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Amish or Mennonite ways and means



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Randall Branham

Williamsburg , OH

United States

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This group was started on November 10th, 2012 and currently has:

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Amish or Mennonite ways and means

About This Group

We could not find a group on this site for the Amish and Mennonite ways and their means of living so thought we would start one!
Upload your best 3 images of which you are most proud!
Please limit your uploads to just 3 per day at the most so the front page is not overwhelmed with just your images.
Anything goes in this group as long as your image features the Amish or Mennonites in some way... HDR, black and white, photography, paintings, you name it! Show me the old fashioned ways of farming and just plain living. Art is only limited by your mind,show us how well you can do.

Featured Images

Peggy  McDonald - Gee and Haw

Gee and Haw

Peggy McDonald

David Arment - The Corn Picker

The Corn Picker

David Arment

Joyce  Wasser - Old Gray Mare

Old Gray Mare

Joyce Wasser

Joyce  Wasser - Sabbath


Joyce Wasser

Joyce  Wasser - Pottery Oil Lamp

Pottery Oil Lamp

Joyce Wasser

Joyce  Wasser - Amish Pastureland

Amish Pastureland

Joyce Wasser

Peggy  McDonald - Family Time

Family Time

Peggy McDonald

Peggy  McDonald - On our Way

On our Way

Peggy McDonald

David Arment - September SundayBW

September SundayBW

David Arment

David Arment - In Harness

In Harness

David Arment

Brian Mickey - Country Barn

Country Barn

Brian Mickey

Dwight Cook - Christmas wagon

Christmas wagon

Dwight Cook

David Arment - Progress


David Arment

Dwight Cook - Amish kids 1 of 2

Amish kids 1 of 2

Dwight Cook

David Arment - The Last Green

The Last Green

David Arment

Ann Bridges - Laundry Day

Laundry Day

Ann Bridges

David Arment - Retro-Progress


David Arment

David Arment - In The Hay

In The Hay

David Arment

Dyle   Warren - Amish Buggy Ride

Amish Buggy Ride

Dyle Warren

Dyle   Warren - A Trip Into Town

A Trip Into Town

Dyle Warren

Nick Mares - The red Barn

The red Barn

Nick Mares

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Autumn Display

Autumn Display

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Joel E Blyler - Amish Harvester

Amish Harvester

Joel E Blyler

Peggy  McDonald - A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

Peggy McDonald

R A W M   - Amish Kids

Amish Kids


Dwight Cook - Buggy Sepia

Buggy Sepia

Dwight Cook

Dwight Cook - Old wagon Sepia

Old wagon Sepia

Dwight Cook

Dwight Cook - baby Clydesdale

baby Clydesdale

Dwight Cook

Charles Robinson - Amish Barn and Buggy

Amish Barn and Buggy

Charles Robinson

Joyce  Wasser - Amish Boys

Amish Boys

Joyce Wasser

Tracy Winter - Another way of life

Another way of life

Tracy Winter

Tracy Winter - Journey together

Journey together

Tracy Winter

Joyce  Wasser - Belgian Draft Horse

Belgian Draft Horse

Joyce Wasser

Joyce  Wasser - Amish Field Work

Amish Field Work

Joyce Wasser

Mary Beth Landis - Welcoming Flower Garden

Welcoming Flower Garden

Mary Beth Landis

David Arment - Waiting to Work

Waiting to Work

David Arment

David Arment - In the Corn

In the Corn

David Arment

Mary Beth Landis - Strasburg Country Store

Strasburg Country Store

Mary Beth Landis

Randall Branham - Amish Teenage Ride

Amish Teenage Ride

Randall Branham

Mary Beth Landis - Amish Farm House

Amish Farm House

Mary Beth Landis

Stephanie Frey - Alone


Stephanie Frey

Joyce  Wasser - Rusty Tractor 1

Rusty Tractor 1

Joyce Wasser

Barbara LeMaster - Mother Teacher

Mother Teacher

Barbara LeMaster

Barbara LeMaster - The Bird Watcher

The Bird Watcher

Barbara LeMaster

Sally Weigand - Amish Farmer Baling

Amish Farmer Baling

Sally Weigand

Mary Beth Landis - Hello


Mary Beth Landis

Mary Beth Landis - Alert and Ready to Work

Alert and Ready to Work

Mary Beth Landis

Charles Robinson - Amish Vineyard

Amish Vineyard

Charles Robinson

Sally Weigand - Amish Card

Amish Card

Sally Weigand

Claudia Croneberger - Sarturday Errand

Sarturday Errand

Claudia Croneberger

Peggy  McDonald - Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

Peggy McDonald

Peggy  McDonald - To the barn

To the barn

Peggy McDonald

Peggy  McDonald - A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

Peggy McDonald

Charles Robinson - Amish Farm

Amish Farm

Charles Robinson

Sally Weigand - Amish Buggies

Amish Buggies

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - Amish Farm

Amish Farm

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - Amish Dresses

Amish Dresses

Sally Weigand