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Big Cats



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Barbara Keith

Maple Heights, OH

United States

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This group was started on May 1st, 2008 and currently has:

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Big Cats

About This Group

As the title implies, this is not the group for your domestic cat, this is for the WILD ONES.. the ones that make you go WOW. So you can upload servals, caracals, bobcats along with lions and tigers!!

Be Advised: the group will keep it\\\'s \\\'everything accepted '. Changing the submissions would really limit the group.

This is NOT for humans that you may think are '.. only the furry variety allowed here. I will no longer accept doubles, triples of the same 'art'.. choose your best and submit JUST one. . All 'copies' will be deleted. Also, the cat MUST be the main focus of the art. Any art not adhereing to these guidelines will be deleted without notice.

To submit an image, please join the group first then go to your gallery and re-edit your chosen image.

Featured Images

Athena Mckinzie - Eye Of The Leopard BW

Eye Of The Leopard BW

Athena Mckinzie

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Once in a Lifetime Love

Once in a Lifetime Love

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Abeselom Zerit - Snow Leopard XIII

Snow Leopard XIII

Abeselom Zerit

Blackwater Studio - Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard

Blackwater Studio

Darren Wilkes - Leave My Baby Alone

Leave My Baby Alone

Darren Wilkes

Leigh Banks - Mesmeric


Leigh Banks

Jennifer Craft - Tiger smile

Tiger smile

Jennifer Craft

Jai Johnson - Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Jai Johnson

Richard Lynch - King


Richard Lynch

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Basking in the Sunshine

Basking in the Sunshine

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Michael Cross - Mother Africa 3

Mother Africa 3

Michael Cross