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Abstract Art



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Martin Wall

Croydon, Surrey

United Kingdom

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This group was started on September 2nd, 2014 and currently has:

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Abstract Art

About This Group

A group for all abstract artwork, both real media and digital. Let you imagination run wild. You may submit up to one image a day.

Featured Images

Richard Ray - Scarlett


Richard Ray

Palas Kumar Ray - White balls

White balls

Palas Kumar Ray

Lori Kingston - Chain Links

Chain Links

Lori Kingston

Damijana Cermelj - Fluid S

Fluid S

Damijana Cermelj

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Midnight in the Land of Nod

Midnight in the Land of Nod

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Phil Sadler - Another Phish Tale

Another Phish Tale

Phil Sadler

Rowan Van Den Akker - The Doorway Of The Mind

The Doorway Of The Mind

Rowan Van Den Akker

John Terrell - Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

John Terrell

Lenore Senior - Flower Power

Flower Power

Lenore Senior

Louise Adams - A Change is Coming

A Change is Coming

Louise Adams

Jennspoint - Hope



Aarti Bartake - Heaven n Earth

Heaven n Earth

Aarti Bartake

Susan Sadoury - Flow


Susan Sadoury

Susan Sadoury - Space Storm

Space Storm

Susan Sadoury

Stephanie Moore - Evening at the Lake

Evening at the Lake

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore - Abstract 5924

Abstract 5924

Stephanie Moore

Barbara Chase - Illuminations 76

Illuminations 76

Barbara Chase

Richard Ray - Beatles


Richard Ray

Jacquie King - Descent


Jacquie King

Palas Kumar Ray - Lemon squeeze trails

Lemon squeeze trails

Palas Kumar Ray

James Hamilton - Positive Rotation

Positive Rotation

James Hamilton

David Jacobi - Brighter


David Jacobi

Edward Paul - Paradigm Finite 3

Paradigm Finite 3

Edward Paul

Anna Surface - Flame Nature Orb

Flame Nature Orb

Anna Surface

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1737 Abstract Thought

1737 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Edward Paul  - American Implosion

American Implosion

Edward Paul

Diane Parnell - Mind Travel

Mind Travel

Diane Parnell

Amanda Patrick - Colors of Africa

Colors of Africa

Amanda Patrick

Rick Baker - Reflections


Rick Baker

Barbara Zahno - Flower Abstract

Flower Abstract

Barbara Zahno

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Abstract Daisy

Abstract Daisy

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Alfred Kazaniwskyj - Various Colors 19

Various Colors 19

Alfred Kazaniwskyj

Stephanie Moore - Abstract 5916

Abstract 5916

Stephanie Moore

Denise Woldring - Textured Bubbles

Textured Bubbles

Denise Woldring

Guntis Lauzums - Xpress 5656

Xpress 5656

Guntis Lauzums

Guntis Lauzums - Abstract building 2011

Abstract building 2011

Guntis Lauzums

MKatz B - Some Color 4

Some Color 4

MKatz B

Palas Kumar Ray - City lights

City lights

Palas Kumar Ray

Barbara Chase - Illuminations 52

Illuminations 52

Barbara Chase

Maria Coulson - Blue Fantasy

Blue Fantasy

Maria Coulson

Patrice Gunville - A16


Patrice Gunville

Alfred Kazaniwskyj - Some Colors 20

Some Colors 20

Alfred Kazaniwskyj

Patrice Gunville - A12d


Patrice Gunville

Patrice Gunville - A12


Patrice Gunville

Krista Woller - Concentric Cirlces

Concentric Cirlces

Krista Woller

Michael Daly - Blue Sky Bright

Blue Sky Bright

Michael Daly

Joe Jake Pratt - Keeping Austin Weird

Keeping Austin Weird

Joe Jake Pratt

Lenore Senior - First Winter Storm

First Winter Storm

Lenore Senior

Stephanie Moore - Abstract 5911

Abstract 5911

Stephanie Moore

David Jacobi - Envy Menace

Envy Menace

David Jacobi

Karen Butscha - Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess

Karen Butscha

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1639 Abstract Thought

1639 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Yaniv Eitan - Still Life

Still Life

Yaniv Eitan

Ed Weidman - Sexy And Souless

Sexy And Souless

Ed Weidman

Edward Paul - She Came

She Came

Edward Paul

Roberta Byram - Mind Teaser

Mind Teaser

Roberta Byram

Justin Crabtree - Untitled #82

Untitled #82

Justin Crabtree