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Andreas Hohl

Tucson, AZ

United States

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About This Group

The subject matter of course is Americana. According to Wiki this would be defined as: Americana refers to artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States.
Please submit your view or idea imagery-wise on what you think could be Americana. Think: History, Folklore, Myths, and of course Apple Pie. Everything goes. That is if it tells a story about the US and its culture making this country unique.

Featured Images

Ken Smith - Why Won
Bob Phillips - Cowboy Bar

Cowboy Bar

Bob Phillips

Gary Warnimont - John Deere Model A

John Deere Model A

Gary Warnimont

Guy Ricketts - Classic In Red

Classic In Red

Guy Ricketts

Christine Till - Standin
John Malone - Fifties Diner Detail
Kristina Deane - Cowboy Boots on Hay

Cowboy Boots on Hay

Kristina Deane

Timothy Lowry - Edison

Edison's Lab

Timothy Lowry

Patricio Lazen - Harps from KC

Harps from KC

Patricio Lazen

John Malone - Benevolent Warriors
Mike Savad - Store -  The General...
Liane Wright - Transportation - Classic...
Timothy Lowry - Lonely Street of Blues
Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - No Service

No Service

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Rachel Harvey - Barber

Barber's Pole

Rachel Harvey

Les Palenik - Old red tractor

Old red tractor

Les Palenik

Scott Pellegrin - Industrial Gear

Industrial Gear

Scott Pellegrin

Jane Linders - Eat Rite Diner

Eat Rite Diner

Jane Linders

Kristie  Bonnewell - Truckin


Kristie Bonnewell

Eloise Schneider - The Old Pharmacy ......

The Old Pharmacy ......

Eloise Schneider

Eloise Schneider - All Dressed Up and...

All Dressed Up and...

Eloise Schneider

Ray Devlin - Rural American Farm
Thomas Woolworth - Silver Snowman with...

Silver Snowman with...

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas Woolworth - MatchBoxes 01

MatchBoxes 01

Thomas Woolworth

Andreas Hohl - Bilar de Fuego - Fire...
Thomas Woolworth - Bird Feeder WP 06

Bird Feeder WP 06

Thomas Woolworth

Ray Devlin - 5th Avenue Taxi Cabs
Mike Savad - 1950
Thomas Woolworth - RT 66 Dwight IL Java Stop

RT 66 Dwight IL Java Stop

Thomas Woolworth

Jim Carrell - 1959 Ford T Bird

1959 Ford T Bird

Jim Carrell

Robert Joseph - 1956 Red Corvette...

1956 Red Corvette...

Robert Joseph

Thomas Woolworth - Burlington SD24 504

Burlington SD24 504

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas Woolworth - Straight As A Rail 02

Straight As A Rail 02

Thomas Woolworth

Andreas Hohl - Forrest Gump Road

Forrest Gump Road

Andreas Hohl

Michael Swanson - Twenty Minutes to Show...
Michael Swanson - Hot Nights in South...

Hot Nights in South...

Michael Swanson

Thomas Woolworth - Cruising Route 66 Dwight...