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Big Cats



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Barbara Keith

Maple Heights, OH

United States

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This group was started on May 1st, 2008 and currently has:


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Big Cats

About This Group

As the title implies, this is not the group for your domestic cat.. although if you happen to own a 'bengal' or one of the other mixed hybrids, that would be welcome here. But, this is for the WILD ONES.. the ones that make you go WOW. So you can upload servals, caracals, bobcats along with lions and tigers!! All mediia welcome!

This is NOT for humans that you may think are 'big cats'.. only the furry variety allowed here. I will no longer accept doubles, triples of the same 'art'.. choose your best and submit JUST one. . All 'copies' will be deleted. Also, the cat MUST be the main focus of the art/photograph. Any art not adhereing to these guidelines will be deleted without notice.

To submit an image, please join the group first then go to your gallery and re-edit your chosen image.

Featured Images

Blackwater Studio - Cougar


Blackwater Studio

David Millenheft - A look into the tiger
Chris Boulton - Snow Leopard Portrait

Snow Leopard Portrait

Chris Boulton

Bob Weiman - Lions Courage

Lions Courage

Bob Weiman

Athena Mckinzie - Tiger BUSTED


Athena Mckinzie

Max Waugh - Leopardess at Night
Ernie Echols - Curious Amur Leopard
Ramabhadran Thirupattur - Lion King

Lion King

Ramabhadran Thirupattur

Athena Mckinzie - Look Of The Tiger

Look Of The Tiger

Athena Mckinzie

Darren Wilkes - Cheetah


Darren Wilkes

Heather Ward - Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Heather Ward

Barbara Keith - Hustle


Barbara Keith

Bill Stephens - Israel


Bill Stephens

Dave Welling - Snow Leopard Portrait...
Angel Ortiz - Bengala tiger

Bengala tiger

Angel Ortiz

Lisa G Putman - I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream

Lisa G Putman

Deb LaFogg-Docherty - Gray Ghost

Gray Ghost

Deb LaFogg-Docherty

Sheryl Unwin - Spirit of the Everglades
Jurek Zamoyski - Serval


Jurek Zamoyski

Scott Pellegrin - Jaguar


Scott Pellegrin

Barbara Keith - Lush


Barbara Keith

Ernie Echols - Snuggles


Ernie Echols

Barbara Keith - Striking


Barbara Keith

Chris Boulton - Snowcub


Chris Boulton

Janice Rae Pariza - White Tiger in Black and...

White Tiger in Black and...

Janice Rae Pariza

Janice Rae Pariza - White Tiger

White Tiger

Janice Rae Pariza

Athena Mckinzie - Wild Caracal Feline

Wild Caracal Feline

Athena Mckinzie

Max Waugh - Leopard Cub in Tree
C Ray Roth - The King

The King

C Ray Roth

Martyn Bennett - Jaguar


Martyn Bennett

Raquel Ventura - Roaring Lion

Roaring Lion

Raquel Ventura

Abeselom Zerit - Jaguar Pair III

Jaguar Pair III

Abeselom Zerit

Kevin Middleton - Attitude


Kevin Middleton

Silvia  Duran - Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb

Silvia Duran

Barbara Keith - Up Close Cheetah

Up Close Cheetah

Barbara Keith

Kathleen Struckle - Ocelot


Kathleen Struckle

Menega Sabidussi - Sleeping Lynx

Sleeping Lynx

Menega Sabidussi

Patricia Hiltz - White Tiger

White Tiger

Patricia Hiltz

Athena Mckinzie - Lion In Deep Thought

Lion In Deep Thought

Athena Mckinzie

Athena Mckinzie - Cougar Prowl

Cougar Prowl

Athena Mckinzie

Alex Arig - Intensity


Alex Arig

Mindee Green - Tiger pose

Tiger pose

Mindee Green

Michael Pachis - I Can Stare for a...

I Can Stare for a...

Michael Pachis

Cindy McDaniel - The Eye of the Tiger

The Eye of the Tiger

Cindy McDaniel

Anderson Griffin - Lioness


Anderson Griffin

Nicole Zeug - Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

Nicole Zeug

Julie Albert-Sposato - Bishman Close Up

Bishman Close Up

Julie Albert-Sposato

Bruno Santoro - Leopard Fractal Blue

Leopard Fractal Blue

Bruno Santoro

Julie Albert-Sposato - Jaguar Here

Jaguar Here's Looking At...

Julie Albert-Sposato

Julie Albert-Sposato - White Tiger Looks Up

White Tiger Looks Up

Julie Albert-Sposato