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Art Therapy



Group Administrator

Naomi McQuade

Mississauga, ON


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This group was started on January 13th, 2014 and currently has:


57 Members


1,127 Images


9 Discussions

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Art Therapy

About This Group

A group special for those living with Chronic Illness. Art is therapy. How are you using your art..

Join me. Lets Talk.

Naomi McQuade

Featured Images

Naomi McQuade - Eye of The Phoenix

Eye of The Phoenix

Naomi McQuade

Stanza Widen - Storm Clouds Over Winter...
Linda Simon - Jaden

Jaden's Catch

Linda Simon

Rosie Sherman - A Fall Stroll

A Fall Stroll

Rosie Sherman

Cynthia Guinn - Carnival Ride

Carnival Ride

Cynthia Guinn

Artist Veronica V Bahman  - The Power of Love

The Power of Love

Artist Veronica V Bahman

Jerome Stumphauzer - Water Lilies At Sunrise...

Water Lilies At Sunrise...

Jerome Stumphauzer

Andrey L Vishnevskiy - Chili pepper

Chili pepper

Andrey L Vishnevskiy

Naomi McQuade - Hawaii Landscape

Hawaii Landscape

Naomi McQuade

Anthony Fishburne - Secluded hideaway

Secluded hideaway

Anthony Fishburne

Naomi McQuade - Lake Waters

Lake Waters

Naomi McQuade

Rona Black - Northbound Underground
Joe JAKE Pratt - Korn Kiva

Korn Kiva

Joe JAKE Pratt

Rona Black - First Snowflake

First Snowflake

Rona Black

Janice Rae Pariza - Equine Dream

Equine Dream

Janice Rae Pariza

Kathleen Struckle - Barn Owl.

Barn Owl.

Kathleen Struckle

Alesia Verenich - Without Title

Without Title

Alesia Verenich

Carla Battaglia - Energia


Carla Battaglia

Loretta  Durrett - Fold 1

Fold 1

Loretta Durrett

Rosie Sherman - Freshly Fallen Snow

Freshly Fallen Snow

Rosie Sherman

Joe Jake Pratt - Infinity


Joe Jake Pratt

Cynthia Guinn - Red Skyline

Red Skyline

Cynthia Guinn

Alberta Boato - Forever


Alberta Boato

Mike Savad - Pharmacy - The source of...
Ana Maria Edulescu - Colorful Flowers -...

Colorful Flowers -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Rebecca Tkaczyk - Iris


Rebecca Tkaczyk

Rebecca Tkaczyk - Peony


Rebecca Tkaczyk

Ana Maria Edulescu - Colors Field In My Dream

Colors Field In My Dream

Ana Maria Edulescu

Cynthia Guinn - Waiting For The Boat

Waiting For The Boat

Cynthia Guinn

Trent Humphreys - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Trent Humphreys

Jerome Stumphauzer - Monet

Monet's Garden Path

Jerome Stumphauzer

Jerome Stumphauzer - Eastern Canal Venice...

Eastern Canal Venice...

Jerome Stumphauzer

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Million Dollar...

Colorado Million Dollar...

Janice Rae Pariza

Anna Dart - Dutchess


Anna Dart

Ana Maria Edulescu - Blooming Beyond Known...

Blooming Beyond Known...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Alex Done - Mood 3

Mood 3

Alex Done

Alberta Boato - Crocus


Alberta Boato

Lea Marie Davis - August Nights

August Nights

Lea Marie Davis

Mo T - Dragonfly
Naomi McQuade - In a Fit of Darkness

In a Fit of Darkness

Naomi McQuade

Alberta Boato - Towards Portofino

Towards Portofino

Alberta Boato

Alberta Boato - Iris festival

Iris festival

Alberta Boato

Joe Jake Pratt - Visitor


Joe Jake Pratt

Kathleen Struckle - Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

Kathleen Struckle

Ana Maria Edulescu - Flowers - Colorful...

Flowers - Colorful...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Ana Maria Edulescu - Yellow Daffodils

Yellow Daffodils

Ana Maria Edulescu

Ana Maria Edulescu - Summer Colorful Flowers...

Summer Colorful Flowers...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Kinga Subicka - Transformation


Kinga Subicka

Naomi McQuade -
Ana Maria Edulescu - Summer Floral Bouquet -...

Summer Floral Bouquet -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Veronica V Bahman - Deep Inside 2

Deep Inside 2

Veronica V Bahman

Veronica V Bahman - Deep Inside 1

Deep Inside 1

Veronica V Bahman

Jerome Stumphauzer - Eyes of the Wolf

Eyes of the Wolf

Jerome Stumphauzer

Naomi McQuade - River Reflections

River Reflections

Naomi McQuade

Stanza Widen - Raven Brought Light

Raven Brought Light

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Searching For Freedom
Naomi McQuade - Purple


Naomi McQuade

Rosie Sherman - Butterfly


Rosie Sherman

Rona Black - Busy Intersection
Tim Richards - Winter Mohave

Winter Mohave

Tim Richards

Kathleen Struckle - Inner Softness

Inner Softness

Kathleen Struckle

Jerome Stumphauzer - Giraffe Looking Back

Giraffe Looking Back

Jerome Stumphauzer

Alberta Boato - Sea in winter

Sea in winter

Alberta Boato

Tim Richards - Southern Reach P

Southern Reach P

Tim Richards

Stanza Widen - Fly Through a Troubled...
Naomi McQuade - Feathers 5

Feathers 5

Naomi McQuade

Cynthia Guinn - Chess Game

Chess Game

Cynthia Guinn

Tim Richards - Beach Track P

Beach Track P

Tim Richards

Tim Richards - Storm Over A Cornfield
Tim Richards - Mohave Desert Mountains
Andrew Read - Bluebells in the New...
Naomi McQuade - Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers

Naomi McQuade

Rose Rigden - Pass that off as an egg
Rose Rigden - 130 Mouths to Feed

130 Mouths to Feed

Rose Rigden

Mike Savad - Army - A seasoned vet
Rona Black - Stairway to Heaven
Joe JAKE Pratt - Guardian


Joe JAKE Pratt

M and L Creations - Close Up Image Of Orange...

Close Up Image Of Orange...

M and L Creations

Stanza Widen - Infused With Stars

Infused With Stars

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Waiting


Stanza Widen

Naomi McQuade - Carmen

Carmen's Cardinal

Naomi McQuade

Mike Savad - Flower - Iris - Mildred...
Cindy Angiel - Swirl Haven - Vertical
Rebecca Tkaczyk - Geode Stained Glass

Geode Stained Glass

Rebecca Tkaczyk

Stanza Widen - Mars Butterfly Effect
Cindy Angiel - Little Surprises

Little Surprises

Cindy Angiel

Mike Savad - Flower - Landscape -...
Stanza Widen - Walk Eternity

Walk Eternity

Stanza Widen

Mike Savad - Orchid - Will the...
Naomi McQuade - Woman and Child

Woman and Child

Naomi McQuade

Mike Savad - Flower - Sunflower - The...
Ted Widen - October on the Bulkley
Stanza Widen - Autumn Valley Mist

Autumn Valley Mist

Stanza Widen

Joe Jake Pratt - Hushed Quiet

Hushed Quiet

Joe Jake Pratt

Stanza Widen - Dying Is Easy

Dying Is Easy

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Legend of a Girl Child
Joe Jake Pratt - Low Tide

Low Tide

Joe Jake Pratt

Stanza Widen - The Poison Stream

The Poison Stream

Stanza Widen

Kathleen Struckle - Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains

Kathleen Struckle

Mike Savad - Flower - Bird of paradise
Mike Savad - Fractal - Heart -...
Alice Butera - Dancer


Alice Butera

Alice Butera - Diversity is our strength
Naomi McQuade - Proud Blue Jay

Proud Blue Jay

Naomi McQuade

Joe JAKE Pratt - Hill Country Calm

Hill Country Calm

Joe JAKE Pratt

Loretta  Durrett - Eiffel

Eiffel's Shadow

Loretta Durrett

Naomi McQuade - Blue Herons

Blue Herons

Naomi McQuade

Naomi McQuade - Feather 3

Feather 3

Naomi McQuade

Rona Black - Slow Fade

Slow Fade

Rona Black

Kd Neeley - Valentine


Kd Neeley

Freddy Kirsheh - Fish n Wine

Fish n Wine

Freddy Kirsheh

Loretta  Durrett - Serenity


Loretta Durrett

Mike Savad - Kitchen - Storage - The...
Naomi McQuade - Feathers 2

Feathers 2

Naomi McQuade

Ramona Matei - Blue Poppies

Blue Poppies

Ramona Matei

Joe Jake Pratt - Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping

Joe Jake Pratt

Freddy Kirsheh - Passion that we need

Passion that we need

Freddy Kirsheh

Naomi McQuade - On the Bathroom Floor

On the Bathroom Floor

Naomi McQuade

Ramona Matei - Still beautiful

Still beautiful

Ramona Matei

Joe Jake Pratt - Sidewalk Layout

Sidewalk Layout

Joe Jake Pratt

Mike Savad - Doctor - The Doctors Desk
Freddy Kirsheh - Happiness by spirit

Happiness by spirit

Freddy Kirsheh

Mo T - Tangerine Trees and...
Loretta  Durrett - The Living Rose

The Living Rose

Loretta Durrett

Naomi McQuade - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Naomi McQuade

Alice Butera - Pink Boat

Pink Boat

Alice Butera

Loretta  Durrett - Butterflies II

Butterflies II

Loretta Durrett

Loretta  Durrett - Butterflies I

Butterflies I

Loretta Durrett

Rona Black - Alternate Universe
Loretta  Durrett - Majestic Waves

Majestic Waves

Loretta Durrett

Loretta  Durrett - Gentle Feathers

Gentle Feathers

Loretta Durrett

Mike Savad - Winter - Westfield NJ -...
Rona Black - Purple and White Marbled...
Naomi McQuade - White and Gold

White and Gold

Naomi McQuade

Naomi McQuade - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Naomi McQuade

Naomi McQuade - Charcoal Owl

Charcoal Owl

Naomi McQuade

Naomi McQuade - The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird

Naomi McQuade