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Anime and Manga Artist



Group Administrator

Ashley Rommel

Seattle, WA

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on December 30th, 2011 and currently has:


61 Members


456 Images


5 Discussions

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Anime and Manga Artist

About This Group

This group is dedicated to the anime and manga artist. We want to celebrate original creations as well as fan art from your favorite anime and manga series.

Featured Images

Shawn Dall - The Abysmal Demon of Hair
Murni Ch - Little Vampire
Emma Gallant - Good Day

Good Day

Emma Gallant

Mandarin Swift - Raven Child

Raven Child

Mandarin Swift

Andres Quintana - Yuki Remix

Yuki Remix

Andres Quintana

Maaz Ali Nizamani - 3 Of 10

3 Of 10

Maaz Ali Nizamani

Martin Davey - Little cartoon manga...
Stefano Ukandu - MY SELF illustration 3

MY SELF illustration 3

Stefano Ukandu

Aurora Abigail Baronia - Gon


Aurora Abigail Baronia

Claudia Laube - Prize Monkey D Luffy

Prize Monkey D Luffy

Claudia Laube

Ann Supan - Animesia Ii

Animesia Ii

Ann Supan

Tuan HollaBack - Godz And Kingz

Godz And Kingz

Tuan HollaBack

Olaf Del Gaizo - Bathroom Ninja

Bathroom Ninja

Olaf Del Gaizo

 Amasepiachan  Gittens-Jones - Comic LOS Legend of...

Comic LOS Legend of...

Amasepiachan Gittens-Jones

Randy Patton - Raven

Raven's Disciple

Randy Patton

Olivia Slusher - The Beautiful Bloom

The Beautiful Bloom

Olivia Slusher

Iris Gelbart - The Race

The Race

Iris Gelbart

Richard Stratford - Clay with Wind

Clay with Wind

Richard Stratford

Ashley Woessner - Aries Blaze

Aries Blaze

Ashley Woessner

Konaa W - Eye candy

Eye candy

Konaa W

Randy Patton - Dark Raven

Dark Raven

Randy Patton

Connor  Price - Lala


Connor Price

Andres Quintana - Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Andres Quintana

Maaz Ali Nizamani - 2 Of 10

2 Of 10

Maaz Ali Nizamani

Moqing Si - Imaginary World 1
Keidi Sel - The Creation of Eve
Ashley  Rommel - Loveless Fan Art Digital...
Alice Chen - Graduation Dragon with...
Nick Savino - Matoi Ryuuko and Senketsu
Arjuna Enait - Caterpie


Arjuna Enait

Samantha Goncz - Yuuki Kuran

Yuuki Kuran

Samantha Goncz

Malvy Westbrook - Devil Girl

Devil Girl

Malvy Westbrook

Randy Patton - Synchronicity


Randy Patton

Delya Devine - Sauska


Delya Devine

Mayumi Smith - Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Mayumi Smith

Eloise Schneider - Looking for a Prince

Looking for a Prince

Eloise Schneider

Don  Oscarez - Where
Shawn Dall - Tobias Incomplete
Emma Gallant - Broken Doll

Broken Doll

Emma Gallant

Mike Miller - Violence Jack VOL 2...
Ann Supan - The Transformation
Mandarin Swift - First Christmas

First Christmas

Mandarin Swift

Claudia Laube - Commission Photo

Commission Photo

Claudia Laube

Stefano Ukandu - Beauty


Stefano Ukandu

Tom Skender - SSj2 Gohan

SSj2 Gohan

Tom Skender

Olaf Del Gaizo - Endzone Incognita

Endzone Incognita

Olaf Del Gaizo

Iris Gelbart - Deeep Below

Deeep Below

Iris Gelbart

Samantha Goncz - Forbidden Blood Lust

Forbidden Blood Lust

Samantha Goncz

Quinetta Middlebrooks - The Perfect Picture

The Perfect Picture

Quinetta Middlebrooks

Aurora Abigail Baronia - Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

Aurora Abigail Baronia

Andres Quintana - Miyazaki


Andres Quintana

Kate Troc - Blooming Girl

Blooming Girl

Kate Troc

Tuan HollaBack - Catch My Drift

Catch My Drift

Tuan HollaBack

Richard Stratford - First World

First World

Richard Stratford

Adam Duchemin - Kortney


Adam Duchemin

Nick Savino - Rudra the Encore

Rudra the Encore

Nick Savino

Brynn Elizabeth Hughes - Blue


Brynn Elizabeth Hughes

Ashley  Rommel - Sono Hanabira ni...

Sono Hanabira ni...

Ashley Rommel

Tom Skender - Legend of Korra Fire...
Ashley Woessner - Raleam


Ashley Woessner

Samantha Goncz - Miketsukami and Ririchiyo
Konaa W - Soul of a warrior -book...
Shawn Dall - Anare
Mike Miller - Urotsukidoji II...

Urotsukidoji II...

Mike Miller

Ann Supan - Beyond the Painted Smile
Martin Davey -  Young manga girl...
Quinetta Middlebrooks - First Date

First Date

Quinetta Middlebrooks

Emma Gallant - Rain Kitty

Rain Kitty

Emma Gallant

Eloise Schneider - Chihuahua


Eloise Schneider

Delya Devine - Knight


Delya Devine

Richard Stratford - Wind blew Sun

Wind blew Sun

Richard Stratford

Moqing Si - Piano girl

Piano girl

Moqing Si

Alice Chen - Looking for Light
Stefano Ukandu - Final fantasy 7 Cloud vs...
Arjuna Enait - Goku SSJ4

Goku SSJ4

Arjuna Enait

Maaz Ali Nizamani - 5 Of 10

5 Of 10

Maaz Ali Nizamani

Keidi Sel - Nudity


Keidi Sel

Don  Oscarez - Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso

Don Oscarez

Connor  Price - Naruto


Connor Price

Olaf Del Gaizo - Val


Olaf Del Gaizo

Brynn Elizabeth Hughes - Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive

Brynn Elizabeth Hughes

Mayumi Smith - Santa Claus Girl

Santa Claus Girl

Mayumi Smith

Iris Gelbart - Someday


Iris Gelbart

Martin Davey - Children and Snowman...
Konaa W - Akai Tsuki

Akai Tsuki

Konaa W

Moqing Si - Imaginary World 2
Ashley Woessner - Wolf Angel

Wolf Angel

Ashley Woessner

Mandarin Swift - Sparrow Girl

Sparrow Girl

Mandarin Swift

Aurora Abigail Baronia - Phoenix


Aurora Abigail Baronia

Ana Maria Ghita - Blue water girl

Blue water girl

Ana Maria Ghita

Nick Savino - Griffin Rider

Griffin Rider

Nick Savino

Brynn Elizabeth Hughes - Wish Upon a Blue Moon

Wish Upon a Blue Moon

Brynn Elizabeth Hughes

Claudia Laube - Photoshop Link

Photoshop Link

Claudia Laube

Patricia Keller - The White Stallion Is...

The White Stallion Is...

Patricia Keller

Don  Oscarez - Walking with a Dark Lady
Brynn Elizabeth Hughes - Hazel


Brynn Elizabeth Hughes

Mike Miller - Urotsukidoji origional...
Jean Hall - Japanese Anime Toys
Tuan HollaBack - Katsuragi Misato

Katsuragi Misato

Tuan HollaBack

Lo Saelee - The Innocent cover
Stefano Ukandu - Morning kiss

Morning kiss

Stefano Ukandu

Eloise Schneider - American Gothic Cats - A...
Ashley  Rommel - Anime Girl Fan Art Color
Quinetta Middlebrooks - Dango


Quinetta Middlebrooks

Delya Devine - Mukuro


Delya Devine

Ann Supan - Animesia Vi

Animesia Vi

Ann Supan

Arjuna Enait - Venusaur


Arjuna Enait

Keidi Sel - Rainbow Monster

Rainbow Monster

Keidi Sel

Connor  Price - Sway


Connor Price