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Brent Dolliver

Reno, NV

United States

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This group was started on November 16th, 2012 and currently has:

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About This Group

This group is for Alcatraz and the images created because of it. Any medium welcomed.

Alcatraz has a very interesting past and is a surprisingly beautiful place. Beautiful flowers, and amazing views to behold. I can't wait to see everyone's art.

Please don't upload more than 5 pictures a day.

Featured Images

Irina Hays - Alcatraz


Irina Hays

Martin Christian - Alcatraz Main Cellhouse

Alcatraz Main Cellhouse

Martin Christian

Martin Christian - Alcatraz Cellblock

Alcatraz Cellblock

Martin Christian

Denise Beaupre - on ALCATRAZ Island

on ALCATRAZ Island

Denise Beaupre

Brent Dolliver - Abandoned Sink

Abandoned Sink

Brent Dolliver

Christine Till - Alcatraz - No escape

Alcatraz - No escape

Christine Till

Rod Jones - Alcatraz


Rod Jones

Brent Dolliver - Freedom in Prison

Freedom in Prison

Brent Dolliver

Brent Dolliver - Up the Watch Tower

Up the Watch Tower

Brent Dolliver