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Amazing fractals



Group Administrator

Laxmikant Chaware

Hthbandh, Chattisgarh


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This group was started on March 20th, 2013 and currently has:


53 Members


535 Images


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Amazing fractals

About This Group

This group is collection of raw fractals or the art that have fractal as a dominant part. The fractal may have been generated by any software.

Members should note
1. Only 10 fractals of a member will be kept in the group. You are welcome to submit more fractals, the old one will be replaced. There is exception, In case any artist submit only exceptionally beautiful fractals, group will feel proud to have more than 10 fractals of the artist.
2. Please do not submit art which do not have fractal as dominant element. Your piece of art is respected but will not be included in the group, you should find a suitable group for your art.

Featured Images

Laxmikant Chaware - Smooth Green Curves

Smooth Green Curves

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - Deep Space Image Beyond...

Deep Space Image Beyond...

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - Abstract decorative...

Abstract decorative...

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - Abstract view of the...

Abstract view of the...

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - Decorative Abstract...

Decorative Abstract...

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - Crossing blue waves in...

Crossing blue waves in...

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - The Bubules

The Bubules

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - The birth of flower

The birth of flower

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - Erupting flares from the...

Erupting flares from the...

Laxmikant Chaware

Laxmikant Chaware - Abstrcat bouquet

Abstrcat bouquet

Laxmikant Chaware

Ricky Jarnagin - Temple to an Unknown...
Michael Durst - Quadstar


Michael Durst

Michael Durst - Aqua Celtic Mandala

Aqua Celtic Mandala

Michael Durst

Anastasiya Malakhova - Blue Gates

Blue Gates

Anastasiya Malakhova

GuoJun Pan - Spiral tree with blue...
Kiki Art - Tropical Grassland
Svetlana Nikolova - Ethereal flowers

Ethereal flowers

Svetlana Nikolova

First Star Art  - Olympic Spirit by jammer...
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Starry night
Kiki Art - Soft and Sweet
Sara  Raber - Sound Waves

Sound Waves

Sara Raber

Kiki Art - Orange Blossoms
Soumya Bouchachi - Ammonite 4

Ammonite 4

Soumya Bouchachi

Kiki Art - Hands of a Wizard
Matthias Hauser - Stunning mandelbrot...

Stunning mandelbrot...

Matthias Hauser

Mark Eggleston - Black and White and Red
Vivian Christopher - Abstract 10

Abstract 10

Vivian Christopher

Naomi Richmond - And In The Center Ring...