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Anime artwork



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Shawn Dall

Hamilton, ON


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This group was started on February 1st, 2013 and currently has:

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Anime artwork

About This Group

Post all anime styled art here, regardless of how you made it, digital, traditional, etc.

Anime is a japanese animation styled form of artwork and deserves recognition as a valid art form.

Also this group will not feature any pics with nudity in it simply due to the young demographic and to not turn this group into a 'hentai' geared group, as so many other anime groups across the internet have become.

Also please refrain from making thank you threads in the discussion group if you are featured.. instead use that energy and thanks in an attempt to promote my work in any way you see fit, as that is much more appreciated :)

thanks guys :)


Featured Images

Stormm Bradshaw - Angel Nude

Angel Nude

Stormm Bradshaw

Tuan HollaBack - Steve C.

Steve C.

Tuan HollaBack

Sandra Hoefer - Breathe of life

Breathe of life

Sandra Hoefer

Sandra Hoefer - Anime eyes x4

Anime eyes x4

Sandra Hoefer

Nicole La Placa - Boy


Nicole La Placa

Nicole La Placa - Dog Runner

Dog Runner

Nicole La Placa

Nicole La Placa - Yuki Vampire

Yuki Vampire

Nicole La Placa

Solehah Ismail - Sexy School Girl

Sexy School Girl

Solehah Ismail

Pen Osawa - A promised walk

A promised walk

Pen Osawa

Pen Osawa - Go home

Go home

Pen Osawa

Nick Savino - Milkyway Wishes

Milkyway Wishes

Nick Savino

Nick Savino - Topaz T1 Armor

Topaz T1 Armor

Nick Savino

Nick Savino - Griffin Rider

Griffin Rider

Nick Savino

Nick Savino - Rudra the Encore

Rudra the Encore

Nick Savino

Mandarin Swift - Sparrow Girl

Sparrow Girl

Mandarin Swift

Mandarin Swift - Raven Child

Raven Child

Mandarin Swift

Ann Supan - Animesia Vi

Animesia Vi

Ann Supan

Connor  Price - Naruto


Connor Price

Pen Osawa - Dwarfs bazaar

Dwarfs bazaar

Pen Osawa

Ana Maria Ghita - Blue water girl

Blue water girl

Ana Maria Ghita

Mandarin Swift - Bell for Zel

Bell for Zel

Mandarin Swift

Mandarin Swift - Heart of a Hero

Heart of a Hero

Mandarin Swift

Andres Quintana - Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana - Yuki Remix

Yuki Remix

Andres Quintana

Sandra Hoefer - Anime Girl

Anime Girl

Sandra Hoefer

Sandra Hoefer - Aqua


Sandra Hoefer

Shawn Dall - Princess Altiana

Princess Altiana

Shawn Dall

Rachel Scott - Anime Girl

Anime Girl

Rachel Scott

Tuan HollaBack - Radical Dreamer

Radical Dreamer

Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Misao and Aoshi

Misao and Aoshi

Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Hanabi


Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Fly Me To The Moon I

Fly Me To The Moon I

Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Fly Me To The Moon II

Fly Me To The Moon II

Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Fly Me To The Moon III

Fly Me To The Moon III

Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - MOVE B-Girl


Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Move


Tuan HollaBack

Himani Goswami - Hopes Still Alive

Hopes Still Alive

Himani Goswami

Tuan HollaBack - Aku Soku Zan 2

Aku Soku Zan 2

Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - A New Hope

A New Hope

Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Baishun


Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Champloo


Tuan HollaBack

Tuan HollaBack - Aku Soku Zan

Aku Soku Zan

Tuan HollaBack

Shawn Dall - Angel Phoenix

Angel Phoenix

Shawn Dall

Shawn Dall - Grevil


Shawn Dall

Shawn Dall - Plus


Shawn Dall

Shawn Dall - Nastros


Shawn Dall

Del Gaizo - Space Giraffe

Space Giraffe

Del Gaizo

Paul Calabrese - New Year City

New Year City

Paul Calabrese