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Mariola Bitner

Aliso Viejo, CA

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on December 26th, 2013 and currently has:


264 Members


1,171 Images


126 Discussions

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500 Views -1 Image a Day

About This Group

Hello fellow artists!

This is a group dedicated to artwork that has at least 500 views.

There are no rules, just make sure that none of the artwork is offensive or inappropriate!

Have fun!

LOGO of the Month provided by:

April (2014).............................. Robert Weiman
May (2014)............................... Lois Bryan
June (2014)..............................Nina Stavlund
July (2014)................................Teresa Zieba

LOGO FOR THE MONTH OF September: Teresa Zieba

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Featured Images

Loriental Photography - Scraping the Sky

Scraping the Sky

Loriental Photography

Corinne Rhode - Nice France Coastline

Nice France Coastline

Corinne Rhode

Nina Prommer - The Simpsons are ready...
Svetlana Nilova - Abandoned Missionary...

Abandoned Missionary...

Svetlana Nilova

Caitlyn  Grasso - Cattle Rustler

Cattle Rustler

Caitlyn Grasso

Sandra Clark - The Fiddler

The Fiddler

Sandra Clark

Elizabeth Winter - Foggy Autumn Morning

Foggy Autumn Morning

Elizabeth Winter

Daniel Furon - Night Duty

Night Duty

Daniel Furon

Asha Carolyn Young - Stormy Sky Over Shipyard...

Stormy Sky Over Shipyard...

Asha Carolyn Young

Diana Sainz - StayAWhile


Diana Sainz

Ginny Barklow - Kiss Me You Fool

Kiss Me You Fool

Ginny Barklow

Joe Bledsoe - Green Thistles

Green Thistles

Joe Bledsoe

Michal Kwarciak - Modern Pieta 2

Modern Pieta 2

Michal Kwarciak

Dawn Currie - Yellowlegs Collage

Yellowlegs Collage

Dawn Currie

Dave Allen - Great Smoky Mountains...
Chrisann Ellis - You look

You look'n At Me

Chrisann Ellis

Teresa Wegrzyn - Sunrise Meadow

Sunrise Meadow

Teresa Wegrzyn

Sarah Loft - Beer Belly Carrot on a...
F Leblanc - Turbulant Sea Painting
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Pittsburgh from Above

Pittsburgh from Above

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Sarah Loft - A Jug of Red Flowers
Richard Bryce and Family - Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

Richard Bryce and Family

Sue Melvin - Showing Off My Beautiful...
Brian Harig - Mount Moran On Oxbow...
Sarah Loft - Lady Joy

Lady Joy

Sarah Loft

Daniel Furon - After Hours

After Hours

Daniel Furon

Jenny Rainbow - Three Sisters. Glencoe....
Nina Prommer - Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman

Nina Prommer

Dawn Currie - Egret Triplets

Egret Triplets

Dawn Currie

Aimee L Maher - White Daisies

White Daisies

Aimee L Maher

Joan Carroll - West Point Lighthouse
Timothy Lowry - Miami Beach Art Deco 2
Sarah Loft - Goldfish


Sarah Loft

Dawn Currie - Bald Eagle Surveying His...
Georgia Mizuleva - What It Takes to Get to...
Sue Melvin - Got Any Peanuts

Got Any Peanuts

Sue Melvin

Kay Novy - White Lily

White Lily

Kay Novy

Pamela Allegretto - Val D

Val D'Orcia

Pamela Allegretto

Sarah Loft - Reclining Nude Carrot
Lianne Schneider - As American as Baseball...
Miro Gradinscak - Scout


Miro Gradinscak

Patricia Keller - Winter Moments- With My...
Dawn Currie - Glossy Ibis I

Glossy Ibis I

Dawn Currie

Kelly Mills - Vintage Golfing in the...
Miryam  UrZa - Be Nice

Be Nice

Miryam UrZa

Nina Prommer - Typewriter with a...
Dave Allen - Great Smoky Mountains...
Maja Sokolowska - Birds


Maja Sokolowska

Zulfiya Stromberg - Bird of paradise

Bird of paradise

Zulfiya Stromberg

Diana Sainz - In His Hands By Diana...
Paul  Meijering - Catalina Ponor

Catalina Ponor

Paul Meijering

Laurie Perry - Tropical Vacation

Tropical Vacation

Laurie Perry

Anne Lacy - Beholder


Anne Lacy

Maggie Vlazny - Inspirational It

Inspirational It's...

Maggie Vlazny

Brian Harig - Firehole Canyon -...
Sarah Loft - Undersea Still Life
Brian Harig - The Tetons Reflected On...
Joan Carroll - Stock Show Ferris Wheel
Nina Prommer - Red Booth awaits in the...
Daniel Furon - Eggplant


Daniel Furon

Ginny Barklow - Myers Creek Sunset

Myers Creek Sunset

Ginny Barklow

Harriet Peck Taylor - Moose on Trout Creek

Moose on Trout Creek

Harriet Peck Taylor

Stanza Widen - Wildflowers and...

Wildflowers and...

Stanza Widen

Dawn Currie - Northern Parula I

Northern Parula I

Dawn Currie

Sarah Loft - Tulips and Violins
Brian Harig - Grand Teton Buffalo
Chad Dutson - Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons

Chad Dutson

Nina Prommer - Fire Trucks at the LAFD...
Stanza Widen - Morning Glory and...
Joan Carroll - First United Methodist...
 Nadine Johnston - Original Painting Wiley...
Nadine and Bob Johnston - Benham Rapids Oregon

Benham Rapids Oregon

Nadine and Bob Johnston

Miro Gradinscak - Mexico


Miro Gradinscak

Sarah Loft - Lost Love

Lost Love

Sarah Loft

Steven Bateson - Sun Drenched Canyon

Sun Drenched Canyon

Steven Bateson

Dawn Currie - Proud Momma

Proud Momma

Dawn Currie

Kelly Mills - Grandpa is relaxing
Rona Black - The Edge of Night
Stanza Widen - Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken

Stanza Widen

Leif Sohlman - Reed-mace Troll

Reed-mace Troll

Leif Sohlman

Joan Carroll - Prague Castle and St...
Joan Carroll - Horse and Carriage

Horse and Carriage

Joan Carroll

Ginny Barklow - Wild Tiger Lily

Wild Tiger Lily

Ginny Barklow

Luther   Fine Art - Artsy Blue Glass Float

Artsy Blue Glass Float

Luther Fine Art

Teresa Zieba - Colorful Tucan

Colorful Tucan

Teresa Zieba

Byron Varvarigos - Red Meets Lavender

Red Meets Lavender

Byron Varvarigos

Fiona Kennard - Shadows


Fiona Kennard

David Millenheft - Lifeguard tower on the...

Lifeguard tower on the...

David Millenheft

Brian Harig - Mount Moran On Oxbow Bend
Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - The Elusive Morel Among...

The Elusive Morel Among...

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Elizabeth Dow - Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Elizabeth Dow

Stanza Widen - Kerria Japonica and...
Bob and Nancy Kendrick - Sunrise at Dead Horse...

Sunrise at Dead Horse...

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Joan Carroll - Upscale Mercado

Upscale Mercado

Joan Carroll

Denise Dube - Crashing Waves at...
Ryszard Sleczka - St. Jude The Apostle

St. Jude The Apostle

Ryszard Sleczka

Nina Prommer - Morning Glory Coal Truck
Rona Black - Radiant Purple Tulips
Allen Beatty - Mural by Eduardo Kobra...
Patricia Keller - Flaming Enthusiasm

Flaming Enthusiasm

Patricia Keller

Clare Bevan - In Strong Hands

In Strong Hands

Clare Bevan

Laurie Perry - Pelican Pile

Pelican Pile

Laurie Perry

 Andrea Lazar - Patient Rose Pit Bull...
Brian Harig - Great Fountain Geyser...
Pamela Allegretto - Mexican Serenade

Mexican Serenade

Pamela Allegretto

Georgia Mizuleva - Pont Neuf Bridge - Paris...
Brian Harig - Diamond Head Sunrise -...
Dawn Currie - Limpkin Profile

Limpkin Profile

Dawn Currie

Stanza Widen - Iris and Indian Leaf...
Jenny Rainbow - Music from the Heart II
Loriental Photography - A Tulip

A Tulip's Daydream

Loriental Photography

Miryam  UrZa - American Flag

American Flag

Miryam UrZa

Corinne Rhode - Golden Tones

Golden Tones

Corinne Rhode

Stanza Widen - Erica and Esmeralda...
Dawn Currie - White Pelican Portrait
Penny Lisowski - Looks Are Deceiving

Looks Are Deceiving

Penny Lisowski

Paul Meijering - Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Paul Meijering

Stanza Widen - Columbines and Butterfly
Nina Prommer - Jesse James

Jesse James

Nina Prommer

Zulfiya Stromberg - Osprey on the branch

Osprey on the branch

Zulfiya Stromberg

Variance Collections - Composix 02a - v1t27b

Composix 02a - v1t27b

Variance Collections

Ginny Barklow - Me And My Shadow

Me And My Shadow

Ginny Barklow

Eloise Schneider - Unmerited Favor

Unmerited Favor

Eloise Schneider

Lisa  Phillips - Cherry Blossom on Bench
Stanza Widen - The Scream of a Butterfly
Joy Patzner - Beautiful High Desert...
Nina Prommer - There Is A Mermaid In...
Asha Carolyn Young - Angel Bringing Light to...

Angel Bringing Light to...

Asha Carolyn Young

Joan Carroll -  Sunshine in the Midst...
David Hill - The big wave

The big wave

David Hill

Brian Harig - Kona Sunset

Kona Sunset

Brian Harig

Sarah Loft - Under the One Train in...
Nina Prommer - Party of Five on the...
Dawn Currie - Anhinga Collage

Anhinga Collage

Dawn Currie

Richard Bryce and Family - Howling Tundra Wolf

Howling Tundra Wolf

Richard Bryce and Family

Georgia Mizuleva - Toronto Skyline - the...

Toronto Skyline - the...

Georgia Mizuleva

Pamela Allegretto - Matera


Pamela Allegretto

Dwight Cook - River


Dwight Cook

Sarah Loft - Psychedelic Garden
Joan Carroll - Toledo View

Toledo View

Joan Carroll

Aaron Spong - Early Morning Does

Early Morning Does

Aaron Spong

Laurie Perry - St. Augustine Sunset
Carol Walker - Foal in the Lupine

Foal in the Lupine

Carol Walker

Leif Sohlman - neighbour
Nina Prommer - Old Fashioned Gas Station
Carol Wisniewski - A Fruitful Horn of Plenty

A Fruitful Horn of Plenty

Carol Wisniewski

Stanza Widen - Blue-Day Butterfly

Blue-Day Butterfly

Stanza Widen

Thomas Woolworth - Statue 22

Statue 22

Thomas Woolworth

Jan Bickerton - Blue of the Night

Blue of the Night

Jan Bickerton

Elizabeth Winter - Fishing Among Nature

Fishing Among Nature

Elizabeth Winter

Joan Carroll - Antwerp Skyline

Antwerp Skyline

Joan Carroll

David Hill - A preserved corn mill...
Aimelle  - Let it go

Let it go


Dawn Currie - Egret Portait

Egret Portait

Dawn Currie

Nadine and Bob Johnston - Doe a Deer in Thousand...

Doe a Deer in Thousand...

Nadine and Bob Johnston

Diana Sainz - Salton Sea Dock Under...
Penny Lisowski - Mystical Purple

Mystical Purple

Penny Lisowski

Ana Maria Edulescu - Colors Field In My Dream

Colors Field In My Dream

Ana Maria Edulescu

Sarah Loft - Circus


Sarah Loft

Joan Carroll - Waiting for Their Ship...
Jenny Rainbow - Celtic Spirit. Wicklow ...
Bob Christopher - Grand Canyon Awe...

Grand Canyon Awe...

Bob Christopher

Donna Kennedy - June Lake Loop

June Lake Loop

Donna Kennedy

Nina Prommer - Car hop

Car hop

Nina Prommer

Bob Christopher - Well Hello There

Well Hello There

Bob Christopher

Asha Carolyn Young and Daniel Furon - Magenta Painted Door in...

Magenta Painted Door in...

Asha Carolyn Young and Daniel Furon

F Leblanc - B17 Aluminum Overcast...
Georgia Mizuleva - Orange Sunrise

Orange Sunrise

Georgia Mizuleva

Jon Burch Photography - Diamond Head Lighthouse

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Jon Burch Photography

Jerry Cowart - Ferris Wheel On The...
Joan Carroll - Eastern Point Lighthouse
Jerry Fornarotto - Wolf Face to Face

Wolf Face to Face

Jerry Fornarotto

David Hill - Cranes in the sunset
Rona Black - Only the Beginning
Penny Lisowski - A Taste of Wine

A Taste of Wine

Penny Lisowski

Rosalie Scanlon - Mangrove Roots

Mangrove Roots

Rosalie Scanlon

Robert Weiman - Wolves Nature Song

Wolves Nature Song

Robert Weiman

Brian Harig - Garden Of The Gods

Garden Of The Gods

Brian Harig

Dawn Currie - Dragonfly and Friends
Bill  Wakeley - Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Bill Wakeley

Joan Carroll - Angry


Joan Carroll

Priscilla Burgers - Out in the Snow

Out in the Snow

Priscilla Burgers

David Hill - South Sea Sunset - Ferry...
Rona Black - Peach Roses

Peach Roses

Rona Black

Vivian ANDERSON - Entry



Paul  Meijering - The Beatles

The Beatles

Paul Meijering

Dawn Currie - Black-throated Blue...
Stanza Widen - Raven Holds the Sun

Raven Holds the Sun

Stanza Widen

Joan Carroll - Wind Point Lighthouse...
Jenny Rainbow - Warm Welcoming. Maldives
Leif Sohlman - Paasklilja- Narcissus...
Ginny Barklow - Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Ginny Barklow

Laurie Perry - Boardwalk Beauty

Boardwalk Beauty

Laurie Perry

Dawn Currie - Zebra Longwing

Zebra Longwing

Dawn Currie

Nina Prommer - Vintage Camera Sign

Vintage Camera Sign

Nina Prommer

Priscilla Burgers - Crystal Mill

Crystal Mill

Priscilla Burgers

Stanza Widen - Jerrys Garden

Jerrys Garden

Stanza Widen

Leif Sohlman - Ice reflection  Leif...
Rona Black - Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Rona Black

Kay Novy - Cranberry Colored Lily
Bob Christopher - Surfing Jaws 3

Surfing Jaws 3

Bob Christopher

Stanza Widen - Little Heartsease

Little Heartsease

Stanza Widen

Penny Lisowski - Heliconia


Penny Lisowski

Harriet Peck Taylor - Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight

Harriet Peck Taylor

Shane Bechler - Rays of Light

Rays of Light

Shane Bechler

Patti Whitten - Pillars of Strength

Pillars of Strength

Patti Whitten

David Hill - Skyscrapers in Hong Kong
Dawn Currie - Springtime I

Springtime I

Dawn Currie

Vivian ANDERSON - Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain


Stanza Widen - Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Stanza Widen

Penny Lisowski - A Moments Rest

A Moments Rest

Penny Lisowski

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Sunset Over...

Abstract Sunset Over...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Anne Lacy - Sunset at Silver Lake
Ginny Barklow - Sol Duc

Sol Duc

Ginny Barklow

Miryam  UrZa - William Wallace Guardian...
Stanza Widen - This Great Purple...
Christina Rollo - Nature Patterns And...

Nature Patterns And...

Christina Rollo

John Bailey - Reticent Flamingo

Reticent Flamingo

John Bailey

Lianne Schneider - Mighty Niagara

Mighty Niagara

Lianne Schneider

Rona Black - Grace


Rona Black

Svetlana Nilova - January


Svetlana Nilova

Denise Dube - Broken By Denise Dube
Sarah Loft - Cato the Just and a...
Nina Prommer - Old Fashioned Filling...
Georgia Mizuleva - It

It's Not Paris

Georgia Mizuleva

Kelly Mills - Beauty in the Sky

Beauty in the Sky

Kelly Mills

Dawn Currie - Step into History

Step into History

Dawn Currie

Jeff  Swan - Comfort


Jeff Swan

Vivian ANDERSON - Sweetly sweetly blew the...
Sarah Loft - Birch Forest

Birch Forest

Sarah Loft

Carol Wisniewski - Tarn Lake Scotland

Tarn Lake Scotland

Carol Wisniewski

Nina Prommer - Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign

Nina Prommer

Nina Stavlund - Mr. Puffin

Mr. Puffin

Nina Stavlund

Shane Bechler - Cold Frosty Morning

Cold Frosty Morning

Shane Bechler

Kelly Mills - 1960 classic Saratoga...
R A W M   - A E P Power Company...
Aimee L Maher - Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice

Aimee L Maher

Nina Prommer - Beetlejuice


Nina Prommer

Penny Lisowski - Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

Penny Lisowski

Denise Dube - SSV Tole Mour By Denise...
Janice Rae Pariza - Billy Boy the Rooster

Billy Boy the Rooster

Janice Rae Pariza

Janice Rae Pariza - Winter Moon

Winter Moon

Janice Rae Pariza

Emona Art - Lyon Panorama Triptych
Jenny Rainbow - Blue Dream. Impressionism
Marcia Lee Jones - Pennsylvania Barn

Pennsylvania Barn

Marcia Lee Jones

Dawn Currie - Limpkin in Flight

Limpkin in Flight

Dawn Currie

Penny Lisowski - Reflection


Penny Lisowski

Bob Christopher - Rocky Mountain Big Horn...
Teresa Wegrzyn - Goodnight...


Teresa Wegrzyn

Mikhail Savchenko - Anger Of Archon

Anger Of Archon

Mikhail Savchenko

Jenny Rainbow - Twilight Guardians....
Georgia Mizuleva - A Little Golden Garden...

A Little Golden Garden...

Georgia Mizuleva

Ginny Barklow - Duet


Ginny Barklow

Adam Pender - Three Beams of Light
Svetlana Nilova - Hover


Svetlana Nilova

Linda Simon - Shop Talk

Shop Talk

Linda Simon

Asha Carolyn Young - Spring Hills and...

Spring Hills and...

Asha Carolyn Young

Georgia Mizuleva - Colorful Quiet Sunrise...

Colorful Quiet Sunrise...

Georgia Mizuleva

Mark Kiver - Sunflower Sun Rays
Sally Weigand - Stavanger Harbor

Stavanger Harbor

Sally Weigand

Stanza Widen - In The Winter Woods

In The Winter Woods

Stanza Widen

Jane Ford - Window To The World
Ana Maria Edulescu - Yellow Daffodils

Yellow Daffodils

Ana Maria Edulescu

Jeff  Swan - climbing out of the...
Nina Prommer - Showgirls and...

Showgirls and...

Nina Prommer

Steven Bateson - Guitar Man

Guitar Man

Steven Bateson

AnnaJo Vahle - Snowbirding


AnnaJo Vahle

Miguel Celis - Reflections


Miguel Celis

Penny Lisowski - Zig Zag is More Fun

Zig Zag is More Fun

Penny Lisowski

Elizabeth Dow - South Branch Pond

South Branch Pond

Elizabeth Dow

Zulfiya Stromberg - The wave

The wave

Zulfiya Stromberg

Laurel Best - Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Laurel Best

Rona Black - Stargazer


Rona Black

Nina Stavlund - Fiery-throated...


Nina Stavlund

Henryk Gorecki - The Valley of Sphinks

The Valley of Sphinks

Henryk Gorecki

Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise -...
Mikhail Savchenko - CHAOS MANAGEMENT 2 or...


Mikhail Savchenko

Emona Art - Soiree Parisienne
Ginny Barklow - Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

Ginny Barklow

Asha Carolyn Young and Daniel Furon - Brushstroke Over Eclipse...

Brushstroke Over Eclipse...

Asha Carolyn Young and Daniel Furon

Amy Porter - My Georgia O
Variance Collections - Geomix 04 - 39c3at227a

Geomix 04 - 39c3at227a

Variance Collections

Brian Harig - Lanikai Beach 1 - Oahu...
Georgia Mizuleva - Red Roofs of Venice

Red Roofs of Venice

Georgia Mizuleva

Dawn Currie - Lady Teal in Flight
Diana Sainz - Landing By Diana Sainz
Diana Sainz - New Year
Nadine and Bob Johnston - Korean War Veterans...

Korean War Veterans...

Nadine and Bob Johnston

Nadine and Bob Johnston - Painting  MONUMENT ...

Painting MONUMENT ...

Nadine and Bob Johnston

Georgeta  Blanaru - He and She in Love...

He and She in Love...

Georgeta Blanaru

Rona Black - Sun-drenched Iris
Shane Bechler - Saint Malo Chapel

Saint Malo Chapel

Shane Bechler

Alice Terrill - Ford Vintage

Ford Vintage

Alice Terrill

Wayne Hardee - Swallowtail Kite

Swallowtail Kite

Wayne Hardee

Robert Weiman - Countdown


Robert Weiman

Phyllis Beiser - Bayou Coco Point Pelican
Dawn Currie - Cuban Artist

Cuban Artist

Dawn Currie

Kelly Mills - Beauty In Paris

Beauty In Paris

Kelly Mills

Asha Carolyn Young and Daniel Furon  - Painted Doors and Window...

Painted Doors and Window...

Asha Carolyn Young and Daniel Furon

Chad Dutson - Surreal Alstrom

Surreal Alstrom

Chad Dutson

Parker Cunningham - Landing


Parker Cunningham

Ron Grafe - Country Road

Country Road

Ron Grafe

Pamela Allegretto - Biagi in Tuscany

Biagi in Tuscany

Pamela Allegretto

Alice Terrill - Coqui


Alice Terrill

Shirley Sirois - Serene Mountain Moment

Serene Mountain Moment

Shirley Sirois

Lisa  Phillips - Cumulus and Cira

Cumulus and Cira

Lisa Phillips

Denise Mazzocco - Peacock in full bloom

Peacock in full bloom

Denise Mazzocco

Rona Black - Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Rona Black

Asha Carolyn Young - Rustic Schnitzer Steel...

Rustic Schnitzer Steel...

Asha Carolyn Young

Dawn Currie - Coco Parking

Coco Parking

Dawn Currie

Aaron Spong - Solitude


Aaron Spong

Peter Mooyman - Sunrise on the Lake

Sunrise on the Lake

Peter Mooyman

Stanza Widen - Come With Me

Come With Me

Stanza Widen

Penny Lisowski - Field of Sunflowers

Field of Sunflowers

Penny Lisowski

Asha Carolyn Young - Turquoise and Pale...

Turquoise and Pale...

Asha Carolyn Young

Elena Elisseeva - Golden sunset over farm...
Bob Christopher - Canyonlands Early Fog

Canyonlands Early Fog

Bob Christopher

Ginny Barklow - Solitude


Ginny Barklow

Leif Sohlman - Butterfly on tistle sep
Asha Carolyn Young - Oceano


Asha Carolyn Young

Bob Christopher - All American Diner

All American Diner

Bob Christopher

Penny Lisowski - Color Dream Play

Color Dream Play

Penny Lisowski

Lianne Schneider - Farm Country Autumn -...

Farm Country Autumn -...

Lianne Schneider

Georgia Mizuleva - Of Lights and Lamps

Of Lights and Lamps

Georgia Mizuleva

Rona Black - White Calla

White Calla

Rona Black

Sarah Loft - Glass Lady

Glass Lady

Sarah Loft

Bob Christopher - Vintage Gasoline Pumps...
Aaron Spong - Prairie Black Bears
Stanza Widen - Raven Looked Down

Raven Looked Down

Stanza Widen

Steven Bateson - Captain

Captain's Flight

Steven Bateson

Jerry Cowart - Amazing Autumn Flowing...
Ginny Barklow - At Rest

At Rest

Ginny Barklow

Lianne Schneider - Take Me Home

Take Me Home

Lianne Schneider

Joy Patzner - Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Joy Patzner

Unknown - Roy Rogers and Trigger...
Donna Kennedy - Wings


Donna Kennedy

 Andrea Lazar - Tulip Reassembled 4

Tulip Reassembled 4

Andrea Lazar

Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Bob Christopher - Jellyfish 9

Jellyfish 9

Bob Christopher

Leif Sohlman - who is who by Leif...
Asha Carolyn Young - Old Madrone Tree in...

Old Madrone Tree in...

Asha Carolyn Young

Jeff  Swan - Shadow Dreams

Shadow Dreams

Jeff Swan

Jeff  Swan - Spindly Legged Colt
Kelly Mills - Brooklyn Bridges Finest...
Zulfiya Stromberg - Princess of the mist

Princess of the mist

Zulfiya Stromberg

Georgia Mizuleva - Vesuvius Towering Over...

Vesuvius Towering Over...

Georgia Mizuleva

Lois Bryan - Oh No Not Again

Oh No Not Again

Lois Bryan

Ann Horn - Contemplating Art
Linda Simon - Bouquet of Ballet

Bouquet of Ballet

Linda Simon

Dawn Currie - Dungeness II

Dungeness II

Dawn Currie

Ginny Barklow - Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue

Ginny Barklow

Bob Christopher - Heading For Pearl Harbor

Heading For Pearl Harbor

Bob Christopher

Shane Bechler - Red Rollers

Red Rollers

Shane Bechler

Aaron Spong - Waterfall


Aaron Spong

Kym Backland - Cheerleading Raccoons
Asha Carolyn Young - GlowingThrough Painted...

GlowingThrough Painted...

Asha Carolyn Young

Brian Harig - The Perfect Palm Tree -...
Ann Horn - Spotlight on Piano
Jenny Rainbow - Biddy Mulligans Pub....
Miro Gradinscak - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Miro Gradinscak

Asha Carolyn Young - Old Barnyard Gate with...

Old Barnyard Gate with...

Asha Carolyn Young

Carol Wisniewski - The Resplendent Quetzal...
Bob Christopher - All American Diner 2

All American Diner 2

Bob Christopher

Dawn Currie - Art Students

Art Students

Dawn Currie

Linda Simon - Horns


Linda Simon

Linda Simon - Happy


Linda Simon

Pamela Allegretto - Home For Lunch In Rome

Home For Lunch In Rome

Pamela Allegretto

Lianne Schneider - Buffalo South Entrance...

Buffalo South Entrance...

Lianne Schneider

Kelly Mills - Sharpen your pencil for...
Shane Bechler - Healthy Reflections

Healthy Reflections

Shane Bechler

Nina Stavlund - The Sea of Dreams...

The Sea of Dreams...

Nina Stavlund

Rona Black - Beautiful Ugly

Beautiful Ugly

Rona Black

Ann Horn - Reflecting Sundown
Leif Sohlman - Raspberry


Leif Sohlman

Steven Bateson - Dakota Morning

Dakota Morning

Steven Bateson

Carol Wisniewski - Marilyn


Carol Wisniewski

Clare Bevan - Wild Geranium Flowers
Jenny Rainbow - Ghost of Love 1

Ghost of Love 1

Jenny Rainbow

Daniel Furon - Conservatory


Daniel Furon

Bob Christopher - Morning Light Maligne...

Morning Light Maligne...

Bob Christopher

Robert Weiman - Jackson Hole Jagged...
Kevin Trow - Multi-Swirl


Kevin Trow

Aaron Spong - Mt. Sneffels

Mt. Sneffels

Aaron Spong

Leif Sohlman - Into the unknown  by...
Lisa  Phillips - Orchid in Black and White
Linda Simon - Timeless


Linda Simon

 Andrea Lazar - Pink Columbine

Pink Columbine

Andrea Lazar

Patricio Lazen - Main Street

Main Street

Patricio Lazen

Dawn Currie - A Trip Down Trinidad
Nadine and Bob Johnston - Painting An Evening in...

Painting An Evening in...

Nadine and Bob Johnston

Shane Bechler - Tiger Fractal

Tiger Fractal

Shane Bechler

Carol Wisniewski - Portland Head Lighthouse...
Carol Wisniewski - Pumpkin Pickin

Pumpkin Pickin

Carol Wisniewski

Nicola Nobile - Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset

Nicola Nobile

F Leblanc - Native American Regalia
Clare Bevan - Chimpanzee Feet

Chimpanzee Feet

Clare Bevan

Denise Mazzocco - Tintagel Portal

Tintagel Portal

Denise Mazzocco

Pamela Allegretto - The Mamas and Papas

The Mamas and Papas

Pamela Allegretto

Miro Gradinscak - Cheeta


Miro Gradinscak

Chad Dutson - Crater Storm

Crater Storm

Chad Dutson

Ann Horn - Autumn Ablaze

Autumn Ablaze

Ann Horn

Joy Nichols - Grandpa


Joy Nichols

Dawn Currie - Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

Dawn Currie

Aaron Spong - Elk


Aaron Spong

Donna Kennedy - The High Country

The High Country

Donna Kennedy

Christine Till - Bearded Collie - the...
Rona Black - White Bleeding Hearts
Ann Horn - Farm Fields

Farm Fields

Ann Horn

Dawn Currie - Beautiful Little Blue
Linda Simon - Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Linda Simon

Daniel Furon - Passing Time

Passing Time

Daniel Furon

Aaron Spong - Colorado Columbines
Denise Mazzocco - Merlin

Merlin's Magic

Denise Mazzocco

Kelly Mills - Baseball at it
Anne Gilbert - Star Anise Study

Star Anise Study

Anne Gilbert

Allen Beatty - Venice Flower Balcony
Georgia Mizuleva - Millions of Tiny Flowers...
Ann Horn - Hot Pink Sunglasses
Jeff  Swan - An Eagle Posing
Paul  Meijering - Batman


Paul Meijering

Robert Weiman - Protection


Robert Weiman

Rebecca Glaze - Bouquet Of Marilyn

Bouquet Of Marilyn

Rebecca Glaze

Matthias Hauser - BMX Flatland in the snow...
Lisa  Phillips - One of these things is...
Lisa  Phillips - Mama and Goslings

Mama and Goslings

Lisa Phillips

Allen Beatty - Rock Harbor Sunset 4
Bob Christopher - Walt Disney Concert Hall...
F Leblanc - Aluminum Overcast Nose...
Elena Elisseeva - Cruise ships at St.Tropez
Linda Simon - Amish Road

Amish Road

Linda Simon

Georgia Mizuleva - In a Distance - Vasari...

In a Distance - Vasari...

Georgia Mizuleva

Pamela Allegretto - Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth

Pamela Allegretto

Harriet Peck Taylor - Moonlight on a Red Canoe

Moonlight on a Red Canoe

Harriet Peck Taylor

Leif Sohlman - Www


Leif Sohlman

Kelly Mills - The Disappearing Penny
Christina Rollo - Violet Iris

Violet Iris

Christina Rollo

Stephen Stookey - Church of St Bartholomew...
Allen Beatty - Flower Pot 3

Flower Pot 3

Allen Beatty

Brian Harig - Hawaiian Green Sea...
Stanza Widen - Vanishing Glacier

Vanishing Glacier

Stanza Widen

Ann Horn - My Cup Overflows
Kevin Trow - Sepsis


Kevin Trow

Rona Black - First Snowflake

First Snowflake

Rona Black

Claude McCoy - Ocf 479

Ocf 479

Claude McCoy

Leif Sohlman - Into the mist  by Leif...
Kendall Kessler - Alan and Clyde

Alan and Clyde

Kendall Kessler

Dawn Currie - Egret Mother and Chicks
Allen Beatty - Sculpture or Building or...
Paul  Meijering - Spiderman


Paul Meijering

Rebecca Glaze - Essence of Pythia

Essence of Pythia

Rebecca Glaze

Kelly Mills - Blue Jeans a hat and...
Pamela Clements - Contentment


Pamela Clements

Colleen Kammerer - Oh Lolly Lollypop

Oh Lolly Lollypop

Colleen Kammerer

Ann Horn - Really Orange Rose
Daniel Furon - Donner Pass

Donner Pass

Daniel Furon

Christine Till - Silver River Colors

Silver River Colors

Christine Till

Linda Simon - Maple Way

Maple Way

Linda Simon

Carolyn Doe - Robin In maple

Robin In maple

Carolyn Doe

Kendall Kessler - Clyde and Alan

Clyde and Alan

Kendall Kessler

Clif Jackson - His Majesty

His Majesty

Clif Jackson

Diana Sainz - Segovia Aqueduct Spain...
Cherise Foster - Pebbles


Cherise Foster

Michael Hoard - Oh My Gawd Eye See...

Oh My Gawd Eye See...

Michael Hoard

Robert McCubbin - Angels Over Ft. McHenry

Angels Over Ft. McHenry

Robert McCubbin

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - 17 year Cicada With Morel

17 year Cicada With Morel

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Lois Bryan - Distant Storms

Distant Storms

Lois Bryan

Dawn Currie - Fishing Village

Fishing Village

Dawn Currie

Penny Meyers - Waxwing in a Dream

Waxwing in a Dream

Penny Meyers

Allen Beatty - Rubber Duck Race

Rubber Duck Race

Allen Beatty

Kevin Trow - Intervolve


Kevin Trow

Kelly Mills - Little blue bird eats...
Stefon Marc Brown - Cowboy  Sunset

Cowboy Sunset

Stefon Marc Brown

Emmy Marie Vickers - I Sing Your Praise

I Sing Your Praise

Emmy Marie Vickers

Leif Sohlman - dont know him  by Leif...
Denise Mazzocco - Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures

Denise Mazzocco

Bob Christopher - Tube Kites

Tube Kites

Bob Christopher

Ann Horn - Mozart in Masquerade
Ana Maria Edulescu - Barcelona View At...

Barcelona View At...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Shelle Ettelson - Drive in to Albany...

Drive in to Albany...

Shelle Ettelson

Christine Till - Fort Laramie WY - Moving...
Luther   Fine Art - Bamboo #1

Bamboo #1

Luther Fine Art

Ron Grafe - A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Ron Grafe

Steve McKinzie - On Target

On Target

Steve McKinzie

Kendall Kessler - Dream Bouquet

Dream Bouquet

Kendall Kessler

Janice Rae Pariza - Pennsylvania Spring...

Pennsylvania Spring...

Janice Rae Pariza

Ann Horn - Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Ann Horn

John Bailey - Days End

Days End

John Bailey

Allen Beatty - Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

Allen Beatty

Stanza Widen - Northern Angel Bird

Northern Angel Bird

Stanza Widen

Tony  Colvin - Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

Tony Colvin

Colleen Kammerer - Sea Treasure

Sea Treasure

Colleen Kammerer

Kelly Mills - Umbrella Huddle

Umbrella Huddle

Kelly Mills

Jon Burch Photography - Cathedral Rock Before...

Cathedral Rock Before...

Jon Burch Photography

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Drunken Snails

Drunken Snails

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Tara  Shalton - Daydreaming


Tara Shalton

Ann Horn - White Goat

White Goat

Ann Horn

Clare Bevan - Snail Beauty

Snail Beauty

Clare Bevan

Gary Hall - Phantom of the North 2
Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Stanza Widen - Manx Mist

Manx Mist

Stanza Widen