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Appreciating Works From All Mediums



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Stefon Marc Brown

Converse, TX

United States

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This group was started on April 2nd, 2014 and currently has:


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Appreciating Works From All Mediums

About This Group

There are so many talented artist whose works go unnoticed on the site. As administrators my wife Linda Brown and myself hope that we set up promotional threads that will help get our artwork noticed on the site and that knowledge can be shared with artist that maybe just getting started. The group will be for all mixed media including oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, drawing, and inks.

Rules for the group

1. Any Medium
2. One image per day
3. Participation in at least one of the promotional threads
4. Any nudity in good taste
5. No Vote Solicitation

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Featured Images

Andy Fung - Colorful sky

Colorful sky

Andy Fung

Bruce Nutting - Sunrise on an Island

Sunrise on an Island

Bruce Nutting

Stormm Bradshaw - Abstract Virgin Birth

Abstract Virgin Birth

Stormm Bradshaw

Bob Sample - Ibis Reflection

Ibis Reflection

Bob Sample

Elmar Langle - The Rock

The Rock

Elmar Langle

Pat Devereaux - Thorny Bear

Thorny Bear

Pat Devereaux

Wraymona Low - I Can See It
Janice Rae Pariza - Canyon Twilight

Canyon Twilight

Janice Rae Pariza

Linda Brody - Palm Tree in Wind

Palm Tree in Wind

Linda Brody

Sandra Foster - Sepia Begonias

Sepia Begonias

Sandra Foster

Dominique Amendola - Cowboy Dan

Cowboy Dan

Dominique Amendola

Brian Harig - Lower Yellowstone Canyon...
Thomas Schoeller - Rustic Vermont Charm

Rustic Vermont Charm

Thomas Schoeller

John Straton - Sir Lancelot Du Lac - V2
Paul Meijering - Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel

Paul Meijering

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Rushing Water

Autumn Rushing Water

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Melissa Herrin - Daylesford Cottage

Daylesford Cottage

Melissa Herrin

Julie Palencia - Jump On

Jump On

Julie Palencia

Teresa Wegrzyn - Red


Teresa Wegrzyn

Rick Todaro - Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Rick Todaro

Iris Gelbart - The Challenge

The Challenge

Iris Gelbart

Nageshwar Tiwari - Cute Kitty Through A...

Cute Kitty Through A...

Nageshwar Tiwari

Geraldine Scull ART - Red Mill in Clinton New...

Red Mill in Clinton New...

Geraldine Scull ART

Wraymona Low - Let It Snow

Let It Snow

Wraymona Low

Pratik Jaiswal - Captain Jack Sparrow -...
Carvil Gunter - Girl with pear

Girl with pear

Carvil Gunter

 Andrea Lazar - Hungarian Magyar Matyo...
Jonathan Nguyen - Enchanted


Jonathan Nguyen

Laurie Perry - Punch Buggy

Punch Buggy

Laurie Perry

 Bob Johnston - M48 Tanks an Tankers on...
Carvil Gunter - Woman


Carvil Gunter

Stanza Widen - Icarus Dying

Icarus Dying

Stanza Widen

Cynthia Guinn - Christmas Dog

Christmas Dog

Cynthia Guinn

Laura Duhaime - Beautiful Cascading...
Bunny Clarke - Golden Days

Golden Days

Bunny Clarke

AnnaJo Vahle - Cocoa Belle water

Cocoa Belle water

AnnaJo Vahle

Scott Wallace - Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Scott Wallace

Kathy Barney - Come Lets Sit A While
 Ilona Anita Tigges - Goetze - Golden Elegancy

Golden Elegancy

Ilona Anita Tigges - Goetze

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Canyon Morning

Colorado Canyon Morning

Janice Rae Pariza

Mike Roberts - The English Bull Dog
Yvonne Johnstone - Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Yvonne Johnstone

Mike Roberts - Uncle Earl

Uncle Earl's Pride

Mike Roberts

Sheri Keith - Dawn of Tohidu

Dawn of Tohidu

Sheri Keith

France  Art - Left Behind

Left Behind

France Art

Laura Duhaime - Grist Mill in Autumn

Grist Mill in Autumn

Laura Duhaime

Wendy Thompson - Watch Out for the Witches
France  Art - Madame.. Monsieur
Suzy Norris - Dog star

Dog star

Suzy Norris

Suzy Norris - As she flys

As she flys

Suzy Norris

April Mickens - Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

April Mickens

Sherry Shipley - Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town

Sherry Shipley

RC deWinter - Bowl Full of Red

Bowl Full of Red

RC deWinter

Julian Darcy - Stairway to the night
April Mickens - Betula


April Mickens

James Welch - Wheels Going Round And...
RC deWinter - Smoke and Flame

Smoke and Flame

RC deWinter

Sandra Holden - Bidu


Sandra Holden

Darren Fisher - Happy Colors

Happy Colors

Darren Fisher

Darren Fisher - Happy ColorsII

Happy ColorsII

Darren Fisher

Robyn King - Happy Feet Dance

Happy Feet Dance

Robyn King

Olga Hamilton - Shell


Olga Hamilton

Nancy E Stein - Bending Light

Bending Light

Nancy E Stein

Navin Joshi - Woman giving birth...
Baxter - 1216 Shard

1216 Shard


Dominique Amendola - Scissors and toes

Scissors and toes

Dominique Amendola

Sandra Foster - The Shepherdess

The Shepherdess

Sandra Foster

Xueyin Chen - Orchid Buds

Orchid Buds

Xueyin Chen

Andrea Kainz - Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

Andrea Kainz

Julie Palencia - Mum in Maroon and Gold

Mum in Maroon and Gold

Julie Palencia

Serge Skiba - Scenic Rivers

Scenic Rivers

Serge Skiba

Zeana Romanovna - Vintage Fruit And...

Vintage Fruit And...

Zeana Romanovna

Serge Skiba - Wilson Creek Flowing
Phil Welsher - Stretched Out

Stretched Out

Phil Welsher

Shawna  Rowe - Matriarch


Shawna Rowe

Stormm Bradshaw - Dreadlocks Piano Goddess

Dreadlocks Piano Goddess

Stormm Bradshaw

Kevin Trow - Sinuous


Kevin Trow

Conor OBrien - Urban Typography Piece #7
Clare Bevan - A New Life

A New Life

Clare Bevan

Allen Beatty - Rocky Mountain High...
Svetlana Nilova - The Amazon

The Amazon

Svetlana Nilova

Lianne Schneider - Santa Train - Waterloo...

Santa Train - Waterloo...

Lianne Schneider

Karunita Kapoor - Star Dust

Star Dust

Karunita Kapoor

Judy Vincent - Sparkling Blue Wonder
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Fall Welcome

Fall Welcome

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jonas Leonas - Looking down

Looking down

Jonas Leonas

Ella Kaye - Egret Camouflage Refuge
Sue Jacobi - Funky Blue Daisy Flower...
Maja Sokolowska - Rainy Chicago in oil

Rainy Chicago in oil

Maja Sokolowska

Karen Cook - Got my eye on you
Joseph Mosley - Pacific Remote Islands...
Sumit Jain - Colours


Sumit Jain

Lilliana Mendez - Abandoned Chalet

Abandoned Chalet

Lilliana Mendez

Carol Jacobs - Snow White Rose Red II
Iris Gelbart - Quebec City Canada     4
Ian Gledhill - Culture Dance Girl

Culture Dance Girl

Ian Gledhill

 Joya - Vampira Fog
Gregory Ballos - Autumn Reflections in...
Kathy Barney - Top of the Barn Tin...
Anne Barberi - En Pointe

En Pointe

Anne Barberi

Bruce Nutting - Mesa Verde Panorama

Mesa Verde Panorama

Bruce Nutting

Navin Joshi - ANGEL of the wild...
Joseph J Stevens - Kalalau Trail 2

Kalalau Trail 2

Joseph J Stevens

Bruce Nutting - Solitary Daisy

Solitary Daisy

Bruce Nutting

Iris Gelbart - Quebec City  Canada

Quebec City Canada

Iris Gelbart

Nikki Frazier - Native American Portrait
Allen Beatty - Brush Creek Road

Brush Creek Road

Allen Beatty

Chris Flees - Sunflower with busy bees
Betsy Zimmerli - Autumn Fruit

Autumn Fruit

Betsy Zimmerli

Broken  Soldier - Advertise Awareness

Advertise Awareness

Broken Soldier

Stormm Bradshaw - Tom Waits

Tom Waits

Stormm Bradshaw

Julie Palencia - Austin Healey in Red

Austin Healey in Red

Julie Palencia

Marcia Lee Jones - Night Vision

Night Vision

Marcia Lee Jones

Broken  Soldier - Breast Cancer Awareness
Sumit Jain - Hands


Sumit Jain

Jayne Gohr - Sailing


Jayne Gohr

CarolLMiller Photography - Ivan Was Here

Ivan Was Here

CarolLMiller Photography

Sue Jacobi - Funky Blue Iris Flower...
Dave Byrne - Photographs of Irish...
David Zimmerman - Bones


David Zimmerman

Gregory Ballos - Horseshoe Bend Morning -...
Michele  Avanti - Junk At Sunrise

Junk At Sunrise

Michele Avanti

Bruce Bley - Autums Colors

Autums Colors

Bruce Bley

Bruce Bley - Autums Arrival

Autums Arrival

Bruce Bley

 Joya - Romero



Julian Darcy - Cool wheels

Cool wheels

Julian Darcy

Pratik Jaiswal - Lively Lilies

Lively Lilies

Pratik Jaiswal

 Bob Johnston - Bald Eagle Painting

Bald Eagle Painting

Bob Johnston

Laurie Perry - Steam Engine

Steam Engine

Laurie Perry

- BaluX - - The Avengers - Full Crew
Wraymona Low - The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Wraymona Low

Nuriyah - City



Nuriyah - Cat



Susan Sadoury - Old Wood

Old Wood

Susan Sadoury

Anna Elia - Another Night Alone
Stanza Widen - Icarus Flying

Icarus Flying

Stanza Widen

Cynthia Guinn - Red Lifeguard Stand

Red Lifeguard Stand

Cynthia Guinn

Susan Sadoury - Snowbird


Susan Sadoury

IM Spadecaller - All Hallows

All Hallows' Eve

IM Spadecaller

Louis Macovsky - A Well Laid Hawser

A Well Laid Hawser

Louis Macovsky

Linda Brody - Mountains and Valley
Kathleen Sartoris - Naira


Kathleen Sartoris

Charlie Cliques - Scenic Sunset

Scenic Sunset

Charlie Cliques

Janice Rae Pariza - Every Perfect Gift

Every Perfect Gift

Janice Rae Pariza

John Clark - The Eiffel Tower and...
Shadowlea Is - Empathy


Shadowlea Is

L Wright - Peugeot Darl
Stuart B Yaeger - Trevi Fountain Rome

Trevi Fountain Rome

Stuart B Yaeger

Lianne Schneider - Joy to the World

Joy to the World

Lianne Schneider

Theresa Tahara - Tiny Poppies

Tiny Poppies

Theresa Tahara

Scott Wallace - Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner

Scott Wallace

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Canoeing in the...

Canoeing in the...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Ron Grafe - Autumn Pond - Watercolor
Kimberlee  Baxter - Our Eyes are the Windows...
Pamela Peters - Cross in the Woods black...
Dominick Hambrick - Affection


Dominick Hambrick

Karry Degruise - Nature

Nature's Jewels

Karry Degruise

Wraymona Low - It

It's Autumn

Wraymona Low

Bob Sample - Inter Coastal Shrimper
Dominique Amendola - The exotic girl

The exotic girl

Dominique Amendola

Paul Ge - Rotating dancers and...
Marion Johnson - Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

Marion Johnson

Scott Wallace - Pete Townshend Portrait
Sandra Foster - Mother
Gary Keesler - Bright Hard Rock Sunrise
Gary Keesler - Empty Hard Rock...

Empty Hard Rock...

Gary Keesler

Inge Johnsson - Iguazu Natural Wonder

Iguazu Natural Wonder

Inge Johnsson

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Barn in the Smokies

Barn in the Smokies

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Paul Ge - A couple in lemon rain...
John Straton - Arizona Bell Rock Valley...
Violeta Ianeva - Lush Green

Lush Green

Violeta Ianeva

Lois Bryan - Beauty At The End
Charlie Cliques - Pittsburgh Skyline At...

Pittsburgh Skyline At...

Charlie Cliques

Lisa  Telquist - Aged Red Barn

Aged Red Barn

Lisa Telquist

Maja Sokolowska - City of fools

City of fools

Maja Sokolowska

Dave Byrne - A day walking the Camino
Kevin Trow - Ruin


Kevin Trow

Mihira Karra - African Beauty Series-...
Betsy Zimmerli - Coffee View

Coffee View

Betsy Zimmerli

Judy Vincent - No Peeking

No Peeking

Judy Vincent

Lianne Schneider - Allonby - Fishing...

Allonby - Fishing...

Lianne Schneider

Prajakta P - White flower

White flower

Prajakta P

Linda Prewer - Fairy Fountain

Fairy Fountain

Linda Prewer

Henry Kowalski - Autumn Railroad

Autumn Railroad

Henry Kowalski

Georgia Fowler - Ferris Wheel Fun

Ferris Wheel Fun

Georgia Fowler

James Welch - The Endangered Wetlands...
Joseph Mosley - Divine


Joseph Mosley

Julian Darcy - Paloma Beach

Paloma Beach

Julian Darcy

Geraldine Scull ART - Central Park in Autumn

Central Park in Autumn

Geraldine Scull ART

Karen Cook - One perfect rose

One perfect rose

Karen Cook

Jan Matson - Seahorse


Jan Matson

Fotosas Photography - Black and white

Black and white

Fotosas Photography

Cynthia Guinn - Pink Beauty

Pink Beauty

Cynthia Guinn

Salman Ameer - Husain Bin Ali

Husain Bin Ali

Salman Ameer

Renee Anderson - Metallic Warrior Palette...
 Bob Johnston - Canyon Lake on Apache...
Ted Widen - October on the Bulkley
Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado San Juan...

Colorado San Juan...

Janice Rae Pariza

Ian Gledhill - Culture Dancer

Culture Dancer

Ian Gledhill

Stormm Bradshaw - Grace Jones

Grace Jones

Stormm Bradshaw

Bruce Nutting - Collage of Ecija Spain
Allen Beatty - Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons

Allen Beatty

Sue Jacobi - Funky Anhinga Snake Bird...
Conor OBrien - Urban Typography Piece #6
Michael  Volpicelli  - Tears in the Rain...

Tears in the Rain...

Michael Volpicelli

Michele  Avanti - Young Mountain Lion

Young Mountain Lion

Michele Avanti

Jeff  Swan - The Badlands

The Badlands

Jeff Swan

Michael  Volpicelli  - Tears In The Rain

Tears In The Rain

Michael Volpicelli

Marcia Lee Jones - Take Me To Your Leader

Take Me To Your Leader

Marcia Lee Jones

Russell Mann - Tropical Rainbow

Tropical Rainbow

Russell Mann

Priscilla Burgers - The Farrier

The Farrier

Priscilla Burgers

Russell Mann - Hawaiian Palms

Hawaiian Palms

Russell Mann

Navin Joshi - Sunflower flower orange...
Wendy Thompson - Glow on the Ranch

Glow on the Ranch

Wendy Thompson

Navin Joshi - CAR Fans Future smart...
Dominique Amendola - Selling vegetables at...

Selling vegetables at...

Dominique Amendola

Iris Gelbart - Wonder


Iris Gelbart

Kim Andelkovic - Farm House

Farm House

Kim Andelkovic

Kathy Barney - Lovers Together Anyway
Bruce Nutting - Marias Church

Marias Church

Bruce Nutting

Paul  Meijering - Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Paul Meijering

Broken  Soldier - Breast Cancer Awareness...
Patricia Hiltz - Distant Drum Rose Bloom
- BaluX - - The Stripy Night
Marcia Lee Jones - Two Ships From Different...
Robert Daft - Pretty On The Inside
Laurie Perry - Red Rose Layers

Red Rose Layers

Laurie Perry

Wraymona Low - Lips


Wraymona Low

Brian Harig - Hanalei Bay Pier...
Linda Brody - Clown Triggerfish

Clown Triggerfish

Linda Brody

 Bob Johnston - Sunset Yaki Point Grand...
RC deWinter - Snow at Twilight

Snow at Twilight

RC deWinter

Jayne Gohr - A Man

A Man's Work

Jayne Gohr

RC deWinter - Night Windows

Night Windows

RC deWinter

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Chill of an Early Fall

Chill of an Early Fall

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Sue Jacobi - Funky Baby Pelican Bird...
Ed McNeil - Old Gray Mare

Old Gray Mare

Ed McNeil

Anila Tac - Elemental Earth Qilin
Janice Rae Pariza - Leftovers


Janice Rae Pariza

Pat Devereaux - Burlap Tree

Burlap Tree

Pat Devereaux

Stanza Widen - Coming Back to Life

Coming Back to Life

Stanza Widen

Charlie Cliques - Cemetery Sunset

Cemetery Sunset

Charlie Cliques

Kathy Barney - Bright Carousel

Bright Carousel

Kathy Barney

David Zimmerman - The Phone Man

The Phone Man

David Zimmerman

Pat Devereaux - Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic

Pat Devereaux

David Zimmerman - Stripes


David Zimmerman

Georgeta Blanaru - Jerusalem Wailing Wall...

Jerusalem Wailing Wall...

Georgeta Blanaru

Allen Beatty - Maroon Bells 2

Maroon Bells 2

Allen Beatty

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Summer Queen

Summer Queen

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Gary Keesler - Egret In Paradise

Egret In Paradise

Gary Keesler

Joshua McDonough - Annecy by Night

Annecy by Night

Joshua McDonough

Gregory Ballos - Maroon Bells BW Covered...
Robert Bales - Ground Level

Ground Level

Robert Bales

Robert Bales - Panoramic Range Land
Hartmut Jager - Funny Doodles

Funny Doodles

Hartmut Jager

Karunita Kapoor - The Sunset painting

The Sunset painting

Karunita Kapoor

Jonas Leonas - Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

Jonas Leonas

Alexander Senin - The Monument To Minin...

The Monument To Minin...

Alexander Senin

Anne Barberi - Just Bananas

Just Bananas

Anne Barberi

Dominique Amendola - Jaganath Puri with Ratha...

Jaganath Puri with Ratha...

Dominique Amendola

Miroslava Jurcik - Phenomena Of Banteng Walk

Phenomena Of Banteng Walk

Miroslava Jurcik

Teresa Wegrzyn - Lonely Poppies

Lonely Poppies

Teresa Wegrzyn

Jonathan Nguyen - Mosaic


Jonathan Nguyen

Rick Todaro - Solo Building Yalta
James Welch - Electric Star

Electric Star

James Welch

Julian Darcy - Many feet have passed by...
Em Scott - Vintage Girls

Vintage Girls

Em Scott

Chris Flees - Fall morning in Milton
Caroline Street - Black Rhino

Black Rhino

Caroline Street

 Joya - Slappy



Bob Sample - Gone Fishin

Gone Fishin

Bob Sample

Kathleen K Parker - Waiting for YOU -NOLA

Waiting for YOU -NOLA

Kathleen K Parker

Bruce Nutting - Creative Canyon

Creative Canyon

Bruce Nutting

Kathy Barney - Come Up And See Me Says...
Stormm Bradshaw - Fire Witch

Fire Witch

Stormm Bradshaw

Mike Roberts - Rattlesnake Willie

Rattlesnake Willie

Mike Roberts

Linda Brody - Through the Stained...
Harsh Malik - Aum


Harsh Malik

Gary Keesler - Hard Rock Twilight Beach
Dave Byrne - Our lives can be so...
 Bob Johnston - Sunset Yaki Point Grand...
Nina Prommer - Scotland Yard Pub

Scotland Yard Pub

Nina Prommer

John Clark - La Digue Square

La Digue Square

John Clark

Dave Byrne - Slippers at Rest Morning...
Julie Palencia - Organic Peppers

Organic Peppers

Julie Palencia

Lois Bryan - Chanticleer In Blue
AGeekonaBike Photography - Firth of Forth Bridge II

Firth of Forth Bridge II

AGeekonaBike Photography

Janice Rae Pariza - Laughing Bear

Laughing Bear

Janice Rae Pariza

Beverly Guilliams - I Wish Heaven Had...

I Wish Heaven Had...

Beverly Guilliams

Nancy RC Hebert - Yellow Roses in Vase...

Yellow Roses in Vase...

Nancy RC Hebert

Lianne Schneider - Takes up the Cross  Via...

Takes up the Cross Via...

Lianne Schneider

Cynthia Guinn - Red White And Blue

Red White And Blue

Cynthia Guinn

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Highlands Hammock Walk

Highlands Hammock Walk

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Scott Wallace - Spaniel Portrait

Spaniel Portrait

Scott Wallace

Daniel Butler - Merritt Island National...
Cynthia Guinn - Pink Is The Color

Pink Is The Color

Cynthia Guinn

Paul  Meijering - Sting


Paul Meijering

Sandra Foster - Orange Zinnia Flower...
Nancy E Stein - Mastering Lines

Mastering Lines

Nancy E Stein

Wraymona Low - Nature
CarolLMiller Photography - Autumn on the Farm

Autumn on the Farm

CarolLMiller Photography

Mihira Karra - Indian Classical Dance...
Mihira Karra - Indian Classical Dance...
Kevin Trow - Beacon


Kevin Trow

Sheri Keith - New Mexico Swift Fox
Laurie Perry - Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes

Laurie Perry

Claudia  Ellis - Seaport Village and...
Sue Jacobi - Funky GBH Great Blue...
Caroline Street - Africa

Africa's Big Five...

Caroline Street

Hugo Bussen - Antique beadwork

Antique beadwork

Hugo Bussen

Rajitha Nambiar - Evening view

Evening view

Rajitha Nambiar

Loreta Mickiene - Callas


Loreta Mickiene

Bruce Bley - A Time for Reflection
Lilliana Mendez - Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Lilliana Mendez

Julian Darcy - Shadows


Julian Darcy

Iris Gelbart - Wisdom


Iris Gelbart

Jan Matson - Strawberry Grouper Fish
Karen Cook - A study in black and...
Bruce Nutting - What it Used to be Like
Kathleen Sartoris - Take A Stroll

Take A Stroll

Kathleen Sartoris

Mike Roberts - Vesuvius


Mike Roberts

Shawna  Rowe - Downtown Cleveland...
Charlie Cliques - All Eyes On Me

All Eyes On Me

Charlie Cliques

Madeline Moore - My Pretty Kitty Katie...
Stormm Bradshaw - Ufos


Stormm Bradshaw

Navin Joshi - Chinese Japanese Ladies...
CarolLMiller Photography - Mirror


CarolLMiller Photography

AnnaJo Vahle - Swallowtail on Lantana
Ian Gledhill - Hyper Fun

Hyper Fun

Ian Gledhill

Gregory Ballos - Maroon Bells Covered In...
Shylaja Nanjundiah - There Naina

There Naina

Shylaja Nanjundiah

Gary Keesler - The Joker In The Dark...
Kandy Hurley - Painted Gray Palm

Painted Gray Palm

Kandy Hurley

Scott Wallace - 69 Gto

69 Gto

Scott Wallace

Clare Bevan - Purple Perspective

Purple Perspective

Clare Bevan

Glenn McCarthy - Sky Moods - Spectrum

Sky Moods - Spectrum

Glenn McCarthy

Joseph J Stevens - Brooklyn Bridge 2

Brooklyn Bridge 2

Joseph J Stevens

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunrise on a Cold Day

Sunrise on a Cold Day

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Kathy Barney - Lifes Like This Collage
Alexander Senin - Borovitskaya Tower Of...

Borovitskaya Tower Of...

Alexander Senin

Stanza Widen - Moonlight Wolves

Moonlight Wolves

Stanza Widen

Gloria Gilbert - Lake Reflection

Lake Reflection

Gloria Gilbert

Bunny Clarke - The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm

Bunny Clarke

Alexander Senin - Season Of Fallen Leaves

Season Of Fallen Leaves

Alexander Senin

Gloria Gilbert - Back in Time

Back in Time

Gloria Gilbert

Janice Rae Pariza - Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Janice Rae Pariza

Mike Roberts - Garden Of The Spirit
Lyn  Perry - Rudbeckia Macro 1
Lois Bryan - Pastel Pink Zinnia
Dominique Amendola - water lilies in...

water lilies in...

Dominique Amendola

Elmar Langle - Bellflower


Elmar Langle

Vinodh Velayudhan - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Vinodh Velayudhan

Linda Prewer - The Gate To Nowhere

The Gate To Nowhere

Linda Prewer

Karl Anderson - Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

Karl Anderson

Xueyin Chen - Orchids


Xueyin Chen

Paul  Meijering - Adele Skyfall

Adele Skyfall

Paul Meijering

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Wildfire


Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Linda Brody - Bowl with Rocks

Bowl with Rocks

Linda Brody

Julie Palencia - Junkyard Dog Dahlia

Junkyard Dog Dahlia

Julie Palencia

Russell Mann - High Level Bridge

High Level Bridge

Russell Mann

Russell Mann - High Level Bridge

High Level Bridge

Russell Mann

Dagmar Helbig - Capricious Luck

Capricious Luck

Dagmar Helbig

Violeta Ianeva - Rupite Natural Healing...
Allen Beatty - License Plate Siding
Beverly Guilliams - Glory to God in the...

Glory to God in the...

Beverly Guilliams

RC deWinter - Celestial Night

Celestial Night

RC deWinter

RC deWinter - Autumn

Autumn's Bandolier

RC deWinter

Dave Byrne -  A Web of intrigue
Karunita Kapoor - Greeting Card- 5

Greeting Card- 5

Karunita Kapoor

James Welch - UFO In Flight Near Mars
Vinodh Velayudhan - Kanchipuram Grandma - Cry

Kanchipuram Grandma - Cry

Vinodh Velayudhan

Miroslava Jurcik - Banteng couple

Banteng couple

Miroslava Jurcik

Lilliana Mendez - Doe Eyes

Doe Eyes

Lilliana Mendez

Rick Todaro - Hand To The Plough
Julian Darcy - Stairs


Julian Darcy

Bruce Nutting - Fantasy Fountain

Fantasy Fountain

Bruce Nutting

Attila Simon - Flock of sheep at sunset
Teresa Wegrzyn - SEASCAPE no.3


Teresa Wegrzyn

Chandana Arts - Celebrations..


Chandana Arts

Stormm Bradshaw - Pyramids #1

Pyramids #1

Stormm Bradshaw

Michele  Avanti - Melomane - Peace Through...
Alaric Barca - Goat Lord

Goat Lord

Alaric Barca

Lois Bryan - Evensong


Lois Bryan

Melissa Herrin - Meet me at our swing

Meet me at our swing

Melissa Herrin

Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise 2 -...
Bob Sample - Wall Cloud At Sunrise
 Andrea Lazar - Bridge over the River...
Alyssa Henrion - Pollination


Alyssa Henrion

Sandra Foster - Rustic Wheel Digital...
Joseph J Stevens - Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Joseph J Stevens

Anna Elia - Smooth Flight

Smooth Flight

Anna Elia

April Mickens - Autumn


April Mickens

Sue Jacobi - Funky Camel Wildlife Art...
Janice Rae Pariza - Rodeo All Stars

Rodeo All Stars

Janice Rae Pariza

Zori Minkova - The easy catch

The easy catch

Zori Minkova

Michal Kwarciak - Balloon Journey

Balloon Journey

Michal Kwarciak

Paul Ge - Taughannock lower falls...
Judy Vincent - Magical Roses

Magical Roses

Judy Vincent

Naomi Burgess - Dusk


Naomi Burgess

Robert Bales - Peaceful Mountain Stream
Dean Wittle - Florence Itl1901

Florence Itl1901

Dean Wittle

Dean Wittle - Florence Itl2972

Florence Itl2972

Dean Wittle

Robert Bales - Beautiful Barring Creek
 Joya - The Dark Walk
Bruce Nutting - Blue Blossom

Blue Blossom

Bruce Nutting

Karl Anderson - In The Line Of Fire

In The Line Of Fire

Karl Anderson

Dominique Amendola - Les baigneurs

Les baigneurs

Dominique Amendola

Linda Brody - Eastern Bluebird...
Nancy E Stein - Leading Lines

Leading Lines

Nancy E Stein

Christelle Grey - The View

The View

Christelle Grey

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Golden Dunes

Golden Dunes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Chris Scroggins - Adirondack Reflections 2

Adirondack Reflections 2

Chris Scroggins

Michelle Carlen - Monterey Otter

Monterey Otter

Michelle Carlen

Paul Meijering - Meredith Michaels...

Meredith Michaels...

Paul Meijering

Zeana Romanovna - Morning Heat -...

Morning Heat -...

Zeana Romanovna

Gary Keesler - Black or White By...
Maria Hunt - Laboring in the...
Paul Ge - Buttermilk Falls Ithaca...
Carla Parris - Beautiful Selworthy

Beautiful Selworthy

Carla Parris

Ian Gledhill - Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

Ian Gledhill

Betsy Zimmerli - Color Surround

Color Surround

Betsy Zimmerli

Eric Lewis - CSX Engine Splash
Lisa Holland-Gillem - Poser


Lisa Holland-Gillem

Laurie Perry - Roll of the Dice

Roll of the Dice

Laurie Perry

Nishanth Gopinathan - Starry Nights - WTC One

Starry Nights - WTC One

Nishanth Gopinathan

James Welch - Pogo Of Andromeda

Pogo Of Andromeda

James Welch

Hugo Bussen - Apples and grapes

Apples and grapes

Hugo Bussen

Miroslava Jurcik - Banteng Girl

Banteng Girl

Miroslava Jurcik

Elinor Rakowski - Halloween Night at the...
Bruce Bley - Beauty Within

Beauty Within

Bruce Bley

Julie Palencia - Bushel of Peppers

Bushel of Peppers

Julie Palencia

Jan Matson - Ocean at Sunset

Ocean at Sunset

Jan Matson

Bruce Bley - Flaming Red Lily

Flaming Red Lily

Bruce Bley

Caroline Street - Big City Lights

Big City Lights

Caroline Street

Conor OBrien - Urban Typography Piece #5
Attila Simon - Autumn mirror

Autumn mirror

Attila Simon

Karen Cook - Berries and sunshine
Brian Carson - L Tower Toronto Canada
The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Create


The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Julian Darcy - Figure in the night

Figure in the night

Julian Darcy

Em Scott - Daddy


Em Scott

Maria Coulson - Blue Door

Blue Door

Maria Coulson

Mike Roberts - Heavenly Blessings

Heavenly Blessings

Mike Roberts

Beverly Guilliams - Rare 1940 Hudson

Rare 1940 Hudson

Beverly Guilliams

Darren Fisher - Flower Abstract

Flower Abstract

Darren Fisher

Scott Wallace - Paul Walker Sketch

Paul Walker Sketch

Scott Wallace

Cynthia Guinn - Two Turtle Doves

Two Turtle Doves

Cynthia Guinn

CarolLMiller Photography - Show Pony

Show Pony

CarolLMiller Photography

RC deWinter - Vincent and I at the Lake
- BaluX - - Universe Of Steve Jobs
Ken Smith - Maroon Bells Fall Colors
Curtis Radclyffe - Fall Water Impression

Fall Water Impression

Curtis Radclyffe

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Korean War Veterans...

Korean War Veterans...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Stanza Widen - Ice Curves

Ice Curves

Stanza Widen

Dave Byrne - I can read your Mind
Gregory Ballos - Purple Waves in Antelope...
Kandy Hurley - Painted Red Palm

Painted Red Palm

Kandy Hurley

Allen Beatty - Carpet of Yellow Aspens 2
Sandy Sparks - Misty Paris morning

Misty Paris morning

Sandy Sparks

Kevin Trow - Retro Twist

Retro Twist

Kevin Trow

Hartmut Jager - African   Princess

African Princess

Hartmut Jager

Kathy Barney - Natures Paper

Natures Paper

Kathy Barney

Sue Jacobi - Funky Black Skimmer...
Robert Bales - Maple Leaves

Maple Leaves

Robert Bales

Bob Sample - Angel Tree 4

Angel Tree 4

Bob Sample

Bruce Nutting - The Barn that Everyone...
Linda Simon - Cooper


Linda Simon

 Joya - Grim Reaper
Jordan Blackstone - Whispered Beauty - Black...

Whispered Beauty - Black...

Jordan Blackstone

Sandra Foster - Lets Play a Tune

Lets Play a Tune

Sandra Foster

Dominique Amendola - Three men with a dog

Three men with a dog

Dominique Amendola

Robert Daft - Witchcraft


Robert Daft

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Morning Dreams

Morning Dreams

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Paul  Meijering - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Paul Meijering

Geraldine Scull ART - Thinking inside the box

Thinking inside the box

Geraldine Scull ART

Karen Nicholson - Up Close and Beautiful

Up Close and Beautiful

Karen Nicholson

Scott Wallace - 1920 Alberts G1

1920 Alberts G1

Scott Wallace

Paul Ge - Moving strawberries to...
Broken  Soldier - Suntanned Message

Suntanned Message

Broken Soldier

Janice Rae Pariza - Red Fox

Red Fox

Janice Rae Pariza

Robert Bales - Port of Ilwaco

Port of Ilwaco

Robert Bales

Nina Prommer - Palisades Park

Palisades Park

Nina Prommer

Wraymona Low - Flowers B and W

Flowers B and W

Wraymona Low

Laur Iduc - Obama 6

Obama 6

Laur Iduc

Jerry Cowart - Classic 1928 Ford Model...
Lois Bryan - Apple Pickin
Bunny Clarke - Let Me Think On That
AnnaJo Vahle - Tranquility


AnnaJo Vahle

Curtis Radclyffe - Sky Field 2

Sky Field 2

Curtis Radclyffe

Wes Jimerson - Bouquet of Fire

Bouquet of Fire

Wes Jimerson

Renee Anderson - Exploding Colors Painting
April Mickens - Crestfallen Beauty

Crestfallen Beauty

April Mickens

Bob Newland - Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline

Bob Newland

April Mickens - Simply Complex

Simply Complex

April Mickens

Chris Flees - Ruby Throated Hummingbird
David Millenheft - The Beach

The Beach

David Millenheft

John Straton - A Boy His Dog and The...
John Straton - Union Horse Officer

Union Horse Officer

John Straton

Karen Penn - Blue Wind

Blue Wind

Karen Penn

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Color My World

Color My World

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan