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back to future
'People where you live,'
the little prince said, 'grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for...'
'They don't find it,' I answered........
'And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or .............'
...........A local community might wish to create a community currency, using the Bitcoin infrastructure to securely store funds.
An issuer might wish to release a coin to represent deposits, allowing people to trade, for example, 'Bitstamp-USD coins' or some gold storage company’s 'gold coins'.
Decentrally managing ownership of digital collectibles such as original artworks - just like art collectors buy and sell original copies of famous paintings for millions of dollars today, colored coins allow us to do the same with purely digital objects, such as songs, movies, e-books and software, as well, by storing the current ownership of the work as a colored coin on the blockchain.
Using colored coins to trade and manage access and subscription services. For example, a museum, a subway or an online service like Netflix may issue passes as colored coins and release a smartphone app that can be used to make a signature proving ownership of a pass in person, allowing these passes to be simultaneously transferable, fully digital and securely uncopyable.

Thank you for your attention .. more

Featured Images

Rona Black - Stairway to Heaven
Vale Tek - Nostandinganytime
Vale Tek - Reflection


Vale Tek

Vale Tek - Skyscraper Theater...
Raymond Perez - Party at Antarctic

Party at Antarctic

Raymond Perez

Rona Black - Alternate Universe
Vale Tek - EcoShell 1

EcoShell 1

Vale Tek

Rona Black - Bumblebee on Lavender
Kay Sparks - Rose Explosion

Rose Explosion

Kay Sparks

Robert Ford - A Memorable Savanna...
Mike Savad - Mardi Gras - Celebrating...
Robert Ford - Grafton Ghost Town and...
Mike Savad - Cafe - Hoboken NJ -...
Mike Savad - Cyberpunk - Mad skills
Al Bourassa - Bent But Not Broken
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Blimp -...
Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 349

Cuenca Kids 349

Al Bourassa

Vale Tek - Orlado   Fl

Orlado Fl

Vale Tek

Vale Tek - across America 8
Robert Ford - Izalco Volcano from...
Robert Ford - Virga and hint of a...
Rona Black - Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin

Rona Black

Al Bourassa - Young Girl Reading By...
Al Bourassa - Fishing On The Tomebamba
Al Bourassa - Music To My Ears

Music To My Ears

Al Bourassa

Mike Savad - Flying Pigs - Plane -...
Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 382

Cuenca Kids 382

Al Bourassa

Al Bourassa - Oh Yeah    Very Funny

Oh Yeah Very Funny

Al Bourassa

Vale Tek - Lights


Vale Tek

Daliana Pacuraru - Valentine

Valentine's Day -...

Daliana Pacuraru

Daliana Pacuraru - Heart and stones

Heart and stones

Daliana Pacuraru

Daliana Pacuraru - Horse face ink sketch...

Horse face ink sketch...

Daliana Pacuraru

Robert Ford - Old Rustic Cabin Grafton...
Rona Black - Found Art in New York...