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ACEO ATC SFA and Miniature Art



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Tonie Cook

Akron, OH

United States

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This group was started on December 10th, 2011 and currently has:


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ACEO ATC SFA and Miniature Art

About This Group

This group is for artists who create ACEO (Art Card Editions Originals), ATC (Artist Trading Cards), SFA (Small Format Art) and Miniatures.

Art work submitted for this group must fit the Small Format Size -- That means any sized work of art that us under fourteen (14) inches in overall size.

ACEO and ATC art is art created in the size of a regulation playing card or sports card, which is exactly 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches in size. Miniature art is created on a 1:12 scale (doll house size) or smaller.

Featured Images

Lauri Jean Crowe - Passionflower 6

Passionflower 6

Lauri Jean Crowe

Nancy Mueller - Internalscape Journey...
Monique Morin Matson - Mr. Cool

Mr. Cool

Monique Morin Matson

Warren Thompson - Sunrise over Red Oak...

Sunrise over Red Oak...

Warren Thompson

Monique Morin Matson - Trick or Treat Crow

Trick or Treat Crow

Monique Morin Matson

Lauri Jean Crowe - Dream Catcher 1

Dream Catcher 1

Lauri Jean Crowe

Monique Morin Matson - Wolf


Monique Morin Matson

Almondtree Art - Vanishing Trades...

Vanishing Trades...

Almondtree Art

Joann Y Wheeler - Hummingbird


Joann Y Wheeler

Joann Y Wheeler - Making Eyes

Making Eyes

Joann Y Wheeler

Warren Thompson - Bayeux France

Bayeux France

Warren Thompson

Almondtree Art - Historical Building...

Historical Building...

Almondtree Art

Tonie Cook - May Flower Bush

May Flower Bush

Tonie Cook

Tonie Cook - Coffee And Doughnut
Warren Thompson - Destination


Warren Thompson

Monique Morin Matson - Tulips


Monique Morin Matson

Ana Tirolese - Happy Birdie - ACEO

Happy Birdie - ACEO

Ana Tirolese

Warren Thompson - Autumn Abstract

Autumn Abstract

Warren Thompson

Warren Thompson - Golden Vineyard

Golden Vineyard

Warren Thompson

Lynn Hughes - Butterfly design...
Warren Thompson - Algonquin Provincial...

Algonquin Provincial...

Warren Thompson

Loren Adams - Ennis Cove

Ennis Cove

Loren Adams

Dalton James - Cornfield - ACEO

Cornfield - ACEO

Dalton James

Dalton James - Hopi Mana 3 - ACEO

Hopi Mana 3 - ACEO

Dalton James

Warren Thompson - Hashtag This

Hashtag This

Warren Thompson

N Larson - Sveta


N Larson

Shelby Oppermann - Colton

Colton's Contentment

Shelby Oppermann

Warren Thompson - Moody Landscape

Moody Landscape

Warren Thompson

Warren Thompson - COOL Husky 2

COOL Husky 2

Warren Thompson

Christy Brammer - Miniature Teapots and...

Miniature Teapots and...

Christy Brammer

Lynn Chatman - A Little Birdie Told Me
Lisa Kramer - Deer ready for a Party
Tonie Cook - Make Up No. 1

Make Up No. 1

Tonie Cook

Mindy Newman - Zippy the Butterfly

Zippy the Butterfly

Mindy Newman

Ana Tirolese - Mr. Squirrel - ACEO

Mr. Squirrel - ACEO

Ana Tirolese

Oddball Art Co by Lizzy Love - A Love Story No 14

A Love Story No 14

Oddball Art Co by Lizzy Love

Lynn Hughes - Brown Hare Miniature
N Larson - Volkhova


N Larson

N Larson - Fall


N Larson

Lisa Kramer - Walk the Path

Walk the Path

Lisa Kramer

Ana Tirolese - Can

Can't See Me - ACEO

Ana Tirolese

Ana Tirolese - Cat Miniature

Cat Miniature

Ana Tirolese

Kristen Fox - Celtic Knotwork Rotation
Ana Tirolese - Fish - ACEO

Fish - ACEO

Ana Tirolese

Robin Gorton - Starling Study

Starling Study

Robin Gorton

Tonie Cook - Beach Bar No. 1

Beach Bar No. 1

Tonie Cook

Oddball Art Co by Lizzy Love - Hanging on to Love

Hanging on to Love

Oddball Art Co by Lizzy Love