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Black and White Photography



Group Administrator

David Epstein

Johannesburg, Gauteng

South Africa

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This group was started on July 7th, 2014 and currently has:


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Black and White Photography

About This Group

A group only for Black and White Photography.

I would like us to be able to collaborate as we all strive to create iconic images in a world where everyone you meet has the ability to take a 'great shot'. The days when photography was the exclusive domain of a few have long gone as digital strangles silver halide into near death. But our art form was based in the world of chemistry where those skills learnt now play such an important part in our digital executions. I hope that by you becoming a member of this group we can benefit all of our combined skills and most importantly - the work which we create.

Guidelines here are simple:

1. Film / Digital Allowed
2. Must be for sale on FAA
3. Just a maximum of 1 image a day for discussion - too many and we are going to become a dumping ground.

Featured Images

Allegresse Photography - Ballerina Resting

Ballerina Resting

Allegresse Photography

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Into the Light

Howard Salmon

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Jean-Philippe Jouve

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