on June 28th, 2013 and currently has:


521 Members


2,921 Images


154 Discussions

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Abstract Expressionism

About This Group

The focus of this group is Abstract Expressionism with it's primary focus on Abstract Painting. Other Mediums may be submitted but they must be Superior in their interpretation of Abstract Expression that the medium is becomes irrelevant. There are certain elements that seem to define what this category is about. A unique quality of abstract expressionist work is the interrelationships of positive and negative space or the Push and Pull Effect of the subject and the space around said subject. I believe it is best described in this quote by Jackson Pollock, 'The Modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating.'
Background: The artist's growth in pure expressionism developed into the focal point as their interpretations and experience became just as important as the painting itself. As the movement evolved into the 1940's and 50's from such artists as Hoffman and Gorky to the large scale abstracts of De Kooning, Kline, and Pollock with their vigorous gestures of full body movements, defining the first American Art movement. The movement constantly evolved into another phase of large color field Abstract Expressionism with artist such as Newman, Rothko, and Still with their uniform painting field and the monolithic kind of pictorial order.

As there are several Abstract Painting groups on FAA, we will focus on the quality of our images and how they represent Abstract Expressionism within the confines of its history. We will not be captive to this history but we will remain in line with its principles and hopefully further enhance its evolution. Artwork will only be accepted if it meets the standards of Abstract Expressionism seen by it's Curator. Artwork will be featured if it excels in this style.

New Members:
Please introduce yourself to the group when you are ready. Just click on the discussion tab and then click post new topic. Feel free to include images of your work that best represent your style or just a simple hello.
To include images in a post or on another thread:
Click on an image and on the right hand side of the page where the details are listed about the artwork; Title, artist, will see a section called \'Link\' click in the box to highlight and select all. Copy and paste that link into you discussion thread.

If anyone has problems on the page, please email me and we will see if we can get it resolved.

July Feature Winner 3 way tie
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Featured Images

Tracy Male - Summer Sangria

Summer Sangria

Tracy Male

Alan Taylor Jeffries - You Shall Be My Prison

You Shall Be My Prison

Alan Taylor Jeffries

Lutz Baar - Sunset Regatta

Sunset Regatta

Lutz Baar

Vinn Wong - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Vinn Wong

Jim Whalen - The Tempest

The Tempest

Jim Whalen

Olga Zamora - Galaxy


Olga Zamora

Sonja  Zeltner - Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Sonja Zeltner

David Zimmerman - The Center Will Not Hold

The Center Will Not Hold

David Zimmerman

Bradley Carter - Inside his passion

Inside his passion

Bradley Carter

Cliff Spohn - Enso Sun Block

Enso Sun Block

Cliff Spohn

Airton Sobreira - Crossing


Airton Sobreira

Cliff Spohn - Gold


Cliff Spohn

Sonja  Zeltner - Abstract Blue

Abstract Blue

Sonja Zeltner

Sonja  Zeltner - Abstract Grey

Abstract Grey

Sonja Zeltner

Ion vincent DAnu - The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey

Ion vincent DAnu

Studio Tolere - On the Way to the Top

On the Way to the Top

Studio Tolere

Vivian ANDERSON - Abstract 11

Abstract 11


Kathleen Fowler - Emotiva


Kathleen Fowler

Julie Lourenco - Affliction first in...

Affliction first in...

Julie Lourenco

Bradley Carter - Promised


Bradley Carter

Jane Biven - Midnight Train I

Midnight Train I

Jane Biven

Susan Sadoury - Practice # 8

Practice # 8

Susan Sadoury

Diane Fine - Variation


Diane Fine

John Terrell - Transition


John Terrell

Tracy Male - Carnival


Tracy Male

Lutz Baar - Floral Abstraction
Lutz Baar - Blue Winds

Blue Winds

Lutz Baar

Paige Barth - Abstract20132013


Paige Barth

Thelma Zambrano - Acuerdos


Thelma Zambrano

Thelma Zambrano - Desafio


Thelma Zambrano

Lisa Burke - Not Named Yet

Not Named Yet

Lisa Burke

Jess  Lazarchik - Human Traffic

Human Traffic

Jess Lazarchik

Jess  Lazarchik - Night Men

Night Men

Jess Lazarchik

Gina Valenti-Lazarchik - ATLANTIS One


Gina Valenti-Lazarchik

Kume Bryant - Bubbles


Kume Bryant

Jess  Lazarchik - Cosmo Mojo

Cosmo Mojo

Jess Lazarchik

Buck Buchheister - 519


Buck Buchheister

Hazel Holland - Imaginary View From...
Caron Sloan Zuger - Aerial Contours 3

Aerial Contours 3

Caron Sloan Zuger

Sora Neva - Conception - The Firebird
John Terrell - Recollections Of A Faded...
Bradley Carter - Carolina Summer

Carolina Summer

Bradley Carter

R W Goetting - Sea against the cliffs
Vivian ANDERSON - Homage to Gary Kendall

Homage to Gary Kendall


Nicole Philippi - Wirbelwind


Nicole Philippi

Diane Fine - Abstract Angles V
Jess  Lazarchik - Mountainvasion


Jess Lazarchik

Hammond - Cocktail Hour
Sonja  Zeltner - Abstract Blue

Abstract Blue

Sonja Zeltner

Cliff Spohn - Dolphant


Cliff Spohn

Greg Davis - Noone Knows

Noone Knows

Greg Davis

Greg Davis - Harmonium


Greg Davis

Cliff Spohn - Le Chat

Le Chat

Cliff Spohn

Jim Whalen - Serendipity-Do-Da
Andrea Ehret - Adrift


Andrea Ehret

Andrea Ehret - Summer days she walks...
Hari Thomas - Cherished Places and...
John  Nolan - Abstract 23614  Diptych ...
Becky Roesler - Blue Corsage

Blue Corsage

Becky Roesler

Kevin Woolgar - Acrylic #3

Acrylic #3

Kevin Woolgar

Jane Biven - Feeling That Way

Feeling That Way

Jane Biven

Jane Biven - Unforgettable


Jane Biven

Bradley Carter - Untold Difference

Untold Difference

Bradley Carter

Hari Thomas - Sun and City

Sun and City

Hari Thomas

Sol Luckman - It
Vivian ANDERSON - Goodbye Donald

Goodbye Donald


Jim Whalen - March Crossing

March Crossing

Jim Whalen

Bradley Carter - Until Tomorrow

Until Tomorrow

Bradley Carter

Denise Beaupre - Abstract


Denise Beaupre

Francine  Zinga - Masked words

Masked words

Francine Zinga

Hari Thomas - Illusions Along the Way
Sonja  Zeltner - Wild Bottles

Wild Bottles

Sonja Zeltner

Sonja  Zeltner - Abstract Blue-purple

Abstract Blue-purple

Sonja Zeltner

Cliff Spohn - Shark Knows

Shark Knows

Cliff Spohn

Cliff Spohn - Practice


Cliff Spohn

Natalie Medina - Dream Big

Dream Big

Natalie Medina

Asha Carolyn Young - Right Place Wrong Time

Right Place Wrong Time

Asha Carolyn Young

Sonja  Zeltner - Abstract Spring

Abstract Spring

Sonja Zeltner

Craig Tinder - Tidal Sunrise Panel 2
Lauren Petit - Jackson Bottom Wet Lands
John  Nolan - Abstract  19614

Abstract 19614

John Nolan

John  Nolan - Abstract  19614 cropped...
Sonja  Zeltner - Rost Korossion

Rost Korossion

Sonja Zeltner

David Faia - Chelsea Summer

Chelsea Summer

David Faia

Sonja  Zeltner - Korossion


Sonja Zeltner

Tolere - Fulcrum 1

Fulcrum 1


Sanford Geuss - Everywhere


Sanford Geuss

Cliff Spohn - Hwy Willem

Hwy Willem

Cliff Spohn

Cliff Spohn - No Inference Intended
David Faia - Underpass


David Faia

Bruce Nutting - Confused


Bruce Nutting

David Zimmerman - Strait Jacket

Strait Jacket

David Zimmerman

EciAm Visual Arts - Insomnia I

Insomnia I

EciAm Visual Arts

Craig Tinder - Splinter Flow

Splinter Flow

Craig Tinder

David Zimmerman - Stone Age By Comparison

Stone Age By Comparison

David Zimmerman

Jack Zulli - Fog Over Midtown

Fog Over Midtown

Jack Zulli

Susan Sadoury - Shadows


Susan Sadoury

Kume Bryant - Tropical Journey

Tropical Journey

Kume Bryant

Buck Buchheister - Surface Tension

Surface Tension

Buck Buchheister

 Tolere - Summer in Bloom Abstract
Tanya Lozano-tul - Ignite


Tanya Lozano-tul

Charlotte Nunn - Undercurrents


Charlotte Nunn

John  Nolan - Abstract 13614

Abstract 13614

John Nolan

Cliff Spohn - Meatier Illogical Cold...
Cliff Spohn - Ron the Rep

Ron the Rep

Cliff Spohn

Jeff Barrett - Supplication


Jeff Barrett

Stefan Kuhn - Fantasy Journey

Fantasy Journey

Stefan Kuhn

Vess Art - Rerum


Vess Art

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Secret Caves..

Secret Caves..

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Olga Zamora - Bouquet


Olga Zamora

Hari Thomas - Laughing Along

Laughing Along

Hari Thomas

Tolere - Going Home

Going Home


Lee Beuther - Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Lee Beuther

Cliff Spohn - Tiny Dancer
Cliff Spohn - 10th Street Bass Hole
Wade Edwards - Bohemian Beats

Bohemian Beats

Wade Edwards

Hari Thomas - Many Steps Every Way
Ana Maria Edulescu - Colors Field In My Dream

Colors Field In My Dream

Ana Maria Edulescu

David Zimmerman - Fried Wires

Fried Wires

David Zimmerman

John L Campbell - Blue Moon 1

Blue Moon 1

John L Campbell

Greg Davis - Biology of the Ego
John L Campbell - Team Work 1

Team Work 1

John L Campbell

Charlotte Nunn - At The Edge Of Beyond

At The Edge Of Beyond

Charlotte Nunn

Kate McTavish - Concept


Kate McTavish

Buck Buchheister - Graffiti Gumbo

Graffiti Gumbo

Buck Buchheister

Vinn Wong - Rhythmic Hour

Rhythmic Hour

Vinn Wong

Bradley Carter - Lyrical


Bradley Carter

David Zimmerman - The Tempest

The Tempest

David Zimmerman

Hari Thomas - Spring Grasses Bring...
Greg Davis - Sf 1950

Sf 1950

Greg Davis

Cliff Spohn - Corona


Cliff Spohn

David Zimmerman - August 2005

August 2005

David Zimmerman

R W Goetting - S. F. Chaos and Chill
Cliff Spohn - Beachcomber


Cliff Spohn

Hari Thomas - Rusty Industrial World
Charlotte Nunn - Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls

Charlotte Nunn

Karyn Robinson - Birth of the Blues 3

Birth of the Blues 3

Karyn Robinson

David Zimmerman - June to July 2005

June to July 2005

David Zimmerman

Cliff Spohn - Go in Post Hole

Go in Post Hole

Cliff Spohn

Evan Steenson - Spirit Duplicator

Spirit Duplicator

Evan Steenson

Buck Buchheister - Network


Buck Buchheister

Jim Whalen - Spring About Town
Karen Butscha - What Was the Question?
Jolanta Anna Karolska - Marine Habitats

Marine Habitats

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Thelma Zambrano - Con el viento en contra I
Ed Becker - Hot Jazz Saturday Night
David Zimmerman - The Battle of Jericho

The Battle of Jericho

David Zimmerman

Paige Barth - Abstract 201405/5

Abstract 201405/5

Paige Barth

Sydne Archambault - The Storm

The Storm

Sydne Archambault

Julie Myers - Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey

Julie Myers

Hazel Holland - Imaginary View From...
Tanya Lozano-tul - Sunkist


Tanya Lozano-tul

Tanya Lozano-tul - Puzzled


Tanya Lozano-tul

Cliff Spohn - Imagine Frogs Bemusement
Cliff Spohn - Akira


Cliff Spohn

Evan Steenson - Coherent Landscape

Coherent Landscape

Evan Steenson

David Zimmerman - Le Printemps

Le Printemps

David Zimmerman

Sarai Art - Chaos


Sarai Art

Annabella Rharbaoui - Nr. 53

Nr. 53

Annabella Rharbaoui

Annabella Rharbaoui - Nr. 50

Nr. 50

Annabella Rharbaoui

Tanya Lozano-tul - Obstacles


Tanya Lozano-tul

Vivian ANDERSON - Luscious Paint - Golden

Luscious Paint - Golden


Kate McTavish - Khaos


Kate McTavish

Becky Chappell - Vine Play

Vine Play

Becky Chappell

Cecelia Rust-Barlow - Blue wire #1

Blue wire #1

Cecelia Rust-Barlow

Cecelia Rust-Barlow - Blue wire #2

Blue wire #2

Cecelia Rust-Barlow

Bradley Carter - Somewhere Over

Somewhere Over

Bradley Carter

Teresa Wegrzyn - Red Poppies

Red Poppies

Teresa Wegrzyn

Becky Chappell - Warm and Cool

Warm and Cool

Becky Chappell

Kevin Schrader - Abstract 0322

Abstract 0322

Kevin Schrader

Janet  Pirozzi - SPL-Stacks


Janet Pirozzi

Clare Bevan - Underwater Ghosts

Underwater Ghosts

Clare Bevan

David Zimmerman - Chutes And Ladders

Chutes And Ladders

David Zimmerman

Toblerusse - Life



Becky Roesler - It

It's Been A While

Becky Roesler

Becky Roesler - Up Close And Personal

Up Close And Personal

Becky Roesler

Wayne Carlisi - Abstract 8

Abstract 8

Wayne Carlisi

David Zimmerman - Plaid number 7 The...

Plaid number 7 The...

David Zimmerman

Cliff Spohn - I

I'm in corn

Cliff Spohn

Jim Whalen - Hats Off To Hans #2
Karen Butscha - In The City

In The City

Karen Butscha

Esther Newman-Cohen - Mandarin Floral Abstract

Mandarin Floral Abstract

Esther Newman-Cohen

Julie Myers - Oceania


Julie Myers

 Tolere - Floral Abstraction
Paige Barth - Abstact 201311

Abstact 201311

Paige Barth

Becky Roesler - Going Deep

Going Deep

Becky Roesler

Bradley Carter - What once was

What once was

Bradley Carter

Vivian ANDERSON - Luscious Paint

Luscious Paint


Kume Bryant - Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

Kume Bryant

Buck Buchheister - Moment of Inertia

Moment of Inertia

Buck Buchheister

R W Goetting - Illuminatori


R W Goetting

Hari Thomas - Summer City California
Vivian ANDERSON - I Am Sailing

I Am Sailing


Cliff Spohn - Dazed Days Of Purple Haze
Paige Barth - Abstact 201309

Abstact 201309

Paige Barth

Khalid Alzayani - Helushka


Khalid Alzayani

David Zimmerman - Harbor Heritage

Harbor Heritage

David Zimmerman

Lauren Petit - Evening Silhouette

Evening Silhouette

Lauren Petit

Melissa Beaulieu - Summer 2009

Summer 2009

Melissa Beaulieu

David Zimmerman - A Rose By Any Othe Name

A Rose By Any Othe Name

David Zimmerman

Melissa Beaulieu - I Like Turquoise

I Like Turquoise

Melissa Beaulieu

Wanda Monk - Birds Eye

Birds Eye

Wanda Monk

Paige Barth - Abstract 201303

Abstract 201303

Paige Barth

Veny Arsenov - Winter Tale

Winter Tale

Veny Arsenov

David Zimmerman - Plaid number 2 Spectacle

Plaid number 2 Spectacle

David Zimmerman

David Zimmerman - Plaid number 3 Organized...
Cliff Spohn - She was the cubist of...
Cliff Spohn - Subliminal Sublimation
Nicole Philippi - Yoga novice

Yoga novice

Nicole Philippi

Nicole Philippi - Intoxicating tango

Intoxicating tango

Nicole Philippi

Hari Thomas - Break Your Own Rules
Cliff Spohn - Welterweight


Cliff Spohn

Cliff Spohn - Cliff


Cliff Spohn

Stefan Kuhn - Mystic Light

Mystic Light

Stefan Kuhn

Becky Chappell - Zig Zag

Zig Zag

Becky Chappell

Mario Zampedroni - Abstract Flowers

Abstract Flowers

Mario Zampedroni

Becky Chappell - Creation


Becky Chappell

Angel Reyes - Inner reflections

Inner reflections

Angel Reyes

David Zimmerman - The Blue Horizon

The Blue Horizon

David Zimmerman

Ana Maria Edulescu - Floral Celebration -...

Floral Celebration -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Cliff Spohn - Another Green World
Cliff Spohn - Ego


Cliff Spohn

Julie Myers - Tidal Pools

Tidal Pools

Julie Myers

John Terrell - Forces Of Nature

Forces Of Nature

John Terrell

John Terrell - Dreamcatcher


John Terrell

Nicole Philippi - Bird interrupted

Bird interrupted

Nicole Philippi

Wendy Yeager - Finding Taos

Finding Taos

Wendy Yeager

Becky Chappell - Turquoise and Violet

Turquoise and Violet

Becky Chappell

David Zimmerman - Fruit Facial

Fruit Facial

David Zimmerman

Esther Newman-Cohen - Adaptations from Nature

Adaptations from Nature

Esther Newman-Cohen

Susan Sadoury - Beacon


Susan Sadoury

Gerry Smith - A Flood Of Ideas

A Flood Of Ideas

Gerry Smith

Julie Myers - Emergent Force

Emergent Force

Julie Myers

Bradley Carter - Return to Blue

Return to Blue

Bradley Carter

Wendy Yeager - Venus Landing

Venus Landing

Wendy Yeager

Tanya Lozano-tul - Tranquil


Tanya Lozano-tul

Becky Chappell - Electric and Warm

Electric and Warm

Becky Chappell

David Zimmerman - August 2003

August 2003

David Zimmerman

Thelma Zambrano - Pintando de colores

Pintando de colores

Thelma Zambrano

Thelma Zambrano - Compromiso


Thelma Zambrano

David Zimmerman - Further On Down the Road

Further On Down the Road

David Zimmerman

Vinn Wong - Enigma


Vinn Wong

Glenda Stevens - Cacti


Glenda Stevens

Janet  Pirozzi - Two Realities

Two Realities

Janet Pirozzi

Charlotte Nunn - On Walden Pond

On Walden Pond

Charlotte Nunn

Vivian ANDERSON - Precipice 1

Precipice 1


M and L Creations - Shades of Green

Shades of Green

M and L Creations

David Zimmerman - The Three Towers

The Three Towers

David Zimmerman

Joseph McGowan - Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills

Joseph McGowan

Becky Chappell - Desert Landscape

Desert Landscape

Becky Chappell

Susan Sadoury - Red/black #3

Red/black #3

Susan Sadoury

Bruce Brand - Radioactive Storm

Radioactive Storm

Bruce Brand

Julie Myers - Organic Abstraction
Gerry Smith - Quilters Of The Flame
David Zimmerman - The Ins and Outs

The Ins and Outs

David Zimmerman

Hari Thomas - Springtime in the City
Mary Sullivan - Eruption


Mary Sullivan

Selke Boris - The Anger

The Anger

Selke Boris

David Zimmerman - Broadway Boogie Woogie

Broadway Boogie Woogie

David Zimmerman

Mary Sullivan - Deeper and Deeper

Deeper and Deeper

Mary Sullivan

Denise Beaupre - The Challange

The Challange

Denise Beaupre

Bartjan Beltman - Herrings


Bartjan Beltman

Sonya Wilson - Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Sonya Wilson

Bradley Carter - It

It's Spherical

Bradley Carter

Wade Edwards - Fossilized


Wade Edwards

Bradley Carter - Artist lifeline

Artist lifeline

Bradley Carter

Mario Zampedroni - Abstract Free Space

Abstract Free Space

Mario Zampedroni

Evan Steenson - Factions


Evan Steenson

Corie Weaver - Fall Afternoon

Fall Afternoon

Corie Weaver

Erica Seckinger - Beyond Me

Beyond Me

Erica Seckinger

Kris Kessey -  Easel Series - The...
Mario Zampedroni - Abstract Fine Art Print...
Erica Seckinger - Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

Erica Seckinger

Vess Art - Space


Vess Art

Ryan Jennings - Cacophony


Ryan Jennings

Denise Beaupre - Speak To Me

Speak To Me

Denise Beaupre

Buck Buchheister - Primeval


Buck Buchheister

Irina Sztukowski - Abstract Landscape...

Abstract Landscape...

Irina Sztukowski

Sanford Geuss - Resist


Sanford Geuss

Ana Maria Edulescu - Paint Action 4 Vertical

Paint Action 4 Vertical

Ana Maria Edulescu

Angel Reyes - Flow


Angel Reyes

Vinn Wong - Hush


Vinn Wong

Bruce Nutting - My Abstract Expressionism
Hari Thomas - Forget You Not

Forget You Not

Hari Thomas

Esther Newman-Cohen - River Gorge Miasma

River Gorge Miasma

Esther Newman-Cohen

Tanya Lozano-tul - Glimmer


Tanya Lozano-tul

Hari Thomas - Roller Coaster of...
Paul Ashby - Resonance  c2012

Resonance c2012

Paul Ashby

Buck Buchheister - Eclipse


Buck Buchheister

Ana Maria Edulescu - Paint Action 3b

Paint Action 3b

Ana Maria Edulescu

Shreya Shailee - High above

High above

Shreya Shailee

Denise Beaupre - Garden of colors

Garden of colors

Denise Beaupre

Thelma Zambrano - Armonia


Thelma Zambrano

Buck Buchheister - The Urban Frontier

The Urban Frontier

Buck Buchheister

Sonya Wilson - Abstract


Sonya Wilson

Hari Thomas - City Sidewalks

City Sidewalks

Hari Thomas

Karyn Robinson - Pandemonium


Karyn Robinson

John Terrell - Hope


John Terrell

Timorinelt Tryptykieu - Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Timorinelt Tryptykieu

Timorinelt Tryptykieu - Street


Timorinelt Tryptykieu

Wayne Carlisi - Found


Wayne Carlisi

Ana Maria Edulescu - Blooming Beyond Known...

Blooming Beyond Known...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Fei A - Through


Fei A

Angel Reyes - Habitat


Angel Reyes

Dennis Ellman - Little City Under The...
Vinn Wong - Upstream


Vinn Wong

Julia Apostolova  - Dance with colors

Dance with colors

Julia Apostolova

Timorinelt Tryptykieu - Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Timorinelt Tryptykieu

Timorinelt Tryptykieu - Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Timorinelt Tryptykieu

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Colorful...

Abstract Colorful...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Asha Carolyn Young - Bridge Over Water

Bridge Over Water

Asha Carolyn Young

Asha Carolyn Young - Courage Bolstering...

Courage Bolstering...

Asha Carolyn Young

Bob Shelley - The Eye Of The Beholder
Becky Chappell - Soft and Warm

Soft and Warm

Becky Chappell

Lauren Petit - Hope


Lauren Petit

Denise Beaupre - Abstract Untitled

Abstract Untitled

Denise Beaupre

Vess Art - Morning stream
Vinn Wong - Bitter and Sweet
Kume Bryant - Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island

Kume Bryant

Bette Orr - Autumn Intrigue

Autumn Intrigue

Bette Orr

Jeff Barrett - Below


Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett - Happy Time

Happy Time

Jeff Barrett

Bradley Carter - Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Bradley Carter

Tanya Lozano-tul - Linger


Tanya Lozano-tul

Vinn Wong - Sanctuary


Vinn Wong

Evan Steenson - Blue Abstraction

Blue Abstraction

Evan Steenson

Wade Edwards - Desperation


Wade Edwards

Vinn Wong - Scelero


Vinn Wong

Thelma Zambrano - Traspasando


Thelma Zambrano

Thelma Zambrano - Espacios en rojo III

Espacios en rojo III

Thelma Zambrano

R W Goetting - Solstice of the Celts
Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Colorful...

Abstract Colorful...

Ana Maria Edulescu

John Fish - Blue Reflections
Vivian ANDERSON - Abstract Golden Glow 2

Abstract Golden Glow 2


Cliff Spohn - Transition 7  On My Way...
Jim Whalen - Group Hug

Group Hug

Jim Whalen

Wade Edwards - Simplistic Ride

Simplistic Ride

Wade Edwards

Randy Sprout - Malibu Abstraction

Malibu Abstraction

Randy Sprout

Hari Thomas - Magic to be Found

Magic to be Found

Hari Thomas

Paul Ashby - Morning Calm  c2010
Gerry Smith - Alpine Meadow

Alpine Meadow

Gerry Smith

Hari Thomas - Color Fest of Love

Color Fest of Love

Hari Thomas

Kumiko Mayer - Hope


Kumiko Mayer

Vinn Wong - Undeserving


Vinn Wong

Hari Thomas - Ahimsa   Go Peacefully
Charlotte Nunn - My Heart Was So Full I...
Vinn Wong - Pandora


Vinn Wong

Vivian ANDERSON - Fissure



 Tolere - Study 4 with a Model
Ally  White - Abstract Tears

Abstract Tears

Ally White

Karen Butscha - Bright Orbit

Bright Orbit

Karen Butscha

P J Lewis - Birro and I

Birro and I

P J Lewis

Chhavi Sinha - Beach


Chhavi Sinha

R W Goetting - Lanterns and water

Lanterns and water

R W Goetting

Asha Carolyn Young - Turquoise Remembrance...

Turquoise Remembrance...

Asha Carolyn Young

Tanya Lozano-tul - Tuned IN

Tuned IN

Tanya Lozano-tul

Karen Butscha - Raising The Vibration

Raising The Vibration

Karen Butscha

Cliff Spohn - Just a pose

Just a pose

Cliff Spohn

Karen Butscha - Fly Over

Fly Over

Karen Butscha

Vinn Wong - Vale


Vinn Wong

Angel Reyes - Rainy Afternoon

Rainy Afternoon

Angel Reyes

Konnie Laumer - Take Me Away

Take Me Away

Konnie Laumer

Tanya Lozano-tul - Unity


Tanya Lozano-tul

Hari Thomas - Temple Walls

Temple Walls

Hari Thomas

Dennis Ellman - My Dog Spot

My Dog Spot

Dennis Ellman

Paul Ashby - Isadora  c2014

Isadora c2014

Paul Ashby

Rosie Brown - Sea Fantasy

Sea Fantasy

Rosie Brown

Jim Whalen - Parallel Dreams

Parallel Dreams

Jim Whalen

Cliff Spohn - I Do What Hindu

I Do What Hindu

Cliff Spohn

Thelma Zambrano - Embravecido


Thelma Zambrano

Buck Buchheister - Southern Cross

Southern Cross

Buck Buchheister

Buck Buchheister - The Gray Life

The Gray Life

Buck Buchheister

Thelma Zambrano - Destellos


Thelma Zambrano

Esther Newman-Cohen - Synergetic Statement

Synergetic Statement

Esther Newman-Cohen

Cliff Spohn - Thought Dancer

Thought Dancer

Cliff Spohn

Angel Reyes - Strange Land

Strange Land

Angel Reyes

David Lane - Abstract 030104

Abstract 030104

David Lane

Vess Art - Reflection


Vess Art

Ryan Jennings -

'Suspect' #1

Ryan Jennings

Vinn Wong - Moss


Vinn Wong

Cliff Spohn - Mutated Mitosis Of...
Lisa Schafer - Where the Critters Live
Vess Art - Around the world
Thelma Zambrano - Intima unidad

Intima unidad

Thelma Zambrano

Hari Thomas - Jazz Station

Jazz Station

Hari Thomas

Vivian ANDERSON - Super White Noise 2

Super White Noise 2


Mike Breau - Marble 7

Marble 7

Mike Breau

Bradley Carter - I thought I knew

I thought I knew

Bradley Carter

Vivian ANDERSON - Tragedy On The High Seas

Tragedy On The High Seas


Bradley Carter - Hold you Close

Hold you Close

Bradley Carter

Tanya Lozano-tul - In the RAIN

In the RAIN

Tanya Lozano-tul

Asha Carolyn Young - Pink Angel Softly Passing

Pink Angel Softly Passing

Asha Carolyn Young

Cliff Spohn - Chine Colle

Chine Colle

Cliff Spohn

David Faia - RedX


David Faia

Vinn Wong - Revolt


Vinn Wong

Karen Butscha - Scratching the Surface
Gerry Smith - The Light

The Light

Gerry Smith

Cliff Spohn - Mojo


Cliff Spohn

Cliff Spohn - Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder

Cliff Spohn

Ana Maria Edulescu - Epiphany


Ana Maria Edulescu

Greg Davis - A Walk by Moonlight
 Tolere - Lines To Lines 1
Bradley Carter - Graffiti Abstract 6

Graffiti Abstract 6

Bradley Carter

Stephen Mason - Losing Our Inheritance...
John  Nolan - Palimpsest


John Nolan

Cliff Spohn - 10 20 30

10 20 30

Cliff Spohn

Cliff Spohn - 46


Cliff Spohn

David Lane - Untitled 022514

Untitled 022514

David Lane

R W Goetting - Tia Dalma
Mike Breau - Landscape 3

Landscape 3

Mike Breau

Tanya Lozano-tul - Waterfall


Tanya Lozano-tul

Paul Ashby - Arc Rouge  c2014

Arc Rouge c2014

Paul Ashby

Marie-Line Vasseur - Beyond Anxiety

Beyond Anxiety

Marie-Line Vasseur

Cliff Spohn - Breastbone


Cliff Spohn

John Fish - Accident


John Fish

Vinn Wong - Wildfire


Vinn Wong

Bradley Carter - Inside my Skin

Inside my Skin

Bradley Carter

Victoria Kloch - Marshmallow Square II

Marshmallow Square II

Victoria Kloch

Greg Davis - Composition in Pink
Tolere - Doorways and Light
Esther Newman-Cohen - Dance of the Yellow...

Dance of the Yellow...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Hari Thomas - Reflections of Yourself...
Toni Yasger - Deep Arcadia

Deep Arcadia

Toni Yasger

Aneta Srodon - The Spring

The Spring

Aneta Srodon

Tanya Lozano-tul - Rainbows


Tanya Lozano-tul

David Rogers - Gotham City

Gotham City

David Rogers

Sanford Geuss - Torn Assunder

Torn Assunder

Sanford Geuss

Karyn Robinson - Pandemonium 1

Pandemonium 1

Karyn Robinson

Paul Ashby - Alliteration c2012
John Terrell - Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy

John Terrell

Mauro Di Francescantonio - Studio 15

Studio 15

Mauro Di Francescantonio

Denise Beaupre - Window Of Opportunity

Window Of Opportunity

Denise Beaupre

Jean-francois De Villebague - Place Vendome

Place Vendome

Jean-francois De Villebague

Thelma Zambrano - Espejismos


Thelma Zambrano

Niloofar Damvar - Unreal -First spiritual...
Betty Pieper - Blue Fog Abstract

Blue Fog Abstract

Betty Pieper

Vivian ANDERSON - Precipice 2

Precipice 2


Tanya Lozano-tul - the Harvest

the Harvest

Tanya Lozano-tul

Bradley Carter - Copper Dream

Copper Dream

Bradley Carter

Lisa Schafer - Light Up the Square

Light Up the Square

Lisa Schafer

Michelle Pope - The Wave

The Wave

Michelle Pope

Ryan Jennings - Dichotomy.


Ryan Jennings

Kathy Stiber - Collaboration


Kathy Stiber

Thelma Zambrano - Mar desertico

Mar desertico

Thelma Zambrano

Thelma Zambrano - Atracando


Thelma Zambrano

Vinn Wong - Weightlessness


Vinn Wong

Nikki Dalton - Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Nikki Dalton

Tanya Lozano-tul - Field Of Flowers

Field Of Flowers

Tanya Lozano-tul

Pam Lefors - Autumn Storm

Autumn Storm

Pam Lefors

Jim Whalen - Rhapsody In Blue

Rhapsody In Blue

Jim Whalen

R W Goetting - The legend of Cibola
Laura Lee Zanghetti - Mystified Two

Mystified Two

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Karyn Robinson - Masculinity


Karyn Robinson

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Mystified


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Vivian ANDERSON - Autumn



Hari Thomas - Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy

Hari Thomas

R W Goetting - Kadesh II

Kadesh II

R W Goetting

R W Goetting - Ai


R W Goetting

David Faia - Cde3


David Faia

Tanya Lozano-tul - Colors


Tanya Lozano-tul

Buck Buchheister - Fools Gold

Fools Gold

Buck Buchheister

Grace Liberator - Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Grace Liberator

Becky Chappell - Soft Bloom

Soft Bloom

Becky Chappell

Becky Chappell - Urban Lights

Urban Lights

Becky Chappell

Agnes Trachet - Red Town

Red Town

Agnes Trachet

Nikki Dalton - Tulips


Nikki Dalton

Lutz Baar - Color Symphony

Color Symphony

Lutz Baar

Becky Kim - Big Dream Small Steps
Julia Fine Art And Photography - Tetraptych Cosmic Energy...

Tetraptych Cosmic Energy...

Julia Fine Art And Photography

Mikhail Savchenko - CHAOS MANAGEMENT or...


Mikhail Savchenko

Gerry Smith - Moon Over The Mountains
Vivian ANDERSON - Windy Weather

Windy Weather


Vinn Wong - Dusk


Vinn Wong

Pam Lefors - Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Pam Lefors

Dennis Ellman - A little global warming...
Freddie Lieberman - Cerulean Spirit #3

Cerulean Spirit #3

Freddie Lieberman

Bradley Carter - Ocean Abstract 1

Ocean Abstract 1

Bradley Carter

Agnes Trachet - Abstract In Beige

Abstract In Beige

Agnes Trachet

Wayne Carlisi - Blond 2

Blond 2

Wayne Carlisi

Karen Butscha - More than One Kind of...
Gerry Smith - Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption

Gerry Smith

Freddie Lieberman - Out There

Out There

Freddie Lieberman

Julia Apostolova - Floral Expressions

Floral Expressions

Julia Apostolova

Josef Putsche - Schreien


Josef Putsche

Tolere -  Dance of a Red Line
Fei A - The Breeze
Cathy Long - Urban Meets Rural
Behrooz Falsafi - Psychedelic Forest

Psychedelic Forest

Behrooz Falsafi

Dmitry Kazakov - Brew Fate

Brew Fate

Dmitry Kazakov

Katie Black - City Nightime Metropolis
Biagio Civale - Tortured


Biagio Civale

Betty Pieper - Eden in-Waiting

Eden in-Waiting

Betty Pieper

Asha Carolyn Young - Take Off

Take Off

Asha Carolyn Young

Faiq Hadad - The Desire

The Desire

Faiq Hadad

Diane Fine - Jigsaw Tapestry

Jigsaw Tapestry

Diane Fine

Diane Fine - Solar Tapestry

Solar Tapestry

Diane Fine

Ana Maria Edulescu - Lisbon Impression

Lisbon Impression

Ana Maria Edulescu

Jim Whalen - Gravity Is Only A Theory
Zoia  Luecht - Yin Yang _ Equilibrium
Grace Liberator - Les Gens a La Lac THREE

Les Gens a La Lac THREE

Grace Liberator