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Artwork For Children



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David Junod

Mountain View, CA

United States

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This group was started on May 3rd, 2012 and currently has:


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Artwork For Children

About This Group

If you have any artwork that you've done for children, please submit it. Can be drawings, paintings, sculpture, etc. Spread the word.

A photograph of an animal does *not* count as Artwork for Children, unless it is doing childish things, such as a puppy romping with a ball, etc.

Featured Images

David Junod - Robot Head

Robot Head

David Junod

Tisha McGee - My Funny Bunny

My Funny Bunny

Tisha McGee

Jacquelin Vanderwood - Red and the Wolf

Red and the Wolf

Jacquelin Vanderwood

Paul Calabrese - Dameon the Dragonfly

Dameon the Dragonfly

Paul Calabrese

Lutz Baar - Child Angel

Child Angel

Lutz Baar

Selena Boron - Baby Elephant 101011
Diane Smith - Meow


Diane Smith

Cindy Thornton - Charming


Cindy Thornton

Julia Gatti - First


Julia Gatti

Karin Taylor - Love and Friendship
Michelle Frizzell-Thompson - Welcome Winter Snowman

Welcome Winter Snowman

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson

Hanne Lore Koehler - Snowboard Super Heroes

Snowboard Super Heroes

Hanne Lore Koehler

Hanne Lore Koehler - The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect

Hanne Lore Koehler

Karin Taylor - Beachcombers


Karin Taylor

Karin Taylor - Three Wise Owls

Three Wise Owls

Karin Taylor

Karin Taylor - Dolphin Paradise

Dolphin Paradise

Karin Taylor

Arika Gloud - Blast Off

Blast Off

Arika Gloud

Audra D Lemke - Glowing Garden

Glowing Garden

Audra D Lemke

Julie McDoniel - Lost Mitten

Lost Mitten

Julie McDoniel

Lila Violet - Mother and child

Mother and child

Lila Violet

Catia Cho - I
Asida Cheng - The dream kite

The dream kite

Asida Cheng

Asida Cheng - Monsters


Asida Cheng

Jennifer Alvarez - How do you do

How do you do

Jennifer Alvarez

Jane Schnetlage - Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle

Jane Schnetlage

Cristophers Dream Artistry - Schoolyard Mural center...

Schoolyard Mural center...

Cristophers Dream Artistry

Eloise Schneider - Fantasy Flowers

Fantasy Flowers

Eloise Schneider

Audra D Lemke - Flying Cards Dissolve...
Derrick Higgins - Eye on the Puck

Eye on the Puck

Derrick Higgins

Isabella Kung - Tick-Tock Crocodile

Tick-Tock Crocodile

Isabella Kung

Jennifer Alvarez - Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Jennifer Alvarez

David Junod - Porcupine


David Junod

David Junod - Penguin


David Junod

David Junod - Panda


David Junod

David Junod - Great Gray Owl

Great Gray Owl

David Junod

David Junod - Rooster


David Junod

David Junod - Owl


David Junod

David Junod - Lion


David Junod

Jennifer Alvarez - Jumbo Love

Jumbo Love

Jennifer Alvarez

David Junod - Lemon Fresh

Lemon Fresh

David Junod

Natalie Singer - Window Seat

Window Seat

Natalie Singer

David Junod - Clown Beautiful

Clown Beautiful

David Junod

Natalie Singer - Fairy and Bird

Fairy and Bird

Natalie Singer

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Purr-Fect Blooms

Purr-Fect Blooms

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - A Star Spangled Day

A Star Spangled Day

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - To the Rescue

To the Rescue

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Doggie Graduation Day

Doggie Graduation Day

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Doggie Heaven

Doggie Heaven

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Dog Lovers

Dog Lovers' Lane

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Wintertime in Sugarcreek

Wintertime in Sugarcreek

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Call the Doctor Very...

Call the Doctor Very...

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Dockside Bears

Dockside Bears

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Steveston Landing

Steveston Landing

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers' Bazaar

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Quartet at the Quay

Quartet at the Quay

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Once Upon A Winter

Once Upon A Winter

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Cat Lovers Society

Cat Lovers Society

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Our Beloved Teachers

Our Beloved Teachers

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Wilfrido Limvalencia - Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

Wilfrido Limvalencia

Jennifer Alvarez - Froggerina


Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Giraffe Mom and baby

Giraffe Mom and baby

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Mrs. Blue Cupcake

Mrs. Blue Cupcake

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Mr.Owl


Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Ms. Pink Cupcake

Ms. Pink Cupcake

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Brocolli


Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - This Little Piggy Baked...
Jennifer Alvarez - Doggie Diner

Doggie Diner

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Mama Frog and Tadpole

Mama Frog and Tadpole

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Miss Knitty

Miss Knitty

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Shark


Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Dandy Lion

Dandy Lion

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Little Cow Lost

Little Cow Lost

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Piggerina


Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Hungry Cat

Hungry Cat

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Cat Family Portrait

Cat Family Portrait

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Weezie


Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Sofia Butterfly

Sofia Butterfly

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez - Peanuts


Jennifer Alvarez

Cristophers Dream Artistry - Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy

Cristophers Dream Artistry

Cristophers Dream Artistry - Things are Looking Up

Things are Looking Up

Cristophers Dream Artistry

Cristophers Dream Artistry - Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away

Cristophers Dream Artistry

Cristophers Dream Artistry - Ready or Not

Ready or Not

Cristophers Dream Artistry

Natalie Singer - Byrdie in the Leaves

Byrdie in the Leaves

Natalie Singer

Natalie Singer - Flower Fairies

Flower Fairies

Natalie Singer

Natalie Singer - Ballet Cat

Ballet Cat

Natalie Singer

Myrna Migala - The Steam Train

The Steam Train

Myrna Migala

Lutz Baar - Pet Tiger

Pet Tiger

Lutz Baar

Lutz Baar - Hello


Lutz Baar

Lutz Baar - Child with Bird

Child with Bird

Lutz Baar

Lutz Baar - Little Doll

Little Doll

Lutz Baar

David Junod - My New Bike

My New Bike

David Junod

David Junod - Phlegmenco


David Junod

David Junod - April Foole

April Foole

David Junod