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Abstract Landscape



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Charles Stuart


United Kingdom

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This group was started on October 9th, 2010 and currently has:


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Abstract Landscape

About This Group

Landscape as a vehicle for experimentation. A starting point or a destination - aesthetically that is...

Three images maximum at a time please...lets get pages with lots of a few every now and then, not all at once...naughty over-posters will be spoken to...

Featured Images

Conor Murphy - Burning Fields

Burning Fields

Conor Murphy

Lynda Stevens - Clearance


Lynda Stevens

Thomas Maes - In the clouds

In the clouds

Thomas Maes

Jouko Lehto - The Dock 1

The Dock 1

Jouko Lehto

William Martin - Fall Trees - Blank...

Fall Trees - Blank...

William Martin

Daniel Hebard - Mad Creek Winter at Elk...
Jouko Lehto - Koverolampi


Jouko Lehto

William Martin - Miniature Forest

Miniature Forest

William Martin

Robert F Battles - Rfb0300


Robert F Battles

HweeYen Ong - Fourth Dimension

Fourth Dimension

HweeYen Ong

William Martin - Sunset


William Martin

Lynda Lehmann - The Forest Hush

The Forest Hush

Lynda Lehmann

Charles Stuart - Blue Nile 2

Blue Nile 2

Charles Stuart

Ray  Petersen - Stage 1 Henlopen Winter...
Lisa Stevens - Blackbird Winter

Blackbird Winter

Lisa Stevens

Carmel Collins - Ocean Meets Sky

Ocean Meets Sky

Carmel Collins

Maria Rova - Noqu Viti

Noqu Viti

Maria Rova

Jouko Lehto - Twisted Snow

Twisted Snow

Jouko Lehto

Geoff Simmonds - The Paths of the Dead

The Paths of the Dead

Geoff Simmonds

Jouko Lehto - Gulf of Bothnia...

Gulf of Bothnia...

Jouko Lehto

Geoff Simmonds - Star Road

Star Road

Geoff Simmonds

Geoff Simmonds - Cloud Across The Moon

Cloud Across The Moon

Geoff Simmonds

Maria Rova - The Road Less Travelled
Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Abstract Landscape

Abstract Landscape

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Gerry Kanonik - Through A Lense

Through A Lense

Gerry Kanonik

Conor Murphy - Burning fields

Burning fields

Conor Murphy

Jeff Bader - Lock Close-up

Lock Close-up

Jeff Bader

Jouko Lehto - The Window

The Window

Jouko Lehto

Jouko Lehto -  Two Islands

Two Islands

Jouko Lehto

Lisa Stevens - Annibel Lee

Annibel Lee

Lisa Stevens