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African-American and Caribbean Art



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Pharris Art

, NJ

United States

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This group was started on November 2nd, 2008 and currently has:

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African-American and Caribbean Art

About This Group

Art in all forms featuring African-American and / or Caribbean subjects or themes are welcome. PLEASE DO NOT submit portraits of famous people from the 20th or 21st centuries, except historical figures of political significance who were considered (or consider(ed) themselves Black Americans or African-Americans (ex: MLK, Obama)). Kindly only submit up to 3 images in any given week, no more than 1 per day.

Featured Images

Steven Paul  - Waterluvher


Steven Paul

Javon Dixon - Beauty-Ocean Blue

Beauty-Ocean Blue

Javon Dixon

Walter Oliver Neal - Time Traveler

Time Traveler

Walter Oliver Neal

Steven Paul  - Fromusic


Steven Paul

Sonya Walker - Xylo Man

Xylo Man

Sonya Walker

Robert Watson  - Robert Caricature

Robert Caricature

Robert Watson

Joe Paradis - Summer Service

Summer Service

Joe Paradis

Jenny Pickens - Mountain Quilter

Mountain Quilter

Jenny Pickens

Zaria Taylor - Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Zaria Taylor

Walter Oliver Neal - 2 Profiles In One

2 Profiles In One

Walter Oliver Neal

Jenny Pickens - Essential Essence

Essential Essence

Jenny Pickens

Robert Watson  - Her Doll Land

Her Doll Land

Robert Watson

Michael Chatman - Nellie

Nellie's Salon

Michael Chatman

Joe Jake Pratt - Down On The Corner

Down On The Corner

Joe Jake Pratt

Jenny Pickens - Daydreamer


Jenny Pickens

Tony B Conscious - Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Tony B Conscious

Delvon  - Queen



Robert Watson  - Black Queen

Black Queen

Robert Watson

Delvon - Honey



Tony B Conscious - Occupy Black Love

Occupy Black Love

Tony B Conscious

Belinda Threeths - Enjoying Nature

Enjoying Nature

Belinda Threeths

Pauline Barrett - Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me

Pauline Barrett

Joe Paradis - Elegance


Joe Paradis

John Clark - Tidying the Yard

Tidying the Yard

John Clark

Greg Roberson - Protest


Greg Roberson

Charon Rothmiller - Beauty


Charon Rothmiller

Em Scott - Intense Gaze

Intense Gaze

Em Scott

Stormm Bradshaw - Spirit Dancers

Spirit Dancers

Stormm Bradshaw

Everett Spruill - The Matriarch Take Two

The Matriarch Take Two

Everett Spruill

Staci Brown - We Can

We Can't Breathe

Staci Brown

Charon Rothmiller - The Meeting

The Meeting

Charon Rothmiller

Stanley Slaughter Jr - Once upon a time Blackman

Once upon a time Blackman

Stanley Slaughter Jr

Michael Chatman - Church Meeting

Church Meeting

Michael Chatman

Stacey Torres - Mona


Stacey Torres

Tony B Conscious - Don

Don't Shoot HANDS UP

Tony B Conscious

James I Weisner Jr - Ouch


James I Weisner Jr

Stacey Torres - Behold Your King

Behold Your King

Stacey Torres

ELARUE Erma Bonner- Platte - Mee Maw

Mee Maw

ELARUE Erma Bonner- Platte

Delvon  - Black Man

Black Man


Harold Ellison - The Pool Hall

The Pool Hall

Harold Ellison

Ludovic Bowe - Fire and Desire

Fire and Desire

Ludovic Bowe

Joe Paradis - MLK Silhouette

MLK Silhouette

Joe Paradis

John Clark - The Leaning Palm

The Leaning Palm

John Clark

Sharon Attaway - Dreams of Mingus

Dreams of Mingus

Sharon Attaway

Walter Oliver Neal - Living Off The Grid

Living Off The Grid

Walter Oliver Neal

Em Scott - Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts

Em Scott

Connie Campbell Rosenthal - Grenada Work Boat

Grenada Work Boat

Connie Campbell Rosenthal

Michael Chatman - New Orleans Sax Man

New Orleans Sax Man

Michael Chatman

Victor Minca - Key


Victor Minca

Caroline Gilmore - Rum Factory

Rum Factory

Caroline Gilmore

Chelle Brantley - Little Girl on the Beach

Little Girl on the Beach

Chelle Brantley

Walter Oliver Neal - Keeping Us Civilized

Keeping Us Civilized

Walter Oliver Neal

Harold Ellison - Bath Time with Sister

Bath Time with Sister

Harold Ellison

John Clark - Summer Colors

Summer Colors

John Clark

Courtney  Johnson - Nubian Rapture

Nubian Rapture

Courtney Johnson

Stormm Bradshaw - Headphones Nude

Headphones Nude

Stormm Bradshaw

Sharon Attaway - Little Princess

Little Princess

Sharon Attaway

Connie Campbell Rosenthal - Sweet Smiling Mami

Sweet Smiling Mami

Connie Campbell Rosenthal

Victor Minca - Bahamian Old Man

Bahamian Old Man

Victor Minca

Cheryl Foster - Sweetpea


Cheryl Foster

Stormm Bradshaw - Smoking Rasta Girl

Smoking Rasta Girl

Stormm Bradshaw

Sawe Catherine - Honest Joy

Honest Joy

Sawe Catherine

John Clark - Sunday Stroll

Sunday Stroll

John Clark

Everett Spruill - The Blues People

The Blues People

Everett Spruill

Walter Oliver Neal - 4 Hands

4 Hands

Walter Oliver Neal

Terry Jackson - Blossom Spring

Blossom Spring

Terry Jackson

Affini Woodley - Luv


Affini Woodley

Harold Ellison - King Bay Crystal River

King Bay Crystal River

Harold Ellison

Walter Oliver Neal - On The Fast Track

On The Fast Track

Walter Oliver Neal

Everett Spruill - Boss Bass Man

Boss Bass Man

Everett Spruill

Everett Spruill - Rastamon


Everett Spruill

Malik Alexander - Taylor


Malik Alexander

Delvon  - Tough Duty

Tough Duty


Kevin Barron - Young Eyes

Young Eyes

Kevin Barron

Everett Spruill - Take Five

Take Five

Everett Spruill

Ludovic Bowe - Sarah in Jamaica

Sarah in Jamaica

Ludovic Bowe

Phyllis Henson - Olympia Brass Band

Olympia Brass Band

Phyllis Henson

Tony B Conscious - Afropuffs 1

Afropuffs 1

Tony B Conscious

Walter Oliver Neal - Dance of Atonement

Dance of Atonement

Walter Oliver Neal

Kevin Barron - Trumpet player

Trumpet player

Kevin Barron

Everett Spruill - My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

Everett Spruill

Jose Guerrido jr - Bomba Dance

Bomba Dance

Jose Guerrido jr

Kelvin James - Old Not Grey

Old Not Grey

Kelvin James

Trister Hosang - Fair Ladies

Fair Ladies

Trister Hosang

Jose Guerrido jr - Caribe Sun Down

Caribe Sun Down

Jose Guerrido jr

Tarra Louis-Charles - Be Firm

Be Firm

Tarra Louis-Charles

Walter Oliver Neal - Jazz Ink

Jazz Ink

Walter Oliver Neal

Marie Wagner - Thoughtful


Marie Wagner

Everett Spruill - It Don

It Don't Mean a Thing

Everett Spruill

Kelvin James - Creole Ladies

Creole Ladies

Kelvin James

Delvon  - Summer Rain

Summer Rain


Michael Chatman - Joes Barber Shop

Joes Barber Shop

Michael Chatman

Walter Oliver Neal - The Black Pieta

The Black Pieta

Walter Oliver Neal

Reuben Cheatem - The Love Machine

The Love Machine

Reuben Cheatem

Kelvin James - Dancing in the rain

Dancing in the rain

Kelvin James

Sonya Walker - Playtime


Sonya Walker

Keenya  Woods - Best Friends

Best Friends

Keenya Woods

Walter Oliver Neal - Waiting To Exhale

Waiting To Exhale

Walter Oliver Neal

 Andy Tate - The Slave

The Slave

Andy Tate

Pharris Art - She and Her Mother

She and Her Mother

Pharris Art

Karin Kelshall- Best - Blue Dancer

Blue Dancer

Karin Kelshall- Best

Trudie Canwood - Hats


Trudie Canwood

Timi Kakandar - Freedom Has Come

Freedom Has Come

Timi Kakandar

John Clark - Island Boy

Island Boy

John Clark

Andrae Johnson - Three S Company

Three S Company

Andrae Johnson

Ewan  McAnuff - Jelly Man

Jelly Man

Ewan McAnuff

Phyllis Henson - Gullah Man I

Gullah Man I

Phyllis Henson

Kelvin James - Hold a meditation

Hold a meditation

Kelvin James

Reuben Cheatem - Music Is Love

Music Is Love

Reuben Cheatem

Walter Oliver Neal - Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Walter Oliver Neal

Tony B Conscious - Black Is Beautiful

Black Is Beautiful

Tony B Conscious

Timi Kakandar - Serious Talk

Serious Talk

Timi Kakandar

 Fli Art - H3ad Sh0ts 5

H3ad Sh0ts 5

Fli Art

Chelle Brantley - Sunday at Church

Sunday at Church

Chelle Brantley

Michael Chatman - Rhythm and Blues singer

Rhythm and Blues singer

Michael Chatman

Susan A Becker - Daydreams Drawing

Daydreams Drawing

Susan A Becker

Joyce Ann Burton-Sousa - The Good Woman

The Good Woman

Joyce Ann Burton-Sousa

Gertrude Palmer - Gullah Princess

Gullah Princess

Gertrude Palmer

Ayman Youssif - Shoe Polishing

Shoe Polishing

Ayman Youssif

Ewan  McAnuff - Quality Time

Quality Time

Ewan McAnuff

Michael Chatman - Girl in Prayer

Girl in Prayer

Michael Chatman

Jason JaFleu Fleurant - Lady Sing The Blues

Lady Sing The Blues

Jason JaFleu Fleurant

Everett Spruill - Me and Dad

Me and Dad

Everett Spruill

Walter Oliver Neal - The Sport

The Sport's Bar

Walter Oliver Neal