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Mariola Bitner

Aliso Viejo, CA

United States

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This group was started on December 26th, 2013 and currently has:

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500 Views -1 Image a Day

About This Group

Hello fellow artists!

This is a group dedicated to artwork that has at least 500 views.

There are no rules, just make sure that none of the artwork is offensive or inappropriate!

Have fun!

LOGO of the Month provided by:

April (2015).............................. Carol Miller
May (2014)............................... Lois Bryan
June (2014)..............................Nina Stavlund
July (2014)................................Teresa Zieba
August (2014)...........................Jim Fitzpatrick
September (2014).....................Pamela Clements
October (2014).......................... Zulfiya Stromberg
November (2014)...................... Wayne Hardee
December (2014)......................Eileen Patten Oliver
January (2015)..........................Inge Riis McDonald
February (2015).........................Karen Cook
March (2015)............................. Fiona Craig

LOGO FOR THE MONTH OF March: Carol Miller

Photography Prints

Featured Images

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Magical Chrysanthemum

Magical Chrysanthemum

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Evening Mood

Evening Mood

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

RC DeWinter - Shed of Secrets

Shed of Secrets

RC DeWinter

John Haldane - Laughing Bears

Laughing Bears

John Haldane

Kendall Kessler - Radford Flower Garden

Radford Flower Garden

Kendall Kessler

Matt Hammerstein - Pittsburgh January 2015

Pittsburgh January 2015

Matt Hammerstein

Catherine Van Der Woerd - Mosaic Stained Glass - Spring Shower

Mosaic Stained Glass - Spring Shower

Catherine Van Der Woerd

Dawn Currie - Golden Daylily I

Golden Daylily I

Dawn Currie

Sarah Loft - Driving Rain

Driving Rain

Sarah Loft

George Katechis  - Erikousa Beach

Erikousa Beach

George Katechis

Heidi Sieber - Healing sun

Healing sun

Heidi Sieber

Margaret Merry - La Fuente de San Pedro

La Fuente de San Pedro

Margaret Merry

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - The Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park

Bob and Nadine Johnston

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Marine F-4 Phantom  Painting

Marine F-4 Phantom Painting

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Marty Fancy - Fiery Desert Sky

Fiery Desert Sky

Marty Fancy

Rona Black - Eat a Peach

Eat a Peach

Rona Black

RC DeWinter - Girl Ascending

Girl Ascending

RC DeWinter

Kathryn L Novak - Jellyfish


Kathryn L Novak

Karen Cook - All is calm

All is calm

Karen Cook

Nicklas Gustafsson - Heart grenade

Heart grenade

Nicklas Gustafsson

RicardMN Photography - Blue courtyard

Blue courtyard

RicardMN Photography

Kay Novy - Pink Gerbera

Pink Gerbera

Kay Novy

Claudia Mottram - Red doors barn

Red doors barn

Claudia Mottram

Teresa Wegrzyn - Garden


Teresa Wegrzyn

 Onyonet  Photo Studios - Lungwort Leaves Abstract

Lungwort Leaves Abstract

Onyonet Photo Studios

F Leblanc - Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire

F Leblanc

Marianne Campolongo - San Diego Sunset

San Diego Sunset

Marianne Campolongo

Dawn Currie - Golden Daylily II

Golden Daylily II

Dawn Currie

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Sunset Tree In Maui

Sunset Tree In Maui

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Denise Mazzocco - Patch


Denise Mazzocco

John Straton - Gun Americana v1

Gun Americana v1

John Straton

 Nadine Johnston - Mexican Wolf Painting

Mexican Wolf Painting

Nadine Johnston

Marcia Lee Jones - An Oasis

An Oasis

Marcia Lee Jones

Marcia Lee Jones - Orange With Steel Blue

Orange With Steel Blue

Marcia Lee Jones

Donna Kennedy - Ode To Autumn

Ode To Autumn

Donna Kennedy

Kristia Adams - Frolic in the Snow

Frolic in the Snow

Kristia Adams

Sarah Loft - Red Autumn

Red Autumn

Sarah Loft

Richard Bryce and Family - Howl


Richard Bryce and Family

Teresa Wegrzyn - Abstract Sunset

Abstract Sunset

Teresa Wegrzyn

Paul Meijering - Angus Young of AC / DC

Angus Young of AC / DC

Paul Meijering

Joe  Triano - American Monarch

American Monarch

Joe Triano

Michele  Avanti - Natures Cathedral

Natures Cathedral

Michele Avanti

Marcia Lee Jones - A Form Of Beauty

A Form Of Beauty

Marcia Lee Jones

Pamela Allegretto - Tuscan Gold 2

Tuscan Gold 2

Pamela Allegretto

Dominique Amendola - Carriero Du Pourtegue

Carriero Du Pourtegue

Dominique Amendola

Dawn Currie - Matthew 11 29

Matthew 11 29

Dawn Currie

Kathleen Struckle - Surrounded By Pine Trees

Surrounded By Pine Trees

Kathleen Struckle

Lisa Wooten - Sunset


Lisa Wooten

Kathleen Struckle - Cute Puppies

Cute Puppies

Kathleen Struckle

Chrisann Ellis - Florida Inspiration

Florida Inspiration

Chrisann Ellis

Stanza Widen - Infused With Stars

Infused With Stars

Stanza Widen

RC deWinter - Split Infinitive

Split Infinitive

RC deWinter

Alina Davis - Washed Up

Washed Up

Alina Davis

Kendall Kessler - Bisset Park

Bisset Park

Kendall Kessler

Edgar Laureano - Watermelon


Edgar Laureano

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunset Joshua Tree National Park V2

Sunset Joshua Tree National Park V2

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Nicklas Gustafsson - Enchanted forest

Enchanted forest

Nicklas Gustafsson

Nicklas Gustafsson - Last Tree Standing

Last Tree Standing

Nicklas Gustafsson

Joann Copeland-Paul - Perfect Petals

Perfect Petals

Joann Copeland-Paul

Nancy Jolley - Aspen Color

Aspen Color

Nancy Jolley

Steve Karol - Star factory

Star factory

Steve Karol

John Straton - Space Closet

Space Closet

John Straton

RicardMN Photography - A cell in Alcatraz prison

A cell in Alcatraz prison

RicardMN Photography

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - The Old Farm Lane

The Old Farm Lane

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Paul  Meijering - Kristin Scott Thomas

Kristin Scott Thomas

Paul Meijering

Nancy Jolley - Forest Fantasy

Forest Fantasy

Nancy Jolley

Sarah Loft - Blue Glass

Blue Glass

Sarah Loft

Margaret Merry - Irina


Margaret Merry

Miroslava Jurcik - Yellow eyes

Yellow eyes

Miroslava Jurcik

John Telfer - Moonlight Swan

Moonlight Swan

John Telfer

John Straton - Mooney M20F

Mooney M20F

John Straton

Kathleen Struckle - Young Maiden Statue

Young Maiden Statue

Kathleen Struckle

Dawn Currie - Pelican Squadron

Pelican Squadron

Dawn Currie

 Onyonet  Photo Studios - Japanese Maple in Autumn

Japanese Maple in Autumn

Onyonet Photo Studios

Kathleen Struckle - She Holds Her Cross

She Holds Her Cross

Kathleen Struckle

RC deWinter - The Runaway

The Runaway

RC deWinter

Paul Meijering -  Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo

Paul Meijering

Stanza Widen - Still Defiant

Still Defiant

Stanza Widen

Elena Elisseeva - Path in sunlit forest

Path in sunlit forest

Elena Elisseeva

Marcia Lee Jones - Will The Fires Burn

Will The Fires Burn

Marcia Lee Jones

Steve Karol - Blue Muses

Blue Muses

Steve Karol

Rona Black - Blush Pink Roses

Blush Pink Roses

Rona Black

John Straton - Corvair 95 Rampside

Corvair 95 Rampside

John Straton

Dominique Amendola - India Street Scene

India Street Scene

Dominique Amendola

Paul  Meijering - Gene Simmons of Kiss

Gene Simmons of Kiss

Paul Meijering

George Katechis  - Poseidon 3

Poseidon 3

George Katechis

Vadim Boytsov - Movement


Vadim Boytsov

Nancy Jolley - Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Nancy Jolley

Claudia Mottram - Sunrise-HDR


Claudia Mottram

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - In Flight Meals

In Flight Meals

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Vadim Boytsov - Freedom


Vadim Boytsov

Zina Stromberg - Peacock at sunrise

Peacock at sunrise

Zina Stromberg

Nava  Thompson - Summer Bonnet

Summer Bonnet

Nava Thompson

Deb Halloran - Reflecting


Deb Halloran

Richard Bryce and Family - Giraffe Massage

Giraffe Massage

Richard Bryce and Family

Leif Sohlman - Fantasia


Leif Sohlman

Sarah Loft - Crocus Swirl 1

Crocus Swirl 1

Sarah Loft

Ana Maria Edulescu - The Unknown

The Unknown

Ana Maria Edulescu

Dominique Amendola - Bundle of clothing

Bundle of clothing

Dominique Amendola

Elena Elisseeva - Sailboats at sunset

Sailboats at sunset

Elena Elisseeva

Nava  Thompson - Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Nava Thompson

Miro Gradinscak - American Pride

American Pride

Miro Gradinscak

Talya Johnson - Up from the Ashes

Up from the Ashes

Talya Johnson

Kendall Kessler - Apple a Day

Apple a Day

Kendall Kessler

RC deWinter - Unmade Bed

Unmade Bed

RC deWinter

RicardMN Photography - Torretta Pepoli

Torretta Pepoli

RicardMN Photography

Margaret Merry - Puerta Elvira

Puerta Elvira

Margaret Merry

George Katechis  - Green And Blue 1

Green And Blue 1

George Katechis

Nina Prommer - Heavenly Light

Heavenly Light

Nina Prommer

Jerome Stumphauzer - Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields

Jerome Stumphauzer

Edgar Laureano - Praia Formosa

Praia Formosa

Edgar Laureano

Stephanie Grant - Walking With Ghosts

Walking With Ghosts

Stephanie Grant

Caitlyn  Grasso - Ancient Textures

Ancient Textures

Caitlyn Grasso

Jordan Blackstone - Ice Age Wonder

Ice Age Wonder

Jordan Blackstone

Judy Vincent - Luckenbach TX

Luckenbach TX

Judy Vincent

CarolLMiller Photography - Carousel


CarolLMiller Photography

Michele  Avanti - Kefalos Bridge Cyprus

Kefalos Bridge Cyprus

Michele Avanti

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Christopher James - Fort Jefferson Arches

Fort Jefferson Arches

Christopher James

Joe Schofield - Excuse Me

Excuse Me

Joe Schofield

Steve Karol - Thaw


Steve Karol

 rdm-Margaux Dreamations - Fireside


rdm-Margaux Dreamations

Laurie Perry - Shenandoah View

Shenandoah View

Laurie Perry

Joan Carroll - Holy Door

Holy Door

Joan Carroll

Teresa Wegrzyn - Serenity


Teresa Wegrzyn

Sarah Loft - Making Waves 2

Making Waves 2

Sarah Loft

Edgar Laureano - Ship on the horizon

Ship on the horizon

Edgar Laureano

Paul Rebmann - Pocosin Manifest

Pocosin Manifest

Paul Rebmann

John Telfer - Coney Island Rides

Coney Island Rides

John Telfer

Daniel Furon - Spring Night

Spring Night

Daniel Furon

Dawn Currie - Black-necked Stilt

Black-necked Stilt

Dawn Currie

Miryam  UrZa - Lighthouse Gaze

Lighthouse Gaze

Miryam UrZa

RC DeWinter - Spring in a Bucket

Spring in a Bucket

RC DeWinter

Kathy Bassett - Fogged


Kathy Bassett

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Sunrise on Lake Te Anu

Sunrise on Lake Te Anu

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

George Katechis  - Gourna West

Gourna West

George Katechis

Elsa De - Tranquillity


Elsa De

Debbie Oppermann - Curls


Debbie Oppermann

RC DeWinter - Big Bang

Big Bang

RC DeWinter

 rdm-Margaux Dreamations - Wine and Sunset

Wine and Sunset

rdm-Margaux Dreamations

RC deWinter - Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

RC deWinter

Harriet Peck Taylor - Columbine in the Aspen

Columbine in the Aspen

Harriet Peck Taylor

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Abstract On the Trail

Abstract On the Trail

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Elena Elisseeva - Tranquility


Elena Elisseeva

Laurie Perry - St. Mary

St. Mary's Beauty

Laurie Perry

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Beautiful Blossoms

Beautiful Blossoms

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

John Straton - Gas Mask W W I  v1

Gas Mask W W I v1

John Straton

Joe Schofield - Dew on Cactus

Dew on Cactus

Joe Schofield

Douglas Fromm - Heavy Metal Guitar

Heavy Metal Guitar

Douglas Fromm

Dominique Amendola - Adolescence


Dominique Amendola

Marcia Lee Jones - Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek

Marcia Lee Jones

Priscilla Burgers - Green with Envy

Green with Envy

Priscilla Burgers

Kathleen Struckle - Indian Princess Dancer

Indian Princess Dancer

Kathleen Struckle

RC deWinter - Washed in Gold

Washed in Gold

RC deWinter

Steve Karol - 42nd Street Blue

42nd Street Blue

Steve Karol

Bill  Wakeley - Daffodil Sunset

Daffodil Sunset

Bill Wakeley

Teresa Wegrzyn - Fishing


Teresa Wegrzyn

Steve Karol - Ocean


Steve Karol

Priscilla Burgers - Vintage Roundup

Vintage Roundup

Priscilla Burgers

Dominique Amendola - Crossing the plains

Crossing the plains

Dominique Amendola

Zina Zinchik - Lady of Renaissance

Lady of Renaissance

Zina Zinchik

Oscar Gutierrez - Girl Riding Bicycle

Girl Riding Bicycle

Oscar Gutierrez

Kendall Kessler - Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Kendall Kessler

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Hobbiton Lake New Zealand

Hobbiton Lake New Zealand

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Kay Novy - Exotic Iris

Exotic Iris

Kay Novy

Kathleen Struckle - Spring At The Gardens

Spring At The Gardens

Kathleen Struckle

Brian Harig - West Mt Rainier

West Mt Rainier

Brian Harig

Sarah Loft - Debris Field

Debris Field

Sarah Loft

Margaret Merry - Flamenco


Margaret Merry

Dominique Amendola - The bathers

The bathers

Dominique Amendola

Donna Kennedy - Florida Sunrise

Florida Sunrise

Donna Kennedy

Joe Schofield -  And One Yellow

And One Yellow

Joe Schofield

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Eternal Hues - California Sunset

Eternal Hues - California Sunset

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Zina Zinchik - Divine touch

Divine touch

Zina Zinchik

Kendall Kessler - Blue Ridge Meadow Sunset

Blue Ridge Meadow Sunset

Kendall Kessler

Dominique Amendola - Cow-boy at rest

Cow-boy at rest

Dominique Amendola

Paul Meijering - Slash


Paul Meijering

Sheila Diemert - Country Drive

Country Drive

Sheila Diemert

Marcia Lee Jones - Erosion


Marcia Lee Jones

Teresa Wegrzyn - For You

For You

Teresa Wegrzyn

Dawn Currie - Northern Parula II

Northern Parula II

Dawn Currie

Brian Harig - Kalalau Valley 2

Kalalau Valley 2

Brian Harig

Laurie Perry - Pastel Sky

Pastel Sky

Laurie Perry

Karunita Kapoor - Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Karunita Kapoor

RC deWinter - Shimmer in Satin

Shimmer in Satin

RC deWinter

Joe  Triano - Make Me Worthy

Make Me Worthy

Joe Triano

Benanne Stiens - Foggy Sunset on Egret

Foggy Sunset on Egret

Benanne Stiens

Margaret Merry - Lily kneeling

Lily kneeling

Margaret Merry

Pamela Blizzard - Along the Dock

Along the Dock

Pamela Blizzard

CarolLMiller Photography - Ain

Ain't Miss Beehavin Too

CarolLMiller Photography

Kay Novy - Hearts A Fire

Hearts A Fire

Kay Novy

Diane Schuster - Behold The Light

Behold The Light

Diane Schuster

Janice Rae Pariza - Red Wind Wild Horse

Red Wind Wild Horse

Janice Rae Pariza

Stefano Senise - Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase

Stefano Senise

Maja Sokolowska - City of paris

City of paris

Maja Sokolowska

Denise Mazzocco - Peacock Close-up

Peacock Close-up

Denise Mazzocco

Kendall Kessler - Blue Ridge Autumn

Blue Ridge Autumn

Kendall Kessler

Sarah Loft - Baby Rebekah

Baby Rebekah

Sarah Loft

John Telfer - Its COLD Outside

Its COLD Outside

John Telfer

Elena Elisseeva - Just before nightfall

Just before nightfall

Elena Elisseeva

Joan Carroll - Texas Zen

Texas Zen

Joan Carroll

Lisa Wooten - Butterfly


Lisa Wooten

Donna Kennedy - A Bouquet for You

A Bouquet for You

Donna Kennedy

 Andrea Lazar - Luminous Plum Tulips

Luminous Plum Tulips

Andrea Lazar

Karunita Kapoor - Addiction


Karunita Kapoor

Cynthia Guinn - Tourist At Kure Beach

Tourist At Kure Beach

Cynthia Guinn

John Telfer - Long Island Freeze

Long Island Freeze

John Telfer

Sandra Hoefer - Eris stripped

Eris stripped

Sandra Hoefer

Tameka Scott - Lonely Goose

Lonely Goose

Tameka Scott

Rona Black - Oxford Geek

Oxford Geek

Rona Black

Debbie Oppermann - Bold Bearded Iris

Bold Bearded Iris

Debbie Oppermann

Teresa Wegrzyn - Time To Remember

Time To Remember

Teresa Wegrzyn

Kendall Kessler - Mabry Mill in Fall

Mabry Mill in Fall

Kendall Kessler

RC deWinter - Seashell Rose

Seashell Rose

RC deWinter

Donna Kennedy - Moose


Donna Kennedy

Sarah Loft - Three Red Balls

Three Red Balls

Sarah Loft

Bonnie Cook - Spring Cottage

Spring Cottage

Bonnie Cook

Christine Till - Florida Jungle

Florida Jungle

Christine Till

Marcia Lee Jones - After The Storm

After The Storm

Marcia Lee Jones

Anthony Morris - The Jungle

The Jungle

Anthony Morris

Dawn Currie - Bufflehead


Dawn Currie

Peter Mooyman - Rainier Redefined

Rainier Redefined

Peter Mooyman

Diane Schuster - The Magic Of Sunrise

The Magic Of Sunrise

Diane Schuster

Steve Karol - Temple for No One

Temple for No One

Steve Karol

Patrick Witz - Pugnacious


Patrick Witz

Elena Elisseeva - Beach fence

Beach fence

Elena Elisseeva

Marcia Lee Jones - Just A Touch Of Light

Just A Touch Of Light

Marcia Lee Jones

Gardening Perfection - My Magnificent Magnolia

My Magnificent Magnolia

Gardening Perfection

Carol Wisniewski - The World Loves A Clown

The World Loves A Clown

Carol Wisniewski

Caitlyn  Grasso - Petal Pink

Petal Pink

Caitlyn Grasso

Dominique Amendola - My Garden Corner

My Garden Corner

Dominique Amendola

Kendall Kessler - Buffalo Mountain in Fall

Buffalo Mountain in Fall

Kendall Kessler

Elena Elisseeva - Flying birds

Flying birds

Elena Elisseeva

Lingfai Leung - Beauty Within

Beauty Within

Lingfai Leung

Nava  Thompson - Summer Morning Light

Summer Morning Light

Nava Thompson

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Involuntary Mushroom Slaughter

Involuntary Mushroom Slaughter

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Brian Harig - Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens

Brian Harig

Pamela Allegretto - Island Beat

Island Beat

Pamela Allegretto

Vadim Boytsov - Fear of the dark

Fear of the dark

Vadim Boytsov

Georgia Mizuleva - Stainless Steel Moon

Stainless Steel Moon

Georgia Mizuleva

Joan Carroll - Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora

Joan Carroll

Chrisann Ellis - For Sale

For Sale

Chrisann Ellis

Marcia Lee Jones - The Silent Room

The Silent Room

Marcia Lee Jones

Pamela Clements - Beach Still Life

Beach Still Life

Pamela Clements

Joan Carroll - Barnegat Sunset

Barnegat Sunset

Joan Carroll

Lisbeth Sabol - American Bison

American Bison

Lisbeth Sabol

Eloise Schneider - Isaiah 41

Isaiah 41

Eloise Schneider

Michelle Rene Goodhew - Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Michelle Rene Goodhew

 Onyonet  Photo Studios - Nephrite Jade - Alien Sea

Nephrite Jade - Alien Sea

Onyonet Photo Studios

F Leblanc - Appreciation


F Leblanc

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Bell Rock Sedona Az

Bell Rock Sedona Az

Bob and Nadine Johnston

ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics - Daylily Flower Powder

Daylily Flower Powder

ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics

Lisa Wooten - Sunset


Lisa Wooten

Stephen Stookey - Historic Rockport Harbor

Historic Rockport Harbor

Stephen Stookey

Steve Karol - Rose Emergance

Rose Emergance

Steve Karol

Kendall Kessler - Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island

Kendall Kessler

Fiona Kennard - Reflection Of Beauty

Reflection Of Beauty

Fiona Kennard

Sarah Loft - French Garden

French Garden

Sarah Loft

George Katechis  - Beach 2

Beach 2

George Katechis

Paul Meijering - Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress

Paul Meijering

Kathleen Struckle - Buffalo History Museum

Buffalo History Museum

Kathleen Struckle

Jessica Jenney - Dusk At Gapstow

Dusk At Gapstow

Jessica Jenney

Edgar Laureano - Fog On Leaves

Fog On Leaves

Edgar Laureano

Sheri Keith - Stormy Waters

Stormy Waters

Sheri Keith

Pamela Allegretto - Buddha in Black and White

Buddha in Black and White

Pamela Allegretto

Stanza Widen - Shattered Water

Shattered Water

Stanza Widen

 Andrea Lazar - Wings of a Conure

Wings of a Conure

Andrea Lazar

Michele  Avanti - Fisher Cat

Fisher Cat

Michele Avanti

Kendall Kessler - Galloping Red

Galloping Red

Kendall Kessler

Carol Wisniewski - Heaven Is Waiting Beyond

Heaven Is Waiting Beyond

Carol Wisniewski

John Straton - Great horned owl v9

Great horned owl v9

John Straton

Carol Wisniewski - The Cottage Garden Path

The Cottage Garden Path

Carol Wisniewski

RC DeWinter - Emerging


RC DeWinter

Kendall Kessler - On Fire

On Fire

Kendall Kessler

Janice Rae Pariza - Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Janice Rae Pariza

Laurie Perry - Historic Hallway

Historic Hallway

Laurie Perry

Dawn Currie - Purple Gallinule I

Purple Gallinule I

Dawn Currie

CarolLMiller Photography - Ain

Ain't Miss Beehavin

CarolLMiller Photography

Dominique Amendola - Cowboy Dan

Cowboy Dan

Dominique Amendola

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Hummingbird and California Poppy

Hummingbird and California Poppy

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Edgar Laureano - Dancing on the Water

Dancing on the Water

Edgar Laureano

RC deWinter - Cosmic Rose

Cosmic Rose

RC deWinter

George Katechis  - Erikousa Beach 2

Erikousa Beach 2

George Katechis

Bliss Of Art - Damini


Bliss Of Art

ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics - Saguaro Cactus Skeleton

Saguaro Cactus Skeleton

ImagesAsArt Photos And Graphics

Dawn Currie - Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting

Dawn Currie

Jennifer Lyon - Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower at Night

Jennifer Lyon

Kathleen Struckle - Another Old Barn

Another Old Barn

Kathleen Struckle

Nancy Spirakus - Cathedral of Snow

Cathedral of Snow

Nancy Spirakus

Julie Brugh Riffey - Lavender Fields At Dusk

Lavender Fields At Dusk

Julie Brugh Riffey

Donna Kennedy - Paradise 2

Paradise 2

Donna Kennedy

Asha Carolyn Young - Alexander Valley Vinyards

Alexander Valley Vinyards

Asha Carolyn Young

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - The Cabin Time Forgot

The Cabin Time Forgot

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Karen Cook - Solitude


Karen Cook

Claudia Mottram - Blue Rhapsody - HDR

Blue Rhapsody - HDR

Claudia Mottram

Pamela Peters - Bird at Sunset

Bird at Sunset

Pamela Peters

Gardening Perfection - FRED and ETHEL


Gardening Perfection

Aaron Spong - Mt. Elbert Sunrise

Mt. Elbert Sunrise

Aaron Spong

George Katechis  - Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze

George Katechis