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American Style Impressionist Painting



Group Administrator

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Stockton, CA

United States

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This group was started on September 19th, 2011 and currently has:

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American Style Impressionist Painting

About This Group


Buyers and collectors are invited to purse all artist file pages in this collection including artist links here on FAA as this group features several disciplined artists working in well thought out series of perfected images. Such artists may only have one or a few of their images in this group at a time in order to maintain community group variety and space. This group is updated one or two times per month. Some of the finest works may be found way at the back, in the higher numbered pages as FAA loads from back to front.


Open to all FAA artists internationally, the American Style Impressionism group embodies all the qualities of the master French impressionists with one difference: form, space and dimensional integrity are retained throughout compositional design. Impressionism means: an impression of the rendered subject matter. American Style Impressionism includes loose brushwork and clear natural light coloration while retaining, for the most part, form, space and dimensional integrity (that avoids surrealism, cubism, abstraction and expressionism).

Here are some helpful links sampling types of works sought for this group:
American Impressionism
The Irvine Museum Bookstore
Ask Art California Art Club



1. Hand Painted Paintings only (NO photographs, NO digital)
2. Works executed in the style of plein air are welcome, if not preferred.
3. Impressionism is defined by loose brushwork with an emphasis on clear natural light.
4. Coloration should be local, naturalistic, true to subject matter, absent of pervasive inky blacks, large blocks of exposed white surface, or Barbazon school browns (see:
5. All subjects accepted, particularly those applicable to any variety of diverse public arenas.
6. Charming goofy comic characters, even if done in an impressionistic style, are subject to rejection.
7. Explicit nudity or disturbing obtuse works will not be approved.
8. Poorly photographed or cropped images are subject to rejection.
9. Repeated submits by the same artist under different FAA account(s) and/or repeated submits of same image under a variety of digital alterations will be deleted. Artists who pound this group with repeated account and/or digital alteration submits are subject to removal from this group.
10. Daily limit per artist set to a maximum of one (1) image to support group variety.

Periodically, in no reflection of submitted works, I may delete and or rotate featured images to keep the page alive; AND, in such instances, return submissions are welcome. FAA members who repeatedly submit works, photos or digitals that are well outside the above listed Group Description submission requirements are subject to being deleted from the group (while always welcome to visit and enjoy other member works).

Thank you in advance for sharing your beautiful works!

Logo image: Scenic Highway 1 (Arch Rock, Sonoma State Beach, Calif., USA), acrylic on stretched canvas, 40.5 x 51 x 1.5 cm, 2014. Copyright (c) Vanessa Hadady

Featured Images

David Lloyd Glover - Garden Country

Garden Country

David Lloyd Glover

Preston Sandlin - Pool Day

Pool Day

Preston Sandlin

Marita McVeigh - White Hydrangea

White Hydrangea

Marita McVeigh

Holly Carmichael - Edentian Garden

Edentian Garden

Holly Carmichael

Alexander Shandor - Two lemons

Two lemons

Alexander Shandor

Vitaly Varyakin - Sunshine


Vitaly Varyakin

Jason Majiq Holmes - Era Of The Mamba

Era Of The Mamba

Jason Majiq Holmes

Vitaly Varyakin - Patio in Murano

Patio in Murano

Vitaly Varyakin

Julia S Powell - Winter Thaw

Winter Thaw

Julia S Powell

Holly Carmichael - Mountains and Asters

Mountains and Asters

Holly Carmichael

Renate Nadi Wesley - The Pond in Winter

The Pond in Winter

Renate Nadi Wesley

Mindy Newman - White Poinsettia

White Poinsettia

Mindy Newman

J R Baldini - Pointsettia Flower

Pointsettia Flower

J R Baldini

David Lloyd Glover - Pacific Ocean Blue

Pacific Ocean Blue

David Lloyd Glover

AnnaJo Vahle - The Nice Life

The Nice Life

AnnaJo Vahle

Michael Beckett - Winterberries


Michael Beckett

David Lloyd Glover - Victorian Secret Garden

Victorian Secret Garden

David Lloyd Glover

Peggy Johnson - Walk Around the Lake

Walk Around the Lake

Peggy Johnson

Anastasija Kraineva -  Eternal wanderers

Eternal wanderers

Anastasija Kraineva

Pierre VALLON - Field Of Sunflowers

Field Of Sunflowers


Michael Beckett - Colorful Splash of Glass

Colorful Splash of Glass

Michael Beckett

Pierre VALLON - Sunrise Over Tours

Sunrise Over Tours


David Zimmerman - Free Flight

Free Flight

David Zimmerman

Jackie Carpenter - Surviving Another Day

Surviving Another Day

Jackie Carpenter

Aline Lotter - Lady Day

Lady Day

Aline Lotter

Francois Fournier - Clouds and Green

Clouds and Green

Francois Fournier

Kat Griffin - Purple Tree

Purple Tree

Kat Griffin

Mary Wolf - Dawn


Mary Wolf

L Diane Johnson - The Gentle Soul

The Gentle Soul

L Diane Johnson

Pierre VALLON - La Mine Beach

La Mine Beach


Anastasija Kraineva - Pearl morning

Pearl morning

Anastasija Kraineva

Eileen Patten Oliver - Good Harbor Moon

Good Harbor Moon

Eileen Patten Oliver

Anastasija Kraineva - Self


Anastasija Kraineva

Rick Hansen - Spring Planting

Spring Planting

Rick Hansen

Talya Johnson - Young Queen Esther

Young Queen Esther

Talya Johnson

David Zimmerman - Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire

David Zimmerman

Alexander Shandor - Scarlet autumn

Scarlet autumn

Alexander Shandor

Ron Wilson - Teenage Tusker

Teenage Tusker

Ron Wilson

Teresa Wegrzyn - Spring  2

Spring 2

Teresa Wegrzyn

Eileen Patten Oliver - Squam Light at Sunset

Squam Light at Sunset

Eileen Patten Oliver

Mathias  - DJ Girl

DJ Girl


Marita McVeigh - Rusty


Marita McVeigh

David Lloyd Glover - Le Consulate Montmartre

Le Consulate Montmartre

David Lloyd Glover

David Zimmerman - Edmonston Park

Edmonston Park

David Zimmerman

Rick Hansen - Summer Slpendor

Summer Slpendor

Rick Hansen

David Lloyd Glover - Arboretum Garden Path

Arboretum Garden Path

David Lloyd Glover

Judy Fischer Walton - Guy Dennis

Guy Dennis's Prairie

Judy Fischer Walton

Carol Wisniewski - Rural Delivery

Rural Delivery

Carol Wisniewski

Mark Van Ert - Leaves 1

Leaves 1

Mark Van Ert

Mindy Newman - Forest Impressions

Forest Impressions

Mindy Newman

Michael Camp - May in Bloom

May in Bloom

Michael Camp

Aline Lotter - Vermont Motif

Vermont Motif

Aline Lotter

James Nyika - Cafe Panis

Cafe Panis

James Nyika

Bonnie Mason - Summer Whites

Summer Whites

Bonnie Mason

Michael Camp - The Hidden Path

The Hidden Path

Michael Camp

Michael Camp - Water Dance

Water Dance

Michael Camp

Elise Palmigiani - Cathedral Rock Afternoon

Cathedral Rock Afternoon

Elise Palmigiani

Eileen Patten Oliver - Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat

Eileen Patten Oliver

Eileen Patten Oliver - On The High Seas

On The High Seas

Eileen Patten Oliver

Bonnie Mason - Troutville Barn

Troutville Barn

Bonnie Mason

Talya Johnson - Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait

Talya Johnson

Alexander  Kriushin - Old Crimea

Old Crimea

Alexander Kriushin

Alexander  Kriushin - Spring Afternoon

Spring Afternoon

Alexander Kriushin

Esther Newman-Cohen - We

We're Still Here

Esther Newman-Cohen

Asha Carolyn Young - Winter Rooftops in Berkeley

Winter Rooftops in Berkeley

Asha Carolyn Young

Alexander  Kriushin - Bright Noon

Bright Noon

Alexander Kriushin

Esther Newman-Cohen - Portrait of an Ethiopian Woman

Portrait of an Ethiopian Woman

Esther Newman-Cohen

Michael Camp - October Pond

October Pond

Michael Camp

Michael Durst - Blue Grotto Boatman

Blue Grotto Boatman

Michael Durst

David Lloyd Glover - Palos Verdes Surf

Palos Verdes Surf

David Lloyd Glover

Aline Lotter - Jonathan Unwound

Jonathan Unwound

Aline Lotter

Jani Freimann - Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal

Jani Freimann

Len Stomski - Into Williamstown

Into Williamstown

Len Stomski

Kendall Kessler - Star City

Star City

Kendall Kessler

Mindy Newman - Spring Daisies

Spring Daisies

Mindy Newman

Talya Johnson - Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Talya Johnson

Victoria Sheridan - Blue steps

Blue steps

Victoria Sheridan

Eileen Patten Oliver - Sunset Sails

Sunset Sails

Eileen Patten Oliver

Michael Camp - Elk Creek Afternoon

Elk Creek Afternoon

Michael Camp

Kendall Kessler - Blue Ridge Swirl

Blue Ridge Swirl

Kendall Kessler

Dora Todd - Monomoy Moon

Monomoy Moon

Dora Todd

Joy Skinner - Clark Hall

Clark Hall

Joy Skinner

Shana Rowe Jackson - Dad

Dad's Bench

Shana Rowe Jackson

Michael Camp - Country Snowfall

Country Snowfall

Michael Camp

Judy Fischer Walton - Mountain Evergreens

Mountain Evergreens

Judy Fischer Walton

Len Stomski - Rural New York

Rural New York

Len Stomski

Len Stomski - Pownel Vermont

Pownel Vermont

Len Stomski

Anastasija Kraineva - White thread

White thread

Anastasija Kraineva

Ron Wilson - Autumn Aroma

Autumn Aroma

Ron Wilson

Michael Camp - Vineyard Evening

Vineyard Evening

Michael Camp

Talya Johnson - Passion


Talya Johnson

Ryan Radke - Green Bay Nights

Green Bay Nights

Ryan Radke

Ron Wilson - ISLAND BEACH 6x8


Ron Wilson

Mary Wolf - Bloom


Mary Wolf

Anastasija Kraineva - Reaping


Anastasija Kraineva

Linda Riesenberg Fisler - Roses In North Light

Roses In North Light

Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Joy Skinner - Princess Park

Princess Park

Joy Skinner

Shana Rowe Jackson - Lakeside Sunset

Lakeside Sunset

Shana Rowe Jackson

Francois Fournier - The White Bushes

The White Bushes

Francois Fournier

Michael Camp - Autumn Fantasy

Autumn Fantasy

Michael Camp

Ryan Radke - Downtown Wausau

Downtown Wausau

Ryan Radke

Kendall Kessler - Alan Reading

Alan Reading

Kendall Kessler

Kip DeVore - Golden Harbor

Golden Harbor

Kip DeVore

AnnaJo Vahle - Sunday Paper

Sunday Paper

AnnaJo Vahle

Len Stomski - Bus Stop

Bus Stop

Len Stomski

Len Stomski - Early Morning

Early Morning

Len Stomski

J R Baldini  - Crab Apple Blossoms

Crab Apple Blossoms

J R Baldini

Michael Camp - Stand of Trees

Stand of Trees

Michael Camp

Len Stomski - Rushing Waters

Rushing Waters

Len Stomski

Len Stomski - On The Gulf

On The Gulf

Len Stomski

Lee Piper - Merchants Hall

Merchants Hall

Lee Piper

Judy Fischer Walton - Carmel Mission

Carmel Mission

Judy Fischer Walton

Michael Camp - Under My Umbrella

Under My Umbrella

Michael Camp

Judy Fischer Walton - European Dream

European Dream

Judy Fischer Walton

Anastasija Kraineva - Art clouds

Art clouds

Anastasija Kraineva

Deborah  Schooley - Serenity


Deborah Schooley

Len Stomski - Late in the Season

Late in the Season

Len Stomski

Anastasija Kraineva - Gray day.

Gray day.

Anastasija Kraineva

Talya Johnson - Impressionist Chick

Impressionist Chick

Talya Johnson

Judy Fischer Walton - Muddy Roads

Muddy Roads

Judy Fischer Walton

Kendall Kessler - Road to the Blue Ridge

Road to the Blue Ridge

Kendall Kessler

Kendall Kessler - Autumn Road

Autumn Road

Kendall Kessler

Impressionism Modern and Contemporary Art  By Gregory A Page - Bike Race

Bike Race

Impressionism Modern and Contemporary Art By Gregory A Page

Anastasija Kraineva - Pearly dawn.

Pearly dawn.

Anastasija Kraineva

Elise Palmigiani - Taos Pueblo Village

Taos Pueblo Village

Elise Palmigiani

Elise Palmigiani - Sedona

Sedona's Heart

Elise Palmigiani

Anastasija Kraineva - Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

Anastasija Kraineva

Todd Bandy - Study of a Banjo

Study of a Banjo

Todd Bandy

Anastasija Kraineva - Fog


Anastasija Kraineva

J R Baldini - Maine Cove in Fog

Maine Cove in Fog

J R Baldini

Elise Palmigiani - Along The Trail - Arizona

Along The Trail - Arizona

Elise Palmigiani

Michael Camp - Beach Weather

Beach Weather

Michael Camp

Michael Camp - Autumn Marshland

Autumn Marshland

Michael Camp

Mary Wolf - Floral Painting

Floral Painting

Mary Wolf

Hanne Lore Koehler - Bear Paw Stream

Bear Paw Stream

Hanne Lore Koehler

Mindy Newman - Palm Light

Palm Light

Mindy Newman

Len Stomski - From The Glen

From The Glen

Len Stomski

Michael Camp - Perry Monument

Perry Monument

Michael Camp

Talya Johnson - Athena


Talya Johnson

Ron Wilson - Dinghy Launch

Dinghy Launch

Ron Wilson

Art Nomad Sandra  Hansen - Windmill on the Waterfront

Windmill on the Waterfront

Art Nomad Sandra Hansen

Len Stomski - Soft Reflections

Soft Reflections

Len Stomski

Talya Johnson - Local Color

Local Color

Talya Johnson

L Diane Johnson - Crown of Gold

Crown of Gold

L Diane Johnson

Judy Fischer Walton - Reflections of Summer

Reflections of Summer

Judy Fischer Walton

Ron Wilson - Sunlit Bay

Sunlit Bay

Ron Wilson

Michael Camp - Sunset Sparkles

Sunset Sparkles

Michael Camp

Henry David Potwin - Study of a Tree

Study of a Tree

Henry David Potwin

Madeleine Holzberg - A Place to Be II

A Place to Be II

Madeleine Holzberg

Anastasija Kraineva - Autumn Melody

Autumn Melody

Anastasija Kraineva

Madeleine Holzberg - Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

Madeleine Holzberg

Michael Durst - The Message

The Message

Michael Durst

Michael Camp - Past the Dunes

Past the Dunes

Michael Camp

Andreia Medlin - The Dancer

The Dancer

Andreia Medlin

Mona Davis - Rich Morning

Rich Morning

Mona Davis

Chikako Takizawa - April Sky

April Sky

Chikako Takizawa

Judy Fischer Walton - Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree

Judy Fischer Walton

Len Stomski - As The Sun Sets

As The Sun Sets

Len Stomski

J R Baldini IPAP - November Falls at Niagara

November Falls at Niagara

J R Baldini IPAP

Asha Carolyn Young - Old House in East Oakland

Old House in East Oakland

Asha Carolyn Young

Hanne Lore Koehler - Webster

Webster's Falls

Hanne Lore Koehler

Quin Sweetman - Wind in My Sails

Wind in My Sails

Quin Sweetman

Karon Melillo DeVega - Regatta de Argenteuil

Regatta de Argenteuil

Karon Melillo DeVega

Len Stomski - Hilltown


Len Stomski

Les Katt - 1969 F100

1969 F100

Les Katt

Aline Lotter - Snaggle-tooth cat

Snaggle-tooth cat

Aline Lotter

Aline Lotter - Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

Aline Lotter

Judy Fischer Walton - Open Water

Open Water

Judy Fischer Walton

Judy Fischer Walton - Blowin in the Wind

Blowin in the Wind

Judy Fischer Walton

Madeleine Holzberg - Bridge at Giverny

Bridge at Giverny

Madeleine Holzberg

Anastasija Kraineva -    Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Anastasija Kraineva

Len Stomski - Self


Len Stomski

Todd Bandy - Valley View

Valley View

Todd Bandy

Michael Camp - Marina Reflections

Marina Reflections

Michael Camp

Scott Palmer - Time for Cervezas

Time for Cervezas

Scott Palmer

Helena Bebirian - Being There

Being There

Helena Bebirian

Len Stomski - Over Jaeschke

Over Jaeschke's

Len Stomski

Joy Skinner - A Touch of Class

A Touch of Class

Joy Skinner

Len Stomski - The Zieminski Farm

The Zieminski Farm

Len Stomski

Scott Palmer - Sunrise Canyon

Sunrise Canyon

Scott Palmer

Len Stomski - After The Storm

After The Storm

Len Stomski

Scott Palmer - Top Nob

Top Nob

Scott Palmer

Joy Skinner - Docked


Joy Skinner

Scott Palmer - Red Trolley

Red Trolley

Scott Palmer

L Diane Johnson - Dusk Over The Pond

Dusk Over The Pond

L Diane Johnson

Madeleine Holzberg - Jardin Giverny

Jardin Giverny

Madeleine Holzberg

Quin Sweetman - The Offering

The Offering

Quin Sweetman

Eric  Schiabor -  Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Coastline

Eric Schiabor

Alan Thomas - Time for a break

Time for a break

Alan Thomas

Debra LePage - At Day

At Day's End

Debra LePage