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Architecture And Architectural Abstracts



Group Administrator

Mark Weaver

Austin, TX

United States

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This group was started on June 7th, 2014 and currently has:


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Architecture And Architectural Abstracts

About This Group

Photography Only.
No digital art work.
Minimal processing please.
Interesting photos of buildings and adornments.

FULL RESOLUTION PREVIEW must be on in the edit section of the photograph
to prevent cheating with Photoshop Filters.

Featured Images

Joann Vitali - MIT Stata Center - Boston
Radek Hofman - Disney Concert Hall

Disney Concert Hall

Radek Hofman

Radek Hofman - Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Radek Hofman

Ann Horn - Looking Up in the Louvre
Andrew Slater - Calatrava Point

Calatrava Point

Andrew Slater

Andrew Slater - Art over a field of Green
Anne Gilbert - Moonlit Farmhouse

Moonlit Farmhouse

Anne Gilbert

Stephen Stookey - The Treasury at Petra

The Treasury at Petra

Stephen Stookey

Radek Hofman - Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Radek Hofman

Eva Kato - Kiva at Taos Pueblo
Juergen Roth - Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor

Juergen Roth

Juergen Roth - La Vieille Capitale

La Vieille Capitale

Juergen Roth

Radek Hofman - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Radek Hofman

William Dey - INTERSECTION 1 BW Las...
Mark Weaver - Caldwell County...

Caldwell County...

Mark Weaver

Alex Lapidus - Order and Disorder

Order and Disorder

Alex Lapidus

Joshua Tann - Blue Glass Dome

Blue Glass Dome

Joshua Tann

Stephen Stookey - Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

Stephen Stookey


Neuschwanstein Castle

Neptune's Aperture

Russ Bishop - Louvre Museum Monochrome
Joann Vitali - Reflecting on the...
Bert Beckers - British Museum

British Museum

Bert Beckers

Juergen Roth - New York City

New York City

Juergen Roth

Mark Weaver - Austin 360 Condominiums
Colleen Kammerer - The Ivy Walls

The Ivy Walls

Colleen Kammerer

Emmy Marie Vickers - National Museum of the...

National Museum of the...

Emmy Marie Vickers

Bert Beckers - Liege Guillemins

Liege Guillemins

Bert Beckers

Alexander Senin - Bamboo Gates

Bamboo Gates

Alexander Senin

Steve Gadomski - Michigan Avenue Chicago...
Eddie Yerkish - Los Angeles Skyline At...
Steve Gadomski - Aqua Tower Chicago B W

Aqua Tower Chicago B W

Steve Gadomski

Mark Weaver - View From Sunnyvale
Mike Savad - Architecture - The...
Eddie Yerkish - Under The Huntington...
Giuseppe Digno - Diver


Giuseppe Digno

Miriam Danar - Chrysler Building with...
Bob Christopher - Wonderland Calgary 2

Wonderland Calgary 2

Bob Christopher

Pamela Schreckengost - Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Pamela Schreckengost

Lynn Palmer - Red Roofed Lighthouse...
Bob Christopher - Seattle EMP Building 6

Seattle EMP Building 6

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Florence Duomo Detail 1

Florence Duomo Detail 1

Bob Christopher

Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix - Haunted


Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix

Alexander Senin - The Palace Of The Facets...
Lik Batonboot - City Hall

City Hall

Lik Batonboot

Miriam Danar - Famous Landmarks of New...
Nicola Nobile - Oriental Pearl Tower...
Mary Lee Dereske - Art Deco Gas Station...

Art Deco Gas Station...

Mary Lee Dereske

John  Fix - Horizontal Here to There
Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix - Bronze Age

Bronze Age

Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix

Mark Weaver - The Austonian

The Austonian

Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver - Looking Up

Looking Up

Mark Weaver