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Mike Flynn

Thornton, CO

United States

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This group was started on December 17th, 2012 and currently has:


48 Members


502 Images


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About This Group

Any art that focuses upon, and/or incorporates words of UNIVERSAL WISDOM and/or HUMOR.

'And I Quote' is NOT intended to be a means of expression for people who solely wish to promote a specific religion or form of spirituality.

If that is your focus, (which, in itself, may be an admirable desire), I suggest that you organize a group specifically for that purpose. I have no doubt that you will find an audience.

Featured Images

Jerry Thomas - Medals are given...

Medals are given...

Jerry Thomas

Leanne Seymour - Within


Leanne Seymour

Mike Flynn - Second Spring

Second Spring

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - No Champion Is...
Mike Flynn - The Stakes Are Too High
Julia Springer - Cast Off

Cast Off

Julia Springer

Julia Fine Art And Photography - Explore. Dream. Discover

Explore. Dream. Discover

Julia Fine Art And Photography

Mike Flynn - Gambling


Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - You Came to Explode
Mike Flynn - Drama Is a Choice
Mike Flynn - Watching TV

Watching TV

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - Starry Meditation
Mike Flynn - That Which Brings Joy
Mike Flynn - Dancing Together

Dancing Together

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - Self-Acceptance


Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - I Have Always Known
Mike Flynn - Friends


Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - By the Starry Stream
Mike Flynn - To Soar

To Soar

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - No Martyrs Please
Mike Flynn - Jabbers


Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - The Worst Thing About...
Mike Flynn - All That Crap

All That Crap

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - Successful Business
Mike Flynn - Everyday Angels

Everyday Angels

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - Modern Art

Modern Art

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - We

We're Even

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - Toxic People

Toxic People

Mike Flynn

Jeff  Swan - Serenity Prayer
Kathy  White - Wear A Smile/Smiling...
Sally Weigand - A Cats Function

A Cats Function

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - I Shall Make You Ruler
Mike Flynn - Never Argue with an Idiot
Mike Flynn - Photography as Art
Mike Flynn - When It Hits the Fan
Mike Flynn - High Flight

High Flight

Mike Flynn

Erica Hanel - Change


Erica Hanel

Erica Hanel - Chasing Butterflies
Erica Hanel - Be Painted

Be Painted

Erica Hanel

Kathy  White - God Made Everything...
Kathy  White - Cowboy Kneels to Pray
Mike Flynn - Aristotle Knew It All
Michelle Frizzell-Thompson - Time is like a river...

Time is like a river...

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson

Mike Flynn - Lightning Never Strikes...
Mike Flynn - Theory of Reality
Mike Flynn - The Truth About Ourselves
Mike Flynn - Knight in Shining Armor
Mike Flynn - The Magic of Love
Mike Flynn - Marriage Is a Journey
Mike Flynn - Sin


Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - Bs


Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn - The Dedicated Employee
Mike Flynn - Mad Passionate Love